The Aurseize

Part Six: The Arizona Sisters

They were in front of a large hotel with golden gates and an enormous water fountain in front of it. The gardening and pavement were so impeccably clean; Jade believed she could eat right off of it. Harry walked ahead, pulling her along and greeted the hotel staff who were all dressed in white button down shirts and tan pants. Zane appeared in front of them, in the same black pants and black shirt uniform.

"They're in a suite penthouse and their conference dinner is in approximately 15 minutes." Zane said. Harry nodded and lifted the sleeve on his tuxedo to reveal his Rolex.

"Station yourselves around the exits and entrances. Scan everyone who comes in, you know the rest." Harry said seeing Zane give him a nod. "Let's go." Harry said placing his hand on the small of Jade's back.

They walked away from Zane and stepped into the elevators, going up.

"Why are we dressed like this?" Jade asked. Harry took out a room key and handed it to Jade.

"Because we'll be at the same table of the conference dinner with the sisters. Their manager requested we abide by the black tie code." He said.

"Exactly what are we protecting these girls from?" Jade asked.

The elevator doors opened and they stepped out, towards the suite.

"Crazy fan girls, reporters, stalkers or anyone just crazy in general." Harry said.

"Wow. You know, you're the only celebrity I know." Jade said. Harry narrowed his eyes at her.

"I'm not a celebrity." He said.

"Say what you want but people are gob smacked around you." Jade said. He gave her a small smile and draped an arm around her.

"Are you gob smacked when I'm around?" he asked.

"No." Jade said giving him a nervous laugh.

Harry's smile vanished and he gave her a doubtful look. He raised his hand and knocked on the door to the suite and in a matter of minutes a slightly overweight man, with his white shirt matted on to him by the sweat opened the door.

"Thank God you're here!" he said, wiping his glistening face. He was carrying a large clipboard on his arm with a stack of papers against it.

"We need to go in five minutes." Harry said.

Jade heard the Arizona Sisters from inside and one of them screamed.

"You can't use my hair gel Mona, you slut!"

"I can do whatever the hell I want. I'm older than you." Mona said.

"By a minute." The other retorted.

"Aren't they little divas?" the man asked nervously.

"Charming." Jade said seeing them appear, half done.

They looked all the same age, each looking somewhat different than the other. They all were younger than Jade, around the age of 18. All of them were small and proportionate with tanned skin and small pointy noses. One had pixie cut with dark magenta highlights and violet eyes. The second one had pin straight blonde hair and the third had curly brown hair.

"Oh my God…do you see him?" the blonde one asked, looking at Harry.

"Piece of eye candy." The magenta one said crossing her arms and winking at Harry. Jade slowly looked at Harry who ignored them.

"Four minutes, or else they're going the way they are." Harry warned.

"I'm going to need a few minutes; I have a phone call to make." The curly brown haired said.

"No Jonah, you can't make a phone call now! You need to get dressed! Your dinner is in a few-"

"Three minutes." Harry said.

"Listen to the nice man!" the man said.

Jonah quirked her upper lip into a playful snarl, eyeing Harry down.

"Oh I'll listen all right." Jonah said, putting her ear to the phone.

Harry simply took the cord line of the telephone from the wall and with one yank, the cord popped out, along with the small box against the wall. He turned to Jade and nodded at them.

"Two and a half minutes to get dressed or I'm getting Zane to drag them out the way they are." He said. He left, shutting the door behind him and Jade immediately went to work.

"He's not serious is he?" the magenta one asked.

"He's as serious as he is handsome." Jade said, holding up their gowns.

"I know you're Jonah." Jade said handing it to the curly haired one. "Who is Mona and Lola?" Jade asked.

"Mona would be me." The magenta haired one said, taking her short grey dress.

"And I'm Lola." The blonde one said, taking her white dress with rhinestones around it.

"Well Jonah, Mona and Lola, you all have two minutes before Harry comes back." Jade said.

"I love your accent. Can you say something in England?" Lola asked. Jade blinked at her and Mona giggled, stripping down to her underwear.

"Er…England is actually a country, what you meant was English." Jade said seeing them all burst out laughing.

"That's so cool!" Mona said.

Jade looked at them strangely, unable to find her accent amusing to anyone. If anything was amusing, it was their accents!

"I'll give you all a minute to get ready then." Jade said, earning another set of laughs. Jade left the room and bumped into the manager on the way.

"We didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves. I'm Andrew." He said sticking his hand out.

"Jade. Pleasure to meet you." she said shaking his hand.

"You have such a pretty accent."

"I'm sure if you told that to the rest of the 61 million people in the U.K., they'd appreciate it." Jade said.

"So you work for security huh? You probably carry around cuffs." He winked. Jade leaned in, furrowing her eyebrows.

"Excuse me? Cuffs?" Jade asked. He grinned and leaned in closer.

"You know you have them with you." he said.

"I honestly have no idea what you're talking about Andrew." Jade said stepping away from him.

There was a firm rap on the door and Jade opened it to see Harry standing there.

"Time's up." He said.

"I'm ready Romeo. Take your Juliet into thee arms." Lola said, stretching out her arms. She went to hug Harry who jumped back.

"Out." He said simply.

"You want to play it the hard way Romeo?" Lola breathed.

"Right this way." Jade said showing her out.

"If you want, we can stay behind and I'll show you how my hotel can give you my complimentary room service." Mona said, nudging her shoulder against Harry's chest. Harry only pushed her off and Jonah stepped in front of him.

"We're the Arizona sisters…you don't put any of us off. What's the deal with you? You can't be gay but you don't look like the relationship type either." She said looking over him.

"This really isn't the time! You have a dinner conference to attend to!" Andrew said before Harry shot Jonah's head off. They ushered the sisters out and Harry took a deep breath.

"Embarrassing to say but I can see it already happening." Harry said to Jade as they walked out.

"What?" Jade asked.

"Daily Prophet: The Boy Who Lived; Dies Tragically Shooting Himself After Shooting the Arizona Sisters." He said. Jade broke into silent giggles. They boarded on the elevator, to the Conference Dinner.

Jade and Harry both shielded the Arizona Sisters as they walked into the grand ballroom of the hotel. Reporters, photographers and rabid fans were screaming from the top of their lungs to get the Arizona Sister's attention. Jonah, Mona and Lola waved, smiled and whizzed past. As soon as they were inside of the ballroom, Jade blinked a couple of times from the bright flashes of the cameras. As soon as the floating white spots faded away, she took a seat on at her assigned place. She sat at a table, a few feet away from where Harry and the Sisters sat. She looked around to see Zane and a couple of other men at their spots, looking around, standing like rocks.

A few minutes later, Jade's phone started ringing and she picked up.

"I miss you desperately. These people are driving me insane." Draco said.

Jade smiled. She could picture him making a face and rubbing his forehead in the small corner of the house.

"I miss you too love and it won't be all that bad. I'll be there as soon as this Conference Dinner is over." She said.

"I found Shetty smoking in the bathroom and Rita's trying to make those Vegan doughnuts again with your ex cleaning up after her. And guess who else is coming to visit?" he asked.

"Who?" Jade asked.

"Your Great Aunt! Aunt Muriel wants to come over! I tried to tell her not to come but she was so persistent. I might just kill myself." He said.

"You can kill yourself after I come home and have my way with you, now where's Sage?" Jade asked.

"She's sitting right in front of me. She actually wants to talk to you but before I give her the phone, you should know about the pranks that she pulled today." He said.

"Pranks? Sage?" Jade asked. She heard Sage fighting for the phone from Draco.

"Hello? Jade? It wasn't my fault! I swear! I only put the Saran wrap on the door but I wasn't finished and Alfie stepped right through it!" Sage said.

"Sage! Was he badly hurt?" Jade asked.

"No…not that bad." She said.

"Then you haven't really done a good job then have you? Better luck next time." She said hearing her giggle. She heard Draco take the phone away from Sage.

"Why are you teaching bad things to little children?" he asked.

"Sounds like someone fancies Alfie." Jade said hearing Draco protest.

"Listen, there's something I need to talk to you about. It's a little serious." She said, all traces of her humor gone.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I really need you to be careful. I can't tell you everything over the phone, mainly because Harry's nearby and he probably has a listening device on me." Jade said looking towards Harry who had his eyes locked on her.

"Isn't that sweet and romantic of him? He's also a bloody psycho!" Draco said in a fake cheery voice.

"Be extremely careful and don't let anyone out of the house. Rita, Shetty, Sage, maybe Alfie but don't let anyone out and most certainly, don't invite anyone you don't know in." she said.

"You think I don't know that? I know vampires can't come in without being invited." He said.

"That's great, but be careful until I come back all right? We need to talk." She said. Draco yawned and made a small sound of agreement.

"I love you." Jade said.

"Love you too." He responded.

Jade closed the phone and peeked at Harry who still had his eyes on her. Jade quickly looked away and looked around until the dinner was over.

By the end of the dinner conference, all three sisters were drunk and the reporters sat viciously with recorders in their hands.

"I fucked Pete Sawyer!" Lola slurred.

The photographers clicked away menacingly and the reporters scribbled the notes down. Jade, Zane and Harry blocked everyone from site, taking the girls upstairs.

"You are the man of my dreams! Come here!" Lola said, trying to make a grab for Harry who kept dodging her throughout the entire evening.

"I like a man with few words but your body speaks louder than words and I love that!" Mona said going to charge at him. Jade tried to hold her back but Mona ran towards Harry who sidestepped and she crashed against the wall headfirst.

"Ouch." She said rubbing her forehead.

"We need to have a few words." Harry said to Andrew who gulped nervously.

The Arizona Sisters were safely back in their suites and Harry left with Andrew, leaving Zane and Jade alone. They stood together in awkward silence. After a few minutes, Jade tried to break it.

"So you won't be coming tomorrow because of the baby will you?" Jade asked seeing Zane nod. "What did you name her?" Jade asked.

"Enya." He said with a soft smile. Jade smiled along with him, repeating the name over again.

"Enya…it's beautiful. Where did you get it from?" Jade asked.

"My late mother." He said.

They lapsed into another silence and Jade looked at the ceiling, working out the patterns in her head.

"Can I…tell you something? Personally?" Zane asked.

"Yeah sure." Jade said.

"It's just…I don't know anyone else to talk to except for Gin and Harry but Harry's a bit hard to talk to sometimes you know?" he said seeing Jade nod.

"You have no idea." She said.

"But I know Harry only trusts you so I thought I can trust you with some things too." He said turning pink.

"Things like what?" Jade asked.

"Since Gin and I have the baby…we sort of live together, taking care of Enya and all." He said looking at the carpeted floor.

"Uh huh." Jade said.

"So one night Gin asks me…where is this going? And I look at her and tell her…it's going somewhere." He said seeing Jade give him a hesitant nod. "She gave me the same exact nod and didn't say anything after that. She went straight to sleep and I sat on the bed for a half an hour wondering if I screwed anything up between us." He said.

Jade could tell the poor thing was absolutely confused. Zane lived the life of Harry Potter's best man, fighting, shooting and most likely killing off evil people. She wasn't too surprised to find out that Zane didn't know what women really wanted, sometimes even Draco slipped up when the answer was staring right at him.

"Well you just had a child with her and that's made a kind of bond between you both that you wouldn't be able to ignore. Knowing Ginny and women all around the world…she wants to consolidate your relationship with her." She said. Zane still looked confused and shook his head slightly.

"How? What does she want me to do?" he asked.

"She wants you to marry her." Jade said bluntly.

"What?" Zane asked. He started to show clear signs of panic and tugged on his collar, trying to cool off.

"Marriage? White long dress? Flowers? An aisle? Rings? A priest?" he asked, his blue eyes starting to bulge.

"Hey, maybe you should just take a seat-" Jade started to say but Zane's body went limp and he fell back with a large crash. Jade gasped, clasping her mouth shut with her hands, watching an unconscious Zane on the floor.

The suite door opened and Harry stepped out, his eyes going from Jade to Zane.

"Cant I leave you alone for one second without you hurting my men?" he asked nudging Zane with his foot.

"I swear I didn't do anything." Jade said.

"You always say that. I'm impressed though…I've seen Zane in a warzone and he's built like an Army Tank. Never knew you'd be the one to take him down." Harry said winking at Jade who rolled her eyes. Zane roused from his unconsciousness and looked up at Harry who stared at him down.

"What happened?" Zane asked.

"You fainted." Jade said.

"Did not…I didn't eat anything the whole day and I slipped from the water on the floor." Zane said.

"Yes…one should walk with caution whenever there's a water spill on the carpet." Harry said seeing Zane stand up and look at the green carpets. He looked deeply embarrassed and Harry put his hands into his pockets, standing leisurely.

"Why did you faint?" he asked. Zane looked at Jade who shrugged.

"It's a good chance he already knows…since he finds out about everything else." Jade said. Zane turned towards Harry, looking at the floor, the walls and everything else except for Harry.

"Ginny wants me to get married to her." He said. Harry wasn't smiling but his eyes definitely were.

"Good luck with that then." He said.

"What? Wait, what do I do? I don't know how I should do this!" Zane said, starting to pale again.

"Don't ask me. I don't want to get into this." Harry said. Zane looked at Jade who sighed.

"Listen…let me make this really simple for you." Jade said. "Do you love her?" she asked.

Zane's confusion never left him and Jade started to feel frustrated. Enough to want to hit his head against the wall.

"Bloody hell Zane; is there anything you like about her?" Jade asked. His features softened and he breathed in steadily.

"There's a lot of things I like about her." He said his voice soothing down.

"Well at least you like her." Jade said laughing nervously. Zane joined with her and he scratched his head.

"Now that I think of it…I like the tiniest things…things that don't make a difference or no one else will notice but I like it. Every morning when she wakes up, the first thing she does is she divides the sections on the newspaper and puts it on my side of the night stand. Even after having the baby, she'd carry Enya in her arms and pull out the section I would want to read." He said.

Jade smiled, knowing exactly how Zane felt about adoring little things about the significant other. There were endless things Jade could talk about that she loved about Draco.

"Now here's a question for you; would you imagine any other woman in Ginny's place, giving you the sections you would read in a newspaper?" Jade asked.

"Are you kidding me? I can't even think of another woman doing that for me…I don't even want another woman to do that for me. I love seeing Ginny and Enya every morning placing my news on the nightstand for me." He said.

Jade smiled at him warmly and it took him a few seconds to look like he had finally found whatever he was looking for.

"You love her." Jade said.

Zane stood against the wall with a strange expression on his face. It hovered near the borders of pleasant thoughts with the first time fear of an entirely new beginning. Jade smiled and turned around to Harry who had a peculiar expression on his face while he was staring at her. Jade couldn't quite put her finger on it.

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