The Aurseize

Part Six: Apprehending Cathy Strudel

Jade fell asleep and in the morning; she woke up, got ready for work and fed Jerry before leaving. She apparated to the Ministry and walked into the Aurseize Office to see Cho Chang and Harry Potter talking in front of Parvati who sat in her desk, trying not to listen into their conversation. Cho sharply turned around to see Jade standing in the doorway.

"Weasley." Cho said tightly.

"Delighted to see you again." Jade said with a wry smile. She turned to look at Harry who had the ghost of a smile. Cho, who was wearing a tight fitted black dress with short black boots, walked up to Jade, giving her a look that could have burned a hole through Jade's head.

"Your ex husband kindly made me give up my files. Enjoy catching your criminals." She said giving her a onceover.

Jade blushed deeply, feeling her self confidence take a hit. Her hair was a mess, she hardly had a good night's sleep and she didn't have the chance to put her makeup on in the morning. Cho on the other hand had her hair tied into a neat elegant bun. Her lips were glossed and there wasn't even a small blemish on her translucent face. Jade felt a shove on her shoulder and she stumbled as Pansy Parkinson walked in, wearing a similar dress to Cho's but her breasts were nearly pouring over.

"Nice dress Chang, did you steal it from my wardrobe?" Pansy asked. Cho raised her eyebrow and reached behind her waist and pulled out a muggle gun.

"My species do not wear the clothes you wear, Parkinson." Cho said.

Everyone saw the color in Pansy's face rise and Cho turned around to Harry, sticking out her hand.

"I'll see you around Potter. In the mean time, I'll drop by your headquarters tomorrow evening for paperwork." Cho said. Jade furrowed her eyebrows and saw Harry give her a quick glance.

"I'll inform Knox." Harry said. Cho left and Jade saw Harry take a seat.

"Where is-"

"Get your files and we'll talk." Harry said. Jade turned to Parvati who handed her a couple of files.

"Cathy Strudel has been wanted for nearly two goddamn years and no one could bring her in. Can you try today?" Parvati asked seeing Jade nod.

"My hair and eyes could use some garlic again." Jade said dryly. She took the file from Parvati and looked over them. "I'll try my best today." Jade said.

Parvati nodded and placed her quill back into the ink bottle.

"I bought a puppy today! Do you want to see him sometime this week?" Parvati asked seeing Jade smile.

"Of course I do! Congratulations Parvati!" Jade said. Parvati giggled and Jade waved at her, exiting the Aurseize Office.

"Owl me!" Jade said.

"Will do!" Parvati said. Harry got up from his seat and walked out of the Aurseize Office with Jade.

"So you have a head-"

"Not really important. I came here to ask Cho to drop your files and tell you that I'll be leaving the country for a few days." Harry said.

"You asked Cho and she listened just like that?" Jade asked walking into the elevator. Harry flashed his straight white teeth at Jade.

"I'm hard to say no to." He said.

"Because you never take no for an answer." Jade said.

Harry pushed himself off the wall and cornered her into the corner of the elevator.

"Unless that person has my respect, I don't push for it. Even the greatest wizards have to bend their backs for the people they care about." Harry said, playing with a strand of her hair. Jade stood silent and Harry slowly looked up to meet her eyes.

"I don't like being a complication in your life, I know you love Malfoy." Harry said touching her shoulder. "But as soon as you things start breaking between you and him, you won't be able to stop me." Harry said.

Jade swallowed in fear and Harry smiled, brushing his lips against her knuckles. The elevator doors opened and Harry let go of her and walked out with her stumbling behind him.

"So…where are you going now?" Jade asked when they walked out.

"Romania. The origin of poisonous fortune cookies." Harry said. Jade felt embarrassed and stalked away from Harry.

"Not my fault! I only wrote the fortune, I didn't produce the ink!" Jade said. Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.

"I'll be leaving for a few days. If you need anything, you can call any of my men." He said.

"Are you going for an apprehension in Romania?" Jade asked seeing him nod.

"A couple was found murdered last night. Malfoy told me it was because of a vampire, so I'm heading off to Romania for any leads." He said seeing Jade raise her eyebrows in surprise.

"Oh? You talk to Draco?" Jade asked seeing Harry smirk.

"We're professional people." He said.

"When do you have to leave?" Jade asked.

"Around dusk, why?" he asked. Jade bit her lip and showed him Cathy Strudel's folder.

"I can't get this woman to go to the Ministry at all with me. She thinks I'm a vampire and threw garlic into my eyes and hair." Jade said.

"Couldn't you just have dragged her away?" he asked looking highly amused.

"She's the size of a Hippogriff; do you want me to start?" Jade asked as Harry put an arm around her.

"You can make my men faint, bleed, get their bones broken and make them cry, but you can't bring in Cathy Strudel?" he asked.

"Honey I think you're hiring the wrong people." Jade said seeing him narrow his eyes.

"This doesn't look good for me at all." He said.

They apparated to the restaurant where Cathy Strudel worked. Jade walked in the restaurant and looked around to see the same handsome dirty blonde haired man walk up to her.

"Hello there. Have I seen you from somewhere?" he asked Jade who looked at Harry.


"Oh wait! Are you Harry Potter?! We have Harry Potter in our restaurant! And you must be his wife! Ex-wife!" the man said loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear.

"Cathy Strudel! I want Cathy Strudel!" Jade shrieked.

The waiter turned around and gave Jade a puzzled look. Suddenly, the realization of where he had seen her before hit him and his face eased.

"Now I know where I saw you from. You still haven't given up on her have you?" he asked. Harry pushed Jade aside and stepped a foot away from the waiters face.

"If I don't see Cathy Strudel in front of me in 15 seconds, I'll throw you into the air and shoot you like it's duck season." Harry said calmly.

"CATHY!" the man yelled running backwards. He flipped over a table and landed on the floor, still crawling away.

"Why aren't people scared of me?" Jade asked.

"I'm scared of you." Harry said.

The metal double doors opened and a wide Cathy Strudel with beach blonde hair walked out.

"What the fuck do yeh want now?!" she asked. The waiter pointed to Harry and Jade and pushed her towards them. Cathy turned towards Harry and Jade and narrowed her eyes into slits.

"Ma'am we're here to escort you to the Ministry." Harry said politely.

Cathy looked at Harry and eyed him like he was food, causing Jade to push her hands into her pockets in case she impulsively took a butter knife from the table nearby and gouged Cathy's eyes out.

"What is the vampire doing here again?" Cathy asked nodding towards Jade.

"I told you I wasn't a vampire." Jade said.

"Well you're not gay I know that now." Cathy said looking back at Harry. "You married Harry Potter." She said.

"I would like it if you agreed to allow us to accompany you back to the Ministry." Harry said.

It was the first time Jade had seen Cathy smile and she couldn't blame her, everything that came out of Harry Potter's mouth was truly enchanting.

"I'll go if you go with me." She winked. Harry took a step back and smiled politely.

"Shall we?" he asked. He waited for Cathy to leave and followed her out the door, taking her back to the Ministry. Once she was in the Aurseize Office, Parvati wrote Jade's check out and handed it to Jade.

"Take it. You brought her in." Jade said giving it to Harry who stared at the check.

"We both brought her in." he said.

"But you charmed her arse into the Ministry. It's only fair if you kept the money." Jade said handing it to him.

Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her in, kissing her deeply. He tucked the check in her shirt and lightly squeezed her bum.

"I'm going to miss you." he said against her lips. He pulled back and walked away, out through the doors. Jade stared at the door and Parvati let out a huge sigh.

"He is absolutely amazing!" Parvati moaned.

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