The Aurseize

Part Six: I'm In A Zoo

They both got out of the car and escorted the Arizona Sisters to their greenrooms.

"We're running late, you all have to be on stage in 30 seconds!" the producer said, walking in with a headset and a clipboard.

"Aw crap, no time to eat or pee." Mona said slumping against the wall.

Jade's cell phone rang and she picked it up after seeing Draco's name pop up on the display.

"We're all watching on television. Do I get to see my star?" he asked.

"Sorry love, I'll be behind the stage. Hey I have to go, we're bringing them out!" Jade said.

"See you, wave at me if you see a camera." Jade laughed and closed the phone, pocketing it. She ran the sisters up the stage with Harry and stood behind the curtain, seeing a mass body of teenage girls and boys screaming.

"Are you ready…for the Arizona Sisteeeeeers?" the presenter asked. The audience screamed and the presenter lifted up her microphone.

"Then let's give a warm welcome to; Jonah, Mona and Lola Arizona!"

The audience went ballistic as Jonah, Mona and Lola ran out, smiling and waving at the fans who were jumping up and down, holding signs, screaming and crying. Jade smiled, seeing how in an instant, those three girls looked so charming and uniquely attractive in their own way. It was nice to see them get warmly welcomed and even nicer to know that they were loved by an enormous crowd. They were seated in three stools with a microphone in their hands, getting interviewed by their presenter. Jade felt a small touch on her back and she turned around to see Harry standing there, holding up his phone.

"Where's the Chalice now?" Harry asked.

"I really don't know. Alfie said he traded it." She said.

Harry took his phone out and walked away, leaving Jade alone. She looked over to the Arizona Sisters, seeing that they were ready for a performance. Jonah and Mona each had a guitar with a microphone in front of them and Lola had a tambourine and a microphone. The musicians behind them started the drums and an electric piano, creating a funky and catchy beat. It was definitely something Jade could dance to, until she heard the first few words that came out of Lola's mouth.

It's Saturday Night…

I'm barfing in the potty

I'm acting kinda naughty

Close the bathroom DOOOOOR!

Holy crap I saw a donkey!

Jade stopped moving and made a face. She looked around, seeing that everyone else loved it. Was this only strange to her? The audience went insane, singing along to their song and all three, Jonah, Mona and Lola jumped in for the chorus.

He said Hee-Haw

(He ate my shirt)

He said Hee-Haw

(He ate my pants)

He said Heeeee-Haaaaw

You have any more pants?

Jonah smiled at her audience and started to sing.

My head had no hair

I need to find the chair

What's a girl to doooo?!

Holy crap I saw a bear!

He said Rawr-Rawr

(He took a swipe)

He said Rawr-Rawr

(He missed two times)

He said Raaaawr-Raaaawr

Why won't you die?!

Mona danced up the microphone stand with the guitar in her hands as Lola and Jonah grinned, dancing and playing the guitar.

It's a Sunday Morning…

It smells like number two

Cause I'm on a pile of poo!

This reminds me, I need to use the loo

Why are there bars around meeee?

Holy crap I'm in a zoo!

I'm in a ZOO!

I'm in a ZOO!

Take a good hard look at the mother-"

Jonah, Mona and Lola couldn't finish the rest of the ending since a crazy fan climbed up the stage, stampeding towards the sisters. Jonah, Mona and Lola shrieked, backing up and Jade sprinted onto the stage. Jade jumped on the attacked and tackled him to ground, whispering a spell that petrified him. Before Jade went to pull him up, she heard an uproarious laughter behind her. She turned around, seeing hundreds of cameras on her, clicking away and video cameras, following her back. She looked around, entirely confused and saw Jonah, Mona and Lola, staring at the side of the audience with their mouths hanging open. Jade turned to see what they were looking at and her heart spiked when she saw on an enormous screen projector, her own ass hanging out of her pants which were ripped wide open.

Jade screamed and covered her bum with her hands, running out of the stage, cursing herself for going commando today. As she ran out, she passed by Harry who was standing nearby the stage, laughing himself to death.

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