The Aurseize

Part Five: Marketplace

Jade sat in the waiting area with Harry sitting in front of her and Draco sitting right next to her. Neither of them said a word but Harry looked pretty comfortable while Draco sat back in his seat, trying not to send murderous looks at Harry. On their way to St. Mungo's Harry told both Draco and Jade that the Bertie Bott's killers were on their way to leave the apartment with Jade but Zane caught them in the middle of it. They abandoned Jade by trying to leap out of the bedroom window and Zane was hurt as he tried to jump out the window, only to have one of the Bertie Bott's killers crush the window pane on him.

Jade sighed and sat back, twiddling her fingers. She made slow popping noises with her mouth and looked at Draco and Harry who were both probably thinking if she really belonged to the psychiatric ward of a mental hospital.

The door banged open and Ginny stormed in, a few months into her pregnancy.

"Where is he?! Where's my Zane?" Ginny asked, her face flushing brightly. Jade got up and Ginny spotted her.

"I heard he was hurt? How in the world did this happen?" Ginny asked clutching on to Jade's shoulders. The patients, nurses and Healers all stopped to see Ginny make a scene as Jade tried to comfort her.

"He's still being treated, you need to calm down and-"

"Calm down? The father of my child is in there and you want me to calm down? Do you have any idea how it feels like to have a man you love in there hanging by the thread of his life?" Ginny asked fiercely.

Jade backed away from Ginny who spotted Harry.

"And you. You dirty, rotten, selfish man! You think you're so tough aren't you? Well you're nothing!" Ginny screamed at him.

Jade looked at Harry nervously, hoping that he wasn't going to shoot Ginny. Instead Harry sent a sharp stare towards Ginny; silent.

"Don't you dare not speak to me! You better tell me where Zane is right now. That's right I'm not afraid of you Potty Saint Potter and I swear by all things holy if something happens to my Zane I'll blow your head off with your own gun…you too Malfoy!" Ginny huffed.

Draco snorted and covered his face with a hand, shaking in his own muted laughter.

"Ginny is that you? Love you have to keep it down. This is a hospital, not a marketplace." Seamus said.

Jade banged her head against the wall as Ginny gave Seamus an earful. After Ginny was done screaming at Seamus, Seamus agreed to take Ginny to see Zane. Ginny disappeared and Draco spewed out in laughter.

"I can't believe she called you Potty Saint Potter!" he laughed.

The corners of Harry's lips tugged.

"Been a while since someone called me that." Harry said.

"People still call me the Amazing Bouncing Ferret…good to know I'm not alone anymore." Draco shrugged looking at Jade who shook her head at him.

"I guess I'm losing my touch." Harry said as Draco chuckled.

"She totally called your bluff-" Draco switched his voice to a shrill. "Don't you dare not speak to me!"

Harry laughed lightly along with Draco and Jade smiled, starting to like that they were getting along.

"Well what about the time when she threatened to blow your heads off with Harry's gun?" Jade asked laughing.

Harry and Draco's smile fell and they stared at Jade intensely.

"That was funny right? No?" Jade asked, scratching her head.

"Is that funny to you?" Harry asked seeing Jade shrink in her seat.

"No…No I…I just thought-" Jade said softly but Draco cut in.

"So you'd laugh if you saw your cousin blow my head off? I'm the only chance you have for a baby." Draco said seriously.

Jade felt as if she were about to cry.

"I didn't mean it that way. I really didn't." Jade squeaked.

Harry and Draco slowly smiled, leaving Jade feeling incredibly bitter towards them.

"Fuck you both; I'm getting a chocolate frog." Jade said getting up to leave.

"Too easy." Draco said watching Jade walk away.

"Works every time." Harry said.

Jade bought a couple of chocolate frogs, Chocoballs, Licorice wands and Pumpkin pasties from the snack booth. She bought them back and ate them by herself, not bothering to ask Harry or Draco if they wanted any.

"All that sugar is going to weigh you down babe." Harry said.

Jade stuffed an entire Pumpkin pasty in her mouth in front of Harry who shook his head and looked away from her. Draco reached his hand across to take a chocolate frog from Jade but received a sharp slap on the wrist from her.

"Ouch." Draco said rubbing his hand.

"Serves you right. Don't expect me to give you any of my sweets for fucking around with me." Jade said.

Harry and Draco both suppressed a smile and turned their heads so Jade didn't have to see them. Before Jade went to start a scene, Seamus interrupted them by pushing Ginny towards them.

"I can't have her here. She's upsetting our patients and I need to have you take her out before I knock her out with a sleeping potion." Seamus said. Jade got up and took Ginny away from Seamus who ran off with his life, away from Ginny.

"They said I was upsetting everyone! Me? Upsetting?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, I know…shocking." Draco said getting up.

"Gin, I promise Zane will get better and as soon as he does, I'll bring you to see him all right? You can't stress yourself about this, it'll hurt the baby." Jade said. Ginny's lower lip trembled and she rested her head on Jade's shoulder.

"I hope he's all right." Ginny cried.

"He'll be fine love. He'll be fine." Jade said.

Ginny, Draco and Jade left the hospital after Seamus said Zane was doing much better and needed his sleep to recover from his wounds. Jade said goodbye to Harry and apparated back to Draco's home with Ginny. Ginny was welcomed by everyone who was still in Draco's home.

"Where have you both been? Dumbledore and the rest of the Aurors were waiting but had to leave for tomorrow." Hermione said seeing Draco scratch his head.

"Would it be unbelievable if I told you that Jade was nearly kidnapped by the Bertie Bott's killers?" Draco asked.

"What?!" Hermione asked.

"What happened dear?" Molly asked. Draco repeated what happened in Jade's apartment and their visit to the hospital.

"They didn't even let me see Zane. They said I was disturbing the peace." Ginny said.

"It was more like raping the peace." Draco suggested. Jade turned around and hit Draco lightly seeing him grin at his own joke.

"Sweetheart maybe you shouldn't go tomorrow. It's bad enough that they've tried to kidnap you and now…" Bilius said seeing Jade shake her head.

"I'm not staying home when everyone else will be out to capture the Bertie Bott's killers. I have to be a part of it!" Jade said.

"Why would you take this away from my niece? It's her only chance to kick the living juices out of the people who broke Draco's leg and almost kidnapped her today!" Aunt Muriel said.

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