The Aurseize

Part Seven: Pregnancy Tests

Jade woke up in the morning, on Draco's chest, without Sage. She had a difficult time accepting that Sage was gone and knew it was going to be harder later on. Draco groaned and rubbed his face, yawning. He looked down at Jade and looked around, squinting.

"Where's Sage?" he asked.

Jade blinked at him and saw the realization replacing his confusion.

"Oh." He said softly. Jade rubbed his arm and kissed his chest.

"It's okay. Give it some time, we'll forget about it." Jade said. Draco saw how miserable she looked, trying to forget about Sage.

"I'll make breakfast. Pancakes or toast?" Jade asked slapping his lean sculpted abdomen.

"I feel fat…I'll have toast." He said.

"I'm having pancakes then. Maybe make some hash browns and…oh Merlin, I want those really crispy chicken bites you made the other day and some shrimp with lemon sauce." Jade moaned.

Draco stared at her, looking a little frightened and Jade frowned, trying to smooth down her stomach.

"I look like a cow." Jade said. Draco kissed her neck and placed a hand over her stomach.

"You need to lose a little weight. You couldn't even put your pants on a few days ago and it's getting bigger. You're getting a beer belly." He said smiling up at her.

"It's embarrassing. I have these really out of control appetites. Like right now, I want chicken with chocolate sauce." Jade sighed.

"Sounds like you're pregnant." He joked, brushing his knuckles over her stomach.

They both sat silently for a moment with smiles on their faces until the shock hit them. They both snapped their heads up at each other, their eyes wide.

"Oh my God!" Jade yelled, jumping off the bed. Draco paled and stared at Jade, completely naked.

"This is probably a misunderstanding. This doesn't have to be…" Draco trailed off, in a daze.

"Snap out of it! We have to go for a pregnancy test!" Jade said storming out of the bedroom.

"Put your clothes on first!" Draco said before Jade left. Jade grabbed Draco's black and white plaid boxer shorts and his white undershirt.

"Come on! I MIGHT BE PREGNANT!" Jade yelled.

Draco quickly wore Jade's pink tank top and went to reach for his cloak but Jade yanked him outside. They both ran out, into the morning snow and people gawked at them. They went into a nearby wizards store and Jade went straight into the aisle where they sold pregnancy tests.

"Why are we getting all those? Don't we just need one to tell us?" Draco asked as Jade scooped up every brand of pregnancy tests.

"We might get a false positive…or even a false negative. There's no harm in checking twice." Jade said.

"Or in this case, checking the amount of times the entire female population of England would check today!" Draco said. Jade ran towards the checkout stand and placed the basket on the counter. The counter boy had short black hair with long side swept bangs. He looked at Jade and Draco peculiarly.

"Why are you wearing each other's-"

"It's a free pissing country! Give me my tests!" Jade barked.

"Thank you for shopping today at Wizard's Pharmaceutical, would you like to sign up for our daily newsletters for-"

"NO!" Draco and Jade said earnestly.

"You don't have to be rude you know." He said raising his hands.

Draco went to make an angry move but Jade grabbed the tests and threw them into the bag that the boy was holding. She slapped a pouch of Galleons on the counter and grabbed Draco's hand, running out of the store.

Draco sat outside of the bathroom for a half an hour, waiting for Jade to take the tests. He had a bottle of water sitting right next to him, ready if Jade needed to refill again.

"Jade…it's been a half an hour. Those tests should have been done by now." He said.

Jade unlocked the door and Draco got up, opening it. He walked in and saw a line of the used pregnancy tests on the edge of the tub.

"Does those happy faces mean 'nothing to worry about, we're not pregnant?'" Draco asked. Jade slowly shook her head, trying to hold her tears in.

"So all of those positives don't mean 'we're positively not pregnant?'" Draco asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"Out of about a million tests only one came back negative." Jade said seeing Draco pick the negative test up.

"But this can mean we're not having a baby…right?" he asked. Jade punched his arm.

"The odds are against it! I'm pretty sure that, that is a false negative. Draco…we're having a baby." Jade whispered. He placed his hands on her face and brought her close.

"Are we keeping it?" he asked.

"Draco," Jade started, circling her arms around his neck. "I'm not scared of having a baby with you." Jade said.

"But what about being scared of marrying me and moving in with me? Why is it less scary for you to have a child with me?" he asked.

"Because this is our child. Our baby together." Jade whispered. Draco took her hand, giving it a gentle kiss and placed it over his heart.

"You know I love you." he said seeing her nod and try to smile from crying.

"I promise…anything and everything." He said. Jade hugged him tightly, feeling him pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom.

Jade sat in Draco's living room with babies everywhere. Some were wearing blue, others were wearing pink and they all crawled around, giggling, crying, cooing, pointing or just drooling. She looked around, absolutely confused until she saw Sage looking in from the front door.

"Come in." Jade said. Sage shook her head and started to leave.

"You never loved me." She said. Jade got up and tried to run after her but Sage started to run, closing the front door behind her.

Jade shook awake from her abrupt dream. She looked at Draco who was still sleeping and she rested her head against the headboard, trying to think things over. After a while, Jade got up and started fixing breakfast for Draco and her. She made the batter of pancakes and went to fry the eggs but found the smell of it absolutely repugnant.

"Cripes." Jade said, her stomach churning. Draco walked into the kitchen and saw Jade covering her mouth with her hand.

"I never hated eggs. I don't know why I don't like it now." Jade said through her hand. Draco smiled and kissed her forehead.

"You're going through that morning sickness phase. You're sensitive to a lot of smells and it'll trigger some of your…vomit." He said seeing her scowl.

"How did you get to know all of this?" Jade asked.

"Wizard's health in Hogwarts, we were in the same class together, why don't you know this?" he asked.

"Because I was too busy shagging you in the bathroom stall." Jade said bitterly. Draco sighed, walking after her.

"Why are you mad now?" he asked.

"Because I failed in that class and I'm pregnant!" Jade said, feeling as if she were about to burst into tears. Draco slowly approached her and took her in his arms, rocking her back and forth.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have…snapped at you like that." Jade said hearing him laugh.

"Those raging mood swings come along with the pregnancy." He said. Jade glared at him and walked away to attend to the breakfast.

"So? What do you want the baby to be?" Jade asked, seeing Draco hop on to the counter.

"Well I always wanted both of each…but the first one would have to be a boy." Draco said seeing Jade smile.

"I thought about this even before you had gotten pregnant. When I thought of proposing to you, I thought about our life, how many children we'd have, how many bones I'd have to break if I had a little girl and how many women I could teach to score if I had a son." He said seeing Jade laugh.

"I'm actually a little scared of having a little man whore as a son." Jade said.

"And I'm scared to have a daughter who nearly gets herself killed on a day to day basis." He said.

"Not my fault if my luck is rotten." Jade pointed out.

"Well it can't all be too bad now can't it? You're lucky to have me aren't you?" he winked.

"You're so fucking cheeky!" Jade said slapping him. She went back to her pancakes and the doorbell rang.

"Sage could you-"Jade stopped, seeing Draco freeze.

"I meant Draco." Jade said.

"We need to talk about this." Draco said.

"Draco…we need to talk about this now." Jade said, following him out of the kitchen.

"I had a dream last night about Sage and I can't stop thinking about her." Jade said. Draco stopped from opening the door, looking at Jade.

"You too?" he asked.

"You had a dream about her as well?" Jade asked seeing him look away from her.

"No." he mumbled. He opened the door and looked out, seeing that no one was there. He went to close the door but a rose and a pink note attached to the door. He peeled the rose and note off and closed the door, opening it.

"Who is that from?" Jade asked.

"I love you, Babe." Draco said, showing her the note. Jade stared at the note, feeling a rush of heat circling her cheeks and neck.

"Looks like Potter's got no manners or control. He just needs to tell you how he feels doesn't he?" Draco asked.

"Shut up Draco. This is not Harry's style." Jade said seeing his eyebrows rise.

"Not Potter's style I see. So you're familiar with his style now?" Draco asked.

"Will you just piss off and have some breakfast? I need to make an appointment with Ginny to schedule a check up and tell my father and my Aunt and Uncle that we're having a baby. Can you take two minutes off from being a pain in the arse and lend me a hand?" Jade asked.

"Fine." He said leaving. When he came back with the breakfast, he set it on the small dining table and they both started eating.

"You know, I had a dream where Sage was sitting on our sofa, just holding a baby in her arms. She looked older but I knew it was her." Draco said seeing Jade smile warmly.

"Sage was in my dreams last night…but she ran away because she told me that we didn't love her. She came in through the front door and I was in your living room filled with babies." Jade said. She looked down at her food and poked at her pancakes, losing her appetite after thinking about Sage. Draco set his fork down and softly brushed her cheek with his hand.

"I spoke to Lorraine and Amadeus yesterday night when you fell asleep. They told me that Sage was being sent to an orphanage. They were both sorry that they had to take Sage away from us and told me about what a couple did when they had a child in their house for protection watch." Draco said. Jade nodded and Draco continued.

"They fell in love with the kid and after child services came to take the little boy away, the couple filed to adopt him." Draco said.

"Did they get him?" Jade asked seeing Draco nod.

"They're incredibly happy together and the boy is around ten years old now, ready to go to Hogwarts." He said.

"And I thought about it. I thought really long and hard, especially now that we're having a baby together. We loved Sage first, we treated her like our little girl and protected her the way we would protect our own child. If our child is born, I won't be able to call them my first because I keep thinking about Sage as their older sister." He said. Jade nodded vigorously, tears pouring out of her eyes.

"You said it perfectly. I can't think of having this baby without Sage being there. I know this is a major step for us…but I'm 100% sure of this, just like I am with our child. I want to adopt Sage." Jade said.

Draco gave her hand a light squeeze and grinned.

"Me too." He said.

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