The Aurseize

Part Five: Draco In Pain Is A Nightmare

"His leg is completely shattered. It'll take a while for his leg to completely heal." The Healer said.

Jade looked at Draco who slept soundly, his broken leg in a large cast on a crane to support it.

"Who the fuck did this to him?" Blaise asked.

"You-Know-Who, Dumbledore and the stupid jellybean. I swear on everything I have, if I don't find them and choke them to death, I'll kill myself!" Jade ranted.

Narcissa and Gary burst through the doors, looking frantically for Draco.

"What in the world happened?" Narcissa asked.

"What's this about a jellybean?" Gary asked. He hugged Jade and looked at Draco.

"It's a long story actually." Jade said.

"Visiting hours are actually over and the patient needs his rest. You can come back tomorrow morning when he's awake." The Healer said.

"This is horrible. I need to cancel my business appointment in the Virgin Islands to watch over Draco." Narcissa said taking out her planner.

"Well actually…you don't have to cancel anything. I was thinking that I could take care of him." Jade said.

"But aren't you both-"

"Gary." Narcissa said softly.

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep if he's not somewhere where I can keep my eye on. So it's fine. You don't have to cancel your business trip because I'll be here to take care of Draco." Jade said. Narcissa walked over and hugged Jade tightly.

The next morning, Jade left her father's home to St. Mungo's to pick Draco up. When Jade reached Draco's room, the door swung open and a young nurse ran out, crying her eyes out.

"And you stay the fuck out and don't even come near me for an anal temperature. I don't have a fucking fever, my leg is bloody broken you stupid bimbo!" Draco yelled from inside. Jade walked inside, seeing him on the bed.

"Why can't you let anyone do their job?" Jade asked walking towards him.

"Why can't you pick a man and stick to him?" he shot back.

"I'm going to leave if you speak to me that way." Jade said. Draco shrugged and looked away.

"It isn't the first time you've walked out on me." He said.

"Miss Weasley! Ready to take Mr. Malfoy away?" the Healer asked, looking grateful that she came. Jade smiled and patted Draco's shoulder.

"All ready to take him out of your hands." Jade said.

"I'll ask anyone who is remaining to bring a wheelchair!" he said leaving.

Before he left, Jade swore he muttered a 'Thank Merlin' under his breath. She turned around and smoothed his long hair back.

"Why are you doing this for me?" he asked as Jade took out a hair band, tying his hair. The 4th nurse that morning came into the room with a wheelchair.

"Mr. Malfoy's wheelchair." The young nurse said. Jade stood up and thanked the nurse for the wheelchair.

"So does it have my name etched in the back? Can it fly?" Draco asked the nurse bitterly.

"Behave yourself." Jade said pointing to Draco.

"Of course!" Draco said with a sneer on his face.

"We'll need to lower the crane in order to transfer him on the wheelchair." A male nurse said, going to touch the crane.

"If I feel an ounce of pain or if you rub me the wrong way, I will-"

"What if we stupefy him? Would that work?" Jade asked loudly, drowning out Draco's vulgar death threats.

After getting Draco onto a wheelchair, the entire staff abandoned them, locking themselves in a bathroom nearby to cry. Jade pushed Draco out of St. Mungos and apparated off to his house.

"Does that mean you're moving back in with me?" Draco asked as Jade opened the door.

"Only for a few days. Or maybe until they catch You-Know-Who, Dumbledore and the stupid jellybean." Jade said. She looked around Draco's semi clean home and settled him on the sofa.

"Did they give you breakfast?" Jade asked, picking up the garbage on his floor.

"They hated me so much they decided not to feed me." He said seeing her shake her head.

"I wonder why." Jade said.

"I might sue." Draco said as Jade disappeared into the kitchen.

"Anything you want to eat in particular?" Jade asked going back into the living room. Draco scanned her quickly and Jade felt her cheeks burn.

"You know me better than anyone else. You know what I want." Draco said.

"Eggs and toast it is!" Jade said before she left.

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