The Aurseize

Part Six: Doesn't Matter

On the ride home, Jade looked out the window, silently thinking about Draco and daring to think about marriage. She sighed and looked over at Harry who pulled up in front of Draco's house.

"I'll see you tomorrow for their concert." He said.

Jade nodded, expecting to hear something sarcastic about today or something distasteful about Draco. Instead he rested his hand on the bottom of the steering wheel, waiting patiently for her to get out.

"Goodnight then." Jade said her hand on the door handle. Jade left the car and walked towards Draco's home. She was halfway towards the door until a shadow near the tree in front of Draco's house appeared. Jade froze in her spot, seeing Cedric smiling at her, his hand on the tree, ready to run.

"DRACO!" Jade screamed, running for it.

In a flash, a hand was wrapped around her neck and she was whirled in front of Cedric who chuckled darkly. Harry who was already out of the car, stopped dead in his tracks to see Cedric leering at him with Jade in his arms.

"So I see she has been entertaining you, Harry Potter." Cedric said. The front door of Draco's house opened and Draco stepped out seeing Jade in Cedric's grip.

"You get your fucking hands off of her." Draco said taking out his wand.

"Come and get her if you want her so badly." Cedric drawled. Draco went to storm ahead but Jade screamed.

"Draco go back in the house! It's a trap! Get back in!" Jade shrieked. Cedric closed his hand tighter around Jade's neck and she coughed, trying to get back the air into her lungs.

"I can just taste her now." Cedric said.

Draco couldn't take any of it. He ran out of the house and Cedric threw Jade aside, baring his fangs at Draco. Jade watched in horror, seeing Cedric ready to attack Draco. A few vampires stepped out from the bushes and trees, going to take Draco down but Harry pulled out a silver muggle gun and expertly shot five vampires in the heart. They exploded into fire, disintegrating into ashes. Cedric looked around him and the other vampires stopped as Harry aimed at Cedric.

"Harry…my good old friend." Cedric said letting Draco go.

"Get back into the house Jade." Harry said. Cedric held up his hand and smiled.

"No need. We'll leave now." Cedric said.

"Jade get into the house now." Harry barked.

Jade grabbed Draco who clenched his jaw tightly. She pushed him back into the house and Sage grabbed Jade, hugging her tightly.

"He took my Mummy and Daddy." She whispered, in tears. Draco picked her up, holding her close to his chest and Jade wrapped her hands around Sage and Draco.

"You won't really shoot me…will you Harry?" Cedric asked innocently. Harry stood silently, his gun raised. Cedric sighed and turned around to see Sage.

"Well there you are." Cedric said. Sage cringed in Draco's arms.

"An inch closer and I'll be driving a wooden stake through your heart Diggory." Draco threatened.

"Is that so?" Cedric asked.

"Leave them alone." Harry said finally. Cedric turned around.

"Lower the gun Harry. We're friends right? See, you've killed five of my good men and I let your friends go." Cedric said walking towards him.

"You're not Cedric. You're not my friend." Harry said.

"Harry, Harry, Harry. Come off it! I know you think I'm dead...but I didn't die! I became a vampire!" he said. Harry didn't move or flinch and Cedric nodded.

"I'll leave in peace, but I want the little girl." Cedric said.

"You won't get anyone." Harry said. Cedric turned around, pointing to Sage, looking at Harry.

"Mark my words I will get her." He said. He turned his gaze around to Sage, flashing her a broad smile. "I'm coming for you Sage." Cedric said.

Draco set Sage aside and kicked his wooden coffee table. He picked up a long sharp wooden piece and ran out, going to ram it through Cedric's heart. Before Draco even got close, Cedric ran off, disappearing out of the neighborhood. Jade heard the rustling of bushes and trees nearby and she felt chills around her entire body, telling her that there were more vampires than she expected.

"Who are you calling?" Draco asked Harry who took out his phone.

"My men. I'm having this place surrounded." He said.

Draco took Harry's phone and threw it as hard as he could to the other side.

"This is my house and I can protect them myself! Get your fucking arse off my property Potter. I know Diggory is doing this for laughs just for you and he's going to kill an innocent little girl. You even saw how he tried to nearly mangle Jade in front of you, why didn't you do anything then Potter? If you love her so much, why didn't you give a fuck to shoot Diggory in the fucking heart?" he asked.

"Draco stop." Jade said.

Draco held up his hand at Jade, still staring angrily at Harry who looked like he was an inch from doing serious damage.

"What is it Potter? In love with Diggory? Couldn't dare to think about hurting him when he's got his hands wrapped around Jade's neck?" Draco asked.

Harry made a sharp swing at Draco who ducked and rammed into Harry, down to the ground.

"Holy shit." Shetty breathed.

"Get them off of each other! They'll kill each other!" Rita screamed.

Harry flipped Draco backwards, making him fall on his back. Harry got up and Draco flipped over, getting to his knees. Jade ran over before they nearly killed each other. She ran in between Draco and Harry when Draco went to hit Harry.

"Stop it!" she screamed, pushing Draco away. Draco staggered back, looking furiously at Harry.

"This is so insane, it's absolutely stupid!" Jade yelled.

The people in the houses nearby turned on their lights and looked out, listening in to what was going on.

"You're taking your anger out on Harry when you should be focusing on getting rid of that vampire!" she said. She turned around to see Sage crying against Rita who was smoothing out her hair, crying along with her.

"Look at her Draco. She's terrified. She's already seen her parents get murdered; now she'll get to see you two killing each other off just because Cedric knew how to get under your skin! Look Draco I know you're mad but this is no one's fault." She said.

Draco was still glaring at Harry who glared back at him.

"Put your personal differences aside. The only thing I am worrying about is Sage's safety and I can't do it alone. Especially if you both are going to rip each other's heads off, you might as will kill us too." Jade said.

"I don't want any of your men around my house. If I see them snooping around, I'm going to come after you." Draco said pointing the broken wooden table leg at Harry. He left tossing the wooden table leg, leaving Jade and Harry alone.

"Harry, I'm so sorry." Jade said.

"Doesn't matter." Harry said. With that, he left and Jade watched him get into the car and speed off.

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