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It's All In Your Head, Alvin

By mpkio2

Romance / Drama

You Feel It In The Way

“You’re so full of yourself!” Alvin Seville shouted at the angry chipette in front of him. He was busily packing his school backpack with objects he would need during the day: a slingshot, chewing gum, and, of course, Simon’s homework. Who would pack their school bag with books? Alvin thought as he glanced over Simon’s homework. He grabbed a pencil from his pocket, rubbed out Simon’s name, and wrote his name (Alvin) in its place. Perfect! Alvin smiled, evilly. No-one would suspect a thing....

“I’m full with myself!” Brittany shouted back at the chipmunk should could not stand.....the chipmunk that always, for some strange reason, got on her last nerve.....the chipmunk that was always trying to prove himself to be better than her.....the chipmunk should could not stand to be without.....

“Yes, you are....and I’m glad you agree with me” Alvin replied not taking any notice of Brittany at all. He was still going through his backpack, searching for something he really needed.....but where was it? “Where is it?” Alvin muttered to himself as he desperately searched through his backpack.

“That’s not what I meant, you idiot!” Brittany was fuming at the way Alvin was acting towards the situation. Even though she knew Alvin was a, so called, “Trouble-maker”, she had no idea how serious he was taking this. I mean, it was his fault she was like this in the first place....and he didn’t even care! What a prick, Brittany angrily thought as she stared at Alvin’s head, which was down and looking in his bag, hoping she cared pierce Alvin’s head open by her glare.

“I know I put it in here somewhere!” Alvin continued to mutter to himself, his head still looking down into his school backpack.

“Alvin, are you even listening to me?” Brittany asked in an annoyed tone to the chipmunk that she.......hated so much, she could scream just by standing next to him.

“Yeah, of course I’m not listening to you” Alvin answered, still not looking up at Brittany, who was casting a dark shadow over Alvin.

“Alll-vviiinn!” Brittany screamed so loud that the scream echoed throughout the corridor. At the sound of her voice, Alvin looked up at Brittany. Her arms were crossed, one foot was tapping, her face read “hatred” all of it.....she was covered in green paint. Alvin smiled, innocently.

“Wow, you screamed my name better than Dave!” Alvin chuckled to himself. He was still on the floor, with his open backpack on the side; he still hadn’t found what he was looking for....and he needed it.....fast!

“Alvin, you said you wanted to get one thing -” Brittany was rudely interrupted.

“And I am getting one thing, if you let me find it!” Alvin had continued his search for the thing he needed.

“-and then you said we would go to go to the principal’s office!” Brittany finished her sentence quickly before Alvin could interrupt her....again. “So fucking find it, and let’s go!”

Brittany was impatient. She just wanted to go to the principal’s office and get this over with. Anyway, she wanted to go; she wasn’t the one who poured paint all over her in Art class. No, the one responsible for that was the chipmunk who was delaying time by searching through his school bag.

“Just give me one more minute!” Alvin shouted back, his head had now disappeared into his school bag. “And mind your language, you naughty girl. I think i will tell Principal Milliken of what you just said, if you don’t be a little nicer to me”

Brittany’s temperature was boiling, rapidly.

“I mean, is that the way to repay your savior? By swearing at him?” Alvin’s muffled voice asked from his school bag.

“Savior!?” Brittany said “You’re the one that caused this!” She gestured to the green paint all over her pink blouse.

“For the last time, Brittany; I did not cause that! Now, just shut up and wait there” Alvin said in a firm commanding voice. But Brittany was not in the mood for taking commands at that point; she wanted to see some punishment!

Suddenly, without warning, Brittany grabbed Alvin’s legs and pulled him across the school corridor floor. Alvin was shocked and surprised to see that someone was pulling him and even more shocked and surprised when he discovered it was Brittany. He didn’t know she was that strong! He desperately held onto his school bag; objects were pulled out as he was dragged along the floor. He hoped the thing he needed wasn’t one of them….

“Brittany, what the hell?” Alvin asked in a shocked tone. “I said “Wait there” not “Pull me there”!”

“I don’t care, Alvin!” Brittany replied in an uncaring voice. “I’ve been waiting for so long for you that, I bet, the green paint that you poured on me has stained this blouse!”

“Brittany, I – Did – Not – Cause- That!” Alvin said, saying each word out slowly so Brittany would understand what he was saying.

“Well, we’ll just see what Principal Milliken has to say about that”

Brittany had stopped pulling Alvin across the dirty, sticking, smelling school floor. Alvin grabbed his school bag that he had been holding onto. He searched his bag once more. He found what he was looking for…..

“Thank you Lord” Alvin muttered quietly to himself. He stood up, brushed as much dirt and grime off of his clothes, made show his signature red baseball cap was on his head, folded up the piece of paper in his hand and faced a grinning Brittany.

“What do you look so happy about?” Alvin asked, one eye brow cocked up.

“You’re about to get into a lot of trouble. I love seeing you get into trouble” Brittany said in an evil voice.

“Brittany, you’re about to get in trouble too. You know that, don’t you?” Now it was Alvin’s turn to look pleased. He folded his arms.

“No, I’m not. But, you sure will -”

“Brittany, Ms. Stevens (A/N: the Art teacher) heard you and Veronica Jenkins talking throughout the lesson. You’ve been doing that throughout the year. You’ve been very naughty”

“You’re lying” Brittany replied, not believing a word of it.

“It’s the truth. She said it when we left the classroom only, you didn’t hear it cause you was panicking over you’re stained pink blouse. Like I said; you’re so full with yourself” Alvin said with a smirk on his face.

“You’re a liar, Alvin Seville!” Brittany growled in a response. “You’re a liar and you always will be!” Brittany had shouted the last sentence.

“And you’ll always be a spoiled little brat!” Alvin shouted just as loud as Brittany.

“Ah, Mr. Seville and Ms. Miller” An almost elderly voice said behind the two teenagers. They turned and saw the almost wrinkled face of Principal Milliken, who was standing in the doorway of her office. “It was about time you two were called to my office. Please come in” She gestured to her office. They both walked in.

Alvin and Brittany both sat down in two separate chairs (Brittany moved hers away from Alvin, making a big gap between them), in front of Principals Milliken’s office desk. Principal Milliken sat behind her desk and looked at the two teenagers before her.

“So….Alvin” Principal Milliken faced the chipmunk that had regular visited her. “Is this your third visit to the office this week?” She asked in a casual voice.

Alvin giggled nervously. “Actually, it’s my fifth time, Principal Milliken”

She nodded. “And it’s only Monday morning. This must be a new record for you Alvin”

Alvin giggled nervously, again. Principal Milliken glanced towards Brittany.

“Ms. Miller, it’s not every day I see you here. But, I have heard that you have been talking a lot in Ms. Steven’s Art classes”

Brittany shocked. Alvin was actually telling the truth. She turned her head to him.

He mouthed the words “Told ya!”

“Principal Milliken, it’s just that – ” Ms. Milliken put up her hand and Brittany was silenced.

“I don’t want to hear it yet, Ms. Miller. What I want to hear is how this all happened!” She gestured to Brittany’s green covered blouse.

Brittany smiled evilly at Alvin. “With pleasure, Principal Milliken. You see, it all started when-“

“But before we start…..” Alvin was standing now. He was walking toward Ms. Milliken. “…..I have a message from my father, David Seville, to give to you” Alvin handed the piece of paper he took out from his backpack, moments ago. Ms. Milliken read it aloud:

Dear Ms. Milliken,

I believe, as Alvin’s surrogate father, it is my duty to inform you of a tragic even that has happened within our family. Two days ago, when it was time for Alvin’s checkup with the doctor, it seems he has been diagnosed with “Hyper-activenism”. It is a condition where the person will start doing active things and are unable to stop themselves. I just thought you should know this.

Signed: Bavid Seville

Once Principal Milliken had read the note, she looked at Alvin with a confused expression. Alvin nodded, while smiling.

“I warn you Principal Milliken, I could have a fit any moment, without warning! It wasn’t my fault I just happened to have a fit when a tub of paint was in my hands and it accidently fell on Brittany!” Alvin cried crocodile tears. “I mean, what else can I do? I’m a danger to this school! Maybe you should just send me home for the day….”

“That is totally not what happened!” An angry voice shout out. Alvin hoped this wouldn’t happen but, alas, it did. Brittany had spoken out. “I’ll tell you what really happened Principal Milliken…”


Ms. Steven’s art class were all busy doing their work (except for one or two). The students were painting a bowl of fruit which sat on the table in front of the class. Some students were taking it seriously, and some weren’t. A girl who didn’t find this subject all that interesting was Brittany:

“What is the point in this, Veronica?” Brittany asked her best friend; the girl with blonde ponytails. “Why do we have to point some dumb bowl of fruit?”

“I have no idea Brittany” Veronica replied lazily. “I have no idea”

Brittany glanced at her painting. It didn’t even look like a bowl of fruit, but when Brittany looked back at her picture, she realised her one didn’t look any better.

“I just wish that something interesting would happen for once-” Brittany said in a bored voice.

“Ms. Miller, no talking in my class” Ms. Stevens said halfway across the room. She was standing near Alvin’s desk.

“Yes Ms. Stevens” Brittany replied in a dull voice that obviously said she would rather be anywhere else than here. “How hard is it for something exciting to happen?” Brittany said to Veronica but it looked like even Veronica wasn’t listening to her anymore.

“Come on, anything!” Brittany said to the ceiling. “Anything at all!”

“NNOOOO!” Brittany heard a loud high pitched voice. She turned around and, the next thing she knew, she was covered in green paint.

“AAAAHHHH!” Brittany screamed. She stood up. The whole class turned to her and Veronica (who had fallen asleep) had woken and faced Brittany.

“WHO IN THE HELL DID THAT?” Brittany screeched. She wiped the green paint out of her eyes. The first thing she saw was a shocked Alvin holding a bucket of green paint. “I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!” Brittany would have attacked Alvin but, unfortunately for Brittany, Ms. Stevens had stopped her.

“Alvin, Brittany; go to Principal Milliken’s office at one!”

Brittany exited the room.....with Alvin, school backpack in hand, at her hells.......

~End Flashback~

“And that is how this had all happened.” Brittany finished her story. Alvin looked like he was about to burst with anger.

“She’s lying!” Alvin burst out. “Don’t believe her. She’s-“

“Alvin, I didn’t believe, not for a second, that this note.....” Principal Milliken pointed to the note Alvin gave Principal Milliken. “....was written by your father, David Seville”

“And why not?” Alvin asked.

“You spelt “David” with a “B”” She said in a dull voice.

“Opps” Alvin chuckled and then smiled innocently.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to phone Dave about this, Alvin” Principal Milliken said in a serious voice.

“What!? Why!? Can’t you look away....just this once?” Alvin was almost begging. If Dave found out he, Alvin, had forged Dave’s signature, he would be grounded until he died!

“Alvin, the school takes forged signatures very seriously! I’m afraid Dave would have to know about this. I will phone him once you leave my office” Principal Milliken said as if that settled the matter. “Brittany, I’m giving you a warning. If you are sent back to my office for talking in class, you will receive detention” Brittany nodded her head. “As for this incident, Alvin – you have detention after school for two weeks” Alvin’s mouth opened and then closed. “You two can now return to your classes.

Alvin and Brittany both stood up and left Principal Milliken’s office, the door closing on the way out.

“Do you know how much trouble you just got me into!!??” Alvin asked in a dark voice.

“You deserve it, Alvin” Brittany replied. “That will teach you the next time you decided to pour paint over someone. I’m going to wash all this paint off” Brittany walked in the direction of the girls bathroom, that is, until, she felt a strong pain on her side. She fell to the ground, painfully. She turned around and saw Alvin with his school backpack in his hands, his eyes now stabbing Brittany’s eyes with daggers.

“You dumb bitch!” Alvin shouted, angrily. “Do you know what you’ve just done!?”

Brittany was shock, amazed, surprised, but. Mostly, taken aback; she did not expect this to happen!

“I am dead” Alvin said in a darker voice than before. “Dave is literally going to kill me! And it’s.....all because of you.....all because I.....because you.......” Alvin looked like he was on the tip of something, something he wanted to say.....but couldn’t. He ran off in the opposite direction.

Brittany stood up slowly, feeling shocked and surprised.....alone in the lonely and quiet school corridor......

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