The First Task

The news that Phoenix's step-sister was pregnant had the exact effect on Angelina and Alicia that Phoenix had predicted. They gaped at her for a few moments before Angelina had burst out:

"But she's only just left school!"

Hermione was just as gobsmacked when Phoenix told her during lunch before the First Task. Harry didn't really respond, he grimaced and proceeded to stare at his roasted pork as though he was about to be sick all over it.

"You'll do fine Harry," George said encouragingly, hitting him on the back so that Harry almost spat his pork all over Fred. "You've faced a Basilisk before, I'm sure that whatever you have to do it won't be so bad–"

"You wanna bet on that?" Harry said stonily and George removed his hand from Harry's back and shared a significant look with Phoenix.

There were hurried footsteps from behind Phoenix and she turned, along with most of the other Gryffindors, to see Professor McGonagall hurrying between their table and the Hufflepuff table, her expression unreadable.

"Potter, the champions have to come down onto the grounds now… You have to get ready for your first task."

Harry dropped his fork instantly, "Okay," he said as he got to his feet slowly.

"Good luck Harry," Fred, George, and Phoenix all called. Ron simply stared at his bread.

"You'll be fine!" Hermione added.

Harry gulped. "Yeah,"

They watched, along with everybody in the hall (apart from Ron), Harry and Professor McGonagall walking out of the hall.

She returned a few minutes later, her face white as she told the Gryffindors that it was time for the First Task. Fred, George, and Lee all jeered excitedly, they were wearing Gryffindor hats and scarves and even had drawings of lions on their faces – Phoenix thought that they looked ridiculous but she too was showing that she was supporting Harry; her hair was red with golden highlights.

Professor McGonagall lead the Gryffindors towards the edge of the forbidden forest, Phoenix's first thought was that the champions would have to do some sort of treasure hunt in the forest, until she saw, around a clump of trees, there was a large enclosure.

"Wow!" Angelina exclaimed. "That's impressive,"

"Wonder what's in ther–"

Suddenly there was a loud, mighty roar from inside the enclosure. Phoenix jumped and almost fell backwards over a tree stump but thankfully George grabbed her to keep her steady.

"Oh my–" Angelina gasped, her eyes wide. "Dragons!"

"Dragons?" Alicia squeaked, clutching Phoenix's arm with a vicelike grip. "Where?"

"In there!" Angelina pointed towards the enclosure, where Professor McGonagall was now ushering groups on students in through an entrance.

"You six, come through, there's six seats in the front row of the stands beside Miss Granger and Mister Weasley,"

Fred, George, and Lee all sprinted into the stands, George pulling Phoenix along with him. They came out at the very top of the stands; the seats were already filling fast. They walked quickly down the wooden steps and shuffled along the front row where Hermione, Ron, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan and Ginny were all standing, looking down at the arena apprehensively.

Phoenix cast a look down at the arena, which from their seats looked all the more closer, and gasped. The ground was completely covered in jagged black rocks and the rocky surfaces crept up the arena's walls. The parts that weren't completely covered in rocks were two openings in the wall, one of the entrances were big enough for a person to walk through; the other was large enough for ten Hagrid's to get through.

"We're going to be so close!" Fred beamed as Angelina and Alicia caught up, slipping in their seats beside Phoenix. "We could touch the dragon if we're lucky!"

"I would rather not!" Alicia squealed as she peered over the edge of the stands. "I can't believe Harry has to face a dragon!"

Phoenix felt as nervous as Alicia was. She thought that it would be indeed cool to see an actual real live, fully grown dragon so close to her but to see one of her Quidditch team mates be up against one when he was only fourteen was nerve racking to say the least.

"What if he gets really hurt?" She asked George, who stood beside her, his eyes staring around at the crowd. "Like what if the dragon stands on him?"

George surveyed her slowly before he nudged her shoulders. "He'll be fine, and I doubt that Dumbledore would let that happen–"

Suddenly a whistle had been blown and music had begun to play and crowd cheered loudly, putting various banners up in the air and screaming their excitement. Then suddenly there was another loud roar and Phoenix gripped onto George's arm as a burst of brilliant blue came from the large entrance.

And then suddenly, a fully grown dragon emerged from one of the rock's entrances. It must have been about twenty two feet. Its scales were a slivery blue, and its eyes seemed to have no pupils, but were a clear, electric blue. Phoenix would have found it to be rather beautiful and magnificent if its presence wasn't so terrifying.

"That's a Swedish Short-Snout," Angelina told them as the dragon crept, rather clumsy, over to the centre of the arena, where it appeared to be protecting a clump of dragon eggs – one of which was golden.

"Ladies and gentleman!" Bagman's voice boomed around every corner of the arena, Fred and George both scowled before they joined in the load cheers and screams – the dragon growled and snorts of blue flames erupted from its nostrils. "Welcome to the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament!" The crowd cheered, if possible, even louder. "The champion's task is to collect the golden egg from the dragon – the egg is crucial if the champions wish to get through their next task. Our first champion against their dragon is a Hogwarts champion! Cedric Diggory…"

The side of the crowd that was a solid block of yellow all screamed and cheered as loudly as they had when Cedric's name had come out of the goblet. Phoenix, Angelina, and Alicia all gave appreciative cheers.

"Hope the dragon takes his pretty little head off," George mumbled and Phoenix stamped on his foot. "I'm joking! I can joke you know."

There was another whistle and the crowd's cheers died as they waited for Cedric.

"Is the Swedish Short-Snout friendly?" Phoenix whispered to Angelina.

"It hasn't killed as many wizards if that's what you mean," Angelina told her. "But it's still rather dangerous… its fire is extremely hot…"

Fred grinned widely at this.

Suddenly, the dragon roared again, the very stands seemed to shake. Phoenix looked down at the arena to see Cedric emerging from the opposite entrance from where the dragon had come from. Cedric's handsome face looked pale and stony as he stared at his dragon, his knuckles white from gripping his wand so harshly.

The crowd screamed Cedric's name loudly and 'SUPPORT CEDRIC DIGGORY' banners were hoisted into the air, but this seemed the wrong thing to do.

The dragon roared, a terrifyingly angry roar that made Phoenix grip onto George's wrist as Cedric had to dive out the way of a burst of shocking blue flames.

"Oooh, narrow miss there, very narrow" Bagman's voice said.

Cedric raised his wand, shouted something that could not be heard over the roars of the dragon, and a flash of vibrant blue light hit a nearby rock, which shook violently for a few moments before it turned into a black Labrador.

"Excellent use of Transfiguration!" Bagman yelled, clearly impressed. "He's taking risks, this one!"

"Now the dragon's going to kill the dog!" Phoenix squealed, pointing a shaky hand at the Labrador, who let out a terrified howl as the dragon's electric blue eyes turned towards it.

"It's just a rock Pixy," George reassured her. "It doesn't really have feelings–"

But he was silenced as Phoenix let out a loud scream as the dragon let out a burst of flames, narrowly missing hitting the dog. It let out a terrible howl of pain as its tail burned.

"Oh my– I can't watch this!" Phoenix cried, covering her face with her hands. "This is abuse to innocent animals!"

George suddenly grabbed her hands and dragged them away from her face. "You're going to miss it!" He told her and she opened her eyes just in time to see Cedric tearing over rocks, jumping from jagged edge to the other, as he raced towards the clump of eggs that had been left unsupervised by the dragon as it went for the Labrador.

"Diggory is going for the egg!"

But Bagman's commentary wasn't heard as the dragon gave another loud, ground-shaking roar, turning from the cowering dog to face Cedric. Its tail whipped around so quickly that it hit the dog and threw it against the wall. Phoenix let out another squeal and attempted to cover her eyes again, but George was still grabbing her hands to prevent her from doing so. Cedric lunged for the golden egg and threw himself out of the way just in time as a burst of flames just brushed past his face.

"Clever move - pity it didn't work!" Bagman said, but suddenly Cedric got to his feet, lifting into the air – the golden egg. "Wait, I don't believe it! Cedric has collected his golden egg; he can now proceed into the next task!"

"WELL DONE CEDRIC!" Phoenix and Angelina both screamed and Cedric waved in their direction as his dragon was taken away by its keepers.

"GEORGE! IT'S CHARLIE!" Fred bellowed, waving frantically down at one of the dragon's keepers.

"CHARLIE!" George yelled and one of the keepers, who Phoenix now realised, was indeed Charlie Weasley, turned and waved at his brothers before he returned to tend to the dragon.

Phoenix continued to squeal, scream and gasp as Fleur and Krum faced their dragons. Fleur was up against a Common Welsh Green, which she cleverly put into a magical sleep. Phoenix thought it was ingenious until Fleur had approached the golden egg and the dragon had let out a loud snore and a jet flames had set her skirt alight. Though she had quickly extinguished the flames with her wand and retrieved the egg. Krum had been up against a Chinese Fireball. The dragon looked positively terrifying. It was much larger than the Swedish Short-Snout; it looked just over twenty five feet. It was the colour of blood, its scales looked smooth and it had a fringe of golden spikes around its face, its eyes were a protuberant red. It was a rather aggressive dragon and its tail had slammed into the stands below them three or four times. Krum had used the Conjunctivitis Curse to blind the dragon, though the dragon had stumbled around and stamped on almost all of the real eggs, but he had retrieved the golden egg.

Harry was next. Phoenix was gripping onto George and Angelina's wrist so tightly that she was sure she would soon draw blood. They waited with baited breath for Harry and his dragon.

Then, suddenly, the most terrible, ground-shaking, screeching roar of all of the dragons came. Flames burst from the cave mouth again as the largest and most terrifying dragon emerged.

It looked to be about fifty feet – if that even bigger. Its scales were black and its appearance was almost lizard-like. Its eyes were yellow and darted around at the crowd as it prowled towards its eggs. Phoenix's wide eyes trailed down to its tail and felt as though her heart was in her mouth. Bronze horns and similarly coloured spikes protruded from its long tail.

"Of course they give Harry the biggest and most vicious dragon!" Angelina said, her eyes were following the dragon's tail swishing up and down.

"What dragon is it?" Alicia asked her voice unnaturally high.

"A Hungarian Horntail…" Angelina whispered and Phoenix gasped.

She had read about the Hungarian Horntail. They were considered to be the most dangerous breed of dragon. Not only because of their tail but because of its fire. Its flame could reach extremely high temperatures – it could make a stone turned scolding hot within seconds. If Harry even brushed against it… she shuddered at the thought.

"Three of our champions have now faced their dragons and received their golden egg… And now our fourth and final contestant…"

Phoenix felt her mouth go dry and she and the entire block of stands that she was standing on began to chant loudly and more encouragingly than the solid block of yellow had for Cedric.


And Harry emerged from where the other champions had come from. Phoenix thought how impressive that Harry looked as he entered the arena, his eyes fixed determinately at his dragon. Maybe it was because of how he looked so significantly small he looked compared to the Horntail but yet stood much taller. Suddenly Harry raised his wand.

"Accio Firebolt!" he bellowed.

Nothing happened.

"Why is nothing happening?" Phoenix asked George in panicked voice as the Horntail let out a low hiss, her wings furled and she crouched closer to her eggs.

"I don't know– wait! Can you hear something?"

Phoenix had to strain her ears to listen to whatever George was talking about. But suddenly, she could hear it. Something was speeding through the air behind the stands, she and George turned simultaneously to see Harry's Firebolt flying through the air, soaring over the trees and into the enclosure. She and George both yelled in triumphant as Harry swung his leg over his broom and kicked off from the ground.

Their side of the stands were beside themselves, Hermione was screaming in delight, and Ron, who was ghastly white, was cheering and Phoenix couldn't help but smile.

"KICK SOME DRAGON ARSE POTTER!" Lee bellowed, cheering along with the crowd as Harry soared upwards.

Phoenix's eyes were wide as she followed Harry as he suddenly dived, the Horntail's head following him, and Phoenix gasped, clutching onto George's hand as Harry pulled out of the dive just in time, as a jet of flames burst from the Horntail's mouth.

"Great Scott, he can fly!" yelled Bagman over the crowd's shocked gasped and shrieks. "Are you watching this, Mr. Krum?"

Harry had soared up again and began to circle. Phoenix noticed how the Horntail's head seemed to following his every movement. Then out of nowhere, Harry dived again. The Horntail opened her mouth and Phoenix gasped as a burst of flames erupted from its mouth, completely missing Harry but her tail came whipping towards him, he dodged it but one of its spikes slashed against his shoulder. Phoenix screamed and used George's hands to cover her eyes.

"He's fine," George reassured her, managing to free one of his hands to pat her shoulder. "Just think of it as a Quidditch injury – he's just been hit by a Bludger."

"Yeah, a Bludger that just so happens to also breathe fire!" Phoenix whimpered as she slowly lowered George's hand to peer back down into the arena and back up at the sky where Harry was flying from side to side.

"What's he doing?" Alicia squeaked, she too had been covering her face with her hands and was peering up at Harry through the gaps between her fingers.

Phoenix looked up back to see Harry swaging from this way, then that, then she looked back down at the Horntail whose yellow eyes followed his movements, her head rising as he did, her long neck stretched to its full extent, still crouching low over her eggs and suddenly Phoenix realised just what Harry was doing. "He's trying to get her away from the eggs! She's being too protective over them!"

"Genius!" Fred bellowed as the Horntail let out a roar of fury, her tail thrashed around madly, whacking against their side of the stands. She shot flames high into the fire, but Harry dodged them easily.

And then, the Horntail rose itself to its fullest height, black, leathery wings seemed to fill the entire arena. Phoenix almost toppled over in shock and surprise. And then, Harry dived. He was speeding towards the ground, faster than Phoenix had ever seen him fly. She was still gripping onto George's hand as Harry took his hand off his Firebolt and seized the golden egg in his hands. The stands shook violently as everybody jumped, cheered and stamped their feet as Harry rose into the air once again, soaring over the stands with the golden egg clutched tightly under his arm.

Phoenix freed her hand from George's and clapped her hands until they were red raw.

"Look at that!" Bagman yelled. "Will you look at that! Our youngest champion is quickest to get his egg! Well, this is going to shorten the odds on Mr. Potter!"

"He did it!" Angelina shrieked as she hugged Phoenix tightly. "He did it!"

When Angelina released Phoenix, George grabbed her. He pulled her into a tight hug and they cheered together as Hermione and Ron pushed past them as the Horntail was taken away.

"I told you he was going to be fine!" George said as they walked back towards the castle. They were all in high spirits. Harry had tied in first place with Krum, Cedric in second and Fleur in third.

"I'm sorry that I was a tiny bit worried that Harry might have gotten his head ripped off by a bloody big dragon!" She retorted, the corners of her mouth twitching.

"That was some really cool flying," Lee said considerably. "If Karkaroff hadn't even such a biased tosser and given him a higher score than four then maybe Harry would have taken first place!"

"Well I'm just glad he's alive," said Alicia.

"Did you lot hear Pixy rattling on about Cedric's bloody dog?" George's asked before he and Fred both roared with laughter.

"I like dogs okay!" Phoenix said defensively as they entered the Great Hall. "And the Labrador looked a little like my Grandma's dog, Amore and she's adorable!"

"Whatever," George chuckled. "Are you coming down to the kitchens with us?"

"If you stop being so obnoxious… then yes." Phoenix crossed her arms over her chest as they said goodbye to Lee, Angelina, and Alicia and they headed down to the bottom of the marble staircase.

Fred pushed opened a familiar looking door and they hurried down a flight of stone steps and down a broad stone corridor that was lit with torches, the walls decorated with joyous paintings of food. They haltered in front of a painting of a bowl of fruit. Fred's hand reached towards the pear and tickled it. It began to squirm, giggle and suddenly it transformed into a green door-knob. George gracefully opened the door and motioned towards Phoenix.

"Ladies first."

She rolled her eyes and hoisted herself up into the doorway and waited for Fred and George to follow. And then together they entered the Hogwarts kitchen. The kitchens were vast and high-ceilinged. Pots and pans hung around on the stone wales and one side of the hall was a large, handsome brick fireplace. Five long tables stood in the exact positions that the ones in the Great Hall.

"Miss Lancaster! Mister Weasley! Mister Weasley!"

Several House-elves rushed towards them. Fred and George waved around cheerfully and began to request crisps, chocolates, jam tarts, cakes, doughnuts, pumpkin juice and butterbeer while Phoenix was dragged away by two familiar House-elves and set down in an enormous armchair in front of the handsome fireplace and was quickly served some mouth-watering hot chocolate.

"Thank you Peony, Verney…" Phoenix thanked the House-elves, their eyes brightened and hurried away to help the other House-elves collect Fred and George's food.

"Ah, I see you've already been served your hot chocolate," said Fred as he sat down on the other armchair beside Phoenix and stretched.

Another small House-elf appeared in front of them, holding two mugs of hot chocolate for Fred and George.

"Thanks Orenda," said George and Orenda's large tennis ball sized sapphire eyes shone as she bowed and hurried away. "Phoenix move, I need a seat."


"Okay please can you move Phoenix?"


"Phoenix you can sit on his lap!" said Fred, grinning and Phoenix scowled at him. "The poor block needs a sit-down!"

Glaring at Fred, Phoenix reluctantly got to her feet to allow George to sit down before she carefully sat down on his knees so that she didn't spill her hot chocolate.

"Nix, you're going to fall if you sit on his knees!" Fred cautioned and Phoenix rolled her eyes as she edged closer to George so that she was sitting on his lap. She moved around so that her legs could dangle over the arm of the chair, George's arm rested on her hip instinctively.

To cover up the flush on her cheeks, she took a long gulp of her hot chocolate.

"Could you imagine if that was Angelina out there with the dragon?" Fred wondered aloud. "I mean, instead of Diggory?"

"Angelina would probably know what to do," Phoenix said considerably. "I mean she's really good at Care of Magical Creatures, she's know their weakness."

Fred smiled in a sort of dreamily way. "She told me that Krum's use of the Conjunctivitis Curse was a good way to overpower the dragon, because its eyes are their weakest– what are you two sniggering about?"

"It's funny isn't it?" George said through his laughter. "How Fred remembers everything that Angelina says…"

"I know!" Phoenix gasped. "It's almost like he… cares about what she has to say!"

"Oh shut up you two."

When Harry Potter entered Gryffindor common room that evening he was greeted by cheers and roars of triumphant, much louder than it had been at the First Task. And like at the First Task, the Gryffindors were showing their support. Lee had set off some Filibuster's Fireworks that were cartwheeling around the room with stars and sparks, and Dean Thomas, who was very good at drawing, had put up some spectacular banners that showed Harry zooming around the Horntail's head on his Firebolt, some however showed Cedric with his head on fire that even Phoenix had giggled at.

"I'm happy that he and Ron are friends again," Fred said, looking at Harry, Ron, and Hermione all sat around a table that that cakes and jam tarts piled on top of it. "Means that Ron won't follow us open anymore."

"I'm going to see that egg!" Lee announced and he strutted towards the table where Harry had left the egg. "Blimey, this is heavy." He said as he picked up the egg and weighed it between his hands. "Open it, Harry, go on! Let's just see what's inside it!"

"He's supposed to work out the clue on his own," Hermione said quickly. "It's in the tournament rules…"

"Yeah, go on, Harry, open it!" Fred and several other people cheered.

Lee passed Harry the golden egg, and Harry prised it open.

Instantly, the most horrible, screechy wailing filled the common room. Phoenix gasped and pressed her hands over her ears, toppling over her flagon of pumpkin juice over George.

"Shut it!" Fred yelled, his hands pressed firmly over his ears.

Harry didn't need to be told twice. He slammed the egg shut as Seamus Finnigan said, "What was that? Sounded like a banshee … Maybe you've got to get past one of those next, Harry!"

"It was someone being tortured!" squeaked Neville Longbottom, a round-faced rather clumsy, shy and forgetful boy. He looked extremely white and he just spilled sausage rolls over all the carpet. "You're going to have to fight the Cruciatus Curse!"

Phoenix highly doubted that.

"Don't be a prat, Neville, that's illegal," George interjected, flicking his wand so that the pumpkin juice that Phoenix had spilled all over him vanished. "They wouldn't use the Cruciatus Curse on the champions. I thought it sounded a bit like Percy singing… maybe you've got to attack him while he's in the shower. Harry."

"How disturbing," Phoenix shuddered at the thought.

Fred grinned and held out a plate of jam tarts. "Want a jam tart, Hermione?"

Hermione looked suspiciously down at the plate of jam tarts. Fred grin grew wider at this.

"It's all right," he added. "I haven't done anything to them. It's the custard creams you've got to watch–"

At this, Neville, who had just taken a bite from a custard cream, choked and spat it out onto the sausage roll covered floor.

"Just my little joke, Neville…" Fred chuckled.

Hermione took a jam tart hesitantly, stared at it for a few moments before she turned round to Fred, "Did you get all this from the kitchens, Fred?"

"Yep," said Fred, popping the 'p' in exasperation. "'Anything we can get you sir, anything at all!' They're dead helpful; get me a roast ox if I said I was peckish."

Phoenix, who realised straight away what Hermione was up to, smirked as Hermione asked in the same voice that Fred and George used when they were trying to be innocent, "How do you get in there?"

"Easy," said Fred buoyantly, "concealed door behind a painting of a bowl of fruit. Just tickle the pear, and it giggles and –" But he cut off, staring at Hermione suspiciously at her. "Why?"

"Nothing," Hermione said swiftly.

"Going to try and lead the house-elves out on strike now, are you?" George asked with a grimace. "Going to give up all the leaflet stuff and try and stir them up into rebellion?"

Katie Bell and several other people chuckled.

"Don't you go upsetting them and telling them they've got to take clothes and salaries!" Fred said cautiously. "You'll put them off their cooking!"

"They're pretty happy in the kitchens Hermione," Phoenix added, she knew that Hermione was more likely to listen to her rather than Fred and George. "Being in the Hogwarts kitchens means that they can work happily and not be abused by their masters, it's the best thing for them really."

But at the moment, Neville had turned suddenly into a large canary. Phoenix felt bad for laughing but she couldn't help it.

"Oh, sorry, Neville!" Fred shouted over the explosion of laughter. "I forgot – it was the custard creams we hexed –"

Almost a minute later, Neville's feathers had molted, he reappeared and joined in the laughter.

Fred jumped to his feet excitedly. "Canary Creams!" He announced. "George and I invented them – seven Sickles each, a bargain!"

Fred and George were soon surrounded by eagerly awaiting customers. They had almost completely sold out of Canary Creams and the two that were left were given to Lee and Ava, who didn't realise that they were the unsuspecting victims to be turned into canaries.

"When did you and George make them?" Phoenix asked Fred as he offered her a plate of custard creams, which she quickly refused – she was not going to be accepting any forms of food or drink from Fred and George for a long time.

"Not too long ago," Fred said airily. "George sort of joked about it and it became one of our raving business ideas," Fred hoisted a collecting tin that was rattling with money from their success on the Canary Creams. "And business is already booming!"

"And they're squawking too," she added as Katie Bell spontaneously turned into a canary. "I must say all of this Weasley Wizard Wheezes stuff is very clever."

"And you say we're not," said Fred, grinning.

"I never said that!" Phoenix protested, "I've always thought you and George were clever!" She took a swig of her butterbeer before she muttered. "Though when it comes to girls you are terrible Fred,"

"What was that?"

"I'd love to stay and chat Freddie dear," she patted Fred on the shoulder, from the corner of her eyes she had just seen Angelina approaching them, "but I have business to attend to," and before Fred could grab her arm, she slid out of her seat and sat down instead on the table beside them, where Lee and George were sitting.

"Phoenix! Just the person we wanted–"

"Sh!" Phoenix hushed Lee, her eyes focused on Fred and Angelina, trying to listen to their conversation, she was hoping that Fred would at least try and make a move on her.

"Harry was really good out there wasn't he?" Angelina was saying. Fred only grunted in reply and Angelina turned to look at him, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking…"



Angelina sighed and nudged his shoulder, smiling, "Come on Fred you can tell me!"

Fred said the next words so quickly that Phoenix struggled to hear over the chatter from the other Gryffindors; even Angelina appeared to not have heard him, as she asked suddenly, "What was that?"

"I'm glad it wasn't you." Fred said and Angelina's eyes widened, "I'm sorry if that makes me a bad person for saying that but if that was you out there… I would have hate to see you get hurt,"

By now, Lee and George were now also leaning in to listen to their conversation.

Phoenix rolled her eyes at Fred's attempts to be 'romantic'.

Angelina turned her head to look Fred full in the face; she was smiling widely at Fred.

"They're going to kiss!" George smirked and Phoenix clapped her hand over his mouth, hushing him.

Angelina and Fred seemed to stare at one another for a lifetime before Angelina suddenly grabbed the collar of Fred's shirt and smashed her lips onto his.

Suddenly, feeling rather awkward watching her two best friends snog, Phoenix looked around the common room, admiring the various paintings. The hand that was still clamped over George's mouth, George was now licking and Phoenix squirmed and recoiled.

"Don't lick my hand!" She told George, who was grinning from ear to ear. "I will curse you!"

"You know watching those two snog," said Lee, gesturing over to Fred and Angelina, who were still kissing fervently. "Is making me feel rather lonely,"

"Go snog someone then," Phoenix suggested.

"Fancy a snog then Phoenix?" Lee asked her and Phoenix rolled her eyes. "I'm just pulling your leg; Ava just totally gave me the look again… I will see you both later," and with that, he left Phoenix and George rather dumfounded.

"Do you think they're going to stop?" George asked, taking a quick glance over at Fred and Angelina who now appeared to be glued at the lips, "I mean, they're going to run out of oxygen soon…"

"Hand me a jam tart," Phoenix muttered and George placed a strawberry jam tart in her hand, "Not the strawberry ones! They're the nice ones," she took a bite out of it as George rolled his eyes and handed her an orange jam tart in her hand. "Thanks,"

She took her aim at Fred's head and, with her exquisite throwing abilities from her Quidditch playing; the orange jam tart had hit its target. Phoenix and George both immediately began a heated conversation about Muggle television and films while trying desperately to contain their laughter.


"There's this really good film called Jurassic Park that myself, Ed and Will watch all the time, you would probably love it! It's about–"


"Do what?" Phoenix turned in her seat, putting on her best voice of innocence. She gave a loud laugh when she saw the now rather smashed up jam tart in his hair, "You're supposed to eat it Fred,"

"Why did you throw a jam tart at me? I was enjoying myself!"

Phoenix rolled her eyes and grabbed Fred's jumper, making him lean down over her chair so that she could whisper in his ear, "Firstly, I told you to talk to Angelina not snog the living daylights out of her!"

"She snogged me!" Fred retorted as Phoenix released her grip from Fred's jumper, "I was hardly going to stop her–"

"Go talk to her now then," George suggested with a wide smirk, "now that you've softened her up,"

Fred clenched his jaw and looked around the common room, which was now considerably less crowded. Angelina Johnson however was nowhere in sight.

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