The Aurseize

Part Five: Bertie's Trick or Treaters

"So you and Potter? He went on his honeymoon without you?" Draco asked casually seeing Jade take a seat next to him.

"We need to talk." Jade said seeing Draco nod.

"So do I. I'm happily engaged." Draco said haughtily. Jade tried very hard not to laugh.

"Are you really? To your pumpkin munchkin?" Jade asked seeing Draco look stern. He looked down at her hands and snatched the file away, looking through it.

"Love notes from Potter?" Draco asked.

"Stop being an arse." Jade said trying to take the file away from him.

"Exactly what is this? Why do you have background checks?" Draco asked. Jade took away the file and tucked it in her cloak.

"Bertie Bott's murderers are after Rita. Supposedly they're the same people who murdered Nott a couple of days back." Jade said seeing Draco raise his eyebrows.

"Has Rita seen them?" he asked.

"You won't believe me even if I told you." Jade said seeing him give her an incredulous look.

"Anything is bizarre coming from you. I'm so used to it, I think it's normal…which is starting to scare me." Draco said wistfully.

"Three people masked as You-Know-Who, Dumbledore and a purple jellybean." Jade told him.

Draco snorted and hopped off the bar stool.

"Okay, I'm not that skeptical of your bizarre life. Everything has limits." Draco said.

Jade went to argue with him but she saw Voldemort, Dumbledore and the purple jellybean at the doorway of the pub.

"So how do you explain that?" Jade asked pointing to them. Draco turned around and his jaw dropped at the incredulous sight.

"Tell us where the happy girl is." Dumbledore hissed.

"Right well you go straight up your arse and take a sharp left." Jade said pleasantly.

Draco let out a bark of laughter and the jellybean advanced with his wand.

"This isn't funny." The jellybean said in a high pitched voice.

"Hey…I know your voice from somewhere…I slept with you." Draco said pointing to the purple jellybean.

Jade sat frozen in her seat with her mouth wide open as the jellybean gasped.

"You slept with a jellybean?" Jade asked.

"I hate you Draco Malfoy!" the jellybean screeched.

"He sleeps with everyone and leaves them high and dry." The voice said.

"I think I slept with you too." Draco said pointing to Voldemort.

"Damn right you did!" Voldemort screeched.

"Score! Draco Malfoy's done the deed with a jellybean and You-Know-Who himself!" Jade shouted in laughter, clapping her hands.

"You idiots! You're giving us away!" Dumbledore yelled who was obviously male.

"Now see…I've never done you." Draco said.

"Shut up, I hate you just as much. You both will die today." Dumbledore said pointing to Jade and Draco.

"If I had a Galleon every time I heard that…I'd be just as rich as you Draco." Jade said calmly.

"So what do you kids want today? I haven't got any candy, do you have candy Jade?" Draco asked Jade who shook her head.

"If I was told Halloween was came a little early, I would have stocked up. Sorry sweeties." Jade said, seeing them shake their arms out in anger.

"I wasn't here for any damn candy! Do I look like a kid to you?" Voldemort asked.

"You're wearing a mask. What else would we think?" Draco asked tersely.

The purple jellybean and Voldemort stepped forward with wands and threw hexes at Jade and Draco which they deflected instantly.

"Suffragio!" Dumbledore threw at Jade.

The hex hit Jade and she fell backwards, allowing the three intruders to run before Draco caught up to them.

"Are you all right?" Draco asked lifting Jade up.

"My legs feel funny." Jade said.

"Can you walk?" Draco asked. Jade stood up and wobbled backwards. Draco caught her and pointed his wand at her.

"It's a Knee Reversal Hex." He said. He muttered the reversal hex to reverse her knees and the two of them ran out the door going after the three.

"Stupefy!" Draco roared when the jellybean fell.

"Protego!" Voldemort shouted.

They loaded the jellybean onto a broom and kicked off into the air. Draco grabbed a broom that they left on the floor and went after them.

"Draco! NO!" Jade screamed.

She looked around, cursing that Harry's men were busy knocking the daylights out of those Scandinavian men. Jade ran as fast as she could, trying to follow Draco, Voldermort, Dumbledore and the jellybean. She ran down the lane, seeing a parent and a child walking down, holding on to an intermediate broom. Jade grabbed the broom from the child's hand and apologized profusely as she ran as fast as she could, trying to catch up to Draco. She hopped on to the broom and rose only four feet in the air, unable to reach Draco who was an entire world away. She passed by people who watched her strangely and the colorful flashes of light in the sky by Draco and the Three Musketeers.

"Go higher and faster son of a bitch!" Jade yelled at the broom.

Jade looked up and saw Voldemort swoop down with Draco right behind him. Dumbledore and the jellybean, above him raised their wands and Jade whipped out her wand, blocking their spell. All of a sudden, Draco's broom flipped and thrashed him against a nearby tree. Voldemort, Dumbledore and the jellybean disappeared and Jade watched in horror as Draco fell towards the ground.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Jade said with a flick of her wand.

Draco's body suspended in midair, hovering only a feet off the ground. Jade ran over to him and lowered him onto the ground.

"Draco?" Jade asked seeing his face turn stark white.

"My leg…oh my fucking leg." Draco whispered in a hoarse voice. His head rolled to the side and he went unconscious.

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