Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

My True Love

White snow, cold raindrops falling from the ground.

It was December twenty-fourth, the day before Christmas.

Saotome Academy didn't have class that day in order to decorate and setup for tomorrow.

STARISH arrived at the academy once again for a little visit.

It was lunch time, and everybody was sitting down, eating their lunches. Everybody in STARISH was talking, when Syo happened to glance up, and see Cici laughing with her friends.

Ittoki, Natsuki, Tokiya, Masato, Cecil, Ren, Haruka and Seera stopped talking and looked where Syo's eyes were looking at.

Cici looked over and saw Tokiya.

She waved, and went back to talking.

Syo turned around, and who was that girl to where he was looking at earlier. " Isn't that Fuyu-chan?" asked Cecil to Tokiya.

Shimo-chan tapped Cici's shoulder.

" Hey Cici.. Syo-senpai was looking at you earlier..."

" Maybe he wants to talk to you about something?" said her other friend to the left of her whispered.

Cici got up from her seat, and walked over to Syo.

" Um...uh... S-syo-senpai do you need to talk to me?"

Syo blushes. " No..." he quickly says denying what had just happened a few moments ago.

Cici bows, walks over and grabs her lunchbox, and walks out of the classroom with her friends.

- - -

Syo quickly gets up out of his seat, and walks out of the classroom, and yells Cici's name.


She turns around. " What is it senpai?"

Cici's friends stop walking. " ARE YOU COMING?!" they yelled.

" I'LL CATCH UP WITH YOU GUYS LATER!" she yells back.. She turns around.

" So.. what's up?" Syo starts blushing again.

He closes his eyes, and yells, " WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME?!"

Cici didn't know what to say, but she had to admit she was flattered.

So she smiled and then looked down towards her feet.

" T-to tell you the truth, I've always liked you..."

Syo was confused.

" What do you like about me?" Syo asked out of curiosity.

" Well... I like your personality-" as she stretches out her arms. " You have all this energy!"

Cici's face starts to turn red.

" And... your just sooooooooo cute~"

Syo was shocked.

Only has he heard this word a few times from his best friend Natsuki, but that was only when he'd put him in cute things he liked.

Syo face turns beat red.

- - -

Everybody looked at Tokiya, who was a little surprised of how Syo felt, a bit jealous, and finally a bit depressed.

He was a perfectionist, he had to do everything perfect, or he'd get mad.

Tokiya thought he and Cici was the perfect couple, and they did perfect things, but he guessed Cici's true feelings about him were just admiration, and not love.

" Toki are you okay?!" asked Natsuki.

- - -

Syo took off his hat, and handed it to Cici.

" No keep it.. you aren't you without your hat..." She then whispers. " Don't you need that to look and feel taller?!"

Cici gave him a kiss on the cheek, and ran to meet up with her friends.

- - -

December twenty-fifth had finally came, and the academy was decorated beautifully.

This year for Christmas, Cici wanted to show her appreciation to STARISH, so she gave them, including Haruka and Seera a present.

She handed two gifts to Syo.

He unwrapped his gifts, and hugs Cici from behind. " Cici-chan.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Cici hands everyone else there gifts, and they unwrap them.

Cecil got Christmas books.

" Thank you Cici chan! We don't celebrate Christmas from where I'm from.. so it's so nice to read more books about it!"

Second was a key for Ren.

" What's this for?" asked Ren." Well I asked Shining-Senpai to have a gardening club at the school, and he said yes as long as I'd run it...."

Cici points to the key.

" This key is specific for a greenhouse. For you to plant roses all year long."

" Thank you." ren smiled.

Thirdly was a scrapbook, letters, stickers etc. for Ittoki.

" A.. scrapbook?!"

Cici nods. " I thought you'd like to decorate the pictures of you and your wife, and your memories and journeys..."smiled Cici.

Ittoki smiled.

Fourth was a Piyo-chan build-a-bear. Natsuki's eyes widned. " LOOK ITS PIYO-CHAN!~"

Everyone was in awe.

" There are some clothes I picked out, and thought you'd like to play dress up with the doll..."

Natsuki bows and sits down, and dresses up Piyo right away.

Fifth was a picture for Haruka.

It was a pic of her and Haruka. " Y-you inspire me.. Haruka-san, and.... I DIDN'T WANT TO FORGET YOU.. so-"

Haruka chuckled.

" I'd never forget you Cici-chan~" smiled Haruka.

Sixth was a visa gift-card for Tokiya.

" I didn't know what to get you, or what you liked.. so if you ever go somewhere and wanna buy something... use the card!"

Tokiya nods.

Cici looked at Seera. " I didn't know what to get you Mrs. Otoya..." blushed Cici feeling a little guility .

Seera chuckled.

" Oh I don't need anything... I have everyone right here, including this one!" seera said holding ittoki's arm.

"Though we'd all like to thank you Cici-chan for these wonderful gifts."

Like an hour later, STARISH went back to their old rooms, except for Syo.

" So... how about that date..."

Cici smiles. " What about the date?"

" W-want to meet at the train station?" " Sure what time?" " Um... does twelve-thirty in the afternoon sound good?" " Yep, I'm not going anywhere, or have anything to do..." cici explained.

" Okay twelve-thirty at the train station. " syo said trying to remember it.

Cici bows, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and heads off.

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