The Aurseize

Part Five: Tofu Saved The Day

"Excuse me; have you seen a woman with red hair wearing the costume of the world?" Draco asked a wizard who was stroking his beard.

"Yes I have seen her. She asked me where the lady loo was." He said arrogantly.

Draco raised his eyebrow and before the man could explain an ear piercing scream interrupted them. Michael Corner and Padma Patil were running for their lives, their faces pale and frozen with terror and their hands locked together. Jade was running after them, pointing a gun at them.

"And there goes Miss World." The wizard said seeing Draco bolt after them.

Everyone froze, watching Michael Corner and Padma Patil being chased by a woman in a costume of the world with Draco behind her.

"Stop in the name of the law!" Jade screamed.

She passed by a horrified Rita, Bilius and Aunt Molly while Aunt Muriel yelped in excitement and aimed a large uncooked block of tofu at Michael's head.

"She shot me! Shot me in the head!" Michael stopped. Padma crashed into Michael and Jade crashed into the two, sending Draco flying on top of them.

"Ow!" Padma and Michael groaned. Draco quickly got off of Jade and pulled her up.

"Did I hurt you?" Draco asked touching her face.

"Nope. It's always pleasurable when you're on top." Jade said. Draco laughed and kissed her.

"I hate to break up the special moment but I can't breathe and Michael will bleed to death!" Padma growled.

"Oh stop getting your knickers in a twist. I only shot his finger, not his heart. Shit I should have gone for the heart." Jade said going to point the gun again. Draco took the gun away from her and got up, locking Padma and Michael's hands. He tapped his wand, seeing Lupin and Shacklebolt take them away.

"Good work Draco." Lupin said seeing Draco shake his head.

"It was all Jade." Draco said touching Jade's arm. Florean Fortescue, Mr. and Mrs. Flume and Madame Puddifoot rushed towards the scene.

"What on earth was all the ruckus about?" Florean Fortescue asked.

"Are these the remaining Bertie Bott's killers?" Ambrosius asked eyeing Michael and Padma indignantly.

"Yes, they are and they're being sent off to Azkaban where they belong." Lupin said. He pushed Michael forward and apparated with Shacklebolt and Padma.

"Well…this has finally ended the terror that was looming over this Cook-Off for Healthy Eating." Madame Puddifoot said.

Everyone burst into applause and cheers and Florean put his hands up into the air.

"Now we can truly celebrate the earth without having to have those terrible people in our midst again!" Florean said. Everyone cheered and Jade turned around to Draco who smiled.

"You saved the day…again." Draco said kissing her forehead.

"Not without my hero. I love you." Jade said. Draco hugged Jade tightly and picked her up, carrying her back to their tent.

"You did it! You captured the Bertie Bott killers!" Rita squealed jumping up and down. She hugged Jade tightly and kissed her cheek.

"You saved this competition!" Rita said.

"Excuse me? What about me? If I hadn't thrown that tofu, she'd be in Asia by now still trying to chase those wankers down." Aunt Muriel said.

"Thank you very much Aunt Muriel." Rita said kissing her hands.

"I knew I always liked you." Aunt Muriel said.

"What in the world happened? How did it happen?" Hermione asked rushing in with Ron and Harry.

"Where were you three?" Jade asked.

"Off in an adventure again." Draco said walking away.

Everyone narrated the story to them and Aunt Muriel made sure she was the one that got to tell everyone about her part.

"For the last time Aunt Muriel, you weren't riding on a unicorn when this happened!" Molly said.

"Party pooper." Aunt Muriel said.

"You shot him?" Hermione asked, pale with disbelief.

"Yeah Mione. I shot him good all right." Jade said.

"Merlin I can't believe it! You actually shot him?" Ron asked again.

"Yes!" Jade said starting to get irritated.

"So he was actually shot?" Hermione asked as Jade groaned.

"No! She threw the bullet at him!" Draco said sarcastically.

Harry curled his hand around Jade's hand and pulled her away.

"Why did you go off by yourself?" he asked. Jade noted that he was angry. He looked absolutely calm but knowing Harry by now, she knew him well enough to spot his moods.

"I needed to pee. I still haven't done that…" Jade said, twisting around in her costume.

"You could have asked me to walk you but-"

Draco walked towards them and Harry dropped Jade's hand and took a few steps back, not looking at Draco.

"See you." he said. With that he turned around and vanished with an apparition.

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