The Aurseize

Part Six: Martyrs Of The Battle

They heard the door kick open and the windows being crashed in as people entered the house.

"I thought vampires weren't supposed to come in without being invited!" Jade said looking at Harry who stood up.

A large tanned man with bulky short arms and no neck went to charge after Harry but Fred jumped, pulling the chain over the man's neck.

"He's not melting!" Fred said, being thrashed from side to side. Harry elbowed the man in the stomach and everyone could feel the breath knocked out of him. Fred let him go and stumbled back, seeing the man get on his knees.

"That's because he's human. Those vampires want us to be dragged outside to them." Harry said, hearing footsteps upstairs.

"Hell no mother fucker! We're going to kick some human arse!" Lavender said getting up.

"We need to split up and hide Sage, Rita, Aunt Muriel and the sisters." Jade said.

"What?" they shouted at Jade.

"You have got to be kidding me. I know my martial arts. Watch this…hi-ya!" Jonah said, kicking her feet in the air. Her foot connected to one of the men that came down the stairs from the bedroom. He was hit in the face and fell down the stairs, clutching his nose.

"Nice leg." George commented.

"These pumps are great to come in handy." Jonah said modeling them.

"We can't stand around like this; we need to guard all areas of the house." Draco said taking out his wand.

Everyone paired off and Jade picked up Sage, going to take her to into an isolated closet.

"I need you to hide for me. The last thing I want is you to get hurt." Jade said, holding her face.

"But I want to fight!" Sage yelled, with her large blue eyes.

"No!" Jade said. Sage's eyes moved to the side of Jade's head and she screamed.

"Watch out!" Jade turned around, only to get hit in the face with a fist. Her body twisted and her footing became clumsy from the hit. He grabbed her neck and pulled her up, hanging her a few inches off the ground.

"Found the red head." He hissed, his eyes black as coal.

"Jerry! Bite!" Sage screamed.

Jade and the man looked down to see Jerry clamp his jaw tightly between his legs.

"ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" the man roared in Jade's face. He dropped Jade and held himself tightly between the legs. Sage moved back and Jade grabbed the man's head and jammed her knee into his nose.

"How does that feel now?" Jade asked, throwing him aside. She petrified him and took Sage's hand, running off.

Draco ran into the dining room, seeing two big men, the size of Hagrid, crash in through his glass window to the outdoor patio.

"Stupefy!" he shouted.

The spell bounced off of them and he gave a loud disgusted sigh.

"Surprised?" one of them growled.

"Hardly." Draco said dryly.

One of the men with long bright orange hair let out an angry yell and charged towards Draco.

"Accio chair!" Draco yelled, pointing his wand. The chair soared towards his hand and Draco crashed it against the man's chest, seeing him fall down. Draco didn't waste any time summoning a chain next, where he hexed it to tie the other half giant with his friend. Draco heard people running towards him and he turned around seeing a wizard take his wand out.

"Verdimillious!" the wizard shouted.

"Protego!" Draco said, shielding himself. Before the wizard could throw Draco another attack, Draco disarmed him.


The wizard's wand flew out of a window nearby and Draco focused his entire energy and concentration on the wizard. Ignoring the sounds of breaking objects, men being thrown out of the window and badly hurt by Harry, Fred, George and the rest of everyone's battle cries, Draco channeled every ounce of his power on the wizard.

"Imperio." Draco purred.

The wizard was sent into a trancelike state, his arms dropped to his sides and his shoulders relaxed.

"What is your name?" Draco asked.

"Neleus." He said, his hazel eyes blank.

"Neleus, I want you to protect my people from your men. Kill your men, it's an order." Draco said.

Neleus walked off and Draco turned around, pushing the giants into another room with the rest.

"Fuck yeeeewwwwwwwww!" Aunt Muriel sang, plowing into the group of men on a Firebolt. A lamppost that was stolen from outside was attached horizontally on the broom. The men fell down the stairs and Aunt Muriel was brought back by Fred, George, Bilius and Lola who clapped and laughed.

"My turn!" Lola said.

"You're not running this train muggle girl!" Aunt Muriel said.

"Why not?" Lola asked.

Fred, George, Bilius and Aunt Muriel narrowed their eyes at her.

"Ever rode on a broom before?" George asked.

"Er…no." Lola said.

"Well grab on to a side of the lamppost and I'll show you how it's done!" Aunt Muriel said with a broad wave.

"Yes!" Lola said. Bilius jumped to the other side and Fred and George took a few steps back, seeing the group of men get up to go up the stairs.

"All aboard the Muriel Express! It's either ride or die bitches!" she said, kicking off with the broom, pummeling into the men. Bilius and Lola kicked hard at whoever was in the way, sending them flying down the stairs, unconscious.

"Amazing!" Fred said, locking the men up together.

"Have you been practicing Aunt Muriel?" George asked, seeing her ride up the stairs again.

"Don't need any practice when you've got natural talent boys." She said, getting ready for another knockout when Fred and George jumped on.

"This is really good stuff. Where did you get this from?" Mona asked, smoking with Shetty.

"Comes from a tree in the Amazon. Ssshh, psychedelic!" Shetty said.

Rita sighed against the wall with a box of endless Weasley Wizard Wheezes Laughing Gas Dragons. A few men walked in and Rita tossed a Laughing Gas Dragon, seeing the airy wisp of a florescent green gas breathe into their mouth and noses. They let out a small giggle and looked at each other with utmost delighted surprise. They giggled again and that led to full out maddening, cackling, side splitting, knee hitting, rolling on the floor laughter.

"Oh dear." Rita said shaking her head and having a cookie.

Shetty and Mona watched the men laughing with each other until they passed out where they were tied up and put away until another set of men walked in.

Sage jumped on the bed, shooting Decoy Detonators with a slingshot she made herself.

"Bomb's away!" Sage announced.

Jade, Jonah and Lavender jumped out from sight and the detonator flew, blowing up Draco's doorway to the bedroom.

"Sage! Do that outside! And why did you make a slingshot with my…bra?" Jade asked looking at her red bra which was stretched between the two canopies of the bed.

"It's good for firing far away." Jonah said.

"Then shoot those sodding sorry pissers in their dick-"

"Lav! She's five!" Jade said.

"Oh." Lavender said looking considerate. "Sometimes I forget…she sounds so smart you know?" Lavender asked.

"Wouldn't it hurt if I shot them in the…place?" Sage asked. Jade furrowed her eyebrows at her.

"You made a snapping turtle bite a man's place." Jade said.

"That's not the same as blowing it off. That would hurt!" Sage said making a cringing face.

"You're a five year old girl! You shouldn't sympathize for a man's plonker! Blow it off and you'll get a piece of candy." Lavender said.

"I won't be negotiated with by candy." Sage said.

"Look at you using big words I don't know." Lavender said.

"There they are!" a man said pointing in the room.

"I know martial arts! Don't make me use them on you!" Jonah said holding up her arms in a combative position. He grinned and a couple of other men appeared. Before Jonah went to make a move, one of them petrified her and she fell to the ground, frigid and solid.

"Confringio!" Jade yelled.

"Opugno!" Lavender shouted.

Lavender and Jade were outnumbered by the men who blocked their attacks and disarmed their wands.

"Eat this!" Lavender said hiking up her leg. She kicked right into the face of a man who went to grab her. Another grabbed her leg and twisted it horribly. Lavender screamed in agony and she was dropped to the floor, leaving Jade and Sage unarmed.

"The redhead and the child are cornered at last." One of them said, baring his yellowing teeth.

Jade swung her elbow into his face, punched another man in his face and brought her foot up hard into another man's groin. They all groaned loudly and staggered back but she felt a pair of arms lock hers behind her back, twisting it just enough so she could feel a shooting pain on both arms.

"I'll break your arms and break the little girl in one snap." He growled in her ear.

"Don't you dare touch her!" Jade snarled, resisting him.

"Finally got her, drag her out of here. I'll take the little girl." A man with a thick moustache and a heavy torso said.

Jade felt panic searing through her as she thought of Sage being manhandled by him.

"If I ever get my foot fixed, I'm coming after you bastards!" Lavender cried, holding on to her twisted ankle. Jade tried not to look at it. It was twisted and contorted in a way that made her feel skittish to do anything else. The man with the moustache walked up to her and gave her a heavy kick in her stomach, spitting on her.

"You won't, whore. Because I'll be coming after you once I'm done feeding those two to the Night Hunter." He said with a laugh.

"You lay a hand on her and you'll be sorry." Jade said through her teeth. He gave her a cold, calculating look, walking up to her slowly.

"And what are you going to do after I punch your brains out?" he asked.

"I'm going to give you a nice fat kiss." Jade said.

A slow smirk appeared on his lips and he put a finger on her lips.

"Give me your best shot…it could save a few bones in your body or your life." He said. Jade simply smiled and him, seeing him a foot away from her face.

"Come and give it to me." He said with a grin.

Without missing a beat, Jade rammed her forehead right on his nose. She heard a crunch and had definitely felt his nose break on her head. While he was shrieking in pain, Jade stomped on the legs of whoever was holding her back and when he loosened his grip, she took the opportunity to crush her elbow against his Adam's apple. He choked, in pain and Jade grabbed his head, smashing it against the wall.

"You don't ever hurt my friends again!" she said. She kicked the man who kicked Lavender and heard Draco, Harry and everyone else run upstairs.

Sage screamed and Jade turned to see her being pulled out from the window.

"Fuck!" Draco swore, running to her.

Before anyone else could help, Jade had already leapt towards the window, pulling Sage out of the man's grasp. He instead grabbed her arm, letting Sage go and pulled as hard as he could, out of the window.

"NO!" Jade screeched, being pulled down.

She felt Harry and Draco grab her feet, trying to get a hold of her legs. The man from below yanked hard and she flew down, going to hit the ground. Jade tried to brace herself for a nearly fatal landing on her head from the second floor bedroom but she never landed. She looked up to see herself being whisked away and stopped in a few yards away from Draco's house. Jade saw Draco and Harry, staring at her from the broken window and she turned around to see herself being settled by none other than Edward.

"Oh Merlin no, don't do this to me." Jade said trying to get away from him.

"And why not?" he asked darkly.

"We haven't done anything to you. Alfie only stole the Chalice and-"

"Do you mean…him?" Edward asked, stepping to the side to reveal Alfie on the ground, lifeless. A little blood dribbled from the corner of his mouth, his face ghastly pale. Even in death, his eyes were vibrant and youthful, making it hard for Jade to believe that he was dead.

"You killed Alfie?" Jade choked out.

"Don't feel too devastated. As far as I can see, we have two more men to eradicate after him." Edward smiled.

"I'll kill you, you fucking piece of shit. I'll plow a tree through your nonexistent soul so hard your dead families are going to wake up in their graves to see the end of it shoving out of their arse!" Jade shrieked, grabbing his head.

Both of her arms were instantly locked and snapped in opposite directions. She was thrown into the floor, howling in her own pain, unable to listen or care about anything in her surroundings. The pain was overwhelming to her and every passing second started to feel like years. Her mind was begging for the pain to stop but she hardly knew what her lips were saying. Tiny black spots started forming in her vision and she felt a trickle of sweat and the sound of Draco's distant roaring from nearby.

From all the pain, Jade felt herself starting to pass out and before she did, the last thing she saw was Harry in front of Edward, holding the Chalice up.

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