Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki


One afternoon, Seera was practicing a song in her room, strumming on her guitar.

" This night is sparkling, don't you let it go. I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.

I'll spend forever, wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to-" There was a sudden knock at the door.

Seera stopped playing. " Yes...?" Seera asked confused who it was. " Nakamura Seera..." " Y-Yes Saotome-san?" " May I come in?" "Yes." Seera walks on over to the door tofind everyone standing in the doorway.

" Where is Saotome-san?" asked Seera confused.

" Sorry Seera-chan..." apologized Cecil.

" Wow Cecil-san you do a very good impression!" giggled Seera. " What's wrong?"

" Seera-chan we were wondering if you wanted to come to a concert... everyone is coming including Ringo-sensai, Hyuga-sensai, and Saotome-san..." explained Haruka.

She handed Seera a ticket. Seera looked at the ticket, and back up at everyone.

" Really?!" Seera said surprised. Ren, Ittoki, Natsuki, Tokiya, Syo, Cecil, and Masato all nodded.

Seera jumped up and down. " See you later Seera-chan!" waved Natsuki smiling.

Haruka closed the door.

Serra stopped what she was doing, and now was getting ready to a once in a lifetime concert! The concert started at eight p.m., and only had a couple of hours to get ready.

Seera got a ribbon, and tied her bangs back in to a braid, and knotted the ribbon.

She got dressed in a white sundress with white flats. It was seven-fifty p.m. Ten minutes before the concert started. Serra closed her bedroom door, and ran to the concert.

She gave the ticket master the ticket Haruka gave her, to the man.

It was eight o'clock, and the concert was starting. Serra was the last person in the back row. She couldn't see the bands performing.

Haruka pulled Seera from the back row to the side with Tomochika, and herself.

There was a couple of special guests: Kanon, The light Music Club, which now was called K-On!

Next was for K-On to go on stage.

Finally was the main event: STARISH!Their newest song, Yumeoibito e no Symphony was playing.

Ittoki grabbed the microphone.

The fan girls were screaming. " Tonight I wanted to tell you all tonight that we have a new member added to our group!"

All the girls were looking around who it was, and hoping it was them.

"It's someone is this very dear and special to us, and she's even here and came tonight!"
All of a sudden the lights went out.

Seera walked up the steps up to the stage. She walked up front with a microphone in her hand, and the lights was shown down on her.

" Everyone thank-you for your support of STARISH... I hope you continue supporting them!" She bowed.

" As the new member of STARISH, I wanted to give you guys tonight a special preview of my new song: Enchanted!"

Seera started playing her guitar, and started singing.

When Seera got done singing her song, the lights got turned off again. Seera got off the stage, and everyone got dressed in their dressing room.

- - -

Tomochika gave each of the guys a princely outfit and a crown on the top of their

heads matching their own unique and specific color. And Seera wore a ruffled sparkly and glittery top with the sleeves seperated. The shorts was gray and was connected to some long gray and white striped socks. Finally some tan boots, with a little tiara on her now, very curly hair.

Outside the announcer said, " Are you ready for the new STARISH?!"

The fans yelled.

Seera went up on stage, and said some of the lyrics. STARISH was standing in line according to the name: Shinomiya, Tokiya, Cecil, Ren, Ittoki, Syo and Masato.

This time Seera was in front of Natsuki, then the guys started singing where Seera left off.

They all sang, " STARISH forever!", and sang the rest of the song then on.

The last song they sang was maji love 1000%.

As Seera and the rest of the guys were saying goodbye to the fans, K-On! started playing " Don't Stay Lazy~" Seera was walking back to her dressing room, when Ittoki grabbed her hand, and ran back outside.

" Ittoki.. where are we going?!' asked Seera confused, starting to run out of breath.

They got back to Seera's room. Ittoki got out some composed sheets of music.

He held them to his chest in one head, and held Seera's hand in the other, running to the music room.

The rest of the guys caught up with the two of them.

" Where did you guys run off to?" Cecil-san asked concerned. Ittoki stared at Cecil, and blushed looking away. " No where.. right Seera..."

Then Cecil looked at Cecil, then Ittoki, and at that time also blushed.

" R-Right..." said Seera.

" Then why are you guys blushing?" asking Ittoki and Seera to point out the obvious. " WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!" yelled Syo and Natsuki.

Ren chuckled.

" I believe Ittoki is going to tell us.. or rather Seera-chan by song..." smelling a rose in his hand.

Natsuki and Syo relax.

" Seera I love you very much... and I wanted to prove this toyou by a song that I wrote myself. It's called: Oxygen..."

" Baby tell me is this good for you? Cause for me it's a dream come true. I think about you day, and night. If this is wrong, I don't care if I'm right.

Cause I know,one thing's for certain.

Girl I'm not hurtin' for inspiration. And I feel, when we're together.

It could be forever, and ever, and ever.

I wanna be the ocean to shore, bring you comfort ever more. I wanna be the oxygen you breathe.

Is this good as I think it is?

Cause right now I'm so into this. And there's nothing more that I would ever ask for. Then to be with you!

Just to be with you cause one thing for certain. Boy I'm not hurtin' for inspiration.

Whatever you give will receive, so baby bring it all to me. And I will warm you like the sun!

I wanna be the ocean to your shore, bring your comfort ever more. I wanna be the only thing you need.

Be the oxygen you breathe."

Ittoki played the last note. Seera started crying.

" Ittoki..." Ittoki walked on over and hugged Seera. " Did I upset you? I'm so sorry..."

Seera shook her head.

" No you made me so happy, so I cried. It touched me..."

" TELL HER!" they yelled. " Tell me what...? Ittoki what are they talking about?!" asked Seera.

" The song was just the topping on the cake. The main course-"

Ittoki got on one knee.

'' Seera Nakamura will you do me the honors of being my wife?" " With a wedding dress and everything?" asked ittoki face red.

" YES!" Seera yelled happily.

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