The Aurseize

Part Five: Mud Wrestling Champion

Jade went out of the hospital and looked at the next fugitive.

"Capella Ackhart." Jade said.

She took her broom to Capella's home and knocked on her door. A thin old man with hair creeping out of his nose and thick black glasses opened the door and squinted at Jade.

"We don't want any cookies!" he yelled at her.

"Sorry actually. My name is Jade Weasley and I'm an Aurseize from the Ministry of Magic." Jade said seeing him stare at her with befuddlement.

"Heh?!" he asked cupping his ear. Jade took out Capella's picture and showed it to him.

"HAVE YOU SEEN HER?" Jade yelled seeing him nod.

"She's probably placing her bet on some butch wrestling around in mud. If you see her, tell her she's going to get an old fashioned beating from her old man. In my days, we never used to raise children the way they are now! Too bad we have both muggle and Ministry government turning kids into spoiled brats!" he spat.

"Where is this mud wrestling place?" Jade asked loudly.

She quickly wrote down the address with difficulty since Capella's father couldn't hear himself or Jade's questions. As soon as she got the address down, she ran away and hopped on her broom to find the place where Capella was watching mud wrestling. When Jade finally reached the building, she walked into the alleyway and stopped in front of a black metal door. She knocked on it and a small latch big enough to fit a hand through opened and a pair of brown eyes with bright green eye shadow peered out at her.

"What's the word?" the person asked behind the door. Jade gave a mouth shrug and rocked back and forth on her heels.

"Please?" Jade asked.

The pair of eyes rolled and the latch shut. Jade frowned and knocked on it again.

"What?" the voice asked as the eyes glared.

"Ten Galleons." Jade said.

"Fifteen." The voice said immediately.

"Five" Jade said.


The door opened and Jade looked at a tall man dressed as a woman. Jade handed him five galleons and walked inside. She went down the stairs lit with a red light and heard a small crowd cheering. Jade opened a door in front of her and walked into the mud wrestling tournament. She saw a large looking woman and another attractive blonde trying to run away but ended up getting thrown into the mud by the large woman.

"Merlin's beard." Jade breathed.

"So what's a cute girl like you doing here?" a voice asked in her ear. She felt a man run his hand around her waist and she turned around, pushing him away from her.

"I'm married and I have a boyfriend…don't start with me." Jade said seeing the boyishly cute man with dark hair and eyes raise his hands and grin.

"Just wanted to be nice." He said.

"Back off." Jade said.

He shrugged and went to leave but Jade realized that he could know where Capella was.

"Wait! Get back here." Jade said seeing him turn around and smile.

"Couldn't resist me eh? I'm Michael. How about I buy you a drink?" he asked.

"I don't think so. I need you to tell me where Capella Ackhart is." Jade said taking out a picture of Capella. Michael looked disappointed in Jade and sighed.

"You're into women aren't you? Shit I knew it." He said.

"I'm not a lesbian! I'm an Aurseize!" Jade said seeing him laugh at her.

"Oh you're an Aurseize now aren't you? Then I'm Voldemort." Michael said, his eyes glinting darkly.

Jade rolled her eyes and went to walk away but she felt Michael grab her from the back and slam her against wall nearby.

"Listen and listen closely. Drop the Bertie Bott's case and no one gets hurt." He said in her ear.

"And if you don't, we'll just have to corner you one day and-" he traced a finger across her neck and chuckled darkly.

"Understand?" he asked smoothly.

Jade gulped and Michael smiled.

"Good girl." He said as the crowd cheered when the blonde was badly defeated by the woman. He pushed her away and whistled loudly to get the crowd's attention. Everyone looked his way and he pointed towards Jade.

"This adorable little kitten just told me that she could kick the tits out of Ursula the Bear!" he said to everyone who cheered and hooted. Jade paled and looked at Michael who shrugged, pushing her towards the ring.

"I d-d-don't want to fight!" Jade squeaked.

"Looks like the big tough Aurseize is shaking without her four eyed husband and broken legged boyfriend." Michael sang.

He kept pushing her until her back was against the ring. People were yelling and booing, seeing that Jade didn't want to go up there. Jade suddenly felt someone grab her by her shirt collar and hoist her off the ground. She was slammed into the mud pit and she looked up to see Ursula the Bear snarling at her. Ursula was a 230 pound woman of raging meat, waiting to squish Jade right into the mud.

"Listen, you look like a really nice person but I don't like to fight at all. I'm a very gentle-"

Ursula let out an animalistic yell and charged for Jade who screamed and tried to run away but slipped. Ursula tripped over Jade and fell into the corner of the pit as Jade scrambled up and tried to get out of the ring.

"Get back in!" the audience yelled, preventing Jade from squirming out.

"You don't understand! I have a family!" Jade screamed.

She felt Ursula yank her back on to the pit and throw her into the center. Jade sputtered from the mud on her face and before she could open her eyes, Ursula fell on top of her. Jade felt like she couldn't breathe. Her ribs were pinned to the ground and her face was sinking into the mud. Ursula got off of her and pulled her up, pulling Jade's shirt off. The audience erupted in louder cheers and yells and Jade tried to squirm away but her shirt ended up being ripped from her.

"That's my shirt you big ugly brute! Give-it-back!" Jade shouted with every word.

Ursula yanked the shirt from Jade's hands and Jade stumbled forward, falling back into the mud again. She looked down at her bra and mentally cursed herself. That's what it all narrowed down to at the end of the day on her job as an Aurseize.

Ursula then grabbed Jade's leg and started to pull her pants off.

"No! Not my pants!" Jade screamed.

"Take off her clothes! Take off her clothes!" The crowd chanted.

Jade kicked Ursula and she was dropped to the ground with her pants hanging to her ankles. Jade tried to flop away but Ursula grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"Stop trying to undress me!" Jade screamed at her.

"This is what I do for a living!" Ursula screamed back.

Ursula slammed Jade to the ground and successfully took off her pants. Jade was left in her underwear and she was starting to get desperate. It was either to undress or be undressed. Ursula ran towards Jade and Jade moved aside and grabbed Ursula's arm and knocked her to the ground. Everyone gasped, seeing the tiny what used to be a redhead, covered in mud from head to toe, bring Ursula the Bear down. Jade quickly sat on top of Ursula and hooked her legs between her head as Harry showed her and she proceeded to snap the clothes off of Ursula.

"One, Two, Three! We have a new champion!" the referee announced.

Everyone screamed and Jade hopped off of Ursula and wasted no time leaving the pit. The referee awarded her a large golden belt, written on it; 'Mud Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.'

"I'd like to thank my Dad, my Aunt Muriel, the rest of my family and friends, Draco and Harry; goodbye." Jade said quickly. She walked through the crowd, looking for Michael but he had already left.

"Hey, I loved the way you moved in there. How about teaching me a few lessons?" a girl with short spiky blonde hair asked.

It was Capella Ackhart and she was hitting on Jade who was horrified.

"I…ew, I mean. Okay?" Jade said. Capella grinned and touched Jade's arm.

"I love a dirty girl." Capella said. Jade wanted to kill herself.

She walked out of the place and went outside with Capella who kept making dirty suggestions.

"My place or yours?" Capella asked.

"Definitely mine." Jade said grabbing her hand and apparating. Jade was in front of Draco's house and walked up to it.

"You sure live in a nice clean neighborhood. I bet these people even read stories to their chumps, shower everyday and bake pies. You have a nice steaming pie waiting for me in there don't you?" Capella asked.

"You have no idea." Jade said pounding on the door.

Blaise opened the door and looked at Capella then Jade.

"We have a very hot blonde and the swamp monster." Blaise said.

"It's me. Jade." Jade said as Albert came into view.

"Wow...nice." Albert said guffawing.

"So are these your roommates or something?" Capella asked as Draco came into view, looking at Jade with unfathomable disbelief.

"It's okay; I switch often to guys every now and then. I'm sure we can all have fun tonight; right?" Capella asked spanking Jade who jumped.

"Did you just spank my girlfriend?" Draco asked, looking aghast.

"Wow…who is the blonde? I'm creaming myself all the-"

"EW! Okay! Stop it! For fucking sake's there's a limit to everything!" Jade cried.

"Is that a Championship belt you're wearing?" Blaise asked taking the belt from Jade. Draco, Albert and Blaise looked over the belt and Capella yawned.

"Mud wrestling? Why the fuck for?" Draco asked looking up.

"I don't like you, you know. I thought we were friends! How could you not have invited me to watch you wrestle in your underwear?" Albert asked.

"We would have given you so much support!" Blaise said theatrically.

Jade looked at Draco who shrugged.

"I'm a bit bummed I wasn't invited to see this either." Draco said.

"She was an animal up there. Brought that Ursula down like a stack of bricks and undressed her faster than anyone could undress a woman." Capella winked.

"We're going to need to see a rematch." Blaise pointed.

"You have absolutely no idea how turned on I am." Albert shuddered.

"So am I. That's why she brought me with her to show me a couple of moves if you know what I mean." Capella said knocking her shoulders with Jade.

Draco laughed nervously and took Jade away.

"The only move you're going to see is me slamming the door in your face." Draco said.

"Actually, I'm an Aurseize and you were charged for sleeping with an underage wizard; you're going to the Ministry." Jade said to Capella.

"I'm so hot for you right now." Draco said shaking his head.

"We'll escort her to the Ministry…unless you need help with-" Albert started.

"Goodnight boys, thanks for today." Draco said shutting the door. He turned around to Jade who shrugged at him.

"I don't know what to say or where to start." Draco said.

"Well…you can always rinse me off if your leg is feeling better." Jade said seeing Draco's mouth slowly stretch into a smile.

"Should I be careful? You might make a move on me and rip me off of my clothes." Draco said seeing her run upstairs. He quickly took off his shirt and followed Jade into the bathroom, locking it shut.

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