The Aurseize

Part Five: Code 23

The next day, Jade returned back to her apartment to see that Rita and Shetty made themselves extremely comfortable.

"Hello Jade. Breakfast?" Rita asked holding up a bowl of usual looking cereal.

"Um…no thanks. I'm fine." Jade said touching her stomach. She turned to Shetty who waved at her and pointed to the burn on her carpet.

"It just looks like a little spot on the carpet. You can hardly notice it mate." Shetty said.

"Maybe if I drink myself to death I won't be able to see the spot." Jade said. She sat down with Rita and Shetty and started to discuss about the Cook Off with them.

"Listen, you both are very welcome to stay here as long as you'd like but you really can't bring any…stuff down here and burn it up again. Now I'm going to move into my father's home but you really need to be careful with my apartment." Jade said seeing them nod.

"You're such a nice-"

"Yeah I'd like to stay and chat but I have a lot of work to do. I'll see you both later!" Jade said.

She left the apartment and apparated to the Three Broomsticks to manage the pub.

"I've had a group of boys who wouldn't leave because they wanted to see you. I don't know how to kick someone's arse but I'm hoping you'll do it for them to leave already." Clarissa said setting her serving tray down.

Jade looked behind her, seeing a couple of men in their early twenties wearing fur cloaks. They boomed in laughter and one of them caught her looking at them and nudged to the others. They all grinned evilly and one of them crooked his finger for her to come.

"Merlin's fucking pants." Jade sighed. She walked over to them and set her notepad down.

"Here's the deal. I've heard that you're giving my girls some problems so you're going to have to leave or I'll have the Aurors involved." Jade said seeing them start to laugh again.

"We have come for you." one of them said. Jade crossed her arms and stared at them.

"Sorry I'm married…but you can leave." Jade said.

"We would love for you to try and throw us out." Another said.

"I'm really not in the mood for playing around. Please leave or I'll call the Aurors-"

"This pub is bullshit. You're bullshit." One of them said.

"That's it. I'm going to call them." Jade said turning around. She went to leave but felt a hand on her arse. She grabbed it and went to spin his arm around but the arm somehow had her pinned to the table.

"This is what we came for." The voice hissed.

"Let go of her!" a voice shrieked.

Jade looked up and saw Narcissa walk in and slap whoever had Jade pinned to the table on the face. He instantly let Jade go and cowered back, seeing Narcissa take out her wand.

"How dare you touch my daughter that way? I can have you convicted; son of a Blast Ended Skrewt!" she said tapping her wand. A note zoomed out and she put her hands on her hips.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" Narcissa asked touching Jade's arm.

"A little sore." Jade said.

Narcissa turned around and slapped another man in the face.

"Fur cloaks, red robes…short haircut and an abnormal amount of arrogance… you must be Durmstrang students." Narcissa said. They shrunk in their seats and Narcissa wagged a finger at them.

"I knew it. My ex-husband wanted Draco to go to Durmstrang as well but thank heavens we've sent him to Hogwarts. Otherwise he'd be just like you, sitting in pubs and trying to pick a fight." Narcissa said.

'He actually still does.' Jade thought.

The pub door opened and Draco walked in, looking around.

"Did you need me mother?" Draco asked kissing her cheek.

"Yes. These men were trying to be frisky with Jade. Be the son I raised you to be and kick their furry rear ends all the way to Scandinavia!" Narcissa said firmly, pointing a long thin finger at the group of Durmstrang boys. Draco looked at Jade and looked back at the men.

"Is this true?" he asked them seeing them get up.

"We'll leave in peace." One of them said.

"I'll have you arrested and sent to Azkaban if you come near the pub again. Now apologize to the ladies." Draco said.

"We are very sorry for the inconvenience we've caused you." they said.

Draco nodded and jerked his thumb towards the door, seeing them leave. Ryker who was standing nearby took out his phone.

"Four men dressed in fur cloaks, red robes and Russian hats are walking out of the pub. Code 23." Ryker said.

"What's code 23?" Jade asked.

Ryker closed the phone and handed Jade a file.

"I was supposed to hand you the background checks on the participants of the Healthy Eating Cook Off." Ryker said leaving.

"Hey, what are you going to do to them? What's Code 23?" Jade asked.

Ryker looked like he was going to tell Jade but Draco waved his arm around.

"Don't tell her. So far as we know it, this conversation never happened." Draco said. Ryker gave a small nod at Draco and left.

"Now you tell us what Code 23 is." Narcissa said to Draco who grinned.

"Code 23 means that men also can speak another language that women can never understand." Draco said. Narcissa shook her head and looked at Jade.

"Sweetheart I need to speak to you. Do you have a few minutes?" Narcissa asked seeing Jade take her arm.

"A few minutes, you can have days from me! What would it be?" Jade asked, leading her to a bar.

"I'll have a cherry syrup with soda…oh can I get a little blue umbrella with it as well?" she asked seeing Jade grin.

"Draco?" Jade asked as she started preparing Narcissa's drink.

"Butterbeer." Draco answered.

"My love, you do realize that this is a conversation between two women." Narcissa said.

"Oh…well if it makes you feel better, I'll probably get an umbrella on mine too." Draco said.

Narcissa slapped him away as Draco took his mug and walked off to another table to join a couple of men he knew from somewhere.

"How have you been?" Jade asked seeing Narcissa take a sip of her drink.

"My life couldn't have gotten worse. Is it really true? Did you really marry Harry Potter?" Narcissa asked. Jade winced and showed Narcissa her left hand.

"But I thought you loved Draco!" Narcissa said touching Jade's ring.

"It wasn't supposed to happen. We married by accident." Jade said.

"How in the world does that happen?" Narcissa asked.

"One of Harry's men mixed up his own marriage papers with apprehension papers and we both signed our names into it. We're getting annulled on Monday." Jade said.

"That is wonderful news! Now Draco won't have to marry that hideous excuse for a toad!" Narcissa said jumping up in her seat.

"What?" Jade asked. Narcissa reached over and held Jade's hand.

"As soon as Draco heard that you were married to Harry Potter, he quickly told us that he was engaged to Lilah Umbridge. Oh how I hate her." Narcissa growled. Jade looked at Draco who calmly sipped his butterbeer and spoke to the people in his table.

"But he doesn't love her Jade. And I know he isn't stupid either but he's extremely stubborn. I understand that you don't want to continue this relationship because of the past situations you've been in before but sweetheart…once your heart binds to another person, whatever happens after that is left up to fate. That man will never get over you and I've seen it. As a mother, I've seen him grow before my eyes. He was just as bad as his father and never treated women properly. But when his father died and I started gaining control, he was somewhat tamed but I had never seen that look in his eyes for another woman the way he looked at you when you walked into his life." Narcissa said.

Jade felt her eyes well up and Narcissa continued.

"And even after you left, I could see that he couldn't go back to the same way he was before he met you. I think a promiscuous Draco Malfoy is better to deal with than a heartbroken and confused one." Narcissa said seeing Jade try to laugh.

"He keeps trying to find you in other women and settles for less. I just wanted to ask you a question; do you still love my son?" Narcissa asked.

Jade blushed and looked away but Narcissa shook Jade's hand slightly.

"If there is another reason why you don't want to be with him then tell me. Do you love Harry-"

"Wait, I really…I like…I really love Draco." Jade sighed.

"Then why are you distancing yourself away from him? This life is so unpredictable and so limited, why are you wasting it on avoiding the person you love? You're so lucky to find a man you love who loves you back at your age. Look at me; I've been married to a Death Eater, fearing for the life of my only son. After he died, I thought I would never marry a good man but I did. Don't you want that for yourself?" Narcissa asked.

"I do…but what if I...die or something?" Jade croaked.

"We'll all be devastated but Draco will be affected the most because he'll kick himself for the rest of his life knowing he should have done things differently when you were alive. Would you ever tell your father and your family to never see you again because you were in danger? They already love you and you already love them…how could you expect them to forget and move on without you?" Narcissa asked. She reached over and wiped Jade's tears from her face and walked around the bar to hug her.

"I love you Jade and I always will. No matter what you say or do, I'll never leave, not even if I wanted to." Narcissa said.

"I love you too." Jade squeaked.

"Um…can I get a Firewhiskey?" a man asked nervously. Narcissa let Jade go and took out a tissue and handed it to Jade.

"I never want Lilah in my life again! She's been eyeing our family fortune for a while…even bought her horrible grandmother to try and create a joint account." Narcissa said.

"Maybe you should beat Draco with the family fortune because he asked Umbridge's granddaughter to marry him. That's sort of how I felt when I found out." Jade said seeing Narcissa laugh. Jade sent a Firewhiskey out to the man and collected her money.

"Well it's getting late and Gary promised to take me out to dinner if I met him in the Ministry. I'll tell Draco to stay and 'keep an eye' on you so you both can work things out." Narcissa said. Jade smiled and hugged Narcissa tightly.

"I owe you so much." Jade said seeing Narcissa giggle.

"Maybe a baby or two. Just kidding!" she said seeing Jade's horrified expression.

Narcissa gave a kiss goodbye to Jade and walked off, having a few words with Draco. She kissed his cheek and left the pub and Jade started cleaning up.

"Jade, we're done with cleaning and prepping. See you tomorrow?" Clarissa said seeing Jade wave.

"Have a nice night." Jade said. Clarissa and the rest of the girls saw Draco sitting on a bar stool, waiting for them to leave.

"Looks like you're getting lucky tonight." Clarissa winked.

Jade pushed the girls out the door and locked it shut.

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