Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki


Ringo-sensai and Hyuga-sensai make an entrance like usual, no help from Ringo.

" Hey everyone! It's been so long" Ringo said yelling at the same time waving her hand.

All of a sudden out of no where, the president, Shining Saotome, creeps on up behind everyone.

Syo yells. " When did you get here?"

" You guys are going to do a mini concert, and a new member is joining STARISH. " There is chatter among the room.

"Shining-san..who is it?" Haruka asked curiously.

Cecil begins to sing "Reincarnation of Love." Everyone looked at him. "Cecil-san..are you..?" " You guessed right Nanami-"

Syo was shocked. " What! He is joining with us? I will not-"

As Syo blabbers on, Cecil took Haruka's hand and kissed it. "

Please write a wonderful song for me. I can't wait till it's finished!"

At that moment, Haruka stared into his eyes. Cecil leaned in and STARISH pulled Haruka back. " Don't put on finger on her!" Syo shouted back. Haruka interupts the fight.

" Um..." Everyone turns to her. " I wrote another song..." " This time I wrote the lyrics.. I hope you guys aren't mad..."

Remember my reason for coming here is for me to write songs, and I song them!"smiled Cecil. Next thing you know, Syo starts going after Cecil again, but before he does, Natsuki places his hand on his shoulder.

" Syo-chan remember what Haruka said..Cecil- san is now one of us. Lets try to be friends!"

Tomochika pops by and hugs Haruka.

" Haruka-chan it feels like it's been ages since I saw you last. So how's it going?" "Haruka-chan just composed another song, she even wrote the lyrics!" explained Ittoki.

Tomochika gasped. " Eh? Really!" " She stayed up all night too." chimes in Cecil.

Tomochika turned to Cecil. " And who might you be?" " Please to meet you.. I'm prince Cecil of Agnapolis, known as the country of music."

" Well thank-you for looking after Haruka for me... and of course the rest of you guys!" bows Tomo-chan.

Cecil comes up behind Haruka and hugs her. Camus comes walking up and drags Cecil across the floor. " Camus I want to stay with Haruka!" Tomochika was confused.

" In the master course, we each have teachers to show us what it's like to befamous singers..." explained Ittoki.

" So what does Cecil-san have to do with this?" said Tomochika. " He claims that he entered so he could be with Haruka..." explains Ren.

Tomochika puts her hand on Haruka's shoulder. " Sounds like you will have a good time!" " Yep!" smiles Haruka.

All of a sudden, Haruka hears this happy, yet sad song down the hall.

" Soul carried away by the wind, heart stolen away by a human. Oh earth.. oh stormy rains... oh heavens... oh light... shelter all within your embrace. Oh soul... oh heart... oh love... oh hope... return here to find shelter."

Haruka ran down the hall and sees Cecil down by the water." Cecil-san..."

As Haruka runs to him, the wind starts to blow.

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