The Aurseize

Part Five: Got The World On A Strong

"I can't believe we won!" Rita cried holding up her golden trophy.

"We make a good team." Bilius said eating the remainder of the food that was left. Jade walked back with a few Firewhiskey's and handed them around.

"There you go. I can't wait until I get out of this stupid costume." Jade said patting her costume.

"Um…how long do I have to be here?" an uncomfortable Shetty asked from under Draco who looked down.

"Until Jade doesn't stop singing that jingle." Draco said.

"Jade please stop singing that jingle!" Shetty said.

"Honey get off of him." Jade giggled.

"Serves him right for giving you those brownies. I didn't even ask him to make them either." Rita said.

"Excuse me; may we have a picture of the contestant with the judges and the trophy? We also need to ask a few questions about your dishes!" a young journalist said with her parchment and quill. Rita nodded and pulled Bilius, Molly and Aunt Muriel.

Draco grinned at Jade and took his wand out. A band of white strings circled around her and Draco pulled her towards him.

"You know what song reminds me of you right now?" Draco asked.

"I hope it has nothing to do with bondage. We have children nearby." Jade said. Draco hummed a tune and tapped his feet.

I've got the world on a string
I'm sitting on a rainbow
Got the string around my finger
What a world, what a life - I'm in love!

Everyone turned towards Draco and Jade and chuckled, seeing Draco keep singing.

I've got a song that I sing
And I can make the rain go
Any time I move my finger
Lucky me, can't you see - I'm in love

Bilius clapped along and encouraged everyone else to join in.

Life's a wonderful thing
As long as I've got that string
I'd be a-

"Silly fanny faggot." Aunt Muriel cut in.

"If I should ever let you go." Draco sang getting up. He took Jade's hand and smiled at her.

"I've got the world on a string; I'm sitting on the rainbow! I've got that string around my finger. Oh, what a world, what a life…I am in love!"

He put his arms around her and kissed her nose as everyone continued to clap.

"He's in love, he's in love!" they sang.

"So am I." Jade said to Draco before kissing him. Jade and Draco apparated back home after the Healthy Eating Vegetarian Cook-Off.

"I'm going straight to the shower but before that I'm going to take a potion to settle my aching head." Jade said trying to shrug off of her costume. Draco unzipped the costume and helped Jade out.

"I'll join you so I can help to reach for those hard to reach areas." Draco said sliding his hands down her pants.

"I'd enjoy this so much more if I had that potion." Jade said.

"Fine. Let me go get it." He said kissing her.

He left and Jade picked up the costume, wondering if she should bury it or set it on fire. The doorbell rang and Jade answered it, seeing Dr. Ashcroft.

"Jade?" Dr. Ashcroft asked looking pleasantly surprised.

"Dr. Ashcroft?" Jade asked.

"You know Mr. Malfoy?" he asked seeing her nod.

"I sort of live with him." Jade said seeing him start to chuckle.

"So everything has fallen nicely into place. I came here to inform him that Madame Rosmerta was all right and to thank him once again for his donation that he kept anonymous but I suppose he's told you by now." Dr. Ashcroft said.

Jade dropped the costume from her hand and couldn't believe what she had just found out.

"W-what?" she breathed.

"Finally got the bloody potion. We need to clean the cupboard out-" Draco stopped to see Dr. Ashcroft and Jade both staring at him. From the look on Jade's face, he knew that she already found out.

"You made that donation for Madame Rosmerta?" Jade asked. Draco sighed, looking over Jade softly.

"Even though we weren't together…you still made that donation?" Jade asked. She broke into tears, touched by the generosity and strange mix of emotions that ran deeper than any previous feelings she had for Draco.

"I didn't want you to find out. Honest I didn't. I only wanted you to be happy, I always did…but when I saw you that day at the bank, trying to get a loan and asking your cousin for help, I had to do something." He said.

Jade tried to smile at Draco but her face kept wrinkling from crying. She ran her hands down Draco's arms and back up, trying to think of the right words to say.

"I don't understand." She wept.

"Understand what?" Draco asked.

"How you could be so nice…not that I'm saying you're an arse…but that I've never seen someone do something so nice for a person before. You saved Madame Rosmerta's life." Jade said seeing Draco smile at her.

"You were willing to empty out your own pockets and take out loans just so you could save Madame Rosmerta so what does that make me? I only did this for you Jade, because I know how much Madame Rosmerta means to you. I love you and you know that. Even if we're not together, there's nothing you could say or do to stop me from caring about you. I don't care how many puppies you've boiled or how many times you marry Potter; you could even be the next Dark Wizard but you would always see me finding my way back to you again. I'm a man in love Jade…and a man in love with a woman is her servant, forever and always." He said.

Jade shook her head and before she started crying again, she collided against Draco, wrapping her arms around him.

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