The Aurseize

Part Five: Changing Pants

Upon entering the Three Broomsticks, Jade met with the muggle Healer who had been sitting next to Madame Rosmerta.

"Do you think I can speak to you downstairs?" Jade asked. Dr. Ashcroft nodded and took his coat and briefcase.

"You'll be all right Rosmerta. Sleep well." He said gently.

He put his bowl hat on and walked out of the room. Madame Rosmerta turned her head slightly to meet Jade who gave her a small wave. Jade closed the door and walked down the stairs with Dr. Ashcroft.

"Dr. Ashcroft, I'm afraid I have only half the money for Madame Rosmerta's operation." She said. Dr. Ashcroft slightly lowered the corner of her lips but Jade continued. "I promise I'll give you the rest of the money by the end of this month. I swear I'll pay back every single Galleon I owe-"

"I understand how you feel Miss Weasley but this is not in my hands. If it were up to me, you would have had all the time in the world but the hospital will not permit the operation without payment." Dr. Ashcroft said.

Jade stared at Dr. Ashcroft who sighed deeply.

"I'm very sorry Jade. Perhaps you can take out a personal loan?" he asked. Jade gave a small nod and Dr. Ashcroft started leaving.

"Thank you for everything Dr. Ashcroft." Jade said.

"Once again I'm very sorry." Dr. Ashcroft said.

Jade closed the door and started closing up the entire store. She cleaned up for tomorrow and locked up the pub, going to her father's house to spend the night.

"What's wrong with my sugar cookie?" Bilius cooed when Jade walked in.

"I feel miserable." Jade said letting her father hug her tightly.

"What's wrong?" Bilius asked.

Aunt Muriel came flopping down the stairs as a large broccoli.

"My worst nightmare!" Jade nearly screamed.

"That's what I said but my Healer said it wasn't a good idea to pass up important minerals and nutrients at my age. What's a gorgeous woman like me needing broccoli?" Aunt Muriel asked, modeling the outfit. Bilius shook his head and guided Jade to the sofa.

"Tell me what happened." He said.

Aunt Muriel took a seat and Jade explained everything that led from Madame Rosmerta's diagnosis to the bank incident.

"Do you think I'm doing the right thing? I know she's not related to me but does that even matter?" Jade asked. Bilius smiled softly and kissed the top of her head.

"Sweetheart you have absolutely no idea how proud I am of you." he said hugging her close.

"Your mother would have been proud if she were here with you. You're so much like her." Aunt Muriel said.

Jade rested her head on her father's shoulder, seeing a picture of her mother carrying her. Her long light red hair moved softly with the wind as they both smiled at the camera.

"And I know that if she were here, she would have done the same thing so if it makes you feel any happier, I'll help you pay the remaining balance for the operation." Bilius said.

Jade pulled away from her father and watched him in astonishment.


"Don't try to talk me out of it. I'd love to help if it makes my cupcake happy." He said. He kissed her again and Jade curled up into her father's chest, bawling her eyes out. "

26 years old and crying on her father's shoulder. Get up on Auntie Muriel, I'm not dead yet you soft hearted fool!" she said. She sat next to Bilius and hugged and kissed Jade.

"You're still a broccoli." Jade said.

"Bite me." Aunt Muriel said.

Jade woke up the next morning to her cell phone ringing and the smell of wonderful breakfast. She grabbed the phone from her small nightstand and answered it.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked.

"Harry? Yeah I'm fine, why?" Jade asked.

"You weren't home. Where are you?" he asked.

"I slept over my father's house." Jade said.

"Is everything okay?" he asked.

"I'll be better. Did you need me for something?" Jade asked.

"I just came to check up on you. Nott's dead." Harry said.

Jade quickly sat up and felt fully alert.

"What? How?" Jade asked.

"He was involved in the Bertie Bott murder. Apparently Bertie Bott had been registered in the Healthy Eating campaign for the Vegetarian Cook Off." Harry said.

"Jeez. Why was he murdered?" Jade asked.

"There are a few theories but I'll have to see you to speak about it." Harry said.

"Do you want to come over and have breakfast?" Jade asked.

"I don't think I'd be able to speak to you while your Aunt reaches for my gun." He said.

"She won't touch your gun, I'll warn her." Jade said.

She ended the conversation and washed up and went downstairs to see Harry sitting at the dining table, away from Aunt Muriel who was dressed up as a broccoli.

"I was just explaining to Harry why I was dressed this way." Aunt Muriel said.

"Yeah, you never told me exactly why you're dressed like that." Jade said.

"Silly little girl; if I dress up like a broccoli, it'll impress the judges. Presentation and attraction. Aren't I delicious to look at?" Aunt Muriel asked Harry.

"One could just eat you up." He winked.

Aunt Muriel calmly sat there and got up to walk away.

"Where are you going Aunt Muriel?" Bilius asked setting down a batch of pancakes.

"I think I messed my pants, I'm going to change them." Aunt Muriel said.

Jade choked on her orange juice and Bilius made a disgusted sound as Harry grinned.

"Excuse me while I go kill myself." Bilius said leaving.

Harry turned to Jade and gave her a wicked smile.

"So…how often do you have to change your pants?" he asked.

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