The Aurseize

Part Seven: Child Services

For the next three days, Jade, Draco and Sage spent their time in Jade's apartment. Draco took those three days off to take care of Jade since her arms were in a cast but as soon as her arms healed, Draco went back to the Ministry.

"Guess you win again." Jade said when her cards exploded. Sage smiled and gathered up all the cards again.

"I like this game!" she said, trying to shuffle the cards with her tiny hands.

"That's because you're really good at it." Jade said.

They were both sitting cross legged on the carpeted floor playing Exploding Snaps when Draco opened the door and walked in with his cloak wrapped tightly around him. Behind him, walked in two Ministry officials. The woman was a short round woman that reminded Jade of Umbridge but she had more honest and kind features that Umbridge seemed to fall short of. The man was tall and pale with light brown eyes, slightly older than Draco and Jade.

"Jade…this is Amadeus Iverson and Lorraine Fiscus. Amadeus and Lorraine, this is Jade." He said, not too happy to introduce them. Jade smiled and shook their hands, seeing them give her a brief smile.

"We're very excited to meet you. Draco tells us all about you and how much you take care of Sage." She said.

Jade laughed softly and looked behind to see Sage get up and shyly stand behind her, wrapping her arm around Jade's leg.

"That's really nice of him to say." Jade said, ruffling Sage's hair and looking at Draco who didn't smile.

"They're from child wizards and witches service of the Ministry. They're here for Sage." Draco said. Jade's smile dropped and she looked at Amadeus and Lorraine who only smiled politely at her.

"N-Now?" Jade asked.

"I don't want to go." Sage said to Jade, holding on to her tightly.

"There, there. We know Miss Weasley and Mr. Malfoy took excellent care of you but they are not your family are they? We need to take you for your own good child." Lorraine said.

Sage sharply moved away from Lorraine and tugged Jade's shirt.

"They are my family! Jade and Draco are like my Mummy and Daddy!" Sage said. Jade felt exactly what Sage was feeling but she tried to mask her own emotions so Sage wouldn't be pulled and dragged away from her. Lorraine when to take out her wand to subdue Sage but Draco put a hand up.

"There's no need. She'll go with you." Draco said.

Sage looked at Draco, her face growing red and shrieked at him.

"I don't want to go! Why are you making me go?" Sage sobbed. Jade choked back her own tears and kneeled down, holding Sage.

"We can't keep you Sage." Jade said smoothing her hair out. "We want to…so badly but we can't." Jade said. Tears streamed down Sage's face and she trembled, standing in front of Jade.

"Why? Why can't you? You always said you loved me and promised that nobody was going to take me away from you. Why are you giving me away?" Sage asked.

Jade felt her own tears choke her words. She wanted to tell Sage that she loved her more than she ever imagined but nothing came out. Sage hiccupped, holding Jade's hands and Amadeus took Sage away from Jade. Lorraine and Amadeus left with Sage and the door closed shut, leaving Jade and Draco in the silent apartment, alone with each other. Draco slowly made his way towards Jade and kneeled down in front of her.

"I know you both were close but you knew that she had to be taken away someday Jade." He said.

Jade wiped her eyes and looked at Draco closely.

"You have to forget about her. She was never ours in the first place. We only needed to protect her and that's what we did…and now it's over. She's gone. Accept that." He said, emphasizing every word.

Jade pushed him back and got up to leave.

"Getting angry at me won't change anything Jade. Sage is gone. She never belonged to us…just…let her go." He said.

"How could you just say that to me Draco? I know she doesn't belong to us but that didn't stop me from caring about her and treating her like my own child." Jade said her voice thinning.

"I don't feel like letting go because I don't want to. I love that kid and I know you do too." Jade said.

"This is ridiculous! Why are you getting so emotional for a five year old girl? Why would you love her like your own child? She's only been with us for two months." He said.

"So?" Jade asked sharply.

"So? Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?" he asked.

"Fuck you Malfoy. You love her too but you can't admit it because you're a fucking pansy. You want her back just as badly as I do but you're too afraid to cry in front of me." Jade sniffed.

"Fuck you back! I don't cry!" he roared.

"Good. Merlin forbid if any one of your close family or friends die, we'll count on you for not shedding a single tear for us!" Jade said, roughly yanking off her hair band from her pony tail. She walked into the bedroom slammed the door behind her. Draco opened the door and swung it hard, letting it crash into the wall.

"Don't give me a fucking attitude!" he yelled, his cheeks flushed bright.

"I will! What are you going to do about it? Oh please don't tell me you won't cry at my funeral! That would just hurt!" Jade said, feigning sadness.

"Yes, I won't cry at your funeral because I won't make it. I'm not obligated to be there since I'm not family. I'd have to be your husband, which I'm not. Wait! Maybe you can count on that brooding and dashing young ex-husband of yours named Harry Potter! I'm sure he can take some time off from his busy criminal maniac killing life to say a few good words about your psycho arse!" he said.

Jade felt intense rage for Draco right now. She was heavily influenced by the idea of slamming his head on the bathroom sink and throwing him out of the window.

"Why don't you get out of my apartment and find yourself some fake breasted money hungry bimbo to shag for a few months before you're bored of her and come back to me? It's the least I could do in our dysfunctional relationship." Jade said.

"Fine." Draco said grabbing his cloak. "I will." He said.

"Make sure she's extra dumb, more than usual superficially pretty and bigger of a leech than you usually prefer. Hey! Why don't you fuck Pansy?! I'm sure you're quite familiar with her services." Jade said, seeing him head out of the apartment.

"It's a good thing you mentioned it. I missed her because you were always driving me insane." He said.

"Fuck you!" Jade said.

"Up yours princess!" he said.

Jade slammed the door and fumed in her spot. She wanted to kick something to show how furious she was but she was afraid that she'd end up bruising herself. She walked back into the bedroom, feeling her anger tone down. Before she started to miss Draco, the door opened and Draco quickly scooped her up, attacking her with a snog. Jade wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him back, feeling him land themselves on the bed. They quickly worked off their clothes, still kissing each other.

"Does this mean we're ok?" Draco murmured.

"Yep." Jade said quickly.

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