The Aurseize

Part One: Draco Malfoy The Arse Pimple

Jade left the Malfoy Manor, giving the butler the evil eye on the way out and took a trip to her own flat to change her clothes. Jade rested her torn jeans in peace, took a shower and got into new clothes. Jade went up to Jerry and lightly tapped on his glass tank.

"I'm going to go see Malfoy. Wish me luck Jerry." Jade said. Jerry bobbed his head up and down and Jade smiled, grabbing a few snacks for Jerry and threw them into the water. Jade left her flat and took her broom to the Hampstead Villa where Malfoy should have been while Scarlett was away in Italy for business.

The Villa was magnificent and just as royal looking as the Manor but smaller. Instead of a fountain, the Villa was centered on a body of water, its white stone walls glinting from the sun. Jade rested her broom nearby and started walking towards the Villa, looking around if no one was watching or if there weren't any crazy butlers waiting to trip her. Her ears were pounding as she approached the Villa, knowing that she was going to see Draco Malfoy, the arse pimple of mankind who ruined her life at the age of 17.

Jade knocked on the door and waited, listening to nothing but the breeze hitting the water, creating small subtle waves. Jade heard someone at the other side of the door and her breathing instantly stopped. Were Aurseizes supposed to lie to get their man?

"Housekeeping!" Jade said, waving her hand. The door opened and Jade felt her knees give out. Draco Malfoy was standing in front of Jade with a dark blue shirt and crème colored shorts. His hair was worn out longer than she last saw him and it was tied neatly behind him. He looked tired and his face was thinner and more angular and by the looks of it, he was not very happy to see her.

"I know you're not a housekeeper. Who are you and what do you really want?" he asked. Jade blinked at him and shook her head, taking out her papers for his apprehension.

"Well if you want to go straight to the heart of it, I'm here to escort you to the Ministry of Magic for the murder of…um…" Jade said, looking at her folder. "Right, for murdering David Greem." Jade said looking up to see that the door was already closed.

"Hey! Open the door! I need to take you in!" Jade said.

"Not a chance in hell." Came the muffled voice from the other side of the door. Jade glared at the door and remembered when Harry opened the door by the simple 'alohamora' charm. Jade pointed her wand at the door and said "Alohamora!"

Suddenly, the lock glowed red and Jade was sent several feet back, landing on her arse in the water. Jade screamed and flopped her arms around, getting to the shore, feeling her hands start to swell.

Draco opened the door and doubled over in laughter, clutching his stomach and pointing at Jade, who had a hard time trying to get out of the water. Her legs were starting to swell enormously and felt extremely heavy. Draco wiped the tears from his eyes and walked over, lending a hand to Jade.

"Any idiot would have seen the sign on the lock. It says Anti-Alohamora for a reason." Draco said, scooping Jade out of the water. He pointed the wand to her hands and legs and muttered an incantation that reversed the spell. Jade's hands and feet went back to their normal size and Jade looked up to see Draco examining her.

"I think I've seen you somewhere before." He said. Jade blushed and stood up, wringing her hair out.

"I used to go to school with you. Jade Weasley…7th year?" Jade said seeing Draco's eyebrows shoot up.

"Well fuck me…you're the infamous bathroom girl." Draco said, putting his hands on his hips.

"Yeah well, let's not forget who made me." Jade said seeing him smirk.

"The Ministry must be going loony for putting you as an Aurseize to catch me." Draco said.

"Excuse me but I'm quite capable of bringing you. If you cooperate and not make it harder for me, I'll be able to get the job done." Jade said seeing Draco pout.

"Aw, aren't you cute? Am I making your job hard for you?" he asked as if he were talking to a toddler, which Jade found incredibly annoying.

"Well here's a little bit of news for you. I'm not going into the Ministry without clearing my name in this case so you can go home and do whatever you do. I don't want anyone trying to distract me while I'm on this and I have enough people after me. The last person I need is you, so go on home and eat a cookie." He said leaving into the Villa.

"Wait! Your mother's fiancé Gary told me that a man named Pervnas Henley was the only witness that can prove you innocent to the Ministry and the Wizengamot." Jade said seeing Draco sharply turn around.

"This is absolutely none of your business. My case has nothing to do with you so forget about it. Stop dogging me and my family." He said. With that, he shut the door to the Villa, leaving Jade to stand there by herself; thinking.

On one side, Gary Camden was asking Jade to bring in Pervnas Henley who could ensure Malfoy's innocence in court but here, Malfoy was being an intense asshole to her, telling her to mind her own business. Was Jade going to mind her own business? Jade turned around and left, taking her broom and riding off to the Ministry again to brown nose into the Malfoy case and interview more people about the case.

"Hey Parvati." Jade said walking into the Aurseize Office.

"Jade! Any luck with the Malfoy case?" Parvati asked. Jade paused before answering Parvati's question. She was definitely not going to make herself look like an arse.

"Nope. Just surveillance and asking people around. No such luck." Jade said seeing Parvati nod. "Parvati, do you know anything about Pervnas Henley?" Jade asked hearing Parvati scoff.

"That bastard, everyone knows him. He used to sell fake and dangerous wands to kids on Knockturn Alley; a really dangerous place if you ask me. Anyways, Malfoy was assigned to catch Henley selling illegal wands to a few kids but Malfoy ended up killing David Greem…who was no way related to Henley or Malfoy." Parvati said.

None of this made sense to Jade either. She had no idea who David Greem or Pervnas Henley was and how David fit into this mess.

"Can you bring up David Greem and Pervnas Henley's addresses? I'll see if they can help me at all with the Malfoy case." Jade said.

Jade went back home in the evening to see Ginny cooking dinner.

"Hey! Wow you look like hell." Ginny said from the kitchen. Jade nodded and plopped herself on her sofa, feeling her bones start to melt into the dead comfortable material. "Really long day?" Ginny asked seeing Jade nod.

"This Aurseize thing is really tiring and so long." Jade said seeing Ginny set a plate of food on the coffee table.

"Did you get to work with Harry today?" Ginny asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"Harry's just there if I screw up, which I tend to do a lot." Jade said seeing Ginny giggle.

After dinner, Ginny helped Jade unpack her things and enlarge some of the furniture that had been minimized from Romania.

"Did you know Harry had a muggle gun?" Ginny asked seeing Jade's head shoot up.

"What?!" Jade asked, nearly dropping her box full of glasses and kitchen utensils.

"Oh yes he does. He carries a muggle gun with him, registered to his name and everything. If worse comes to worse, Harry uses his gun to bring down his fugitive. I don't know, that's what Hermione told me when Ron told her." Ginny said.

"I've seen those things in those muggle movies with James Bond. He has all sorts of muggle guns and they're pretty deadly. If you ask me, muggles are insane. Just because they don't have a wand that can instantly kill someone on the spot, they invent one that hurts." Jade said. Ginny furrowed her eyebrows.

"James Bond? Who in the bloody hell is that?" Ginny asked. Jade shuffled through her boxes of DVD's and took out the first James Bond movie.

"We're in for a long night." Jade said, showing Ginny the collection of the movies she had about James Bond.

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