The Aurseize

Part Seven: Turkey And Fred Season

"Miss Weasley? Miss Weasley?" Jade's Healer asked in a melodic voice. Jade opened her eyes, seeing the insanely bright sun hurting her eyes.

"The sun's bothering her. Can you close the curtains a bit?" Draco asked. Jade turned her head to the right to see Draco standing there with Sage standing next to him.

"Oh my god." Jade said, trying to sit forward.

"Not now Miss Weasley. We have to do a quick check up." The Healer said.

"What…happened? How did I get here?" Jade asked as the Healer straightened her arms. Draco gave her a soft smile and nodded.

"I'll explain later." He said.

"I bought you sweets." Sage said, holding up a box of Honeydukes sweets.

"Thanks." Jade said, her voice quivering.

After a normal checkup procedure, Jade's Healer fed her a potion.

"She should be fully recovered in a few days, but you can take her home today." The Healer said. After handing Draco the lists of potions he would have to pick up for Jade, the Healer left, leaving Jade, Draco and Sage ready to leave.

"This feels slightly familiar…except I'm the one pushing you in a wheelchair." Draco said after sitting Jade in her wheelchair.

"I guess it was a good idea to take care of you then, so you can take care of me now." Jade said. Draco smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I'm not doing you a favor. It's become my obligation to take care of you." he said. Jade kissed him and tried to move her arms.

"I'd hug you but I can't." Jade said, feeling like she was going to cry. Sage ran up to Jade and put her arms around her.

"It's okay, I'll hug you for you." she said.

"Sit on my lap." Jade said to Sage.

"Jade we're going to have to shift to your house for a couple of days. My house just looks like a warzone ran over it a couple of times and shat on it." He said.

"Our clothes-"

"Gone, trampled on, burned and torn. But I have no complaints if you want to wear torn up, hardly-there clothes. We just have to buy clothes for Sage and me." He said. They heard a knock on the door and looked up to see Arthur, Molly, Aunt Muriel and Bilius.

"Sweetheart we heard what happened. Are you all right?" Molly asked, looking concerned. She cupped Jade's face and looked at her arms in horror.

"My Lord, how could he?" Molly asked.

"I'm okay Aunt Molly. Just a little hungry." Jade said.

"Don't you worry dear; I've made your favorites today at the Burrow. You're coming over and so is Draco and little Sage." Molly said nodding at Draco and Sage.

"She's made three desserts; summer pudding, Spotted Dick and a raspberry trifle." Aunt Muriel said. "I made a Lemon Meringue Pie!" Bilius said happily.

"Then what are we waiting for?! Take me there!" Jade said.

They all apparated to the Burrow after filling out the paperwork for Jade.

"Hello everyone." Jade said when the door opened. Hermione, Ginny holding Enya, Ron, Rose, Fred, George, Mona, Jonah, Lola, Bill, Fleur, Charlie and his wife Jennifer were trying to cram themselves through the doorway.

"You're alive!" some of them called out.

"Good to see you old chap!" George said.

"Oops, it seems that I've dropped my wand. Could you be a dear and pick it up for me?" Fred asked.

"You boil in my arse!" Jade barked as everyone else laughed. Draco grinned and wheeled her in as Fred and George each gave him a clap on the back.

"Welcome to the Burrow Malfoy." They said.

"Never even dreamt of it." George said quickly.

"Maybe a little in my naughty dreams." Fred said.

"Fred! George! Stop it!" Molly said.

"Stop embarrassing Draco." Arthur said.

Jade looked at Draco who looked uncomfortable to be anywhere near Fred and George. He wheeled her into the living room and took a chair to sit down next to her.

"We heard what happened yesterday. That's…frightening." Hermione said hugging Jade.

"I still can't believe Alfie's dead, I'm so sorry honey." Ginny said.

"Hey…it happens." Jade said, feeling her throat start to close up and her eyes well. Ever since she had passed out, she didn't think about Alfie. Now that she was, all she wanted to do was cry.

"Fred and George told us what he did for you and we were really surprised…and a little sorry." Hermione said.

"Yeah, we shouldn't have thought so low about him. It just came to us as a surprise to know that he wanted to save your life." Ginny said.

"I really don't want to talk about it. It just happened yesterday and I'm not over it just yet." Jade said seeing them nod.

"That's true. We're so stupid to bring it up." Hermione said.

"Is it okay if I have a moment with Jade? I haven't told her what happened since she passed out." Draco said. He looked around the room to see the Weasleys and Jade nodded.

"Come Sage, we'll introduce you to our niece and nephews." George said taking Sage's hand. Everyone left outside where there was a big lake and a large open yard for the children to run around.

"What was the last thing you remember before going unconscious?" he asked softly.

"Just the part where Harry was holding the Chalice in front of Edward." Jade said. Draco sighed and nodded. He placed a hand on her knee and lightly rubbed it.

"Potter made a deal with that leech. In exchange for you and to guarantee to leave without harming anyone else or ever coming back to hurt us, he would give him the Chalice." Draco said.

"But that doesn't matter! He's going to come back, I know he is-you know he'll come back!" Jade said, her voice rising with panic.

"He's not going to come back." Draco whispered. He held her face in his hands, giving her a firm stare to convince her. "Trust me." He said.

Jade took a moment, thinking things out clearly. Last night Harry left off to Romania for personal business. Harry went to Romania to kill off Edward and the rest of the vampires. She looked at Draco who clenched his jaw, quiet.

"This is a personal agreement between Potter and I." he said.

His tone hinted strongly that this conversation was over and there was nothing else that Jade could say to him or do to stop this. She personally didn't want to stop it either. It was a calming and stable feeling to know that Sage, Draco and the rest of her family was safe from one less manic murderer. Draco was a good Auror and Harry was his own Aurseize and official of an underground and security management team with a dark life.

They both hated each other but they seemed to negotiate and set their personal differences aside to rule out what was really right and wrong. The two had worked through and agreed that making Edward and the rest of his followers quietly disappear was the best solution, not just for Jade but for the entire Wizarding world. Jade had nothing else she wanted to say or know about.

Dinner in the Burrow with Draco Malfoy wasn't as horrifying and dreadful as Jade imagined it to be. It was much worse. Molly set down two roasted turkeys in the center of the table as everyone helped bring in the stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet candied yams, creamed spinach, green bean casserole and a basket of fresh piping hot butter rolls.

Jade stared at the food, thanking her lucky stars that she lived to see a day like this. Draco leaned into her ear and whispered softly.

"Who's getting lucky tonight? Me or you?" he asked.

"I would have said both but judging from all this food, I'll be too full to move from this spot." Jade said. Draco gave Jade a pointed look and shook his head sadly at her.

"You know I love you." Jade said, rubbing her foot against his shin. Draco leaned against his chair, looking at her arm casts. He placed a hand on her thigh and gently slid his hand up, seeing her shudder.

"That's not fair. I'm disabled you know." Jade said. Draco only smiled, his eyes darkening from their usual pale grey.

"Disabled from slapping me away. How lovely." He murmured.

Jade bit her lip, letting Draco feel her up and around in the dining table of the Burrow. What they didn't realize was that Aunt Muriel and Fred had gotten into a heated argument about muggle guns.

"Aunt Muriel you wouldn't even know what to do with a muggle gun if it tripped over you and shat." Fred said crossly.

Aunt Muriel pressed her lips so tightly together; it formed into a thin white line. She opened her purse and dumped the contents all over the dinner table. Makeup, keys, condoms, another purse, a new shirt with a security tag, a couple of wands, scalpels, scissors, gloves, lubes and handcuffs fell out.

"Where is the goddamn thing?" Aunt Muriel asked, fishing through her purse.

Everyone watched in horror as a small baby chick chirped out, looking like an over fluffed yellow cotton ball. A hot pink dildo fell and bounced around on the table, landing on the stuffing. Bilius's eyes rolled back and he fell out of his chair as everyone stared wide eyed. Jade looked at Draco who looked smug.

"I'm glad I wasn't born into this family." Draco said, with an arm wrapped around the back of Jade's chair. They saw a couple of bullets fall out of the purse and rolled around the table and Aunt Muriel pulled out a Glock.

"Holy shit!" Ron jumped back with Hugo in his arms. Draco jumped back and shielded Jade by standing in front of her. George looked like he was going to shield Jonah as well but he somehow messed up and tackled her down to the ground. Molly and Arthur ducked along with everyone else and Fred apparated from the table to upstairs.

"Relax you bunch of fanny packs, it isn't loaded." She said, waving her hand dismissively.

"Do you even have a permit for that?" Draco asked.

"Me? Of course I do!" she said.

"Then show it to me." Draco said looking doubtful.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Aunt Muriel winked.

Draco's eyes widened and he placed his hands on his hips, glaring at Aunt Muriel.

"Aunt Muriel put the gun down; there are children in the room." Hermione warned, slowly getting up. Aunt Muriel looked at Sage, Victoire, Rose, Dominique, Louis and Thomas at the corner of the dining room, staring at her in fascination.

"I'm not blind yet! I can see them and they are absolutely fine with a muggle gun in my hand!" Aunt Muriel said.

"Now I don't believe that more than I believe the Quibbler! Put that gun down!" Molly pointed with her finger.

"Look! There are no bullets! Let me show you." Aunt Muriel said, pointing to one of the roasted turkeys on the table. "See, there are no-"


A shot went off and the turkey jumped a few centimeters in the air and landed back on the table with a gaping tearing hole in the center. Everyone screamed and Draco pulled Jade to the ground, putting himself over her. Aunt Muriel staggered back after the gun went off and she fell with her finger still on the trigger.


Every one screamed as the shots fired off, hitting the ceiling. Chunks of plasters broke off and fell on the food.

"NO!" Jade screamed going to get up but Draco had her pinned down.

"You can't save everything!" Draco yelled at her.

They heard Fred scream from upstairs.

"My leg! My leg's been shot!" Fred hollered.

"Oops." Aunt Muriel said, setting the gun aside. "Looks like Potter's men carries these guns loaded after all." Aunt Muriel said.

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