Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

Dream Land

It was December thirty-first. Today was Ney Year’s Eve, when everyone would stay in their homes and eat mooncakes.

Also on this special day, was Syo’s and Cici’s special date.

They went to an amusement park fifteen minutes away from the Saotome Academy.

Cici met Syo at Tokyo Station. They hopped on the subway, and a while later, an announcement was made, “Next stop.. Fuji Station! Next stop Fuji Station!”

They got off the train, and walks up the steps into the city.

“So Syo-senpai, where are we going?” cici asked curiously, still walking. As she took her last step, she stopped and looked up. “Carnival World…”

- - -

Back at the academy, Shining Saotome called for his favorite guys and now girl.

“Shining-san, why did you call for us?!” asked Seera.

“Your guys’s mission is to spy on Cici and Syo’s date.. something is odd, so I need you to go and investigate!” “Eh?!~” everybody yelled.

Seera ran and hid behind Ittoki. “W-we can’t do that…”

- - -

“So what ride are we gonna go on first?”

Syo opens up the amusement park map. “How about the merry-go-“

Syo turns his head and looked over at Cici who was daydreaming. “Me and syo on a white horse.. and he offers my hand and I take it and we ride to happily ever after!~” Cici thought.

He put his hand behind her back and pushed her into his chest.

“Cici-chan…” Ten seconds later, Cici was out of the daydream land. “Where am I? I-I’m in his arms?!” she thought.

He took her hand and they went on the merry-go-round.

She looked around and got on the white horse, and sat in front of Syo.

- - -

Everyone popped out from behind the pole in their disguises, and entered the park.

- - -

“Syo-senpai…” blushed cici.

“This is so embarrassing, everyone is looking at us…”

When the ride was done, Cici’s stomach grumbled. “ Cici are you hungry?” “ Maybe a little.. to be honest…”

Syo handed her a voucher for a free strawberry smoothie.

He sets the smoothie down on the table and puts two straws in. Syo starts drinking, then Cici. “Wow this is so good, and it tastes even better when you share it with the one you love~”

Cici grabs Syo’s hand and they go and walk to the next ride, Titanic’s Tunnel of Love.

When the ride was over, Syo’s face was as red as a tomato.

- - -

Everyone was walking towards the swings, when they got stopped.

- - -

Cici and Syo laughed at the picture from the ride, and they look up to see everybody was


She tilts her head.

“What are you guys doing here?” Seera spoke up. “ Um…uh… well me and Ittoki didn’t have a honeymoon-“

Everyone was shocked at how Cici was believing this story.

“So we decided to go here…” Seera takes Ittoki’s hand, and they run towards ferris wheel. “Let’s go honey!”

“We’re sorry Syo-kun…” explained Haruka.

“ We didn’t want to do it, Seera-chan even tried to ask Shining-sama that even she didn’t want to do it!” Cecil explained with a long face.

Cici was confused.

Syo sighed. “He has been known as the mysterious creeper around the academy. He also has been getting us to do stuff, that was before you and Seera-san came along.

The day went by fast, and the sun was about to set, and the park was about to close as well.

Seera and Ittoki met back up with everyone.

Cici was tugging on his shirt and looked up at him. “ Syo… I wanna go on the ferris wheel before the park closes….”

Syo sighed. “ Fine.. fine…”

Cici held on to Syo’s arm and they walked over towards the ride.

Everybody walked back to the train station and went to bed, except for Cici and Syo.

The ride stopped at the top, and they saw the millions of stars in the sky. “It’s so pretty up here!” cici smiled big.

- - -

They arrived back at the academy, and Syo stopped at the Girls Dormitory entrance.

“ Syo.. thank you for the wonderful date!” cici giggled. “Even when the rest of the guys showed up unannounced…”

Syo nodded, and started to walk away, when she yelled his name.

She ran after him as fast as she could, grabbed the back of his shirt. “Please don’t go!” as she started crying, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Syo turned around to look at her.

He wiped her tears and kissed her. “ Cici I love you, and always will, so please don’t cry…”

They walked back over to the lake and sat down on the bench not letting go of each other.

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