The Four Champions

The next day, the entrance hall was packed. The Goblet of Fire stood in the centre of the hall on a stool. A thin golden line, which Phoenix recognised to be the age line, surrounded the goblet. Phoenix stood beside Alicia and Katie as Angelina scribbled her name down on a piece of parchment, but she was so nervous, yet still excited that she kept spelling her name wrong.

"I didn't know that your name was Angelina Johnstone," said Phoenix, smiling as Angelina ripped up her fifth piece of parchment.

"Can't even spell your own name right–"

"That is not what we would like to call–"

"Hogwarts champion material."

"Mother of Merlin," Angelina mumbled as Fred, George, and Lee came strutting down the marble staircase, they were all grinning from ear to ear.

"We just taken it," said George proudly, "the Aging Potion," he added at Alicia's confused expression.

"You're not acting any older," muttered Angelina.

"That's because we only need to be a few months older," said Fred.

"We took a drop each," said Lee. "We didn't want to end up middle aged."

"Couple of forty year olds strutting into the entrance hall may arouse some suspicion," grinned George.

"We're going to split the thousand Galleons between the three of us if one of us wins," said Lee, grinning at the girls who all stared at them, looking at them as though they were the biggest morons in the world, which in Phoenix's opinion, they were.

"I'll go first!" said Fred, pulling from his jacket a slip of parchment, with the words Fred Weasley – Hogwarts written in Fred's familiar handwriting.

"If one of them becomes a champion I'm going to wear a hula skirt and a coconut bra for the rest of the year," said Phoenix and Lee looked gleeful. Lee Jordan never grasped the concept of her sarcasm.

Fred stood at the very edge of the golden line and stood there for a few moments, bouncing on the balls of his feet and Phoenix had to resist the temptation to push him. And then, as everybody in the entrance hall stared at him with baited breath, he took a dramatic breath and stepped gracefully over the line. Seconds later, George stepped forwards, yelling in triumph and stepped over the line after Fred.

Lee was seconds away from following them, but suddenly there was a loud, sizzling sound, and both Fred and George were thrown painfully out of the circle and landed, ten feet away on the cold stone floor of the hall. But that wasn't the last of it, there was a loud pop and identical, long white beards grew on their faces.

Laughter burst from all the onlookers. Phoenix was crying with mirth, she approached the twins along with Lee who was shaking his laughter. Fred and George got to their feet and looked at one another's beards.

"Nice beards boys," she said, curling a finger around the end of George's beard before she pulled him to his feet.

"Yeah," Lee snorted as Phoenix clung to him for support from how much she was laughing at them. "Absolutely love them."

"I did warn you," said Dumbledore's amused voice as he emerged from the Great Hall. His eyes cast looks over Fred and George's white bearded faces, the familiar twinkle in his eyes. "I suggest that you two go up to the Hospital Wing to Madam Pomfrey. She is already tending to Miss Fawcett, of Ravenclaw, and Mr. Summers, of Hufflepuff, both of whom also decided to age themselves a little. I must add however, neither of their beards is anything like as fine as yours."

Still crying with laughter, Phoenix and Lee accompanied Fred and George to the Hospital Wing.

"You both look like Dumbledore's long lost brothers," said Phoenix as they walked up the marble staircase, Fred and George both receiving strange looks off several students.

"Maybe you should stop with the beard jokes Phoenix," said Lee, smiling at her. "They're getting a bit…" he and Phoenix shared a mischievous looks, before he said, "Old!"

"Very funny you two," said Free, the corners of his bearded mouth twitching as they entered the Hospital Wing.

"I should have known I would see you two today with beards!" Madam Pomfrey shrieked as soon as they entered. Fred and George were whisked away to drink some midnight blue coloured potion and to shave their beards.

"I hope Angelina is the champion," said Lee as they watched George's beard fall to the floor as it was shaven. "Fred and George would probably find tasks difficult with long beards."

"Yeah I hope Angelina gets it too," said Phoenix as George strode over to them, freshly shaven. "The beard suited you better."

"Really?" George laughed.

"Yeah," she said brightly, patting his rosy red cheek. "The white beard made you both look rather handsome."

"You're joking right?"

Phoenix didn't answer instead she bumped her hips against Lee and George's so that they stumbled slightly.

"I put my name in!" Angelina announced loudly when she entered the common room, closely followed by Katie and Alicia. Fred, George, Lee, and Phoenix all cheered as Angelina, beaming from ear to ear, sat down in the armchair beside Fred.

"All the Durmstrang lot entered," said Alicia. "So did all the Beauxbatons lot."

"Good," Phoenix heard George mumble to Fred, "Hopefully that Jerome will get his head taken off by a Chimera or something."

"Warrington put his name in too," said Angelina and Phoenix made a noise that sounded as though she was throwing up. Warrington was a member of the Slytherin Quidditch team and was a Chaser who seemed to playing more a game of How Many Times You Can Almost Knock Phoenix Off Her Broom By Barging Into Her rather than playing actual Quidditch.

"Warrington?" said George, looking disgusted. "I would rather have one of Hagrid's Skrewts be a Hogwarts champion."

"That would be interesting," Phoenix grinned. "Especially if Buzzy has anything to do with it."

"Who's Buzzy?" Fred asked as George roared with laughter.

"One of Hagrid's Skrewts," said Phoenix and Fred looked at her as though she was pulling his leg. "I'm not joking; he really did call one of his Skrewts Buzzy."

"Wow," said Lee. "Hagrid really knows how to name his pets."

They entered the Great Hall for dinner much earlier than they normally would on a Saturday, and even then it was almost full. The decorations were even more spectacular for the Halloween feast. Live bats were fluttering around the enchanted ceiling, which showed the perfect dark night sky outside, and hundreds upon hundreds of perfectly carved pumpkins seemed to stare at the students around the Hall. The Goblet of Fire had been moved from the entrance hall, it now stood in front of Dumbledore's unoccupied chair.

"This looks amazing!" exclaimed Angelina.

"You say that every year," Fred said as Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat down beside them. "Hope it's you whose champion Angelina!"

"So do I!" said Hermione encouragingly. "Well, we'll soon know!"

The Halloween feast seemed to least for a lifetime. It may have been because everyone in the Hall were all constantly looking over at Dumbledore to see if he had finished eating yet. Angelina was beginning to feel nervous and to cheer her up, Fred, George, and Lee had all put breadsticks up their noses and began to do an impression of a walruses which only made her snap at them for being immature, though the corners of her mouth were twitching.

When finally the golden plates cleared the food, silence fell almost at once as Dumbledore got to his feet. Everybody in the hall seemed to tense and Ludo Bagman was beaming widely and was winking around at students, Fred and George glared menacingly at him.

"Well, the goblet is almost ready to make its decision," said Dumbledore into the silence. "I estimate that it requires one more minute. Now, when the champions' names are called, I would ask them please to come up to the top of the Hall, walk along the staff table, and go through into the next chamber where they will be receiving their first instructions." He took out his wand from beneath his robes and gave it a sweeping with and instantly, the candles around the hall, except the ones inside the carved pumpkins, were extinguished. The blue-white flames of the Goblet of Fire seemed to burn even more brightly as the hall were plunged into almost darkness.

They waited; the silence seemed to burn Phoenix's eardrums.

"Any second," Lee said in a hushed voice.

Suddenly, the blue-white flames in the goblet turned a blinding red and sparks began to fly from it. And the next moment, flames shot high into the air and a single, crisp slip of parchment fluttered down from it. The whole of hall seemed to gasp as one as Dumbledore caught the parchment and held it at arm's length, reading it by the light of the now blue-white flames from the goblet.

"The champion for Durmstrang is… Viktor Krum!"

A tidal wave of cheers and applause reached Phoenix's ears and she cheered along as Viktor Krum rose from the far side of the hall from the Slytherin table and stumped towards the door through the next chamber behind the staff table.

"Bravo, Viktor! Knew you had it in you!" Karkaroff's fruity voice boomed throughout the hall.

The clapping died and everyone stared, once again, at the goblet. Seconds later, the flames turned scarlet red and a piece of parchment flew out of the flames.

"The champion for Beauxbatons… is Fleur Delacour!"

A girl, with long, slivery blonde hair that seemed to flow out behind her, stood up gracefully. She was extremely beautiful and she reminded Phoenix strongly of the Veela at the World Cup as several boys, Lee included, goggled at her as she hurried to the door to the next chamber.

Phoenix gave Angelina an encouraging smile as silence fell once again, for the Hogwarts champion was next. Phoenix's stomach lurched in excitement and anticipation.

For the third and final time, the Goblet of Fire's flames turned red, flames flew into the air and a piece of parchment fluttered down from the air.

"The Hogwarts champion…is Cedric Diggory!"

It was like a bomb had gone off from the next table. The Hufflepuffs were beside themselves. Each and every Hufflepuff had got to their feet and were screaming, cheering, clapping, and stamping, as Cedric, grinning from ear to ear, headed towards the chamber.

"At least it wasn't a Slytherin!" said Angelina over the noise as she and Phoenix clapped for Cedric. The cheers for Cedric continued for so long that it took more than over a minute before Dumbledore could make him heard.

"Excellent!" Dumbledore bellowed happily, his arms spread wide as he looked around at the four tables. "Well, we now have our three champions. I am sure I can count upon all of you, including the remaining students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, to give your champions every ounce of support you can muster. By cheering your champion on, you will contribute in a very real –"

Dumbledore fell silent and turned to stare at the goblet as its flames suddenly burned a blood red. Confused, Phoenix's eyes watched as a flame shot into the air and another piece of parchment fell into Dumbledore's outstretched hand.

Silence fell and it seemed to last for hours as Dumbledore stared, his blue eyes wide, at the name on the slip in his hands. The room stared at Dumbledore as he cleared his throat and called – "Harry Potter".

Phoenix's eyes widened and she, along with every head in the Great Hall turned to stare at Harry Potter. He looked at Dumbledore, his face as white as a sheet, his mouth moving wordlessly. He looked so surprised to hear his name come out of the goblet, almost scared.

No one was applauding, or screaming, or cheering. Instead, the hall began to buzz with whispers and hisses. Harry however remained in his seat, as if he was frozen on the spot, not wanting to get up.

"I didn't put my name in," Phoenix heard Harry say to Ron and Hermione. "You know I didn't."

Ron and Hermione however didn't say a word. They simply stared back at him, their expression unreadable.

"Harry Potter!" Dumbledore called, his expression sombre. "Harry! Up here, if you please!"

Hermione gave Harry a shove and he got to his feet hurriedly and stumbled as he stood on the hem of his robes. Phoenix felt sorry for him as he walked numbly towards the top table.

"He looks terrified," Phoenix whispered to Angelina as Harry walked through the door at the end of Hall and the whispers around the hall grew louder. "There is no way he entered himself."

"How would someone get his name in the goblet though?" Angelina said, much more loudly now that the noise in the hall increased. "Why are there two Hogwarts champions?"

"How did he get his name in?!" Fred said, looking half impressed and half annoyed as they walked back towards Gryffindor Tower.

"I know, I don't see him with a beard!" said George.

"Didn't you see his face?" said Hermione, looking from Fred and George, her face as pale as Harry's had been. "He was just as confused as anyone else! He had no clue his name was even in the goblet!"

Ron gave a derisive laugh. "Yeah Hermione, of course he didn't enter. He doesn't have to do end-of-year tests and gets a thousand Galleons prize money."

"Shut up Ron!" said Hermione furiously, her eyes shining with tears. "He's your best friend–"

"Yeah, what a fine best friend," said Ron spitefully. "Doesn't even tell me how he got his name into the goblet."

"Come on Ron," said Phoenix, feeling that Ron was being a bit out of order and jumping to conclusions. "Harry told us that he just wanted a quiet year, he's had enough near death experiences."

"Exactly Ron!" said Hermione, who sent Phoenix a look of gratitude. "Harry has less experience than the other champions when it comes to spells that could help! He could get himself killed!"

But Ron wasn't listening, he scowled at several paintings, whose occupants raised their fists at him, and he stormed ahead to walked with Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan. Before Phoenix could try and reassure Hermione, she stormed up the staircase, her bushy hair flying about her shoulders.

Violet, a witch in one of the thousands of portraits in Hogwarts who was friends with the Fat Lady and always loved a gossip, had told them all that Harry had been allowed to enter the tournament and Fred and George insisted that the whole of Gryffindor House throw a celebration party for Harry. Even though Hermione had almost bawled her eyes out and said that Harry would want to be left alone, they ignored her and snuck off to the kitchens to get as much food as they could.

Angelina seemed to be taking her disappointment of not becoming the Hogwarts champion rather well; she was excited that there was a champion from her house.

"I'm not entirely convinced that he really did enter himself," said Phoenix after Fred and George had returned from the kitchens, laden with packets of crisps, peanuts and bottles of Butterbeer and Lee had found a large Gryffindor banner from somewhere.

"That boy has defeated You-Know-Who, Merlin knows how many times," said Fred shoving a bottle of Butterbeer into her hand. "I'm sure he had it in him somewhere to outsmart a little goblet."

"Ron doesn't seem too happy," observed George, looking over at the youngest Weasley boy as he scowled at some innocent looking first years and stomped up to the door that lead to the boys' dormitories.

"Ron will get over it," said Fred airily. "They're thick as thieves."

But, like on most subjects that people's feelings came into play, Fred Weasley was wrong. Firstly, Harry wasn't too happy with his celebration party and Phoenix couldn't really blame him. As soon as the portrait had opened, Harry was pulled the hole by seventh year Gryffindors and the common room was full of screaming and people cheering, almost as loud as the Hufflepuffs had done for Cedric. And if that wasn't enough for Harry, nobody seemed to be listening to him, he insisted that he hadn't put his name in the goblet but people were too busy shoving food into his hands to listen to him and Lee had wrapped the banner around him like a cloak. But after what felt like hours, Harry finally cracked, shouted at George and stormed up to his dormitory.

Fred was also wrong about Ron and Harry; they had seemed to have fallen out. So Ron sat with them at breakfast as neither Hermione nor Harry had turned up.

"Ron you're cramping our style!" said Fred when Ron had asked him to pass him some toast.

"Fred, don't be horrible," said Phoenix, passing Ron a piece of toast and he sent her a small smile. "He's your brother! And anyway you two wouldn't know style if it danced in front of your face naked."

Fred was about to retaliate when up ahead there was a rustle and they all looked up as owls soared in through the open windows, delivering post to their owners. And there in the middle of them, was Silvano. He looked quite worn out; he was carrying what looked like a large paper bag. Forgetting all about her conversation with Fred, Phoenix felt relived as Silvano swooped down onto the table and stood impressively in front of her bowl of porridge.

Phoenix took the paper bag first and peered inside. There was what looked like a wrapped present inside, completely bewildered as to why Tonks would send Phoenix such a thing, she turned her attention to Silvano who was holding out his leg where a letter was attached to it. She untied the cord around his leg, George gave Silvano a few bits of his bacon and he soared off, probably to take a long and well deserved rest.

Dear Phoenix,

You do leave me in a rather tight situation but I will of course assist you in your endeavours, what sort of step-cousin would I be if I didn't help you in your quests to find out the truth? You're also lucky that November 21st is one of my days off. I will look around your fathers office and I can try and lurk around in the Ministry too because what you saw is very suspicious. I recommend you search in the library for any old newspapers. I will meet you in The Three Broomsticks at one o'clock.

Take care, Tonks!

P.S. Cecilia wanted me to send you your mothers dress robes for your so called 'formal occasion'. Please send me a picture because I simply cannot imagine you in a dress.

Phoenix had to suppress a snort of laughter. Typical Tonks.

"Does it say what the present is?" Alicia asked.

"Yeah," Phoenix said quickly, stuffing Tonk's letter into her bag. "It's my mother's dress for that 'formal occasion' or whatever it is."

"Can we see it?" Fred asked eagerly but Phoenix shook her head. "Why not?"

"It must be a girl thing," said George, shrugging. "I think girls like to have an element surprise."

"So you're not going to come to Fabyan's Witchwear with us to buy dress robes?" Angelina quizzed, gesturing to herself and Alicia.

"No sorry," said Phoenix. "I would come along but I was planning to meet up with Tonks to – you know – talk."

"That's fine Nix," said Alicia. "But you have to show us your dress!"

"Don't worry I will," Phoenix said. "I'll show you after breakfast."

"Girls," Fred said, rolling his eyes.

Phoenix, Angelina, and Alicia practically flew into their dormitory after breakfast. Phoenix placed the paper bag carefully on her bed and pulled from it, the neatly wrapped dress. She was being so careful with the dress because Phoenix had never been given anything to remember her mother by, never a necklace, a ring or even something as little as a key ring. Cecilia had said that her father had gotten sold of most of her mother's belongings; he said it was too painful to keep them. But right here was something belonged to her mother, it was something she had once worn. To Phoenix, it was proof that Jane Lancaster had actually lived.

With hands that shook ever so slightly, Phoenix began to unwrap the packaging. Angelina and Alicia seemed to be waiting with baited breath; the silence in the dormitory was so loud. When she could feel the material of the dress under her fingertips, she looked at it and gasped.

It was beautiful. Phoenix stood up, holding it at arm's length to examine it. Angelina and Alicia let out gasps and awes of surprise. The dress swept to the floor. It was sleeveless; an icy blue sheer yoke around the neckline and around the waistline was a single ribbon that gave an overall stunning effect. Sky blue sequin embellishment made the dress so much more beautiful. Pleating began from the knee and ended at the hemline, giving it a slight flare to the skirt. Phoenix stared at it, awestruck that her mother had once won this dress.

"Phoenix… it's beautiful!" Angelina gasped, her hand gently running over the material. "Your mother had beautiful taste."

"Yeah," Phoenix whispered in a quavering voice. "She really did."

Phoenix's euphoria over having her own mothers dress in her possession didn't falter all week. Not even when Warrington had called her a "Know-It-All Mudblood" in Charms for pointing out that he was flicking he wand the wrong way during Confundus Charms. In fact, to Fred and George's utter amazement, she had smiled widely at Warrington and said "I know I am".

"Why have you been so happy all week?" George asked her as they left the classroom.

"Is that a crime now?" said Phoenix, sliding both her arms around Fred and George's necks, "I'm just happy,"

"Is it that Jerome guy?" Fred asked.

"No it's not a guy," Phoenix beamed, "It's my mother's dress, it's beautiful!"

"You're in such a great mood because of a dress?" Fred asked her incredulously.

"It's not just a dress Freddie," Phoenix exclaimed, flicking his ear as they walked along the Charms corridors and towards the marble staircase, "It's my mother's dress!"

Fred and George smiled at one another over Phoenix's head as they walked down the marble staircase.

"If this dress is so amazing why don't you show us it?" George asked her but Phoenix simply shook her head, smiling at him in a teasing sort of way.

"It's like you said Georgie," Phoenix said, "Girls like the element of surprise,"

She had been in such a good mood all week that Luna Lovegood had ran up to her while Phoenix and Lee were spending their break time in one of the courtyards to inform her that she had Wrackspurts flying into her ears.

"What are Wrackspurts?" Phoenix asked, looking at Luna, rather alarmed.

Luna Lovegood was a rather quirky third year Ravenclaw. She had a serene disposition and had rather a lot of bizarre and eccentric beliefs, giving her the nickname Loony Lovegood from a few other students. Phoenix on the other hand found her endearing and she was extremely fond of Luna because she really wasn't afraid to show who she was. Luna had dirty blonde, waist-length, rather straggly hair and protuberant slivery grey eyes, which gave her a rather dreamy look. They had met only last year when Phoenix entered the library with bright blue hair and Luna had gushed about an article about Metamorphmagus's in that month's edition of The Quibbler (which was written by Luna's father). The article apparently suggested that all Metamorphmagus were gifted in controlling Heliopaths and Luna had asked if Phoenix kept a pet Heliopath.

"Wrackspurts… they're invisible. They float in through your ears and make your brain go all fuzzy, your head is full of them Phoenix," Luna said in her dreamy voice. Lee, who was sitting beside Phoenix, sniggered.

"Oh…" Phoenix smiled sheepishly; she didn't know whether Luna was simply calling her airheaded. Phoenix smacked her head as though it would get rid of these 'Wrackspurts' and she 'accidently' hit Lee's arm with her elbow. "How do you get rid of them?"

"You can dispell them by positive thinking I think…" Luna replied slowly in the same dreamy voice. "…but you have seemed to be in a good mood all week…"

"Yeah I got sent a present by my step-cousin and it's… it's cheered me up,"

"What was it?"

"It was a dress my mother had once worn," Phoenix explained and Luna smiled widely.

Phoenix and Luna's friendship had not only formed because of their fondness of one another but because they connected on an emotional level. Both girls had lost their mother and – and although Luna did not know it – had seen them die. Luna's mother died when Luna was nine years old, she had died when one of her spell inventions went horribly wrong. Though, Luna remembered her mother's death more vividly, whereas Phoenix only had a single flash of memory of her mother's death, the lines were still however blurred.

"That's wonderful Phoenix," said Luna, twirling one of the Butterbeer corks on her necklace that she wore to keep away the Nargals. "I must be going now… Your friend is laughing at me… His head is full of Wrackspurts too…" Her eyes drifted to stare at Lee, who immediately tried to stifle his giggles by covering his face with his Muggle Studies book.

"Bye Luna," Phoenix called as Luna skipped away. "Lee! You're a prat!"

"What?" Lee spluttered, "Did you hear her? Wrackspurts make your brain go all fuzzy! She is hilarious!"

"I find her rather interesting," said Phoenix in a matter of fact sort of voice, "and she's lovely really, you should talk to her instead of laughing at her!"

Lee merely grimaced.

"Oh gosh," Phoenix suddenly grabbed her Lee's shoulders and pulled him so that Lee was hiding her from view, "Hide me!" She whispered.

"Phoenix, if this is your way to come onto me, I'm honestly flattered but don't you think–"

"No you toss piece!" Phoenix hissed, peering over Lee's shoulder to see if Jerome had noticed her, "I'm hiding from Jerome!"

"Why on earth–"

"Are you–"

"Hiding from Jerome?"

"Fred! George! Shut up!" Phoenix whispered. "I don't want to–"

"Fhoenix? Ez zhat you?"

"Son of a Banshee," She mumbled to herself as she threw Lee off her and looked up at Jerome. "Hi!" She said in the same, cheery voice that Alicia always used when talking to Jerome. Phoenix had been trying to avoid Jerome, not because she didn't like him as such because she did, but mainly for the reason that every time that they met one another in the corridors he always tried to kiss her hand. Phoenix couldn't hold a conversation with him without feeling completely flustered.

"What were you doing with zhat boy?" Jerome asked, his eyes looking at Lee who was smirking, along with Fred and George. "You were 'iding from me, no?"

"My name is Lee," Lee sung under his breath.

"Oh, we were hugging," Phoenix said in falsely cheery voice, slinging an arm over Lee's shoulder, "Me and my dear friend Lee here are the closest of chums… I would never hide from you Jerome."

Fred and Lee were now giggling derisively. George simply sat down on Phoenix's other side and Phoenix was thankful that he wasn't being childish and embarrassing her for once.

Jerome smiled down at Phoenix, a heart-warming smile that made Phoenix's face and hair flush a bright pink. "Where ez your blonde friend?"

"You mean Alicia?" Jerome nodded and Phoenix shrugged, "She's, uhm, probably with Angelina… Why?"

"She ez always staring at me," Jerome laughed, "et ez nice you do not do zhat,"

Phoenix smiled sheepishly and from beside her, George gave a quiet scoff, earning a clip round the ear from Fred who stood behind them.

"How are you enjoying Hogwarts?" Phoenix asked Jerome who was looking at George with a curious expression.

"Oui eet ez charmant," said Jerome. Phoenix, who had briefly took French during her years of muggle education at both primary and junior school knew at least that charmant meant lovely. But Fred, George, and Lee stared at Jerome blankly.

"Come again?" said Fred.

"He says it's lovely," Phoenix informed him.

"You speak Français?" Jerome asked, he looked rather impressed.

"Oh no! I just know a few words of it… I used to go to a muggle school you see because my father's a muggle and we had to learn a language so I chose French…"

"You are a muggle born?" Jerome looked surprised.

"Yeah," said George in an uncharacteristic cold voice. "is that going to be a problem Jerome?" Phoenix was surprised that the bench that she, George, and Lee were sat upon hadn't turned to ice from George's sudden icy voice.

"George…" Phoenix mumbled, nudging him with her arm.

"No et ez no problem!" Jerome seemed to either not have noticed George's cold voice or had decided to ignore it. "I am just surprised... you are a Metamorphmagus no? I 'ave never met before you, et ezfascinant…."

"Oh," Phoenix was blushing again, "well… thank you,"

"Et ez no problem," Jerome replied throatily just as the bell rang.

George jumped to his feet and Phoenix looked at him, surprised, he had never seen him move so quickly after a bell. "Come on Pixy, we have Defence Against the Dark Arts!" George said immediately, grabbing her hand and pulling her to her feet.

"I guess I'll see you later," Phoenix called to Jerome as George dragged her out of the courtyard, a still sniggering Fred and Lee following close behind them.

"Au revoir Phoenix!"

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