The Aurseize

Part Six: Sage Hamleigh

After a long day of apprehensions, Jade apparated back to Draco's home to drop by and say hello to Jerry and Draco.

"Draco? I bought your favorite take out and beer!" Jade said pushing past the door. She set the bag of food on the table and tossed her keys on a stand nearby.

"Draco!" Jade yelled. She opened her cloak and heard a creak from the corner of the living room. She looked to see a little skinny girl with long black hair and snowy white skin.

"Hello? Damn, did I come in the wrong house again?" Jade asked looking around. She saw the pictures of Draco and her, Gary and Narcissa and looked back at the little girl who moved behind the wall, still peeking out shyly. She heard Draco walking up from the basement stairs and walked into the living room to greet her.

"Thought I heard you screaming from downstairs." He said kissing her.

"Who's the little girl?" Jade whispered. Draco turned around to see the little girl quickly disappear and he turned back around with a soft sigh.

"Her name is Sage Hamleigh. Remember this morning when I got a call because of a double homicide?" he asked seeing Jade nod.

"She witnessed her parent's murder and she's been sent to me for protection service, since she knows who killed them." Draco said.

"Poor thing." Jade said looking where Sage disappeared.

"She hasn't said a single word since I brought her here. She hasn't eaten; she hasn't even cried, she hasn't done anything, except sit on the kitchen floor, looking at a picture of her parents." Draco said. He sat on the sofa and fell back exhausted. Jade sat next to him and placed a hand on his knee.

"She must be traumatized. Just let it go; don't force her to do anything she doesn't want. She'll come around." Jade said seeing Draco rest his head against her chest.

"It's the first time I've had a child over and I don't know what to do." He said. He kissed down her chest and slipped his hands under her shirt, trying to pull it over.

"What are you doing?" Jade asked stopping him.

"Taking off your clothes to shag you. I do it for a reason you know." He said.

"Did you forget you have a child in your home?" she asked.

"Yeah…so? She's too young to understand what we're doing. So we get naked and make funny noises, what can she make out of that?" he asked.

Jade gave Draco one her looks of utmost disbelief. She pushed away from him and walked into the kitchen, seeing Sage on the floor, holding a framed picture of her parents. She looked up at Jade with her intense blue eyes and froze. It was much like the Kneazles Jade would come across when she would throw out the garbage. A Kneazle would freeze in its spot, waiting for Jade to make the next move. If Jade advanced towards it, it would bolt off but if Jade went back in and closed the door, it would resume its activities. Jade silently took out a bag of Honeydukes sweets and looked inside, seeing it empty.

"Shit! I mean shoot." Jade said seeing Sage stare at her. Jade walked out of the kitchen, red faced to Draco who was rummaging through the food.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Why do you let me finish all the Honeydukes sweets? Can't you see I'm getting fat?" Jade asked seeing him shrug.

"I like playing with the extra flab-I'm joking. Why do women take serious offense to fat jokes?" he asked as Jade stepped out.

"Because men like you are insensitive. You'd be offended if I called you extra small." Jade said seeing him give her a sly smile.

"No I wouldn't because you know that's not true and I could care less if you went around telling anyone; half of England knows you're wrong and I'll be sleeping with you at the end of the day. It's a win-win situation love." He winked.

"Well you're extra small compared to Gwarp! Fuck you Malfoy don't you dare laugh at me!" Jade said slamming the door.

She apparated to the Burrow and knocked on the door. She waited, hearing a clatter of a pan and Fred opened the door.

"My dear cousin, why have you graced us with your unwanted presence?" Fred asked.

"Don't you have somewhere to be? Where's Aunt Molly?" Jade asked.

"Who is it Fred?" Molly asked appearing in the hallway. "Jade dear!" she said.

"Aunt Molly do you have any cookies or sweets?" Jade asked desperately.

"Ah…Malfoy's stopped feeding you. Smart man." Fred said. Jade sharply turned around and Fred sniggered, leaving into the living room.

"I've made a jar of cookies yesterday. Fred's been eating them since he's working so hard over his new invention." Molly said exasperatedly.

"What's he making?" Jade asked following Molly into the kitchen.

"Trying to make a torture chair. I don't know why those boys were born this way." She said. She took out the jar of cookies and handed it to Jade who fit two into her mouth.

"Delicious…but it's not for me…not all of it actually." Jade said packing a few cookies.

"Is it for Draco? That boy doesn't know how to eat! He's so thin, why can't you make him anything to eat?" Molly asked.

"I do! And just because he has the metabolism of a Firebolt, it doesn't mean that I don't cook for him. That man can eat two cows in a sitting and he'll still stay the same weight." Jade said. Molly giggled and took out a few other biscuits and cookies from the pantry.

"Arthur was the same but I grew wider. And it doesn't help when you have children later on. You balloon up and stay that way." Molly said.

"Oh my goodness." Jade said looking horrified.

"You have a wonderful man who could care less about the way you look. Stop making those faces!" Molly said.

Fred walked into the kitchen and saw the look on Jade's face.

"Oh my God." He said looking around his surroundings sharply. "Is Aunt Muriel walking around naked again?" he asked his voice reaching to a shrill.

Jade apparated back to Draco's home with cookies again and looked relieved.

"I'd hate to ask who you loved more, me or Honeydukes." Draco said seeing her walk into the kitchen.

"It'll hurt less if you never ask." Jade said. She saw Sage on the floor again, looking up at her.

"Sorry about today. I usually eat when he's driving me insane. Are you hungry?" Jade asked.

Sage didn't move or blink. She only gazed at Jade silently, without a word. Jade took a plate of cookies and pastries and set them down with a glass of milk.

"It's okay." Jade said softly.

She stood, squatting down, staring back at Sage. Jade got up and walked out of the kitchen to see Draco standing in the hallway, watching them. Jade took his arm and walked back into the living room where they ate their dinner and watched the television. When Jade and Draco were done, they cleaned up and tip toed into the kitchen to find Sage fast asleep against the wall with crumbs on her face and plate and the entire glass of milk empty.

"Isn't she adorable?" Jade asked tenderly. Draco chuckled softly and picked up the glass of milk and plate.

"I'm a bit relieved that she actually got to eat. I was a little worried there." He said.

Jade knelt down and brushed the crumbs from Sage's lips and Draco gently picked her up. They both went upstairs with Sage and placed her on the bed in the guestroom and Jade dug through Sage's clothes for her pajamas. They quietly put Sage into her pajamas and tucked her into bed for the night.

Jade and Draco startled awake in the middle of the night to hear a small cry and soft sobbing.

"Why are you crying?" Draco asked Jade.

"It's not me, it's Sage." Jade said getting off of the bed. They both rushed into Sage's room and turned on the light to see her sitting in the middle of the bed, her hands wrapped tightly around her knees. Her face was red from crying and she immediately reached her hands out to Draco who picked her up.

"It's okay." He said gently bobbing her up and down in his arms.

"We're here. We're not going anywhere." He said. Jade wiped Sage's face and smiled at her.

"Let's take her to our room to sleep in. I'll get her pillow." Jade said.

Draco left with Sage and Jade grabbed the pillow, going back to Draco's bedroom to see Draco setting Sage back on the bed. She crawled into bed and placed Sage's pillow in the middle for Sage, seeing her scramble towards the pillow. She lied down and curled up against Jade who wrapped and arm around her as Draco shut off the lights.

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