The Aurseize

Part Five: The Final Place

Throughout the whole day, Jade spent her time cooking and cleaning Draco's entire room and doing laundry. She met with Rita and Shetty in her flat and told them about what happened, warning them about not leaving her apartment. She picked up Jerry's tank and a bagful of her clothes and apparated back to Draco's house, seeing the door open and yelling from inside.

"How dare she come into my house and try to seduce my fiancé?" a woman shrilled.

"Where the fuck were you when I broke my fucking leg and spent the night in a hospital? And don't even think about calling this your house because it isn't so get the fuck out!" Draco yelled.

Jade walked into the living room and saw Lilah Umbridge in a pink lacy dress with pink ribbons in her hair. Jade couldn't help but snort and started to silently laugh, covering her mouth. Lilah turned around and narrowed her eyes at Jade.

"Well if it isn't for Mrs. Potter, the wife of fucked up Harry Potter." Lilah said. Jade smiled and set Jerry on Draco's desk nearby.

"And you must be related to Umbridge." Jade said dryly.

"You better get out of my fiancé's house right now or else." Lilah threatened Jade who look at her curiously.

"Or what? You'll choke me with that shiny pink ribbon? I don't think so." Jade said, tossing in a few fishes for Jerry.

Lilah sharply turned towards Draco and stomped her feet.

"Tell her to get out!" she screamed.

"Cripes…women are going to be the death of me." Draco sighed. He wheeled himself away but Lilah pulled him back.

"I'm going to stay here until she leaves! She is going to take you away from me and-"

"Okay, okay, relax." Draco said calmly. He looked at Jade and sighed. "Jade you have to go." He said.

"What? Draco your leg-"

"I know my leg is broken but Lilah's here to help me now." Draco said forcing a smile on his face and patting Lilah's arm.

"That's right." Lilah said sliding herself into Draco's lap.

"I'm here to play nurse and attend to my cute little munchkin pumpkin." She said tracing a finger down his chest.

Jade felt her blood starting to set on fire. She badly wanted to take Jerry out of his tank and tell him to chow down on Lilah's nose. She felt herself start to tear up and looked away. Jade went to take Jerry's tank but Draco started to speak.

"Lilah and I are going to start a brand new life." He said.

"And then you'll live happily ever after with your fat toad looking promiscuous kids." Jade muttered under her breath.

"Sweetheart…I don't need my family fortune. I want to start a brand new life…on my own two feet. I don't need any money from my parents." Draco said.

Jade blinked and turned around to see Lilah scrambling off of Draco's lap.

"What? Stop talking like a madman." She said laughing nervously.

Draco stared at her innocently and she gasped.

"You're not joking are you?" she asked.

"Why would I be joking? I need my own identity right? I'll even change my last name…into…Spungen." Draco said.

"What?!" she squawked like a Hippogriff. "I don't want to be called Lilah Spungen! Why can't you stay as a Malfoy? What's wrong with Malfoy?" Lilah asked backpedaling towards the door.

"I had a horrible fight with my mother. She wrote me off of her will and I said 'well I don't need you either woman. I have Lilah! She'll stand by me as Lilah Spungen!'" Draco said.

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on! I'm not going to be a Lilah Spungen! We-Are-Over!" She shrieked, bolting for the door. They heard her apparate and Jade looked at Draco who laughed evilly at himself.

"I think I'm fucking hilarious." He said.

"I can't believe you just did that to the poor girl!" Jade said seeing him make a face.

"She was after my money! Why in the world would I ever keep her near me or my family when all she wants is the money? She was a pretty good lay, I must admit." Draco shrugged.

"You're a pig. I have absolutely no idea why I'm still in love with y-" Jade covered her mouth with both her hands and Draco sat there, stunned.

"You love me?" he asked softly.

Jade walked away and Draco wheeled around to get to her.

"You never told me you loved me." Draco said, still in shock.

Jade set out dinner plates and walked away from him, hearing him growl.

"This isn't nice for a handicapped person you know. You can stay in one place." He said seeing her turn to him.

The doorbell rang and Draco swore out loudly, seeing Jade get the door. Jade opened the door to Scarlett Cilla who held up a bouquet of flowers, wearing a long grey dress. There was a swipe of claw marks on her cheek from Fenrir Greyback from the time she bravely stepped in to save Jade. From the time Fenrir Greyback bit her and died, Scarlett was turned into a werewolf. Every full moon, with the help of Lupin, she'd take a Wolfsbane potion to cope with the transformation. Scarlett had never been the same Scarlett Jade and everyone had known. She had changed dramatically after being bit and infected and remained as one of Jade and Draco's close friends.

"Scarlett!" Jade said hugging her tightly.

"Oh Jade, it's so good to see you again." Scarlett said chuckling softly.

"How are you managing?" Jade asked closing the door behind her.

"Quite well. It's painful but I've gotten used to it. Where's the Ferret who broke his leg?" Scarlett asked looking around.

"Hi." Draco said appearing in the living room.

Scarlett looked amused but tried not to smile at Draco who was in a wheelchair with his leg in a cast.

"Not so tough now are you, you silly little brute?" Scarlett asked lightly.

"Oh I wouldn't say that…he's made a lot of grown adults cry today." Jade said, placing the flowers in a vase.

"I must say, all that hair is turning me on." Draco winked at Scarlett who rolled her eyes.

"It's the lycanthropy! I didn't choose to be hairy! I wasn't even born this hairy." Scarlett said, her pale face growing red.

"He's just saying that to get under your skin. Shut up Malfoy." Jade warned Draco.

Jade and Scarlett set the table and heaved Draco on to his chair in the dining room.

"How long until your leg heals?" Scarlett asked, taking a mouthful of beef roast.

"A few more days, give or take. It all depends on how consistent I am taking my potion every day." Draco answered.

"Harry Potter must be pretty mad that you're taking care of your ex." Scarlett said seeing Jade drop her fork.

"I don't think Jade told him. It's quite a scandal." Draco said dramatically.

"You didn't tell him?" Scarlett asked turning to Jade.

"Look…it's not like that. Harry is just a good friend of mine." Jade said.

"Husband actually." Draco said sourly.

"Can you just shut your fat mouth and let me explain?" Jade asked slamming her hand on the table.

Draco tossed his fork aside, crossed his arms and leaned back.

"I'd say something clever and walk away but I can't." Draco said heatedly.

"I'm sure she had a good explanation-"

"She wants Potter. It's the only reason why she keeps pushing me away. I asked her to marry me how many times and she just chickened out. Why did you marry Potter then, if you're going to give a good explanation?" Draco asked turning to Jade.

"I know! It's because you love him! You always have. It's because of his utility belt isn't it? Like some kind of mental superhero and because he has a gun. He lets you play with his oh so-"

Jade slapped him before he could finish his sentence. The place where Jade struck him grew red and warm as Jade collapsed on her chair and started sobbing. Scarlett got up from her seat and sat next to Jade, comforting her.

"I can't do this…I can't." Jade cried as Scarlett hushed her and smoothed her hair out. Jade pried herself away from Scarlett, got up and walked away. Scarlett and Draco heard Jade go up the stairs and lock herself in the guest bedroom.

"Sorry you had to see that." Draco said pushing his chair back. He summoned his wheelchair and Scarlett stopped him.

"You need to give people a break Draco Malfoy. You need to grow up and start treating them like human beings." Scarlett said angrily.

"What the-"

"Yeah, what the fuck? Fuck you Scarlett. Fuck the world except for me; Draco Malfoy who can do no wrong…we get it." Scarlett said.

"You don't know what I went through." Draco said seeing Scarlett nod.

"I don't know what you went through but whatever it is, you can't let it let you treat others like this. What you said to Jade was extremely inappropriate and out of line." Scarlett said as Draco shook his head.

"I had all the right to say it. We were together but she went ahead and married Potter-"

"Which she had a good reason for. You don't know what happened, why couldn't you just let her explain? She must have been under some circumstances where she had to marry Harry but why would you even assume that she would choose Harry over you?" Scarlett asked.

"You don't understand a lot of things about her. She wouldn't marry me-"

"Because you're an arse." Scarlett said.

"She hasn't told me she loved me, except for today which she let out accidentally." Draco said seeing Scarlett start laughing.

"Oh my goodness. People are so thick! Especially you Draco Malfoy!" Scarlett said pointing to Draco who started to seethe. "You need people to tell you that they love you now? Are you blind? You can't see it anymore? You can't see that she stood back to care for you when your stupid idiot fiancée didn't bother to show up?" Scarlett asked.

Draco decided to keep his mouth shut. There was no use adding more weight to Scarlett's point about Lilah wanting to marry him for his money.

"We all can see how much Jade loves you…why can't you see it?" Scarlett asked.

There was a knock on Jade's bedroom and Jade ignored it.

"Jade? I don't know if you're sleeping or not…but it's getting late and I should leave." Scarlett said. Jade got up from her bed and opened the door, seeing Scarlett giving her a small smile.

"You're really leaving?" Jade asked seeing Scarlett nod.

"I need to fly to Paris tomorrow. I have a fashion show for my fur collection." Scarlett said. Jade hugged her tightly and Scarlett patted her back.

"You know he's an arse sometimes-"

"I know…I know that a lot." Jade sighed.

"Don't starve him love." Scarlett smiled as Jade escorted her down the stairs.

"Heavily tempting but I'll try not to." Jade said.

Scarlett nodded and waved at Jade who waved back. After Scarlett left, Jade closed the door and started cleaning around, trying to find Draco who was nowhere to be seen. She heard the water running in the upstairs bathroom. Curious, Jade left everything and went upstairs to see Draco sitting on the edge of the bathtub, trying to wash off the dried blood on his leg.

"How did you get up here?" Jade asked. Draco looked around and picked up his broom on the sink.

"Scarlett's idea." He said. Jade took the broom and set it aside, kneeling down to help him wash his leg.

"You need to take your potion before you get in your bath." Jade said not looking at him. She went to leave but Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. Jade tried to yank back but Draco held on to her tightly.

"Let me go." Jade said.

"We have to talk." Draco said firmly.

"Not like this! I don't want you screaming at me for something I had no fault in." Jade said. Draco leaned in close to her and touched his forehead with hers.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered. Jade closed her eyes and felt him kiss her forehead.

"When you left me, I thought it was because of Potter…I didn't understand…I just thought it was so stupid." Draco said.

"I'm incredibly stupid." Jade said seeing him smile.

"I love stupid." He said softly. He traveled his hand from her neck up to her face. "The question is if stupid loves me back." He said meeting her eyes.

Jade softly chuckled and ran her hand through his hair.

"Stupid loves you very much. It's long overdue for you but that's what I felt when I thought I was about to lose you." Jade whispered.

"Now you know how I feel." Draco said.

Jade kissed him softly, feeling him kiss back. Jade wanted to do a lot of things to him. She wanted to punch him in the face for being a brute to her but seeing his broken leg dismissed that violent thought. She was finally in that place with him again and this time, she was going to keep it.

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