Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

Song From my Heart

One day Seera was doing her homework, writing down the lyrics to a song she had in mind, but couldn't figure out the melody and the rhythm.

The best place to help her clear her head and relax was down by the lake.

She walked out of her room and sat down on the bench down by the lake.

Seera brought her guitar with her.

She started playing some chords. Then it clicked out of the blue. She titled the song: " Won't give up". As she got done, she ran back, and got back in bed.

- - -

When morning came, Seera was busy writing her second part of her homework.

The afternoon came, and Seera headed off to lunch early with Haruka and went to a piano room.

"Haruka can you please play this song?" seera kindly asked eating a bite of her curry.

Haruka looked at it for a moment. "Love me for me..."

" Please!" Seera begged, bowing.

Haruka nodded.

Seera ran over to her and gave her a big hug. " You're the best friend ever!"

They headed out and joined the rest of them in the cafeteria.

" Oh by the way, have you seen Ittoki?" seera asked. " I asked him, but he wasn't hungry..." said Cecil.

Seera got out of her seat, and ran for his room. She opened the door, and ran to him.

- - -

"Seera..." Ittoki was shocked. Seera took his hand and ran to the music room.

She sits down in a chair by the wall.

Haruka hands a copy of the music sheet with written lyrics to Ittoki.

Haruka started playing. She then suddenly stopped.

" I-Ittoki-kun what's wrong?" asked Haruka.

"I'm just looking at these lyrics, and this is kind of embarrassing..." Ittoki blushed. "Ittoki-kun Nakamura-san wrote and composed this piece herself-"

Ittoki nodded.

Haruka started playing the song over.

When the song was over, Ittoki took a breath. " How was that?" he asked, looking at Seera. She smiled and ran over and hugged Ittoki.

" It was perfect!" she ran out and headed to Ringo-sensai's classroom.

" Ringo-sensai!" Seera said opening the sliding classroom door.

" Hmm?" and she looked over. " Oh Seera-chan!" Ringo-sensai said smiling.

"How's my star pupil doing?.. I was just grading papers..."

Seera started blushing.

" Well I was making a video for my...brother, and are we free to go somewhere tomorrow? We will be back tomorrow before dark hits."

Ringo sighed. " But come back early for notes.. there is no homework for tonight..." Serra nodded.

- - -

The next day, Seera went to everybody's room,and slid two tickets to Carnival World.

When Natuski and Syo got their's Natsuki was overjoyed with excitement! This amusement park was the place for couples to go around this time of year, or even to just go and hang out.

Everyone took a taxi: Seera and Ittoki, Syo and Natsuki, Ren and Tokiya, while Masato went by himself, and the last taxi had Haruka, Cecil, and Tomochika all in one tax, and they drove off.

- - -

When Seera got out of the taxi, she gave everyone directions.

" Today we came to go on a mission! I need a couple of people to take a video with my video camcorder, Tomochika please make some outfits, Haruka to play the song we played yesterday, Cecil to ask some "help" for the video, and the rest of youcan be extras and do special CGI effects for the video."

"Syo and Natsuki, you get the camcorder. Tokiya and Hijirikawa-san can do the effects, and Ren can be the employee that runs the rides."

Seera whispers to Cecil.

" I need some fireflies for the video, think you can help me with that?!"

As the video was wrapping up, they got back in the taxi headed home.

Seera got on her laptop, made some edits, and the finished video was burned on to a dvd, and put in a case.

The next day, there wa no class, so people got the day off.

Serra ran ran into Ittoki on accident in the hall. " I'm so sorry!" she handed him the dvd and ran off to her room.

On the cover of the dvd, there was a little note that read, " Watch this

in the DVD player!"

Ittoki ran to his room. He turned on the tv, and put the dvd in, and sat down on the floor.

When he saw himself and Seera on the merry-go-round, he blushed.

" Ojou-sama, would you like to take a ride with me on my horse?" ittoki said to seera in the video teasing her.

As the movie ended, in bold it said, I LOVE YOU ITTOKI!

Ittoki started to chuckle. " Seera you're so cute... I love you to..." he thought.

He imagined Seera smiling really big.

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