The Aurseize

Part Five: How To Kill A Jellybean

Jade woke up in the morning, feeling Draco's teeth grazing her shoulder.

"Are you trying to gnaw me to death?" Jade asked turning herself around. He smiled and moved her hair from her face.

"I just missed this…and biting you when you're sleeping." He said.

Jade moved closer to him and wrapped herself around him under the covers.

"You're not going to leave me again are you?" he asked seeing her shake her head.

"Your Mum knocked some sense into me. I had a long talk with her the other day and she made me realize that I made some pretty bad decisions." Jade said, feeling him flip on his back and pull her on top.

"You can make me happy in very simple ways." He said seeing her straddle him.

After making putting Draco in a great mood, Jade gave him a shower, dressed him and took him downstairs for breakfast. The doorbell rang and Jade opened it to Bilius and Aunt Muriel.

"What are you both doing here?" Jade asked seeing them walk in with bags of food.

"We knew you were busy taking care of Draco and decided to get up early in the morning and make you breakfast!" Bilius said walking in.

Draco looked up from his sofa and gave a polite wave to Bilius.

"Hello Mr. Weasley." Draco said.

"Hello Draco. I made chocolate chip pancakes." Bilius said.

"And I was only told to milk the cow. I think your father hates me." Aunt Muriel said to Jade who took her bags.

"I was hoping the cow would have eaten her. It would have been a nice morning." Bilius said to Jade who unpacked the food.

"Thank you so much for bringing breakfast Dad. I was stressed enough already with Draco breaking his leg." Jade said.

"I understand. Your mother broke her collarbone when she fell from a ladder one day and it was so stressful for that few days she couldn't work. I imagined you'd be in the same predicament but a little more knowledgeable than I was." Bilius said as Jade laughed.

"And you love this man very much…so it gets a little scary sometimes." Bilius said seeing Jade nod.

Bilius wrapped his arms around Jade who hugged him back.

"When is Harry coming back for the annulment?" Bilius asked seeing Jade shrug.

"Depends on his case, but he'll be back soon enough." Jade said.

They placed breakfast on the dining table and Jade wheeled Draco towards his chair.

"So how come you haven't married my niece yet?" Aunt Muriel asked settling herself down on a chair.

Draco and Jade looked at Aunt Muriel who stared at the both of them.

"Well…she's sort of married." Draco said when Jade helped him to his seat. "And she doesn't want to marry me. I've asked her a thousand times." Draco said.

"You did not ask me at all. You mentioned it." Jade said serving him pancakes.

"Well you never agreed. It was so hard to get you to actually live with me; mainly because you didn't want to share a bloody bathroom, excuse my language." Draco said to Aunt Muriel and Bilius who beamed at him.

"Well maybe you're not so good in bed." Aunt Muriel suggested.

"Auntie Muriel!" Bilius said, starting to grow red.

Draco quirked an eyebrow and stared at Aunt Muriel. Jade covered her face with her hand and waited for the disastrous conversation to be over.

"I don't want to sound arrogant but I highly doubt that's a problem at all…do you think that's why we're not married yet?" Draco asked Jade who looked up.

"We're not having this conversation." Jade said.

"Then how come you aren't married to him? For Merlin's sake, when are you going to man up and be a woman?" Aunt Muriel asked.

"I like you…I like you a lot." Draco said to Aunt Muriel who smiled at him. Jade shook her head and silently ate her breakfast as Bilius, Aunt Muriel and Draco spoke.

"So how is Madame Rosmerta doing these days? Did you get to speak to her after the operation?" Bilius asked.

"I told Dr. Ashcroft that as soon as Madame Rosmerta recovered to contact me but I haven't heard from them since." Jade said.

"All thanks to the anonymous donator. Such a nice thing to do for someone who needed it." Bilius said.

Jade smiled and turned around to see Draco watching her fondly and turned back to her father.

"I'd like to thank whoever it was personally but whoever it is, I hope good things come to them. They saved someone very special in my life." Jade said.

"Do you think you can walk?" Jade asked Draco, seeing him hold on to his crutches.

"I can walk with my crutches." Draco said. He moved easily towards Jade in the backyard with his crutches.

"I think I can do better in bed." Draco suggested with a wink. Jade lightly hit his stomach and hugged him, feeling him kiss her neck.

"Would you look at that? I think someone's answered my prayers!" Blaise said walking towards them.

"Why are you here…with Albert?" Draco groaned seeing Albert appear as well.

"Just wanted to see you mate. We're so happy you both are together. Now we can be a happy family again. Hug?" Blaise asked Draco who looked disgusted. Blaise shrugged and turned to Jade.

"I know you want me." Blaise said.

"You touch her and I'll fire you." Draco said.

"He's not much fun is he?" Albert asked.

"I was just checking on Draco's progress. He should be running around now in a couple of days." Jade said seeing Blaise nod.

"Thankfully. Someone needs to catch those fuckers. They've been sending you love notes via owl." Blaise said taking a piece of paper from his pocket. He gave it to Jade who opened it up and read it.

Sorry to break your boyfriend's leg…we meant to kill him. How about next time?

Jade crumpled up the letter but Blaise and Albert jumped to save it.

"Hey lady, that's evidence you're destroying!" Albert said.

"I just can't believe they'd have the nerve to show off after nearly killing someone!" Jade said. She turned sharply towards Draco and pointed her finger at him.

"You! You better list all the women you've slept with. We're going to find out right now!" Jade said.

"Erm…" Draco said as Blaise and Albert started laughing.

"Listing all the women Draco's slept with is like asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" Blaise said.

"The world may never know." Albert said solemnly.

"Maybe we should do something easier and catch them while they're running. I'd probably want to break my leg than show you the list of women I've been with." Draco said. Jade shook her head, not bothering to ask.

"I'm going to check on dinner." Jade said.

She left the men to bond in Draco's backyard and went into the kitchen to check on her dinner. She heard the doorbell ring and Jade opened the door to see Bertie Bott's frozen head on her doorstep.

"AAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jade screamed from the top of her lungs. She heard a giggle and looked up to see the jellybean pointing her wand to her.

"Expelliarmus!" Ryker shouted appearing from the bushes, disarming the jellybean. He took out his gun and started shooting at the jellybean, seeing it run for her life. Blaise and Albert ran from the backyard and Jade ran off, seeing Voldemort and Dumbledore in the distance with their brooms.

"You're not getting away this time!" Jade roared.

She summoned Draco's Firebolt and flew off with it, after them. She focused, trying not to get in the way of trees, buildings or anything that could nearly kill her or break her leg. Voldemort swooped down and Ryker appeared right behind her, disabling her from cursing Jade's broom. The jellybean and Dumbledore swooped down and Jade tried to follow them but they appeared behind her. They cursed her broom and the broom jerked dangerously, throwing Jade off. Jade's body hung but both of her hands were on the handle, holding on to dear life on the thrashing broom. The air was whipping so quickly through her face, mouth and nostrils, Jade couldn't breathe.

She heard a large rumble and she opened her eyes to see her Uncle Arthur's Ford Anglia streaking in front of her, crashing right into the jellybean and Dumbledore. Jade's broom stopped thrashing around and levitated mid air as Jade watched the Ford Anglia pin the jellybean into a building. Dumbledore somehow slipped from the Ford Anglia and sped off, disappearing.

"Jade? Sweetheart are you okay?" Arthur asked, looking back from his window. Arthur looked dumbfounded and petrified with horror. His entire face was drained from color and his eyes bulged from his sockets. Jade who realized she was still hanging off her broom nodded and pulled herself back onto the broom.

"How did you…why?" Jade asked, extremely confused.

"Well I was coming back from the Ministry when I saw my niece being chased by You-Know-Who, Dumbledore and an eggplant! I had to do something, after all it nearly killed Draco and that awfully happy little couple Molly always speaks about." Arthur said. Jade looked at the dead jellybean crushed between the Ford Anglia and the building.

"You saved my life…you killed a jellybean." Jade said seeing Arthur's face grow pale.

"But I thought it was an eggplant!" he said.

"Po-tato, Pa-tato." Jade shrugged.

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