The Aurseize

End Of Part Five: Rosemerta's Death

A Few Months Later

"She's so beautiful." Jade said softly trying not to cry. Draco stood pressed behind Jade's back, looking over her shoulder at the pretty pink baby girl she was holding.

"She's so tiny." Draco said touching her small fingers.

The baby opened her big brown eyes and stared at Draco and Jade with fascination.

"She's staring at us. How do I look?" Draco asked seriously.

Jade pushed him with her shoulder, feeling him kiss her cheek. Jade felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see her father smiling warmly at the baby.

"She looks just like her mother." Bilius said.

The baby opened her mouth and a large screeching cry filled the room.

"She doesn't seem to agree." Draco said.

"Cripes I forgot how those things sounded like." Aunt Muriel said walking out of the room. Ginny groaned and placed her hands on her face.

"This is the fifth time she's cried like that and my uterus hasn't gone back to the right size yet." Ginny said. The nurse gently took the baby from Jade's arms and carried her towards Ginny who took out her breast to feed the baby.

"That's gross, I asked you nicely to not do that in front of me." Draco said looking away.

"You try pushing a screaming thirteen pound human being out of your vagina and get back to me then but right now, I could give a shit!" Ginny barked. The baby started screaming, obviously startled by Ginny and Jade pushed Draco out of the door.

"Honestly Malfoy." Jade said when they got out.

Draco shrugged and went to say something but they heard Zane run towards them with a bouquet of flowers and a bag of Honeydukes sweets.

"Thanks for the advice." He said quickly. Jade gave him a thumbs up.

"Any time big boy. You knock her dead…or whatever." Jade said seeing Zane nod.

It was unusual to see Zane carry out the duties of being a first time father. She would usually see him as Harry's main man, carrying out tasks and throwing men the size of giants out of windows. He always looked focus and knew what he wanted to do and how to do it; maybe except when he was told to watch Jade from time to time. Now he was all over the place with Ginny and a new 13 pound baby girl who still had no name.

"I'm scared to get you pregnant now." Draco blurted, seeing Ginny snarling at Zane who was cowering against the wall.

"Well…I don't think I'll be that bad. I won't throw your flowers or sweets-HEY! THOSE ARE FRESH SWEETS WOMAN!" Jade screamed leaving Draco. She burst through the doors and picked up the cakes and pastries from the floor and stuffed them into the Honeydukes bag that Zane brought in.

"These aren't playthings you know. You can't throw them on the floor…these things need to be treated with respect. Do you hear me?! Now if you hadn't just given birth to my niece I would have made you say sorry to them, but I'll go in peace." Jade said. She walked out, trying not to make eye contact with Ginny whose eyes grew wide with rage and shock by the size of her own baby. Jade exited Ginny's room seeing Draco laughing hard against the wall.

"We need to make a quick exit." Jade said pulling him along. Draco's laughter started dying down and he wrapped an arm around her and kissed her.

"I always thought everyone was unique in their own way but you're pretty damn intimidating for all of us extraordinary people." Draco said.

They apparated back to Draco's house and Jade started on dinner until there was a frantic knock on the door. Jade set down the wooden spoon and walked out of the kitchen and bumped into Draco.

"What happened?" Jade asked.

Hermione appeared behind him with Hugo in her arms.

"Jade…it's Madame Rosmerta." Hermione said.

"We've tried everything we could but she's leaving. She is in intense pain and it'll be incredibly hard for you to see her now but if you wish, you are most welcome." Dr. Ashcroft said. He took a firm hold of Jade's hand with both of his.

"I know this is very hard but you need to know that she won't make it very long anymore. I need you to be prepared." He said.

Jade only stared at him with her large brown eyes; terrified.

"Do you understand me Jade?" Dr. Ashcroft asked.

Jade felt the tears dropping from her lashes on her lap, trying desperately to search of an excuse on Dr. Ashcroft's face. She needed him to tell her that he was joking, that Madame Rosmerta was absolutely fine and ready to run the pub like she was supposed to a few months back. Dr. Ashcroft released her hands and sat in his seat, watching her gravely. Draco touched her hand and held on to her tightly, feeling her turn to him.

"She'll be all right, wont she? Dr. Ashcroft is lying to me right Draco?" Jade asked seeing Draco wear down.

"Draco?" Jade whispered.

"You need to see Madame Rosmerta, Jade." Draco said.

"Mr. Malfoy-"

"Before she regrets it." Draco interrupted.

Dr. Ashcroft's hands fell on his lap and he sighed. With a silent nod, he rose from his chair and guided them out of his office, towards a large white room. Jade heard the steady soft beeps of the heart monitor. A nurse removed the room curtain and revealed Madame Rosmerta propped on her bed, breathing from an oxygen tank. Jade covered her mouth, staring in horror at Madame Rosmerta's frail body. She was bald and her cheeks sunk dramatically since the last time Jade went to visit her. Madame Rosmerta struggled to open her eyes, seeing Jade. She gave a sharp gasp and the heart monitor went off rapidly.

"What happened?" Jade asked, her grip tightening on Draco's arm.

"Nothing…nothing at all. She's just surprised to see you, that's all." Draco said. Madame Rosmerta trembled to take off her mask and offered her arm for Jade to get close. Jade took her hand and clasped it with hers, feeling her tremor.

"T-thank you…for everything." She said.

Jade's face twisted and saw Madame Rosmerta hug Jade's hand towards her chest, her tears running to the side of her face.

"Be a good girl. Marry Malfoy and have lots of kids. Tell the girls to behave and take care of the pub for me. I am so…so grateful…for what you tried to do for me." She said in pain. She rested her head, exhausted.

"Thank you…thank you so much. I love you. I'll always love you so much." Madame Rosmerta said. Jade buried her head on Madame Rosmerta's lap, shaking in her own tears.

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