The Aurseize

Part Five: Pandora's Jellybeans

When Blaise, Albert and the rest of the Aurors reached the scene, they slowly pried off the Ford Anglia and laid the jellybean onto a small stretcher.

"That is one jellybean gone bad." Colin Creevey said shaking his head. He picked up his camera and took a picture of the masked jellybean.

"Move over, Junior Minister coming through." Percy was heard. Jade turned around to see Percy with Pansy.

"What did Weasley fuck up this time?" Pansy asked looking at Jade. Arthur gave Pansy a sharp look. He looked at Percy who adjusted his horn rimmed glasses and cleared his throat.

"Please remove the eggplant's mask." Percy said.

"I think it's a jellybean." Blaise said seriously to Percy who shrugged.

"Who the hell gives a dragon's dung? It's definitely a plum." Pansy said.

"Cripes, some people have a wife and children to go to!" Albert said. Jade turned to Albert, looking at him quizzically.

"You don't have any of those." Jade said seeing Albert laugh nervously.

"I'm just speaking for the people who do…and speeding up the process. We could be here all day discussing whether it's an eggplant, jellybean or a plum." Albert said.

Blaise yanked the mask off of the purple jellybean and everyone leaned in to look.

"I don't know her." Jade said shaking her head.

The woman in the jellybean costume had short curly reddish blonde hair and pale skin with a few faded acne scars on her face.

"It's the sneak! The one who told on us in Hogwarts!" Colin said excitedly. He took rapid pictures and Blaise knelt down, studying her face.

"Ah yes…I know her. Slept with her in our 5th year-well that doesn't matter. It's Marietta Edgecombe." Blaise said. Percy raised an eyebrow and Pansy made a little noise in her throat.

"She was the one that ratted out Golden Boy's Army." Pansy said.

"Dumbledore's Army." Colin corrected. Pansy rolled her eyes and Jade shook Albert's arm.

"Where's Draco?" she asked.

"Still at home I believe. Absolutely pissed off that you went after them. I think you should start going before he hops onto a broom and makes You-Know-Who or Dumbledore cry." Albert said.

"And what about Bertie Bott's frozen head on Draco's doorstep?" Jade asked.

"You have Bertie Bott's head on your doorstep?" Colin asked whipping around with his camera. His camera went off and took a picture of Jade, momentarily blinding her by the flash of light.

"I'm guessing I won't have my Ford Anglia back." Arthur said with a sigh.

Jade returned to Draco's house, seeing Aurors covering the area and Bertie Bott's head being collected from the scene.

"I have to squeeze in a picture!" Colin squeaked running off. Draco saw Jade touching the ground again with the rest of the Ministry behind her and he limped towards her.

"Thank Merlin you're fucking safe. Why did you go after them?" Draco asked crushing her in his hug.

"I need to breathe if I tell you." Jade said. Draco pulled back and kissed her. They snogged in front of the Ministry, leaving Percy and Pansy leaving disgusted remarks.

"Get a room and lock it." Pansy said.

"The area's been scanned and we've collected our evidence. You can get your house back Mr. Malfoy." An older man said seeing Draco nod.

"I appreciate it." Draco said.

Jade looked around to see Ryker coming back, looking angry. Knox and two other scary looking men in black followed.

"Hey, are you all, all right?" Jade asked.

"They actually…slipped from our hands." Ryker said looking highly embarrassed. Jade looked at Knox who looked down and to the other two men, both blonde with buzz cuts.

"The mask came off of one of them and we were able to identify her." Knox said.

"Who did you see?" Jade asked.

"The woman who works in the Aurseize Office with your cousin." Ryker said.

Jade gaped at them and Draco muttered something under his breath and carried himself away.

"Parvati? You've got to be joking!" Jade said.

"Parvati's in on this?" Percy asked incredulously.

"We both saw her when her mask fell off." Ryker said.

"Are you absolutely sure this is the same person you saw? It could be a little mistake and-"

"We are positive." Ryker said.

"Wow…this is…a bit weird." Jade said running a hand through her hair.

Percy gave orders to a couple of nearby Aurors to search for Parvati and bring her in as soon as she was apprehended for questioning. After a brief talk with Ryker, Knox and the two other men, Jade went back into Draco's house to see Draco on his sofa and everyone else leaving.

"I can't believe they came all the way here to place a fucking head on my doorstep." Draco said. He was truly aggravated with his broken leg and his inability to protect his own house. Jade sat down next to him and placed a hand on his leg.

"One down…two more to go." Jade said.

"Do you really think your friend in the Aurseize Office would do this?" Draco asked pulling her onto his lap. Jade wrapped her legs around his waist and leaned into him.

"I never thought she would." Jade said, playing with the buttons on Draco's shirt. Draco cupped her bum and grinned at her.

"Maybe her evil twin did it." He said.

"What evil twin?" Jade smiled unbuttoning her blouse.

"She has an identical twin sister Padma. Didn't you know that? We were in the same year." Draco said.

Jade shook her head, still confused. Suddenly something clicked and she leaned away from Draco.

"Did you ever sleep with her?" Jade asked.

"Of all the things holy, we're not going to fight about who I slept with in Hogwarts and who I didn't." Draco said putting his hands up to surrender.

"Draco I'm being serious. The night they came into the pub, you said you recognized both of their voices." Jade said seeing Draco nod.

"Did you ever sleep with Parvati?" Jade asked seeing him shake his head slowly.

"But you slept with Padma?" Jade asked seeing him nod.

"And you slept with Marietta?" Jade asked seeing him nod again.

"Man whore." Jade said getting off of him.

"Wait…this doesn't count as a fight does it? You're not mad at me again are you? You had better not be leaving me for Potter!" Draco said seeing Jade slip into her boots.

"I'm not! Jeez untwist your knickers and have a beer!" Jade said. She grabbed her cloak and locked the door behind her, disapparating.

Jade walked into the Ministry and went straight into Hermione's office, noting that Ron was there as well.

"Jade! Are they bloody out of their minds? Accusing Parvati of something so big!" Ron started.

"Ronald calm down! We don't know yet-"

"It's not Parvati it's Padma." Jade said seeing Ron and Hermione look surprised.

"Well that makes things a little better." Ron said.

"We can't just accuse people back and forth just because she's our friend-" Hermione started.

"But Hermione, Ryker and Knox both saw either Parvati or Padma; they're identical for crying out loud. We have to bring both in." Jade said.

Hermione quickly went to her desk, took out a piece of parchment and scribbled something down. She charmed it and it flew out.

"Come." Hermione said.

Jade and Ron followed Hermione out of the room and walked silently towards the Interrogation room. Jade had never been to the Interrogation rooms herself, much less this part of the Auror Department. Hermione opened a door and they walked down a polished staircase large enough for three people. The stairs came to an end and soon they were standing in front of wooden double doors with no handles. Hermione took out her wand and tapped the doors in a sporadic manner, just like one would when entering Diagon Alley. The doors slid open and Jade looked in a very dark room with hundreds of black and silver chairs surrounding a small center stage. Parvati was sitting in a small chair with a desk in front of her.

"Stay here." Hermione whispered. She walked away and Jade gaped, looking around the interrogation room.

"Wow…I've never been here." Jade said to Ron who looked less amazed than she was.

"I have…twice." Ron said looking at Parvati.

"Who did you see?" Jade asked.

"Some kid…Hugo was conceived here-"

"Good lord keep your own little details to yourself!" Jade said walking away from him.

A wizard stepped into the interrogation booth and whispered something to Parvati. She shot up and was escorted out of the booth. Ron took Jade's arm and they both walked out of the Interrogation room.

"Where are they taking Parvati?" Jade asked.

"Jade!" Parvati shrieked.

Jade turned around and saw Parvati running towards her. She hugged her tightly and pulled back.

"They saw Padma? My sister is the one who murdered Bertie Bott?" Parvati asked, her voice spiking the normal octave.

"Well that's what Ryker and Knox saw. We all don't know for sure." Jade said.

"But Marietta Edgecombe was found dead right? Padma was such good friends with her and Cho!" Parvati said.

"We've sent our men to search Padma's home and if by any luck, it'll lead us to our third fugitive…Dumbledore." Hermione said.

"Has someone mentioned my name?" a soft voice asked behind them.

Everyone turned towards Dumbledore who stood in his sky blue robes with his hands crossed behind his back. He gently smiled and lowered his head ever so slightly to see over his half moon spectacles.

"Professor…" Jade said seeing Dumbledore smile at her.

"Miss Weasley! Delighted to see you again after all these years. I hope all is well with your Aurseize career?" he asked seeing Jade shrug and look at Ron.

"Once in a while there's pressure…but what job doesn't?" Jade asked seeing Dumbledore nod in agreement with her.

"Although being a taste tester for Honeydukes would not have seemed so terrible." Dumbledore said.

Jade looked at Dumbledore and it struck her to find that he did not change at all. Maybe he was older but he was in fantastic shape. Jade cursed her own metabolism and over her zero self control when walking past Honeydukes.

"Headmaster, there are people masked as you, Voldemort and a jellybean who is now dead. We've identified the body as Marietta Edgecombe and the second, who was masked as you, is suspected to be Padma Patil." Hermione said to Dumbledore who nodded.

"I have been told, even though I am disappointed in Miss Patil, she has an excellent choice in masks." Dumbledore said.

Jade and Ron guffawed and immediately looked solemn when Hermione sent them a piercing look.

"They're looking for something, not just murdering and terrorizing Jade's life." Ron said looking at Jade who nodded.

"Rita and Shetty told me that they wanted Bertie Bott's secret recipe for Pandora's jellybeans?" Jade said shrugging her shoulders.

"The competition is only a few days away and it's highly unlikely for them to show up on the day of the Cook Off with none of the contestants but them there." Hermione said.

"They'd have to be stupid to show up alone. But if this Cook Off cancels, there's a good chance that they might kill other people for the recipe." Ron said.

"I can't believe this is all happening for the stupid recipe. What do you get for the recipe anyways?" Jade asked. Hermione shrugged and Parvati spoke up.

"Padma's been speaking about entering the Cook-Off for the secret recipe of Pandora's jellybeans. This means they own all the shares of the jellybeans that are sold around the entire world. It's a quick get rich scheme." Parvati said.

"May I suggest something?" Dumbledore asked lightly.

"Anything." Everyone responded unanimously.

"You should continue on with the competition. They are guaranteed to be there if the prize is there for taking." Dumbledore said.

"But that'll place everyone in danger." Hermione said.

"Not unless you have undercover Aurors on duty." Jade said.

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea; it just might work." Ron said.

Hermione looked like she was thinking things through. When she finally came to terms with herself, she nodded.

"I'll send the word out, but we need to know the identity of the male before we act on anything. He might be one of us." Hermione said. Jade nodded and checked her watch.

"I should go home. It's really late and I need to feed and tuck Draco in." Jade said seeing Parvati and Ron give her a weird look.

"What? His leg is broken, give me a break." Jade said.

"Who'll feed and tuck you in then?" he sniggered.

Jade hit him and walked away.

"You owe me a couple of fugitives!" Ron said. Jade turned around and Ron nudged Parvati.

"Can you hand her the files tomorrow when she comes in?" Ron asked Parvati who rolled her eyes and walk away.

"Yes boss…whatever you say." She said.

Jade apparated back to Draco's house to see him eating a bucket of ice cream and watching the soccer game on television.

"Fuck you Liverpool! Manchester all the way!" Draco yelled. Jade closed the door and took her cloak off.

"Draco I'm hooooome!" Jade sang.

"That's nice love." Draco said monotonously, his eyes glued to the screen.

"I have something really important to tell you." Jade said taking off her scarf. Draco swore out loudly and pumped his fist in the air.

"Sweet Merlin! Did you see that goal?! Ronaldo where the fuck have you been this whole game!" Draco said clapping his hands together.

"Can I have your attention now?" Jade asked looking at Draco who placed a finger to his lips. He happily watched the replays through the different cameras around the arena and Jade waited patiently. When the game went to advertisements, Draco sighed and turned to Jade.

"What on earth would it take you to break your attention from the game?" Jade asked taking off her boots.

"If you were naked and brought me a cold beer-aw honey I was just joking!" Draco said seeing Jade leave.

"You're a pig." Jade said walking up the stairs.

"By now I would have gotten up and ran to you but my leg is still broken. So it'll take some time and it would be nice for you to storm away slower than usual." Draco said struggling to get up. He walked unevenly towards her with his crutches and saw her smiling tenderly at him. She placed her hands around his neck and kissed him softly.

"I love you." Jade said.

Draco smiled and wrapped his arm behind her waist. His crutches fell and the two laughed as they pulled each other up towards the bedroom.

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