Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

Entering Cici and Tokiya

It was 2015, two years since Seera joined STARISH, and married Ittoki Otoya.

At Saotome Academy, it was a new year for the new idols, and composers.

Cici was a fifteen year old girl.

She had short black hair, with a black bow in the back of her head, and green eyes that sparkled like the fourth of July.

Her dream like most girls, was to be an idol, and touch the hearts of millions.

" Class we have a special guest for you... all the way from their tour, they came back for a year to teach the new idols, and composers how to sing and write!" Hyuga-sensai and Ringo sensei explained to their class.

They all walked in together.

The class started screaming. " Who is that girl with her?!" asked one girl. " That's Ittoki-sensei's new wife, and STARISH'S new member since last year... remember they had a concert to debut her!" another girl explained.

Cici started blushing in amazement.

She looked up. When she looked up, she saw Tokiya Ichinose.

Seera and Ittoki walked up together. "Thank-you for letting us come to Saotome Academy.

It's a true honor to be here, and being able to teach you."

Syo was so happy to see his idol, Hyuga-san again. " Do you have any plans for the class?" asked Hijirikawa-san curiously. The teachers shook his head.

Cecil walks up to the blackboard and writes on it, then talks to the class. " We will each take two of you, and go through the steps with you..."

Cecil looks at Tokiya.

" Who would you like to pick?" Tokiya looks to his left and right, looking at the students. He catches a glimpse of Cici looking up at him, almost staring.

Tokiya pointed to Cici and Ichigo-san.

In Tokiya's group, he gave instructions. " Okay you two, come on up with a song for your audition. Who here wants to be a singer aka idol?"

Cici raises her hand slowly.

This is a big part of your singing career.. if you fail this, there is no way for you to be a singer, or composing your artists music.

- - -

STARISH got done with their groups. " We will see you when you audition." And they left the room.

- - -

That afternoon, CiCi was in her room, thinking about her song she had to do for the audition.

She started playing and struming the instruments to see what she could think of..thinking about the beat, rythm, and melody.

Cici walked outside on her balcony, closed her eyes, and began singing from her heart.

" This night is sparkling, don't you let it go.

I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.I'll spend forever, wondering if you knew... I was enchanted to meet you!"

Cici opened her eyes once again, and looked up at the sky.

Rain was pouring down on her, all around her.

Tokiya stopped walking, and looked up, to see a girl standing out in the rain. Tokiya ran up to her room.

- - -

When he got up there, he was surprised to find that her door was already opened.

He walked straight in, and walked right out to the balcony. " Cici..." he thought. Tokiya looked around her room, till hefound a towel, and grabbed it, and put it on her head.

" Cici-san is it?" She nodded, blushing.

"Lets get you out of the rain, before you catch a cold..." He led her inside.

He dried her head with the towel he gave her. " What were you singing?" he asked.

Cici started to blush.

" M-my song for the audition... I was just messing around... it wasn't really a song."

There was a pause for a second.

Cici then got the courage to speak up. " How was it?" she asked. " It was perfect!" Tokiya said, smiling.

Cici was so happy, then got irritated.

" T-there's no need for you to be here anymore... thanks though for helping me out of the rain..."

Tokiya was confused.

" I bet there are other people that are waiting for you..." Cici explained, trying not to cry.

" Are you sure.. I can stay here till you feel better..." Tokiya replied.

" Y-yes..."

Tokiya started walking towards the door, when Cici ran to the door, and pushed him out the door.

Tokiya called her name.

" Cici-chan are you-" " Just go away!" she yelled, tears running down her cheeks.

He shrugged, and left down the hall.

- - -

Friday morning came.

" Class STARISH has informed me, that two of you will go today." Hyuga-sensai explained to his class. " He looked at STARISH. " Have you decided who is going first?"

Tokiya stepped up.

" We will go first!" Hyuga-sensai looked at the groups.

He noticed that Kari-chan wasn't here. " Fuyu-san!"

Cici stood up. " Y-yes sensei?"

" Please follow Ichinose-san to the recording studio..." " Hai Sensai!"

She got out of her seat, and followed Tokiya, walking with her head down.

As Cici walked out the door, " Seera-chan did Cici-chan seem upset to you?" Haruka asked.

Seera looked at her husband, Ittoki, to see if he thought the same thing. He nodded.

- - -

When Cici and Tokiya got to the recording booth, Tokiya looked at Cici.

" Okay I need your instrumental version, and you will sing inside the room over there, ahead of us."

Cici got out the instrumental version she wrote, and gave it to Tokiya.

She then walked over into the other room, and put on the headphones. Tokiya put the CD in, and played the song.

He was shocked, the song he heard yesterday was different, then the one now. " What song was this?" he asked as he talked into the microphone.

" M-my song for the audition..."

Tokiya pressed PLAY, and Cici started singing.

Tokiya pressed MIC button.

"Cici-chan, you are done. Please come back in the room..."

Cici took off the headphones, and walked back into the room.

Tokiya gave Cici a stern look.

" What was that all about? Why didn't you sing the one I heard you sing yesterday?!"

Cici was shaken.

" I'm sorry Ichinose-san, but that song wasn't right for me..."

" You were supposed to sing the first song.. that's what an audition song is!"

Cici was about to cry.

" Sorry, but will you please-" She brought out her TOKIYA FANGIRL BOOK, and threw it in the garbage, and ran away to her room.

"You guys look.. was that Fuyu-san just now, running away crying?" Natsuki asked.

Cecil looked at Haruka.

- - -

Cici ran and cried into her pillow.

Cecil knocked on her door, and walked in. " Cici-chan..."

" P-please go away Cecil-san..." " I sense something is troubling you..."

All of a sudden Cecil yells Natsuki's name.

Natauki comes running in.

Cecil hands Natauki his Piyo-chan commercial costume, while Cecil puts on the Piyo-chan costume.

Cici sits up, and looks at Natsuki and Cecil-san.

She randomly starts laughing.

" I remember seeing this in TV! I laughed so hard..."

Cici was mad once again.

Natsuki starts smiling. " We are here to make you happy, and make you laugh."

Natsuki does the commerical all over again.

Cici falls off her bed, kicking her feet. " Oh my gosh you guys..stop it... my sides are killing me!"

" Hey I wanna sing and dance to~"

Natsuki hands her a costume just like his. " Lets go and shows the class!"

They walk down to the classroom.

- - -

Cici runs right in.

"Hey guys guess what!" The class whsipers.

" What is it Miss Fuyu-san?" Cecil walks in, then Natsuki.

Natsuki and Cici start dancing and singing to the song. They first march.

" Piyo Piyo Piiyo, Piyo Piyo-chan~ " Then they bowed to Cecil. "Mou tamago, yoroshiku desu~"

The class started laughing like crazy.

" Your so funny Cici!" laughed Shimo-chan. Cici laughed also.

" I know right!" Tokiya came walking in.

" Ichinose-sensei is back!" Natsu-kun said. Cici looked away.

Then she started dancing and singing to Piyo-chan song again to Tokiya.

Tokiya tried not to laugh, but giggled quietly.

He then walked over to Hyuga-sensai.

" Hyuga-san Cici got a perfect score." he whispered. "Lets go!" Syo said.

They exited the classroom. Seera giggled. " What's so funny dear?" asked Ittoki. " Who would of thought Natsuki's song would make someone's heart, like Cici's heart fill with happiness,and make Tokiya laugh..."

Down the hall of Satome Academy, everyone sang the song, except Hijirokawa and Tokiya.

" Hey I heard that Cecil can do a good Shining Saotome impression..." Seera said.

- - -

Back in the classroom, Cici sat back down in her seat, and saw her book on her desk.

There was a note on it.

" Sorry Cici-chan about earlier... you got a perfect score! And thanks for dedicating that song to me!<3 Love, Tokiya Ichinose.

Cici blushed. " Ichinose-san..."

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