The Aurseize

Part Six: Edward In Noaptea Vinator

When Jade went back into the house, she changed into her pajamas. Everyone else was shaken about the incident that happened earlier. Shetty and Rita camped out in the guest bedroom, Alfie had gone to sleep in the living room and Jade, Draco and Sage got ready for bed in their bedroom. Jade sat on an armchair with Sage curled on her lap. She held on to her tightly, kissing the top of her hair from time to time.

"We're not going to let anything happen to you." Jade said as Draco took out another comforter.

"I don't want him to come back and take you away from me." Sage said in a small voice. Jade looked at Draco who sat on the bed, watching them.

"This is all happening because of me. If I go somewhere else, he won't hurt you-"

"Hey, hey, hey. Who gave you that idea?" Draco asked, taking Sage's hands.

"The same way you don't want him to come back and take us from you; we don't want him to take you from us. Like we said the very first time, we're not letting anything happen to you." Jade said.

She wiped Sage's face and looked over her, smiling at everything about her. Jade was aware that she was already emotionally attached to Sage. It was a warm feeling, something she felt with Draco at the end of the day when she realized that she'd be devastated if anything ever were to happen to him. Sage fell asleep in her arms and Draco gently picked her up, placing her on the bed. He pulled the covers over her and ran his hand over her head, staring at her for a moment before turning around to Jade.

"Coming in?" he asked, moving the covers.

"In a minute." Jade said, watching Sage sleeping. Draco walked over to Jade and sat next to her when she made room for him on the arm chair.

"I'm sorry." Draco said kissing her temple. Jade rested her head on his shoulder, holding him tightly.

"You're apologizing to the wrong person. Harry didn't deserve to hear that those horrible things from you." she said.

"He absolutely did. He shot everyone else except for Diggory who nearly killed you." Draco said.

"Draco. Harry saw Cedric die in front of him and they were good friends before. Cedric's death was something traumatic Harry got to witness and tonight when Cedric was standing in front of him as a vampire, do you think Harry would have been able to kill him?" Jade asked. The muscle on Draco's jaw twitched and Jade sighed, taking his hand.

"It doesn't matter anymore, because it's over. But I'm warning you Draco if this happens again, I'll beat you to death before you get a chance to hurt anyone else." Jade warned.

"Agreed." Draco said kissing her softly. Jade kissed him back, feeling him shift under her. He slid her pajama bottoms off; his lips still connected to hers and stroked her gently.

"Fuck." Jade hissed, staring into his eyes.

"I love you." Draco whispered. Jade kissed him again and stopped when she heard Sage turn in her sleep.

"Sage's here, we can't do this." Jade said trying to get off Draco.

"Of course we can. Sage or not, we're doing this, besides you owe me." He said shutting off the lights.

Jade was awake early in the morning, lying next to Sage and Draco. She felt Draco behind her, nuzzling his nose against her neck, biting her lightly.

"Stop it." Jade whispered, hitting him.

Draco grinned and rested his head on Jade's cheek, staring at Sage who was still sleeping. Half of Sage's face was buried in the pillow, her mouth slightly open, drooling over her pillow. Her nose was scrunched to one side. The sight was endearing and Jade wanted nothing more than to wake her up and smother giant sloppy kisses all over her.

"I just want to bite her." Jade said touching Sage's cheek.

"You want to bite a lot of things don't you?" Draco asked.

"Not as much as you do." Jade said kissing him. They turned back around, staring at Sage again.

"You want to know something crazy?" Jade asked.

"What?" he asked. Jade touched Sage's soft pale hand, touching each of her little fingers.

"I love her." Jade said. Draco lifted his head from hers and sat up quickly. Jade turned around and sat up, looking at Draco.

"Really?" he asked. Jade nodded and took his hands.

"She's been growing on me Draco. Every time I think about her getting hurt or taken away, I feel like it's going to kill me." Jade said. She started to feel choked up about her feelings and the thought of losing Sage. Draco touched her face and Jade broke down.

"I just want to hold her in my arms and protect her from anything that could hurt her." She said. Draco wrapped his arms around her, rocking her back and forth in his arms.

"I feel the same way." He said. They heard Sage waking up, making small sounds and rubbing her eyes.

"What's going on?" Sage asked.

"Nothing sweetheart." Jade said. She lied down next to Sage and tickled her stomach, seeing her squeal.

"I don't like that you two are having fun without me." Draco said getting under the covers.

"Too bad. This is strictly between us girls." Jade said.

"Girls rule and boys drool!" Sage said.

"I don't drool. I wouldn't be drooling if I did THIS!" Draco said tackling them. Jade and Sage screamed as Draco held tightly on to them and tickled them mercilessly.

"Oh my God! Get him off! Get him off!" Jade panicked, trying to squirm away from Draco.

Sage laughed uncontrollably and the door burst open, revealing Shetty and Rita.

"The vampire is under the covers!" Rita said.

Jade's eyes popped open and Shetty ran forward with a silver pan in his hand.

"No! Shetty wait!" Jade said.

Shetty hit Draco who collapsed under the covers.

"What the fuck?!" Draco's muffled voice came from under the covers.

"It's still alive!" Shetty said. He hit Draco again and Jade stopped him, pushing him away.

"Good Merlin, that was Draco!" Jade said. Draco stumbled out of the covers, holding his head.

"My head…my fucking head." Draco groaned.

"Oh…it's only Draco." Shetty said with a guffaw. Alfie stumbled into the bedroom, wearing a pink shirt.

"I heard screaming! Where's the vampire?" he asked holding up a chain of silver and a wooden stake.

"Don't worry, Shetty here took good care of him." Jade said patting Draco's back.

After having breakfast, Jade got ready for the Arizona Sisters concert. Jade tied her hair into a ponytail and Draco walked into the room, looking her over.

"I might hate Potter but you look good in his uniform." Draco said.

Jade smiled at Draco and wanted to tell him that he and Harry had something in common but that didn't seem like the brightest idea.

"I'll see you tonight?" Jade asked circling her arms around his neck. Draco kissed the top of her forehead, unbuttoning her pants.

"Why?! I spent 20 minutes trying to snap that first button on!" Jade yelled. Draco burst out in laughter and Jade sucked in, trying to snap the button on again.

"If you want to get into those pants, you had better start watching what you eat." Draco said.

"Of course I watch what I eat. How could someone eat their food without looking at it first?" Jade asked.

Draco shook his head and Sage skipped in, with a large smile on her face.

"Uh oh…what's that smile for?" Jade asked squatting down to Sage's level.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." She said innocently.

They heard a shriek from the bathroom in the hallway and Jade rushed over, knocking on the door.

"Shetty? Are you all right in there?" Jade asked.

"My pee pee is flying back at me! This is exciting!" Shetty answered back.

"You saran wrapped the toilet? Sage! Damn, now there's going to be piss all over the place! I thought I hid the plastic from you!" Draco said.

Sage hid behind Jade and peeked out at Draco.

"Putting it on top of your wardrobe isn't exactly hiding it." She said.

"She's right you know." Jade told him.

"What do you know? The things you hide exactly don't stay hidden. They're bound to pop out." He said, poking the top button on her black pants.

"This is like a new phenomenon guys! You had better check this out!" Shetty said aloud.

"No thanks Shetty, we're fine where we are." Jade said with a nod.

"You sure? You won't see this anywhere else!" Shetty said.

"We're fine!" Draco barked. The doorbell rang downstairs and Jade kissed Draco's cheek.

"There goes Saint Potter prancing up here to take you away from me again." He said bitterly. Jade rolled her eyes and looked at Sage who hugged her tightly.

"Can you bring something back for me?" Sage asked.

"Anything." Jade smiled.

"Some cookies?" she asked.

"You got it. I'll be back with your cookies." She said.

"Jade! It's the Heir of Slytherin!" Alfie said.

"Fucking idiot." Draco muttered.

"I'm going to see if Jerry wants food." Sage said leaving.

Jade walked down the stairs to see Harry waiting outside. Jade waved everyone goodbye and closed the door behind her to see Harry in his usual black pants and black shirt.

"Tell Hannah I said thank you." Jade said handing him the dress she wore yesterday to the dinner conference.

"Keep it. It looked good on you." he said walking away from Draco's house.

He took her by the arm and apparated.

Jade was standing in front of the hotel again and Harry pulled her along, passing by the hotel staff. They took the elevator up to the suite without exchanging a word and knocked on the door. Andrew opened the door and smiled wearily at them.

"Thank God you both are here. These girls-"

"There's Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome." Lola appeared, wearing a white corset. She flipped her blonde hair back and advanced towards Harry who took a step back.

"I like how you play the game better than I do." She said.

Harry placed a hand on Jade's back and gently pushed her forward.

"Make sure they're ready. I have to go downstairs to check if their limo's arrived." He said.

"Wait! You're leaving me here with them again?" Jade asked, looking frightened.

"If I stay here to get grabbed again, I'll shoot her in the face." He said impatiently.

"Go on then. Check if their limo's arrived." Jade said. Harry left and Jade walked into the suite, seeing the girls getting ready.

"Hey, it's you again from last night." Jonah said.

"You look really nice." Jade said looking at her unusual get up. She probably had so many colors and patterns on her, it was supposed to look bizarre but somehow she pulled it off. It was plain on top plaid, on top of striped, on top of herringbone with so many more.

"Yeah, whatever. What's your name? I never asked." She said.

"Jade Weasley." Jade said. Mona stumbled out and looked at Jade, gasping.

"Quick question! Are you fucking the hot guy?" she asked.

Jade felt an instant sweep of embarrassment and her entire face grew warm.

"I have a b-boyfriend." Jade stuttered.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Mona asked. Lola stood beside her, her hands on her hips, glaring at Jade.

"No he's not." Jade said.

"But are you screwing him?" Lola asked.

"No I'm not!" Jade said, getting redder.

"Why are you red?" Jonah asked.

All of a sudden, the three of them gasped sharply and pointed at Jade.

"You slept with him before!" Mona said.

"He was good wasn't he?" Lola asked.

"How big is he?" Mona squeezed in. Jonah pushed her sisters off and placed a hand on Jade's shoulder.

"I apologize on their behalf; they're a little boy crazy." Jonah said, circling her head with her index finger to indicate they were crazy.

"You're just boring. She's saving herself for the one." Mona said air quoting with her hands.

"But what's the deal with him? Why is he so hard to convince?" Lola asked stamping her feet.

"Yeah, what did you do to get him to sleep with you?" Mona asked. Jade held up her hands and backed away.

"This is where I draw the line. My personal life has nothing to do with you." Jade said.

"But it does have something to do with me. I want to sleep with him." Mona said.

"You three have exactly one minute to get ready. I'll be waiting outside." Jade said. She left the suite and opened the door, seeing a younger looking man standing outside, holding flowers.

"You're not supposed to be here." Jade said seeing him nod.

"I know…but I flew in from Arizona just to see Jonah. Can you let me in to see her?" he asked.

"Sorry, I really can't." Jade said, twisting her hands. He looked disheartened and started to leave, making Jade feel extremely guilty.

"Hang on just for a second." Jade said. She knocked on the door and Andrew opened it, looking out.

"Back for more?" he asked wagging his eyebrows.

"Don't do that, it's very creepy. And can you call Jonah for a second? A fan flew in from Arizona to give her flowers." Jade said. Andrew pulled his eyebrows together, giving Jade a stern look.

"He's not supposed to be here! Tell him to jack off!" he said going to close the door.

"But he flew in from Arizona!" Jade said.

"So? People fly in from another planet to see the Arizona Sisters but we don't meet them. They have a reputation you know!" he said.

"What's going on Andrew? Why are you making those sounds again?" Jonah asked.

"Nothing-" Andrew started to say but Jade over voiced him.

"A fan flew from Arizona to meet you. He bought you flowers." Jade said.

Jonah pushed the door wider and looked at the fan who looked like he was going to shoot up into the sky at any given moment.

"I'm always open to meet a fan." She said as he handed her the flowers. "So you flew in from Arizona? That's nice." She said giving him a charming smile.

"I...I think you're beautiful. I love your songs and your voice. I just…I could worship you every day." He said nervously. He looked like a sweet boy. He was rail thin but his cheeks were chubby and he had very thick glasses and a smile that could melt the hearts of a group of mandrakes.

"That's so sweet. What's your name?" she asked taking his pen and paper from him.

"Francis. Francis Lepton. I really, really love you." he said.

"Well thank you Francis Lepton, I appreciate that very much." Jonah said, signing her autograph. She handed it to him and he placed it over his heart. "Have a great time at the concert!." She said.

"I will! I cherish you!" he said.

"Jonah get in here! We're doing vocal warm ups!" Andrew said. Jonah waved at Francis and walked back into the suite, leaving Francis love struck.

"Can you believe that? I met Jonah Arizona!" he said, looking faint.

"Lucky man. She's a nice girl." Jade said seeing him giggle.

Harry appeared from the elevators, looking at Francis.

"I think I'll go now." Francis said, looking at Harry who started to intimidate him. Francis ran away and Harry turned to Jade.

"He wasn't supposed to be here." Harry said as Jade sighed.

"I know, but he had flowers with him and flew in from Arizona. He was really nice and I couldn't say no to him." Jade said. Harry smiled, looking at her tenderly.

"You're getting soft babe." He said.

"I always have been for nice guys." Jade said.

They stood quietly, staring at each other until Andrew and the sisters started filing out. Mona and Lola bit their lip, smiling at Harry who met their gaze, reading them. Jade was thoroughly embarrassed, seeing the smirk on Harry's face.

"You shouldn't just invade someone's mind like that you know. It's embarrassing for other people." Jade said.

"But it boosts my ego doesn't it? You should have answered her questions though."

"You should know if you're good in bed or not. You don't need to hear it from me." Jade said.

Harry wrapped an arm around her and brought her closer.

"Sweetheart I know I'm good. I just wanted to hear it from you first." He said. He let her go and looked around as Jonah, Mona and Lola got into their limo.

"Are we going in with them?" Jade asked seeing Harry shake his head. A sleek black car drove up behind the limo and the driver got out of it, handing the keys to Harry.

"Thank you." Harry said, tipping the valet parking attendant.

Andrew gave Harry a thumbs up before getting into the limo and Harry walked towards his car with Jade.

They waited until the limo left and Harry drove off, following it. They both sat silently in the car as little drops of rain hit the windshield.

"Last night-"

"Drop it." Harry said in return.

"I know but you have to listen to me. It's been killing me since last night. Whatever Draco said or did to you, I'm really sorry about. He shouldn't have said those things to you because it wasn't your fault." Jade said.

"Don't apologize for what Malfoy's responsible for. This is between him and me and has nothing to do with you." he said, turning the steering wheel. Jade sighed and shook her head, thinking that talking to Harry was a lost cause. There was absolutely nothing she could talk to him about and he was just as much stubborn as she was, if not, more.

"I made a mistake yesterday." Harry said.

"What mistake?" Jade asked.

"I should have shot Diggory in the heart." Harry said.

Jade paused, staring at Harry. Was he crazy?

"Harry, how would you have done that? You both were friends in Hogwarts." Jade said.

"We're not dealing with the same Diggory. Cedric's dead." Harry said.

"I don't understand what?" Jade asked.

"He's not Cedric, he's a direct relative of Cedric's who lives in Romania. Have you ever heard of Edward 'The Night Hunter'?" Harry asked.

Jade felt an eerie twist in her stomach. In the Wizarding villages she's lived in Romania, everyone was safely secure in their homes before the vampires prowled out. There wasn't even night where Jade set foot out of her door.

"In Noaptea Vinator…The Night Hunter, of course I've heard about him. He's the great grandson of Vlad the Impaler." Jade said. Harry looked at Jade, seeing her face as pale as a sheet of paper.

"You don't look so good." Harry said.

"He's coming after Alfie." Jade said, pulling the seat back to rest.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Alfie stole something from him. That stupid son of a Threstal!" Jade kicked. Harry was silent and Jade made a face, commenting rudely about Alfie.

"He stole this Chalice while visiting the Poenari Castle as a student and brought it back to our flat. He was so excited about it but who knew that he stole one of the most important pieces that belonged to Vlad's ancestors?" Jade said shaking her head.

"What was the Chalice for?" Harry asked.

"To drink blood. Its origin dates back from Ancient Egypt and something about gods, goddesses and hungry spirits. Anyways, after Alfie stole the Chalice; it was all over the news that the vampires were raiding villages and homes of whoever would let them in. Even if they weren't invited in, they'd prey on those innocent people if they were caught walking around outside at night. We were both scared out of our fucking minds. If the vampires found out Alfie took their Chalice, they'll kill him, so I told him to give it back. Put it back where you found it and get out so no one else can get hurt." Jade said.

"Obviously he didn't." Harry said, parking the car.

"Obviously he didn't." Jade sighed.

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