The Aurseize

Part Five: Attempted Kidnap

"I saw the guy who wore You-Know-Who's mask, his name is Michael." Jade said walking around the next day in the neighborhood with Draco whose leg had completely healed.

"Michael? How did you meet him?" Draco asked.

Jade explained yesterday's encounter with Michael and Draco nodded.

"So he's been following you. That's certainly not settling with me very well." Draco said tightly. Jade squeezed Draco's hand tightly and kissed his shoulder.

"If he hurts you again, I'm going to kill him this time." Jade said wrapping her arms around Draco.

"I'll help a little so I won't feel too left out." Draco said kissing her.

A couple of children ran past Draco and Jade.

"Hi Mr. Malfoy! Hello Mrs. Malfoy!" they said running away, chasing each other.

"They called you Mrs. Malfoy, how cute." Draco said nuzzling Jade's cheek with his nose.

Jade and Draco walked back home and started to fix up a quick meal for lunch. The doorbell rang and Draco opened the door to Hermione, Ron, Rose, Hugo, Aunt Muriel, Bilius Weasley, Molly, Arthur, Rita, Shetty, Ginny, Narcissa and Gary.

"What the hell is this? Did someone die?" Draco asked watching them entering his house.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but Bilius is still hanging in there." Aunt Muriel said sitting on Draco's sofa.

"How are you my son?" Narcissa asked kissing Draco's cheeks.

"My leg is all better now." Draco said giving Gary a short hug.

"Dumbledore and a few Aurors will be visiting us shortly." Hermione told Draco. Jade walked into the living room and saw everyone smiling at her.

"Wow…is it someone's birthday today? Did anyone bring cake?" Jade asked desperately.

"Always thinking about cake. You're getting wider than you are getting older." Aunt Muriel said.

"Oh Jade looks absolutely fine Aunt Muriel." Molly said.

Hugo ran over towards Jade and reached his hands up for her to pick him up.

"Hello handsome." Jade said tickling Hugo's stomach as he giggled.

"So what's this meeting arranged for?" Draco asked bringing in the sandwiches from the kitchen.

"Well tomorrow is the Cook Off and we've been exhausting ourselves like no other, trying to find the right recipe and mixing and matching. We're not going down without winning!" Rita said.

"If we don't win after all we've been through…someone will." Shetty said looking at Jade absentmindedly. Gary cleared his throat and turned to Draco and Jade.

"The only way we can make a definite capture is if we continue the Cook-Off tomorrow. Those two will be wherever the secret recipe and the quarter of a million Galleons will be." Gary explained.

The doorbell rang again and Draco got up to greet Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Shacklebolt and Moody walked in. Everyone got up and welcomed them. Rita scurried over to Jade's side and grabbed her arm.

"Jade! I think I left the coffee maker on!" Rita said.

Jade gaped at Rita, wondering why in the world her apartment out of everything else was the target of burning practices.

"Rita!" Jade said.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I don't even know if I left it on or not, maybe it's not?" Rita shrugged. Jade walked away from Rita, towards Draco.

"I need to make a quick run. I'll be back." Jade whispered, seeing him look confused and try to get her back.

"Why? Do you need me to come with you?" Draco asked seeing her shake her head.

"Rita thinks she left the coffee maker on. I'll come back in a minute please? I don't want to burn my apartment down again." Jade pleaded.

Draco kissed her and let her go, seeing her run out. Jade apparated in front of her building and ran into it, going upstairs to her apartment. Jade took out her keys and unlocked the door, smelling coffee brewing from inside. She opened the door and walked inside, missing her apartment. She saw hints of Shetty and Rita living in her apartment. It smelled a lot like them, or more like Shetty but it was kept fairly neat. Jade walked over to the coffee pot and saw two steaming cups of coffee and the coffee maker off. She looked at it strangely and heard someone shifting behind her.

Before Jade went to turn around, someone pulled a black cloth over her head and wrapped it tightly around her neck, nearly suffocating her. They pushed her away and Jade panicked, trying to stay put by putting the brakes on her knees.

"Get up!" the voice hissed.

Jade whimpered and struggled to stay back but another pair of hands grabbed her feet and the two people moved her by force. She heard a creak of a doorway and the person holding her legs drop her. There was a scuffle and a whirlwind of movement all around her that Jade didn't know what was going on. She was kicked and stepped on and Jade let out an angry yell, trying to get up but someone grabbed her and mercilessly dragged her away. Jade fought back, trying to kick and swing her arms but the person grabbing her tightened the hold on her neck and Jade choked, trying to loosen the hold with her hands. Shots were heard going off and Jade heard a stampede in her apartment and she prayed that she wouldn't be the one who got shot again. The sound of her window in her bedroom crashed and someone roared in pain.

She felt a pair of strong and callous hands grab her and before Jade could think, she curled her hands into a fist and fed the person trying to manhandle her, a knuckle sandwich. She heard a small gurgle and Jade wasted no time kicking him as hard as she could.

"There's no way you're taking me down without a fight motherfu-"

Someone nearby burst into laughter, laughing their lungs off. Jade stopped, knowing that she heard that laughter before. She quickly took off the black cloth from her head and saw Harry laughing over her sink at her.

"Harry?" Jade asked.

She looked down at Knox who was bleeding profusely from his nose, rolling around in pain.

"Knox!" Jade exclaimed. She knelt down and tried to help Knox but he shook his head wildly and crawled away from her.

"I didn't know you packed such a good punch. Maybe you should get in the ring with me one day." Harry said walking away. He left into Jade's bedroom and Jade looked puzzled, trying to understand what actually was going on.

"What the fuck?"

Jade turned around to see Draco standing at the doorway, looking at Knox who was making a river of blood in Jade's shaggy crème carpets.

"What did you do to him?" Draco asked walking in.

Jade went to speak but Harry appeared in the living room and locked eyes with Draco who didn't look so pleased to see him.

"What's he doing here?" Draco asked, trying to constrain his outrage.

"I actually have no idea. I came here to shut the coffee maker off and someone just pulled this thing over me and starts choking me." Jade said holding up the small black bag. A few Healers showed up and Harry pointed to the bedroom.

"Be careful with his ribs." Harry said as they walked into Jade's bedroom. Jade saw Zane lying on the floor, with a large gash on his head and clutching his ribs.

"Bertie Bott's killers tried to kidnap you. It's a good thing Knox followed you in here." Harry said.

Another Auror tended to Knox's broken nose and Draco looked at Jade.

"You broke his nose?" Draco asked seeing Jade redden. "I didn't mean to. I thought he was one of the kidnappers." Jade said as Harry cracked a smile.

"He deserves it…he married us after all didn't he?" Harry asked.

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