The Aurseize

Part Five: Faint Of Heart

Draco trying to walk in the morning was something Jade had to laugh at. She nearly choked on her coffee as Draco limped by himself without his crutches.

"At least we know the potion is working." Jade said.

"I can't wait until my leg is fully healed. Get those two other bastards on my own." Draco said writing an owl to his Healer.

"Last time you did that, you broke your leg. If you break your leg again this time, I'll break your head open." Jade warned.

"Ouch." Draco said tying the letter to his eagle's leg. He sent off his eagle and fell back, exhausted on his bed.

"Let me get your potion and when your Healer arrives, I'll leave to the Ministry." Jade said.

"Why do you need to go to the Ministry? Stop leaving me by myself, I get really bored you know." Draco said.

The doorbell rang from downstairs and Jade left to answer it.

"We bought Firewhiskey, junk food and Wizard's porn." Blaise said holding up a vulgar case in front of Jade.

"Wow nice. How thoughtful." Jade quipped.

"Jade? Who is it?" Draco asked from upstairs.

"Honey we're home!" Albert said loud enough for Draco to hear.

"Cripes." Draco said. Jade let them in and pointed upstairs for them to see Draco.

"We figured we have an entire day of manly bonding since we have a day off and you're leg is broken." Albert explained.

Jade poured Draco's potion into a cup and handed it to him.

"Drink up and I'll be on my way. The Healer will be here in a few and can you please feed Jerry?" Jade asked Draco who nodded. "I'll see you later?" Jade asked.

Draco put his arms around her and gave a pointed look towards Blaise and Albert who jumped and exited the room. He kissed Jade and tugged her skirt down, seeing her pull away from him.

"Behave yourself." Jade said. "

I love you." Draco said seeing her kiss his forehead.

"Love you." She walked away and left, hugging Blaise and Albert goodbye.

"You have so many more files ahead of you but these are the files that really need to be taken care of before any of the rest." Parvati said handing Jade a couple of files.

"This is nice. I'll actually manage to have myself killed before the day is over." Jade said enthusiastically at Parvati who didn't smile. Jade clicked her teeth and walked around Parvati's table to hug her.

"I know it must be hard and confusing at the same time because she's your sister but it'll be okay love." Jade said. Parvati nodded, hastily wiping her tears.

"I think I need a break you know? Some fresh air." She squeaked.

Jade pressed the red button on the telephone reception and Ron picked up.

"What now?" he asked sounding bored.

"Parvati's feeling a little sick. She's taking the rest of the day off." Jade said. Ron's office door flew open and Ron stomped out.

"No!" he said.

"I have my period and I think my-"

"Stop! Make her stop! Take her away before any mental images!" Ron said clapping his hands to his ears. Parvati grabbed her purse and Jade left, sending Ron a little wave.

"It's finally so relieving to get out of work and do something with a friend." Parvati said as they walked up the stairs in a building for Jade's apprehension.

"And what about men?" Jade asked seeing Parvati give a disgusted sigh.

"I never find a man good enough for me! I'm 26 without a husband and children, living in a small squished apartment, working for Ron Weasley." Parvati said.

"Well the last part is a little sad but what does it matter if you're without a husband and child? You don't need a man and children to fulfill your life." Jade said.

"Oh yeah? What would you do if you didn't have Harry or Draco in your life?" Parvati asked. Jade shrugged. She had felt lonely before after calling off her engagement with Alfie, but she always had Jerry.

"I have a pet turtle…I wouldn't be so lonely. Why don't you get a pet?" Jade asked. Parvati looked like she was considering the idea.

"That sounds nice actually. Someone who can keep me company and protect me, be loyal-"

"We're looking for a pet, not a perfect man." Jade said seeing Parvati gasp.

"I could get a dog!" Parvati said.

They heard someone walking up the stairs and looked down to see Ryker appearing.

"I'm invisible." He said.

"Not with those tattoos you're not." Parvati said.

Jade knocked on the door of her fugitive and waited for a few minutes until a pregnant woman opened the door.

"Are you Chelsea Stanford?" Jade asked seeing Chelsea nod. "Why?" she asked.

"You're…um…wanted for stealing from a muggle sweetshop." Jade said looking up from her paper.

"Muggle sweetshop? For what?" Parvati asked.

"I'm a single pregnant mother with cravings that could kill an army of chocolate owls. Don't you have children of yourselves?" she asked.

Jade chuckled and put a hand on her stomach.

"Oh you don't need to be pregnant to have monster cravings once in a while." Jade said.

"You have monster cravings all the time. I get cravings when I'm nervous or that time of the month when-"

Ryker cleared his throat from downstairs and Chelsea leaned sideways to see Ryker standing at the bottom steps with his arms crossed.

"Wow…look at all those muscles. I bet he could open a bottle with a squeeze of his arse." Chelsea said.

Jade reddened and tried not to think about Ryker trying to open a bottle with his arse.

"Well…we're going to have you take you to the Ministry." Jade said taking out her wand.

"For bloody Pete's sake, I only held up a muggle sweetshop! Why can't they excuse me for my pregnancy? The Ministry has a real sting up their arse you know and I can sue for discrimination against pregnant mothers!" Chelsea screamed.

"I need you to turn around so I can lock your arms." Jade said.

"No! I'm not going and no one will make me!" Chelsea said.

"What if we tell the hunky muscle man to squeeze your head off with his arse? Will you go with us then? You probably would." Parvati said.

Ryker came up the stairs to help take Chelsea and Jade went to explain but a rush of water fell between Chelsea's legs and everyone stared at her.

"My water broke!" she screamed.

Jade paled and staggered back but the one who took it hard had fallen with a large crash.

She swore the entire building shook when Ryker fell, like a big old tree in the forest. She saw Ryker lying on the floor, face down and unconscious as Chelsea started growling from her contractions.

"We need to take her to the hospital." Parvati squeaked, dancing away from the water on the floor. Jade immediately tapped her wand to send to St. Mungos.

"What do we have here?" Seamus asked appearing within minutes.

"She's about to have a child and he's unconscious." Jade said seeing Seamus grin.

"Ah, I've seen cases like this one too many times. It's always a pregnant woman and an unconscious man." Seamus said bending over towards Chelsea.

"I need you to breathe deeply. In and out." He said to Chelsea who nodded. Seamus looked at Jade and Parvati who stared at him wide eyed and he gestured for them to join along.

"You too. Breathe in and out." He said.

Jade and Parvati breathed in deeply and saw Seamus checking Chelsea thoroughly.

"You're fully dilated love. We need to send you to the hospital to have a baby!" Seamus said helping her up. He took her hand and squatted down to Ryker.

"Wake up laddie." Seamus said slapping Ryker's face lightly. Ryker stirred awake and opened his eyes slowly.

"What happened?" he asked.

"You fainted." Jade told him.

"We need to take you to the hospital as well big boy. Make sure you haven't hurt anything in that bald head of yours." Seamus said. He tapped his wand and apparated with Chelsea as another Healer came in.

"You know what Parvati? I'm going to go with Ryker and stay until he feels better. Go home and relax." Jade said seeing Parvati nod.

"Sucks to be you sometimes." She said. She kissed Jade's cheek and left, leaving Jade to apparate with Ryker to the hospital. She flipped her phone open and immediately called Knox in case he was looking for them.

"Knox." Knox answered.

"Right, Knox I sort of have a problem." Jade said.

"Are you okay?" he asked immediately.

"Peachy, but I can't say the same for Ryker." Jade said.

"Where are you?" Knox asked quickly.

"St. Mungo's." Jade answered.

Knox ended the conversation and Jade saw a middle aged Healer exit Ryker's room.

"A small concussion but nothing too serious. If you would fill out those forms here." The Healer said. Jade took the clipboard from the Healer and filled out the forms until Knox and the two blonde men showed up.

"Minor concussion, nothing serious. Tell him I said sorry and that I gave him flowers." Jade said pointing to the small vase on a table.

Knox nodded, looking a little scared of Jade who walked out, waving at them.

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