Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

A New Idol!

Seera was walking about trying to find where she was supposed to go, much like Haruka did.

She finally stands in front of a door and looks up and down. " Is this where I'm supposed to be?" All of a sudden, Syo knocked into Seera.

Natsuki knocked into Syo etc. "Ow..." Serra said rubbing her butt. As the members got up off the ground, and apologized- " Oh my gosh..it's..it's STARISH!" Seera gasped. She got up and patted herself off.

"I'm so sorry.. I forgot to introduce myself!"

They were confused.

Seera bowed. "My name is Nakamura Seera. I just started today, but I'm trying to find out where I'm supposed to go..."

Kurosaki, Ai, and Kotobuki came walking up.

"Get going!" yelled Kurosaki. "You heard him! Syo and Natuski let's go!"chimed in Ai.

They followed behind. "Let's get started Ittoki-chan, Tokiya-chan." said Kotobuki. " I think I might just show Serra-chan around..." explained Ittoki. "Well when you get done, come to your room." reji explained.

While Ittoki showed Seera around, Serra remembers watching STARISH on TV.

" So Seera-chan why did you come here?" asked Ittoki.

Serra's heartbeat started beating fast. "Well.. you see..."

- - -

When they got to Seera's room, Seera was amazed, then she started to blush. " Ittoki-kun can you wait right there and listen...I'll show you why I came here!"

"Sure. I got time to waste." said Ittoki.

Seera walked on over to her piano. She started singing.

Ittoki's eyes widened. "Wow she's so good!" he thought. He had a flashback of when he bumped into her.

Back then he didn't catch a glimpse of what her face looked like. "How did she know who we are espically me?" ittoki thought to himself.

When Seera got done playing, a figure was opening the window and Seera ran behind Ittoki.

" Seera Nakamura..." said the figure in a creepy voice. "Aaah!" yelled Seera closing her eyes.

Haruka, Syo, Natsuki, Tokiya, Masato, Ren and Cecil all came running too see what the heck was going on.

They turned their heads to Seera.

" What's wrong?" asked Haruka. Seera was shaking and pointed to a figure on the window. "H-He called my name..." Haruka looked at the figure. The figure stepped down.

Ringo-sensai and Hyuga-sensai popped in the room. "Saotome-san..." "W-Who is Saotome-san?"

Seera asked trying not to cry.

"He was the principle of Saotome Academy, and now he's the president of Master's Course." explained Ringo.

"Are you okay?" asked Ittoki turning to see her face. " I-I think so.." still hiding her face still a tad scared. "Seera-chan, he does that all the time, practically everyday..." whispered Syo to

Seera using his mind.

"Everyday?!" she thought.

"Saotome-san you should know better to never sneak up on on someone, espically a lady like herself!" said Ren.

Seera started to blush and looked over at Cecil. "The story is true!" seera mumbled.

Natsuki glanced over at Seera. "What do you mean?asked Natsuki confused.

Seera started to whisper and explain.

" Well when I was really little, my mom told me a story, and read it to me every night." " I don't get it..." said Tokiya.

Seera had a flashback.

" It was a story about a country all about music. The queen and king had a son and when his mother died, she left her song: the gift of music.

Later throughout the book, the father banned anything musical, even his sons own voice, saying, " You are never to sing ever again!"

And one day he snuck out at night during a full moon and ran away from home.

While he was walking, he saw small glows of light, and followed them. The king of the country asked the small boy why he was here.

He explained he wanted to sing forever, giving people hope.

The king turned him into a black cat and gave him his gift of music. The kid's father died one morning and never saw his son again, though the townspeople said there was a small black cat that always visited that grave every year."

Ittoki looked sad. " Just think, if you were never ever allowed to sing again...and then-" Ittoki looked over at Seera.

" I would go to that country in my dreams ever night, and sing to my heart's content!" said Seera. Everyone started smiling.

"I walked along and heard a piano being played, so what song were you playing?" Hijirikawa-san asked.

"I'll play it again..."

Seera walked on over to the piano and began playing, and started to sing.

" The hill you once walked down was now covered with many spots of sunlight. I'm standing here alone remembering all the heart-warming memories. You were the one... who I loved.

My eyes start to water from the wind, and you became a distant figure. I will remember no matter the changes. Just this one thing, this one thing, though it's a plan thing.

I will show it to you, this one thing covered in glory. Forever and ever, I will hold it dear."

Seera stopped playing. " You should join STARISH..with us!" Cecil said excitedly.

Serra started to blush, then gasped. " Oh no..I couldn't. I just started here today... and-" "Lets give her the time to think it over..." explained Tokiya to the others."After all, she just arrived here only a few hours ago..."

" Well if i joined STARISH, I get to be closer to Ittoki.." Seera thought blushing hard.

Everyone left.

Haruka stayed behind. "Seera-chan it looks like something's on your mind.." Seera nodded and blushed a deep red. "Wanna talk about it?" she nodded.

" I-I..." Seera hesitated, then started cryimg.

" I like him so much Haruka-san. Ever since I saw him on tv... I tried to express my feelings to him by singing a song, but I guess it didn't work. Serra tried not to cry, but she couldn't help it.

"Who is it?" haruka asked confused.

"I-Ittoki..!" murmured seera while blushing. "I've got an idea!" Haruka said trying to make Serra feel better.

Haruka tells Seera the plan.

The sky turned an orange-goldish color much like the sunset.

They saw Ittoki looking out upon the water, which the sun was setting on his face. Haruka and Seera ran up to him.

" Ittoki-kun..Seera-chan has something to ask you...oops I gotta run.. see you later! Haruka ran waving her hand leaving Seera to do this all by herself, but that was the point of the plan.

" What was that all about?" chuckled Ittoki.

Ittoki looked back at Seera. When he looked at her, he could finally see her face, and realized she really did have a pretty face.

" So Seera-chan-" Serra blushed and stared at Ittoki. " Did you decide to join the band? smiled Ittoki.

"Yes.. but, that's not the reason why I came here..." explained Seera.

Ittoki's eyes widened. " Its not?"

Seera shook her head. " I...I..." Seera blushed a deep red. She dropped her head and started crying.

Ittoki reached out his hand to try to console her, then all of a sudden, Seera said, " I..I love you!" she started to run away. She finally confessed and told him, and that was the mission, but why didn't she feel like she accomplished it.

Ittoki ran after her and grabs her arm, and pulls her in for a hug.

" I liked you since when we all bumped into you. Then when you played your song on the piano." Serra then remembered that up until now, that when he bumped into her, he liked her all this time.

She closed her eyes and hugged him back.

"Ittoki..." she thought to herself.

" Do you feel any better?"he asked, letting go of Seera. She nodded.

" Hey Ittoki can you do me a favor?" " Sure.. what is it?" "Please close you eyes she replied. So he closed his eyes.

Seera stood on her tip-toes and kissed him.

- - -

The next day Seera changed into a different outfit. Since she was now a member of STARISH she thought she had to dress like them.

She wore a curly ponytail to the side, a white ruffled top, with a black vest, a red plaid skirt and some tan boots.

" I have to learn the dance moves and lyrics, now that I am an official member of STARISH..." She walked on over to her stereo and pressed play.

Seera started singing.

Everyone ran to follow the sound, and gasped. "Lets's sing to the sky! Let's tell a tale that bursts forth! A map of the future! Let's draw it together! This revolution, lets go! Change the star of love! Check it out! Tonight, you and me 1000% Love!"

Then there were claps.

Seera turned around. All of the members was standing right there in front of her clapping.

There was awkwardness all around the room, that anyone could feel.

" Did they see me sing and dance?" Serra thought.

"Wow you were great Seera!" said Ittoki. "Yes indeed, little princess good." chimed in Ren. Syo gave Seera two thumbs up.

"Seera-chan was wonderful!" smiled Natsuki. "You were good enough for me..." said Hijirikawa-san coldly. "Seera-chan I felt your feelings through the song..."

All of a sudden Cecil holds up a "10" sign.

Seera bowed to everyone.

" I would like to make an announcement." seera explains. " Today is the day that I join you guys on my long journey!" As she sat up, "Lets have alot of adventures!" she smiled.

Natsuki ran up, and hugged Seera. "Seera.. you're just so cute!"

Haruka invited Seera to join them for lunch. She nodded.

Ittoki grabbed Seera.

They joined arms as if they were a king and queen. When they got to the cafeteria and grabbed their lunch, they both sat down, and started eating.

Then haruka strike up a conversation.

"So Seera-chan how do you know STARISH?" Seera blinked, and then itched her cheek with her finger.

She started thinking to herself.

" It was about two years ago... I was in my room listening to my radio, and I heard there was a new band debuting from a place called Saotome Academy.

I was walking out the door, and on TV I saw commercial for their debut concert which was going to happen Friday in my hometown, and of course I asked my mom and dad if I could go.

We drove two hours that day and I wore, " I am a STARISH fan!" t-shirt that I made.

Right after that night, whenever your guy's song was on the radio, I sang and practiced the dance. Eventually I got the hang of it.

And after that, I walked out on to the patio that evening, and wished on a star-"

" What did you wish for?" asked Ittoki.

Seera started giggling. " To meet STARISH-"

Then she hugged Ittoki. "Preferably Ittoki Otoya!" seera said blushing hard.

Of course my parents could tell and then next thing we knew, we moved here. My parents signed me up for Saotome Academy, but requested to skip the academy, and live here."

Seera then leans in, and whispers.

My mom whispered to Ringo- sensai that I was a STARISH fan... and they would love it if I could go straight to Master's Course, and look where I am now!"

" Lets toast to our newest member, Seera-chan!"

Everybody said, "Cheers!", and clinked their glasses together!

One night when Seera was going to bed, she opened the window, and a gentle wind was blowing in her face.

She grabbed her guitar, and headed out.

Seera walked out to a bench and sat down. She looked out, and played a few chords.

"When I look into your eyes, it's like like watching the sky, or a beautiful sunrise....well,

there's so much they hold-"

All of a sudden, there was a noise. Seera stopped playing. " Huh?!" Seera thought. She looked around.

Cecil started singing. " And just like them old stars!" Next was Ittoki. " I see that you've come so far." Then

Natsuki. " To be right where you are..." Finally Syo. " How old is your soul?" Serra got teary-eyed. "You guys..."

She smiled and started playing again. Everyone surrounded her, and they sang together.

"Well I won't give up on us..even if the skies get rough. I'm giving you all my love! I'm still looking."

Hijirikawa-san sang, " And when you're needing your space..." Next was Ichinose-san. " To do some navigating.."

Ren was last. " I'll be here patiently waiting!" Then all three of them sang.

" To see what you find... cause even the stars burn. Some even fall to the earth. We've got a lot to learn.

God knows we're worth it! No, I won't give up." Seera sang. Then they sang together in perfect harmony. " I won't

wanna be someone who walks away so easily. I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make.

Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use. The tools and gifts we got, yeah we got a lot at stake,

and in the end, you're still my friend.. at least we did intend. For us to work we didn't break, we didn't burn.

We had to bend without the world caving in. I had to learn what I've got, and what I'm not and who I am..."

Seera sang the chorus again. " Still looking up!" They all sang at the end. " Seera-chan did you write the song?" asked Cecil.

" Yeah..." she nodded and started to blush.

Ittoki grabbed Seera and gave her a hug. "Good job my love!"

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