The Aurseize

Part One: Pervnas Henley

The next day, Jade woke up in the afternoon, on her sofa. She was up the entire night, trying to finish the entire James Bond series but forgot when she fell asleep. Ginny was on the other end of the sofa, sleeping deeply and Jade looked at the clock, reading 1:21 in the afternoon.

"Cripes! I have to get to work!" Jade said. She got up, showered and got dressed quickly, heading out the door. She apparated to the Three Broomsticks picked up some breakfast and dropped it in front of the coffee table for Ginny to eat when she'd wake up.

"I didn't forget you either." Jade said dropping a couple of fishes for Jerry. Jade took her broom and went outside to take a ride to Knockturn Alley. Before she even went anywhere, her eye caught a dark green car sitting in the parking lot of her apartment.

Just two days ago, Ginny and Jade sat on the balcony that was overlooking the parking lot and named the very few cars in the small lot that belonged to some of the people in the apartment. This dark green car was sitting at the very corner of the parking lot and someone was in there. Jade looked away, not thinking too much of it.

Today was David Greem and Pervnas Henley's day. She apparated with her broom to Diagon Alley and finally reached Knockturn Alley. The alleyway was dark and eerily quiet, with not a lot of people speaking. Jade knew not to make eye contact with anyone she passed, but she only looked around the stores, passing by Borgin and Burkes where they sold all kinds of creepy things. After seeing a couple of fingers, eyeballs and bloodstained objects, Jade found two women standing and talking to each other, not wearing too much.

"What are you looking at?" one of them hissed. She had large curly black hair, looking like Hagrid's sister. The other one was a complete opposite, skinny and tiny but the same curly black hair.

"I'm Jade Weasley and I'm looking for Draco Malfoy." Jade said seeing them smirk.

"He was no customer of ours. I bet you that you're never gonna find him." The big one said. Jade smiled briefly, knowing this wasn't true. She found him all right, but he was being a prick and wouldn't let her take him in.

"Never say never. Actually I wanted to ask if you know Pervnas Henley and David Greem?" Jade asked seeing them start to shake their heads frantically.

"David that motherfucker is dead. And you got no business to talk to us about this. We're not giving up any information and your skinny little arse better get up out of this alley if you know what's best for you." the big one said. She pushed the skinny and tiny woman who started walking away.

"Okay! Wait, can you at least tell me who I can talk to-"

"You really don't get it do you?" the big one asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"Nope. I never do." Jade said.

"Well at least we got to see her alive. Listen honey, Pervnas Henley was just a wand dealer…nothing too bad, but David Greem was one of the Greem brothers." The tiny one whispered.

"The Greem brothers?" Jade asked.

"You never heard of the Greem brothers?!" the tiny one asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"I'm fucked! We're both fucked! Let's get the hell out of here Gina!" the tiny one gasped.

"We're both fucked? YOU'RE fucked Elmira. I told you not to talk to her." Gina said.

Jade watched them leave and she pulled out her parchment with the address of Henley's workplace. He had a small office in Knockturn Alley where everything was abandoned after David Greem was murdered. Jade opened the door of the office building and walked up the narrow and crooked staircase.

She peered into the room and looked around to find no one inside. She snooped around, looking into Pervnas Henley's desk and thought that Pervnas would be really pissed off at her if he found out she was looking through his belongings.

The door opened and Jade quickly looked up to see a man that strikingly resembled Henley. He had cold brown eyes and blonde hair and looked exactly like Pervnas Henley. Jade had a feeling that this man really was Henley and by the looks of his mood, Henley wasn't so happy to see Jade either.

Why didn't anyone look happy to see her?

"Hi, I'm Jade We-"

"I know who you are." He cut in.

"Right…well that's good then. No need for an introduction. I was actually-"

"I saw you talking to those whores. I know what you're up to and I don't like it one bit." He said, taking Jade's broom from her hand. He threw it hard against the wall and it cracked into two.

"My Cleansweeper!" Jade yelled. Pervnas's eyes turned into dark slits and he stalked towards Jade.

"Do you know what I do to women that snoop around?" he asked. Jade backed away, trying to move her way towards the door.

"No…and I don't really like to know. Can't we just sit and talk about this like normal human beings?" Jade asked.

"You're making a big mistake, getting yourself involved in this case." Pervnas said, moving a table from their way.

"You know Malfoy didn't kill David." Jade said seeing him flinch. "Did you kill David?" Jade asked.

"NO!" Pervnas roared his eyes wide with fear. He swallowed, starting to tremble, but Jade couldn't understand why he was so scared about.

"Then who killed David Greem?" Jade asked. Pervnas let out an earsplitting scream and jumped on Jade, tackling her to the ground.

"You'll never know because I'll kill you. Draco Malfoy will die with this murder in his hands; I don't care if he's innocent!" Pervnas hissed in Jade's face.

He raised his hand to hit her but Jade quickly brought her knee up to his stomach, hearing him grunt. Jade quickly scrambled away from him and started to make her way to the stairs but Pervnas grabbed a fistful of her shirt from behind and the two went flying down the stairs. Jade felt her head get a good hit in the front and a few places on her hands and legs. Pervnas yelled angrily as they tumbled down and as they soon hit the floor, Jade tried to run away but Pervnas held on to her shirt, trying to bring her closer so he could have a firm grip on a body part so he could drag her in.

There was only one thing that Jade could do, so she slipped out of her shirt, letting it get pulled out over her head, leaving it on Pervnas's hands. Jade bolted and never once looked back or even cared about the curious and alarmed looks of the people nearby when they saw a woman with a black bra and jeans running for her dear life.

Jade ran out of Diagon Alley, into a muggle street, still running aimlessly. When her feet started to burn and her chest felt like it was about to pop, Jade slowed down and tried to regain her breath, looking around for Pervnas.

"Hey sexy, how about cooling off with a drink in my place?" a muggle teenage boy asked, making an explicit gesture with his mouth and hands.

"Eat my shit!" Jade screamed, taking out her wand.

"Language!" a woman said, covering her young daughters ears.

Before Jade went to blast the muggle boy into smithereens, someone made a grab at her hand and pushed it down. Jade turned around, thinking it was Pervnas but felt temporary relief when she saw Draco, who started to pull her away.

"Get in the car, now." He said. Jade didn't need to be told twice. She was outside, out of her mind and without a shirt on. She jumped into the dark green car that had been sitting outside of her apartment this afternoon and closed the door. Draco got into the driver's seat, shifted the gear and pulled off. He was quiet, letting her assess her thoughts. Jade had so much of them; she needed time to put them all together.

"Why were you following me?" Jade finally said, seeing Draco's jaw muscle tighten.

"Because you're starting to get on my nerves and I didn't want you to complicate this case any further, but guess what cupcake, you really fucked this up now!" He yelled. Jade winced, feeling a tad bit bad. She really did fuck everything up a lot.

"Not that I care about you but I'll be charged for your arse when the real murderer comes out to get you. That's why I told you not to complicate this case by putting yourself in, let things be but no…" Draco sang the last part. "You had to-"

"I get the picture already. If you hadn't told me what was going on, maybe I would have put myself out of this." Jade said seeing Draco give her a chuckle.

"You're beyond my comprehension of crazy did you know that? I'm being serious with you Weasley, stay out of my way." He said turning the wheel. They rolled into Jade's parking lot and Draco parked his car.

"Take my jacket." Draco said shrugging his jacket off.

"I don't think so." Jade said as if he asked her to eat dog shit. He stopped, looking at her, puzzled by her.

"You don't want a jacket to hide the fact that you're barely naked?" Draco asked looking her down slowly. Jade resisted to roll her eyes and opened the door to leave.

"I don't need or want anything from you Malfoy and I definitely don't need you to keep an eye on me anymore." Jade said seeing him smirk.

"You sure about that? I'm pretty good with surveillance." He said, letting his eyes travel shamelessly to her chest.

"Maybe I'm wrong…you should watch out for me." Jade said seeing him grin. "Because I'm still coming after you." Jade finished. His grin dropped faster than Harry on a broomstick.

"You've been warned Weasley. I'm going to catch you off guard one day and you won't like it. I mean it Weasley, stay away from me." He said.

With that, Jade closed the door and saw him start the car and drive away, leaving the parking lot. Jade turned around to see the tenants of her entire apartment building watching her from the window.

"Is this how you kids dress nowadays? Because it's pretty damn disappointing!" an old woman said. She shut her window and drew the drapes.

"Don't mind her sweetheart, you look fan-tastic!" another old man said, smoking his cigar and sticking his thumb at Jade.

"Uh…thanks." Jade said and left.

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