The Aurseize

Part Six: Tom And Jerry

The next day, Draco left Jade and Sage at home for Ministry business after having breakfast. Sage once again sat on the kitchen floor with a picture of her parents, refusing to talk to Draco or Jade and not eating.

"Did she get to eat anything?" Draco asked Jade over the phone. Jade peeked over to the kitchen, seeing Sage nibble on a muffin.

"She's eating a muffin. Stop worrying, I know what to do." Jade said.

"Really?" Draco asked.

"Trust me on this one." Jade said.

She closed the phone and walked into the living room, turning the television on. She flipped the channel to cartoons for muggle children and waited for a while. Soon enough, Jade saw a glimpse of Sage behind the wall from the dining room. The animated characters on the television hit each other on the heads with a large wooden bat and chased each other. Jade giggled at the television and glanced at Sage who inched her way slowly into the living room.

"Run Jerry run!" Jade said seeing Jerry the mouse run from Tom the cat. Jade gasped, laughed and squealed at the television as Sage entered the living room. She curiously took a peek at the television and her eyes widened to see the chase between Tom and Jerry. Jade and Sage watched on as Jerry jumped into the hole in the wall and Tom collided against the wall.

A slow smile crept up Sage's face and she took a seat next to Jade on the sofa, mesmerized with the animation of Tom and Jerry. Every time there would be a funny scene, Jade could see Sage's eyes brighten and her mouth stretch into a smile. It was the first time Jade got to even see her teeth and dimples.

After an hour of watching television, Draco came home and saw Sage and Jade on the sofa.

"Hey. How was work?" Jade asked seeing him take off his cloak.

"It was um…interesting." He said.

"Are you okay?" Jade asked seeing him give her a brief smile.

"You know…I'm a little hungry. Long day you know?" he said seeing Jade nod slowly.

"I'll go set the table." Jade said leaving.

She walked into the kitchen and started sending out dinner onto the dinner table. She made a quick salad and went to turn around but saw Sage sitting on the same spot against the wall, staring silently at Jade. Draco walked into the kitchen and looked at Sage. He walked over to her and took a seat next to Sage as Jade set her salad bowl down and did the same.

"You know I lost my mother when I was just a little baby?" Jade asked.

"I had a father who didn't even treat my mother and I like human beings but died when I was still in Hogwarts." Draco said.

"Were they killed by vampires?" Sage asked innocently. Draco and Jade exchanged looks.

"They died for different reasons but I promise I'll find whoever did and when I do, he'll wish he was never born." Draco promised.

"But what if he comes for me?" Sage squeaked. Jade curled her arm around her and hugged her closely.

"We swear to protect you Sage. If he tries to come for you, he better come through us. He's never going to touch you love, not as long as we're here." Jade said.

Draco wrapped his arm around Jade and brought them closer to him. The three of them sat huddled together on the kitchen floor, finally getting Sage out of her shell by promising her the protection and justice of her parent's death.

After an early dinner, Jade, Draco and Sage sat back on the sofa, watching cartoons on the television. Sage had a plate of cookies and milk and Draco was set with his Firewhiskey with Jade's head on his lap.

"So I was thinking." Draco started, seeing Jade look at him. "You're an independent woman right? Maybe you should…live in your apartment." He said.

Jade bolted up from his lap, seeing his face pale.

"What? Why?" Jade asked.

Draco set down his Firewhiskey and tried to look reasonable. Sage broke her attention from the television and started to watch them.

"It's just; you know how you wanted to…be independent? What happened to that? I thought you liked living alone." He said.

"He's lying." Sage cut in. Draco and Jade looked at Sage who sipped on her milk, watching them with her large electric blue eyes. "

Thank you." Jade said.

"I used to like you, you know." Draco said to Sage.

Jade stared at him feeling angry for all sorts of reasons. The big reason was because she was caught off guard by his sudden proposal.

"I don't understand. Are you breaking up with me?" Jade asked.

"No! God no! I just want you to move out for a couple of days." He said.

"Let me get this straight Malfoy. You fought to get me to commit to move in with you and now you want me to move out because of my own independence?" Jade asked.

"Sounds a little confusing but-"

"That's right! I'm confused as fuck!" Jade barked. Sage's hands flew to her ears and Draco sighed.

"Sage go to your room." He said.

"But the television is here." She said earnestly.

Jade's phone started ringing and she snatched it from the table, seeing Lavender's name pop up. "What?" she asked harshly.

"Don't answer so rudely to me! I'm in a mess here." Lavender said.

"Sorry, what's wrong?" Jade asked, still eyeing Draco like he was dead meat.

"Parvati and I were walking her dog and that beast just ran away." Lavender said.

"Then why are you calling me for? I'm not an animal Aurseize! Call the Ministry." Jade said but Lavender screeched.

"Woman if you put that phone down and not help us, I will not be your friend anymore!" Lavender said.

"Good Merlin, I'll be there in a few minutes!" Jade yelled. She shut the phone and stuff it into her pocket.

"This isn't over!" Jade said pointing to Draco. She grabbed her cloak and stormed out of the house, leaving Draco and Sage alone.

"You might be in trouble." Sage said looking at Draco.

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