The Aurseize

Part Six: Harry's Headquarters

Jade apparated to the park where Lavender and Parvati were going to be. She walked down the jogger's path, still fuming about Draco's earlier conversation. There was nothing she could understand why he wanted her to move out. Was there something she was doing wrong? Was there another woman involved? Jade highly doubted Draco was cheating on her but nothing else was making sense to her. All of a sudden, she heard a woof and as soon as she turned around, she was tackled down by a large mass of golden fur.

"AAAAAAAAAARGH!" Jade screamed feeling the dog lick her face.

"Get off! Get off!" Jade said rolling him off. She sat up and wiped her face, seeing the golden retriever bounce around with his floppy long pink tongue hanging out. She patted the dog's head and observed his collar, checking his name.

"Well…Snuzz…Parvati must be looking for you." Jade said after reading 'Return to Owner Parvati Patil' She tried to drag the dog away but he sat roughly in his place.

"No! You've got to be kidding me." Jade said. Jade heard Lavender and Parvati talking and appear in front of her.

"Jade! See I told you she would have gotten Snuzz back." Lavender said as Parvati clasped the leash on him.

"He's a mischievous dog. Every time he sees a squirrel or another animal he goes berserk." Parvati said.

"Is this the pup you were talking about? I hate to break it to you Parvati but he's pretty damn big." Jade said seeing Parvati smile and scratch Snuzz's ears.

"He's a big baby." Parvati cooed at Snuzz.

"We ran around the entire park and now my heels are broken. Pav you owe me new shoes." Lavender said, holding up a pair of mermaid scale pumps.

"Fine. Jade can you hold the leash for a moment; I need to tie my laces." Parvati said.

"Sure, as long as he doesn't-WAH!" Jade was jerked after Snuzz saw another squirrel whizz by him. He bolted with such force that Jade ended up falling hard on the ground, her chin scraping against the rough pavement. Parvati ran off and Lavender helped Jade up.

"Your face! You look like shit!" Lavender said.

"Gee thanks! It's what I've wanted to look like my whole life." Jade said bitterly.

"Jade! Lavender! HELP!" Parvati screamed.

Lavender and Jade ran towards where Parvati was screaming and yelling. They ran into a horrible sight where Snuzz was trying to mount on top of another dog.

"Get off my girl!" a tall man said, trying to pull his dog from Snuzz.

"Snuzz! Bad dog! Stop shagging everything you see!" Parvati shrieked. Lavender snorted and looked at Jade.

"Kind of reminds you of Malfoy doesn't it?" she asked.

Jade gave her a pointed look and Lavender feigned surrender, still giggling. Snuzz was finally pulled off of the man's dog.

"Merlin's beard, what's wrong with…your dog?" he asked staring at Parvati who gazed at him.

"I…don't know. What's wrong with…yours?" she asked. They stood in front of each other staring and Jade looked at Lavender who shrugged.

"I um…I have to go home. Good to know everything's under control." Jade said. Neither of them heard Jade and they stood there, still staring at each other.

"Right…so I'm going to leave." Jade said walking away.

"I'm with you. Hey, can we stop by for an apprehension? I've been having trouble with one and she's an old lady." She said.

"Fine, I guess I can help. Maybe Malfoy would like it." Jade said getting on Lavender's broom.

"What's going on between the two of you? You sounded so upset. Is he cheating on you?" Lavender asked flying off.

"No. He just asked me to move out. What do you think that means?" Jade asked.

"Um…I don't think that means that he wants to take it a step further. Usually he'd ask you to marry him but if he's asking you to move out then that means the relationship is over love." Lavender said.

"But he says he's not breaking up. He just says he's giving me my independence. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Jade asked shrilly.

"He's seeing another woman. That's exactly what it is. He just wants to have some fun in his oversexed bachelor pad. I never liked Malfoy and I still don't. Thank Merlin you're leaving him-"

"I'm not leaving him and he's not leaving me. I just need to know what the real reason is for him trying to send me out." Jade said.

They landed in front of a small cottage and Lavender knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" a pleasant voice asked.

"Ministry of Magic." Jade said. The door opened and a nice looking woman with white hair stepped out.

"Hello…hang on. What's your name?" the woman asked looking at Jade.

"Er…Jade Weasley." Jade said seeing the woman's eyes widen.

"A Weasley? You're related to Muriel!" she asked none too gently.

Jade gaped at the woman, unsure of what to say and before she could respond, the woman pulled back her fist and hit it hard against Jade's face. Jade fell to the ground, cradling her swollen and throbbing cheek.

"Bastard…bastard old lady." Jade moaned. Lavender jumped on the woman and locked her arms together.

"Are you okay?" Lavender asked laughing.

"No! No I'm not! She punched me!" Jade yelled.

"Muriel wouldn't give me my money back! You Weasley's deserve it! Filthy muggle lovers!" the old woman spat.

"For an old woman, you sure are feisty." Lavender said.

Jade and Lavender dropped off the old woman at the Ministry and back out.

"I have to go home. My chin's scraped and half of my face is bruised." Jade said lightly rubbing her cheek. They walked out of the Ministry and Jade hugged Lavender goodbye. Before Jade apparated a glimpse of black caught her eye and she saw Cho get on her broom and fly off. Yesterday's run in with her and Harry reminded Jade that Cho was leaving for Harry's headquarters.

"I have to go." Jade said snatching Lavender's broom.

"Hey! Where the hell-" Jade flew off with Lavender's broom, after Cho Chang.

Jade needed to be careful as not to get caught following Cho. She stood low, moving around buildings as Cho flew over them, unable to notice that Jade was following. The journey was painfully long and Jade started to feel that Cho knew she was being followed and was intentionally pulling Jade's leg. Cho started lowering her broom, in a small grassy valley. Jade stopped her broom and lowered it, seeing Cho walk towards a tall black rectangular building.

There was a driveway that descended down the hill of the village to a road that possibly led to the other main roads of the Wizarding villages. Jade walked towards the building with Cho ahead. She took out her wand and looked around her to see if anyone was watching. Jade quickly hid behind a small statue and saw Cho entering the building. The gates started to close and Jade's heart started hammering in her chest as she quickly thought of entering it. What were the chances of her getting caught? If she did get caught, Harry would only kill her a little wouldn't he? She didn't know for sure. J

ade hopped on Lavender's broom and kicked off, bolting right between the gates. She barely made it through with the exception of her cloak which was tightly squeezed between the gates that were shut tight.

"Damn you." Jade whispered trying to tug on her cloak.

It barely moved and Jade instantly forgot about it when she saw rows and rows of shiny black muggle cars and brooms sitting neatly in the parking area. Jade saw Cho walking towards the elevators and she hid until Cho disappeared. Jade looked around the silent parking area. The ground was absolutely clean and spotless, made of cement. She could imagine Harry working in a place like this, since it looked absolutely frightening. Jade hadn't thought of how to get out while she was going in. She could be stuck as a prisoner here forever, who knew? Jade pressed the button on the elevator and waited until they opened. She walked in and looked at the different floors and wondered if it was a good idea for her to try and snoop around Harry's headquarters like this.

There were seven levels of the building and before pressing on any of the buttons; the elevator started moving by itself. Jade panicked and started slamming the parking level button to leave but the light never administered. Jade watched on in horror as the elevator rose level by level, reaching the 7th level. The elevator stopped and Jade covered her mouth, seeing a red arrow flash upwards. The elevator moved up again and Jade quickly looked at the buttons to see that there were seven levels and nothing said about an 8th floor.

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open into a long white hallway leading to a dark door with a rosewood finish and a gleaming golden doorknob. There was a stand with a plant next to the door, making it look like a flat. Jade didn't care to adventure; she only needed to get out. She pressed on the parking level button but nothing happened and the elevator doors kept open.

"Shit…shit!" Jade hissed. She got out of the elevator and as soon as she did, the doors shut and starting working again. Jade started to look for a button for the elevators but found a keyhole.

"Why? Why does this happen to me?" Jade asked herself.

"I ask myself the same question every day." A voice said behind her.

Jade sharply turned around to see Harry a foot away from her and she screamed, jumping back.

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