The Aurseize

Part Five: Madame Rosemerta's Illness

The next morning, Jade got ready and apparated to the Three Broomsticks.

"Where's Madame Rosmerta?" Jade asked Rita who pointed upwards.

"She's been so sick these days; she can't even leave her bed." Rita said.

Jade frowned and walked away to go upstairs to see Madame Rosmerta. She knocked on her door, hearing Madame Rosmerta coughing loudly.

"Come in." she wheezed. Jade opened the door and looked in to see Madame Rosmerta leaning against her headboard with a bottle of liquor in her hands.

"You need to go to the hospital Madame Rosmerta." Jade said taking the bottle and setting it aside. She helped Madame Rosmerta lie down and took out a wet towel, pressing it to her forehead.

"My stomach…Ginny's found a tumor in my stomach." Madame Rosmerta said. Jade stilled and stared at Madame Rosmerta.

"When did she find it?" Jade asked.

"A few months ago…now it's the size of a grapefruit." Madame Rosmerta said. She lifted up her shirt and there the tumor was, developed and protruding out from under her skin.

"Oh my God Madame Rosmerta if this was a few months ago you should have been admitted. Why hasn't Ginny said anything to me about this?" Jade asked taking out her phone. She dialed Ginny and Madame Rosmerta smiled.

"She's said the same thing but I asked her not to." She said.

"What do you want so early in the morning? Some people sleep at this time of day." Ginny groaned.

"Gin it's 12 in the afternoon." Jade said.

"What's up?" Ginny asked.

"Madame Rosmerta has a tumor in her stomach. Why wasn't this taken care of when you found it?" Jade asked.

"Jade, I wanted to tell you but Madame Rosmerta told me that she'd get it checked out. I'm only a Healer for children but I'm pretty sure it's a type of cancer in her stomach. I told her that the Wizarding world isn't familiar with treatments for cancer but the muggle world is." Ginny said.

"Madame Rosmerta we need to take you to a muggle hospital." Jade said seeing Madame Rosmerta starting to shake her head.

"Don't even try to shake your head at me. I'm extremely mad at you for letting this go on for all these months." Jade said getting up.

"I can't Jade. I can't travel…I can't even stand on my own two feet." Madame Rosmerta said.

A tear slipped from the corner of her eye and Jade felt the world underneath her feet start to shake. She never witnessed someone so close to her go through tremendous pain. She couldn't let this go on with Madame Rosmerta so she dialed Hermione as quickly as she could.

"Mione I need you to find a muggle Healer that specializes in cancer." Jade said.

"Cancer? What's going on?" Hermione asked.

"Madame Rosmerta has a huge tumor coming out of her stomach and Ginny says it might be cancer…but we don't know for sure until the muggle Healer says for sure." Jade said.

"Oh…my that's terrible. All right I'll give a call to my parents right away but I have to warn you Jade. The consultation will be free but the treatment itself is very expensive." Hermione said.

"I don't care Herm just contact the Healer as quickly as you can." Jade said. She closed the phone and looked at Madame Rosmerta.

"You'll be fine…I promise." Jade said. Madame Rosmerta nodded and Jade took out a sleeping draught and fed it to Madame Rosmerta. She left the room and went downstairs to see Rita coming towards her.

"How is she?" Rita asked seeing Jade nod.

"She's sleeping now but I called in a muggle Healer." Jade said seeing Rita look surprised.

"Why a muggle Healer?" Rita asked.

"It's a bit complicated actually." Jade said. Rita nodded and took off her apron.

"I hope she'll be okay. She's such a wonderful woman. Managing this pub on her own and working so hard every day so everyone can be happy. She deserves to live in peace." Rita said.

"Don't you have your Cook Off today?" Jade asked seeing Rita nod.

"It's the semi-finals today and a month later are the finals. Do you think you can come for today?" Rita asked nervously. Jade looked extremely apologetic to Rita who nodded and gave her a hug.

"I understand sweetheart. I know what you're going through and it's absolutely fine if you can't make it to today." Rita said.

"Thank you Rita." Jade said seeing Rita smile.

"Thank you. I love you Jade." Rita said.

"Love you too." Jade said.

Rita walked away and Jade watched over the pub until Hermione and the muggle Healer arrived.

"Jade!" Hermione said hugging Jade tightly. "This is Dr. Ashcroft. He's one of Europe's best oncologist." Hermione said as Jade shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Dr. Ashcroft. I'm Jade Weasley." Jade said shaking hands with a man in his early sixties with a chubby face and a white beard and moustache.

"Jade Weasley! Delighted to meet you!" he boomed.

"Dr. Ashcroft is a distant relative and he knows about magical people so we're all in good hands." Hermione said. Jade showed him to Madame Rosmerta's room and introduced her with Dr. Ashcroft.

"We'll wait outside-"

"No need. I've seen the tumor and I'm afraid it is in its late stages…however it isn't too late for operation to remove the tumor." He said pointing a finger up.

"That's great news." Jade said. Dr. Ashcroft nodded slightly and went on.

"However this operation is very costly. So is treatment to keep the cells from growing another tumor; chemotherapy is the most common treatment we use." The muggle Healer said. Jade nodded, completely unfamiliar to the new terms and language he was speaking. The muggle Healer took out his briefcase and handed a packet to Jade.

"I just need to make a quick run to the Wizarding Bank and-"

"Don't do it Jade. Not for me. Save your money…I'm an old woman now. Don't do this for me." She said. Jade felt herself come to tears and she squeezed Madame Rosmerta's hands.

"If there is any way I can help a friend out, I will do it." Jade said.

Jade apparated to Gringott's Wizarding Bank. She made a bank meeting with a teller and sat down, explaining why she needed to withdraw money from her own account and borrow the remaining balance from the bank to pay for Madame Rosmerta's treatments.

Draco sat in Bill Weasley's office in Gringott's waiting for his deposit to go through. As Bill was out, Draco looked around the room and saw a couple of pictures framed on his wall. There was a picture of Bill, his wife Fleur and their two children with strawberry blonde hair and missing front teeth. Draco smiled and looked at another picture with Bill and the rest of his brothers and sisters. He looked for Jade until he found one of her where she was around 10 years old on a swing with Bill beside her. She was swinging back and forth and the seat flipped over, making her fall face first into the ground. Draco let out a small chuckle and kept watching her fall on her face.

"She still falls on her face when she's on that swing. She's never changed." Bill said walking in. Draco turned around and shoved his hands into his pockets, shrugging.

"Yeah that sounds just like her." Draco said. "So I'll see you next week, my mother is planning to buy some property in Scotland so that should be over pretty quickly." Draco said as they walked out of the bank.

"Of course. I'm an owl away and you're always welcome over the Cottage. My wife loves having you and your parents over. I think the two women bond extremely well over French fashion." Bill said as Draco chuckled.

They both spotted Jade leaving an office, wiping her eyes and red faced.

"Jade! Jade what's wrong?" Bill asked seeing Jade spin around. As soon as she saw Bill, she walked over to him and broke down.

"Thank Merlin I found you, I've been trying to speak to someone about a loan for cancer treatments because I have-"

"You have cancer?!" Bill and Draco shouted at the same time. Jade looked at Draco and furrowed her eyebrows, shaking her head.

"No…not me. Madame Rosmerta has cancer and I spoke to a muggle Healer today and they need to operate on her tumor as soon as possible. She doesn't have any kind of health insurance and it's so complicated…I don't know what to do." Jade squeaked.

Bill wrapped an arm around her and let her cry in his chest. Draco stood around awkwardly, hating to see Jade cry as if she were the one who had cancer.

"Listen I know you're really close to Madame Rosmerta but you shouldn't worry about this so much. If you can't pay for it, why are you stressing yourself out so much? She's not even related to you." Bill said.

Jade pulled back and looked at Bill strangely.

"And I don't mean it to be insensitive but that's the honest truth. She's not your responsibility." Bill said softly.

Jade nodded slowly and wiped her eyes. She detached herself from Bill and took a step back.

"The honest truth is that I don't have a mother." She choked out. She looked up at Bill and let out a small laugh.

"But you have a mother Bill and I don't expect you to understand what it feels like to grow up without a woman to smother you with all her affection and love. Madame Rosmerta gave me a job at the Three Broomsticks and looked after me and treated me like her own daughter…so how can you expect me to not do anything when she's dying? She doesn't have anyone else except for me…" Jade trailed off and covered her mouth, feeling the waterworks turn back.

"I'm not mad at you Bill. I'm just really upset at everything else. But forget it, I'll manage somehow." Jade said.

She turned around and left the bank, back to the Three Broomsticks.

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