The Aurseize

Part One: Naked, Wet and Cuffed

Jade woke up the next morning, frustrated. She was definitely going to capture Malfoy today because enough was enough. She apparated to the Villa in Hempstead and started moving in. She knocked on the door and waited for a response but got nothing. She fished through her pockets to take out Harry's knife that opened almost any doors. Jade took out the knife and slowly fit it through the lock and with a couple of twists and jerks, the door was unlocked.

"Mission successful…I deserve a cookie." Jade said to herself. She walked in and closed the door behind her, taking a look around the lavish and elegant entrance. She walked around, seeing that there was nothing in the first floor except a refrigerator half filled with food. She figured that either Draco left not too long ago or he was planning to come back soon.

She saw a box full of cupcakes and stood there for a full five minutes, trying to reason with herself. Malfoy was wanted by the Ministry right? These cupcakes would slow him down anyways.

Jade took the box and closed the refrigerator, eating them and nearly having an orgasm from the amazing quality of the soft and creamy cupcakes. She walked up the stairs and opened the door to a bedroom, seeing that the bed was slightly unmade and there were letters splayed across the desk. She picked the letters up and saw a black cordless telephone, sitting on a machine and a red light that was blinking away. Jade looked around the room and was stuck with another dilemma.

She broke into a house, which was illegal by both Muggle and Wizarding law. She stole a box of cupcakes, but that wouldn't be considered stealing since they were completely abandoned and unappreciated. Now she was ruffling through Malfoy's personal letters and there was a button, with its red light flashing at Jade, begging for her to be pressed. Jade quickly pushed the button and braced herself for something to happen. Instead there was a high pitched beep and Jade heard a woman giggling from the machine.

"Hello sweetheart. I miss you so much. The other night was so amazing…" Jade rolled her eyes, not believing to hear all the details the woman provided. "Tell me when you catch Henley, I'll come by and we'll finish this once and for all." The woman said.

Jade's heart stilled. Was Malfoy planning to kill Henley? There was another beep and Jade heard Gary.

"Draco, I don't know if you know this but Henley has an informant that knows exactly what's going on and where you are. Get out and start moving around. I won't say much over the phone or by letter anymore because there is no one to trust now. You're a smart man; you can manage but if you see Henley, don't hurt him. He is our only witness to this case. By the way, there's a woman after you…it may present a problem for you but I don't think you should worry, she is not a real threat." Gary said.

Jade stuck her tongue out at the machine. What did Gary know about being a threat anyways? The machine beeped again and Jade heard a frantic Narcissa Malfoy.

"Draco! Please call when you get this. As if having my only son on the run for something he didn't do, there's a lunatic coming after you. And I'm not talking about Pervnas, there's a Weasley girl who had the nerve to jump over our security gates and come up to me with the entire back of her pants missing! What in the world does she want with you now? It's partly your fault you know, you had to shag her in a bathroom to get back at her stupid cousin and Potter. Anyways, please call back…you know I worry about you love." Narcissa said.

There were a few messages that all belonged to Scarlett and Jade looked back at the letters. So far, he was after Henley and Henley was trying to run away from the scene. If Draco didn't commit the murder, why would he want Henley dead? He was the only witness that could save him. Jade saw a letter from Charles Greem. There were a few short letters and Jade went to read them but her cell phone started ringing.

"Jade here." Jade said.

"We have a problem. Are you busy?" Ron said from the other line.

"I'm kind of in the middle of something. What's the problem?" Jade asked.

"One of the Greem brothers, Richard was found dead…guess where he was found?" Ron asked.

"Why don't you tell me?" Jade asked.

"Jade he was found right in the front of your door." Ron said.

"WHAT?!" Jade yelled.

"Like I said, get here now." Ron said.

With that, he disconnected and Jade shut the phone. Her hands were shaking badly and she wondered what Draco would do to her if he found her here. She didn't know whether he was innocent or not; everything was definitely hazy. Jade took the letters from Charles Greem and left the Villa, apparating back to her flat. Jade saw Ron standing in the hallway, talking to another Auror.

"What in the world…" Jade said seeing them turn around.

"Miss Weasley? My name is Albert Chung, Auror of the Ministry of Magic. Did you personally know Mr. Richard Greem?" Albert asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"No not at all. I only knew that there were three Greem brothers and Richard was one of them." Jade said seeing Albert nod.

"Two brothers are dead and there's one more left. Whatever Malfoy has against these brothers, he's finishing off and he's having fun doing it too. Wait a minute, you didn't come to contact with Malfoy did you?" Ron asked. Albert even looked at Jade who looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"I…sort of lost him." Jade said. Albert smiled and looked away, trying not to laugh.

"Fuck me sideways and slap me with a fish…you let Malfoy get away? Your job is to capture him. Does 50,000 galleons not even appeal to you?" Ron asked, turning red. Jade rolled her eyes and took out her keys.

"Screw you Ron, I goofed up once." Jade said.

'Twice actually.' The voice in Jade's head said.

"Well you had better bring him in! Unless you like leaving him gifts in front of your door." Ron said leaving. Jade shook her head and looked at Albert Chung who tapped his notepad with his pen.

"So how many times did you run into Draco?" Albert asked.

"Once?" Jade said. Albert smiled.

"It's okay. He's a damn good Auror and a really good friend of mine." Albert said.

"So you don't think he's responsible for this?" Jade asked gesturing to the plastic covered dead body of Richard. Albert shook his head.

"Not at all. He's been framed and whoever's behind this is the same person Draco needs to bring in as the main witness." Albert Chung said. Jade knew this wasn't the truth. Pervnas didn't kill David Greem but she wasn't too sure about Richard Greem's death. Apart from Pervnas there was someone Pervnas feared, but who was it?

Jade went into her apartment, feeling disturbed about a murderer leaving a dead body in front of her flat. What was next? Jade went into her bedroom and took off her clothes, getting ready for a shower. Her eye caught a red envelope which opened by itself.

A Howler.

"This is the last warning for you and your boyfriend." It said.

With that, the Howler burst into flames and was incinerated. Jade felt her heart go still. The murderer had been inside. Jade quickly looked around her entire flat, looking into closets, cabinets and under the bed. When everything was clear, she helped herself to a cupcake because she felt like she needed its support. Jade looked at Jerry who was swimming in his case.

"I'm so glad you're safe." Jade said to Jerry, tapping the glass. Jerry bobbed his head up and down and kept swimming with something in his mouth. Jade sighed, looking at Jerry, wondering why life was so complicated for her and so easy for this turtle. Was it asking too much if she wanted to be a turtle in her next life?

Jerry opened his mouth and the tip of a finger floated down to the tank's floor. Jade gaped at it for a while. Whoever came into her apartment tried to touch Jerry and most people who assume Jerry is a normal turtle always thought wrong and got nicked. Now this was a finger. Whoever this was was going to pay for her carpet and pay for trying to touch Jerry.

Jade tried to take the finger out but Jerry kept trying to bite her hand.

"Goddamn it Jerry, that's not something to eat! It's evidence!" Jade yelled.

Jerry only put the finger in his mouth, chomped on it and hid in the corner until it was finally in his stomach. Jade sat in front of her tank, glaring at Jerry who had just diminished her chances of catching the murderer.

Knowing that there was nothing really to do to recover the finger, Jade got up and left to the bathroom to take a long hot shower after a long stressful day. She was the most effective thinker in the shower and hopefully, she wouldn't have to need the tip of the finger to locate the one who murdered Richard and possibly David Greem.

There was a creak from the bathroom door and Jade turned to see a silhouette of a man through the shower curtain in her bathroom. Before Jade got a chance to think, the shower curtain was swiped to the side, revealing Draco Malfoy.

"Gotcha." He said.

"ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jade screamed, trying to cover as much dignity she could with her hands.

"What the fuck is your problem you creep?!" Jade screamed. Draco only smiled, looking over Jade appreciatively.

"I told you that I'd catch you off guard. You know…I never had a chance to see this side of you." he said, cocking his head to the side. Jade gulped and kept trying to readjust her boobs in her slippery arms.

"All right and you did…now what? You're going to rape and murder me?" Jade asked. Draco smirked and shook his head.

"I am neither a rapist nor murderer. And I'd love to join you but I have things to do like prevent you from getting in my way and screwing everything over again. I came here to completely blow up on you because I found out that someone went through my Villa and not only stole private letters but a box of France's best cupcakes." He said accusingly. Jade smiled; at least she trumped him in that department.

"Well I'm sure your girlfriend can afford to bring you more of where they came from." Jade said.

"She's not my girlfriend." He said. He took out a pair of muggle handcuffs, snapped one on her wrist and locked it with the metal towel hanger.

"You can't leave me here!" Jade yelled in a panic.

"Of course I can. And if you really want to get out, I'll leave your cell phone right here." Draco said leaving the phone on the sink which was impossibly far away from her.

"Just don't hurt yourself darling." He said touching her cheek with a finger.

"You're such a fucked up prick. Just as slimy as you were when I met you." Jade said seeing him raise an eyebrow.

"You're lucky I'm a gentleman. Other men would have taken advantage of this situation." He said. He let out a chuckle, seeing her glaring at him, furious beyond belief.

"I really, really don't like you." Jade said seeing him shrug.

"A lot of people will agree with you. I'll see you around…or not." he winked. He went to leave but Jade called him back.

"Wait! Wait! I have to ask you something really important!" Jade said. Draco turned around and nodded, still looking over her.

"Can I see your fingers?" Jade asked. There was a wicked smile that crossed his lips.

"Anything else you want to see?" he asked seeing her roll her eyes.

"Let me see your goddamn fingers!" Jade stomped. Draco took his fingers out of his pockets and showed them to Jade. All were intact. Jade suddenly felt extremely relieved. Draco Malfoy wasn't the murderer.

"Why, did you want them to do something for your current situation?" he asked walking closer to her.

Jade silently looked at the cuffs and Draco smirked again. "Wrong answer, we'll play this game another day."

With that, Draco left, leaving Jade completely alone, cuffed to the metal towel hanger. Jade tried to reach the cell phone with her hands but it was absolutely impossible. Then Jade tried inching her way towards the sink and lifted her foot, trying to drag the cell phone towards her but was afraid that if she dropped it, that was the end of things. Now didn't seem like a bad moment to hope that Malfoy went to Azkaban.

After a half an hour of inching the phone towards her, she finally got it to arms reach and wondered who she would call. First she called Ginny who never picked up the thousand times that Jade called. There was a choice between Harry and Ron and Jade wished that there would have been more numbers to choose from. Why couldn't Hermione's number be available?

Jade pressed Harry's number, knowing that if Ron saw her naked, it would scar him for the rest of his life to see his naked cousin cuffed to a metal hanger.

"What's the address?" Harry asked when he picked up.

"My house." Jade replied. There was a pause.

"Did you kill anyone?" Harry asked.

"No!" Jade responded.

"Are your fishes missing?" he asked.

"No fishes today. Malfoy cuffed me to a towel hanger." Jade heard Harry shut the phone and in a minute, he was inside the bathroom, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw her naked.

"You see, this wasn't what I imagined when you said you were cuffed to the towel hanger." Harry said. Jade blushed furiously, seeing him trying not to peek but she was out in the open with only one hand to cover whatever she could.

"Can you please get me out of this?" Jade asked.

Harry took a towel and wrapped it around Jade who was extremely thankful for it. She had never felt so happy being covered in her life. Harry took his wand out and pointed to the cuffs. After saying the incantation, the handcuff split into two and Jade hopped out of the shower.

"Malfoy should cuff you more often." Harry joked as Jade entered her bedroom.

"Yeah right." Jade muttered.

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