The Aurseize

Part One: To Save A Wand And Fishes

The next day, Jade made a trip to the Aurseize Office.

"I need Malfoy by this month, not when my daughter turns into Aunt Muriel." Ron said seeing Jade wave her hand at him.

"Relax and go into your office and…do stuff." Jade said.

"Jade I've got a quick case for you while you're still looking over Malfoy. This earns you a cool 2,000 Galleons. His name is Andy Panagios and he's been wanted for drugs." Parvati said seeing Jade look confused.

"But this isn't a Wizarding offense…it's a muggle one." Jade said seeing Parvati shrug.

"He's one of us love, that's all there is to it." Parvati said.

"By the way, owls aren't all that convenient sometimes. The Ministry's just given us a go to use this new muggle device a cell phone." Ron said holding up a shiny silver toy. He tossed it to Jade who caught it and started to inspect it.

"What does this do?" Jade asked.

"You get to immediately contact a person by talking to them through it, wherever they are." Ron said seeing Jade raise her eyebrows.

"Wherever?" Jade asked seeing him nod.

"Damn straight and it's programmed with all the numbers you need. Now go find Malfoy, I have to take a peaceful break in the bathroom." Ron said leaving quickly. Jade watched Ron leave and she turned to Parvati.

"So Parvati…can we contact a person in the bathroom with this cell phone?" Jade asked seeing Parvati grin.

"You bet it does."

Jade looked over Andy Panagios's case and apparated to his house after visiting a pet shop to pick up a few live fishes for Jerry to feast on for dinner. He was only a few years, a few inches and a few pounds older, higher and heavier than her but that wasn't really an issue for Jade. Or was it?

Jade pounded on his door and after a few minutes, the door opened to reveal Andy Panagios, a thin and shabby looking man. His light blue shirt had dark stains on it and there was a disgusting smell, reeking from his house.

"Ough, holy crap, did you ever hear of a bath? Maybe a cleaning spell?" Jade asked seeing Andy shrug.

"I dunno. There's a cleaning spell?" he asked. Jade tightened her face at him and held up her papers.

"I'm Jade Weasley and I work for the Aurseize Office in the Ministry of Magic. I'm here to escort you back to the Ministry for drug possession." Jade said to Andy whose eyes widened.

"Fuck no you're not taking me anywhere!" he said, slamming the door shut. Jade started hitting the door and yelling for him to open it back up again.

"Come and get me then!" he said. Jade heard scraping sounds, much as if he was dragging something really heavy. Jade checked the lock to see if it had an Anti-Alohamora charm. No need for that episode again.

When the lock was clear from the charm, Jade pulled out her wand while she had her bag of fishes at hand and uttered the charm. Jade opened the door and Andy Panagios stood there with a silver muggle gun pointed directly at Jade's face.

"Whoa there buddy. You would not want to clean up my brains on your front porch. Leaves too much of a mess you see." Jade said seeing him laugh darkly.

"So you do know what this baby does. And don't worry about the mess on my front porch…you won't have any brains in that head of yours for me to clean after." He said. Jade didn't even try to make a smart reply; someone even without a brain could understand not to say anything.

"Now drop your wand and that bag of fish." Andy said slowly.

"What the fuck are you going to do with my fishes?" Jade asked.

Andy aimed at a tree next to Jade and pressed the trigger, the shot momentarily deafening her ears and shrieks.

"OK! OK! TAKE THE FISHES!" Jade said dropping her wand and bag of fishes.

"And don't ever come back here again!" Andy said seeing Jade leap away. Jade kept running and jumping, feeling the rush of adrenaline and fear across her body.

"Great! Now what Miss Smartass? How the hell am I going to get my wand and fishes back?" Jade asked herself. She couldn't go back there all alone, but who would she call to get them for her? Jade paused and looked at her pocket, knowing exactly who to call. She took out her phone and went through it, just like Parvati had taught her and came across Harry's contact. Jade waited a couple of rings until Harry picked up.

"Talk to me." He said.

"Harry…I sort of…lost control." Jade said.

"Did you kill anyone?" Harry asked.

"Uh…no." Jade answered.

Harry paused before asking another question. "Are you drunk?" he asked.

"No!" Jade said.

"Then why are you calling me?" he asked.

"I sort of unwillingly gave my wand to my fugitive." Jade said.

"He stole it didn't he?" Harry asked.

"Yep." Jade said.

"Give me the address and I'll floo in." Harry said.

"And please make sure you get my bag of fishes, he took them too and Jerry needs his dinner." Jade said.

"Why would anyone take a woman's fishes?" Harry asked.

Jade gave Harry the address to Andy Panagios's house and closed the phone, waiting at a nearby tree for Harry's arrival.

It wasn't even ten seconds when Jade heard a loud shriek from inside of the house and a few things moving and breaking. Jade was imagining Harry beating the live shit out of Andy's arse until she started hearing gunshots.

"Holy cow!" Jade said, using the tree for cover. The front door flew open and Andy Panagio ran out, with the bag of fish in his hands and an empty gun that he tossed in his lawn. When Jade saw this, she broke out into a run after him and tackled him from behind. Andy screamed and kicked, letting Jade to kick and scream as well.

"Petrificus Totalus motherfucker!" Jade said seeing Andy freeze and hit the ground. Jade bound his hands together and dragged him back to his lawn. She dropped him and saw Harry walking out of the house, pressing towels against his arm.

"That son of a bitch shot me!" Harry said incredulously.

"Oh my God, Harry I'm so sorry." Jade said, fumbling to get out her phone.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Did you get the scumbag?" he asked seeing her point to Andy's paralyzed body, his eyes rolling around in his sockets. "Are your fishes okay?" Harry asked seeing Jade hold up a bag of fish weakly. Harry smiled with discomfort. "Then all is well." He said.

When the Aurors came to take Andy away, Jade apparated to St. Mungo's with Harry.

"This is all my fault, if I never called you-"

"If you never called me, that bullet would have made it in there." Harry said touching her forehead. "Or there." He said, barely touching her chest. He looked up at Jade who met his green eyes and Ginny burst through the doors.

"I heard what happened! Are you both all right?" Ginny asked seeing Harry lift his arm painfully.

"Peachy." Harry said. Jade sat nearby, watching Ginny nervously try to heal Harry's bullet wound. Ginny's hands were shaking and the blush in her cheeks never had been discrete about her feelings for Harry Potter.

"Are you all right? You look like you're about to faint." Harry said watching Ginny strangely. Ginny swooned a bit and recovered, smiling brightly and blinking her eyes.

"It's just you're hot, I mean, temperature-wise. Or maybe this room is a little too hot for you? Or maybe it's just me? Shit, let me just fucking open a window." Ginny said finally stalking off.

Jade suppressed her giggle and saw Ginny leave the room, mouthing something that looked like 'pathetic.'

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