The Aurseize

Part Seven: Rainbows, Roses and O'Hara

Jade apparated to St. Mungo's to meet Ginny and Draco left to the Ministry to file adoption papers for Sage. Jade stopped in front of Ginny's office and knocked on her door, seeing her look up from her files.

"Jade! I was just thinking about you!" Ginny said getting up. Jade walked in and hugged her cousin. "Guess what!" Ginny said, showing her left hand. Jade looked at the engagement ring on Ginny's finger and gasped.

"Zane proposed! When did he do that?" Jade asked dropping her purse. She looked at the ring and looked at Ginny who started to cry.

"He just…made me a really romantic dinner in our favorite library." Ginny said.

Jade looked surprised. She couldn't imagine a man like Zane who was involved in firefights, undercover top secret missions, muggle gun carrying and bomb throwing man to spend his free time in a library reading a book.

"He's so perfect for me. Here I was nearly two years ago, single and without children and a crush on Harry. Then Zane comes along and gives me everything I've always dreamed of. You don't understand how much I love that man and how surprised I was when he proposed." Ginny said. Jade smiled and hugged Ginny who hugged her back.

"And I also wanted to thank you for knocking some sense into him. He told me that you made him realize what he really wanted and how stupid he was not to have asked before." Ginny said.

"I didn't do anything Gin. Men need a little hint here and there and Zane is smart enough and loves you enough to realize that." Jade said.

"I think some women need a little hint now and then." Ginny said winking at Jade who rolled her eyes.

"What? Why don't you want to get married to that ferret? He's completely bonkers over you and you're here in my office, which by the way I don't know why." Ginny said.

"I came to give you some news actually." Jade said. Ginny gasped and her eyes immediately went to Jade's ring finger.

"No, I'm not getting married…I'm…" Jade trailed off, rubbing her stomach.

"Hungry?" Ginny asked confused.

"No Gin! I'm pregnant!" Jade said. Ginny's mouth dropped and she stared at Jade who searched for any kind of positive emotion.

"I don't know whether to be insanely happy that I'm going to become an Aunt or try to tear you to pieces just like you and Mione did when I was first pregnant with Enya." Ginny said.

"Oh come off it woman. I actually…oh wait…now I remember." Jade said tapping her chin.

"What?" Ginny asked, grinning.

"We had a quickie. I remember Alfie and Sage were driving us insane and we ended up doing it in the laundry room." Jade said.

"On the laundry machine?" Ginny asked seeing Jade nod in embarrassment. "So my little niece or nephew was conceived on a laundry machine? That's a great bedtime story." Ginny said putting on a pair of gloves.

They heard a knock on the door and turned around to see Hermione at the doorway.

"Jade! You're finally out and about!" Hermione said. Jade got up and hugged Hermione.

"Guess what Jade has to tell you." Ginny said.

"Oh you're not engaged too are you?" Hermione asked lifting Jade's empty left hand.

"No…but I am pregnant." Jade said. Hermione gasped sharply and looked down at Jade's stomach.

"Congratulations!" Hermione said throwing her arms around Jade.

"Hey! What's going on? Aren't you going to give her a speech about contraceptives and crap?" Ginny asked.

"Gin! She's in a stable relationship with Malfoy. They've been together for three years and they care about each other. I was mad at you because you hardly even knew him but I'm glad things worked out for you Ginny. If I knew you both were going to be where you are now, I wouldn't have said anything, honest!" Hermione said.

"Ah I understand." Ginny said waving her hand. Jade took off her cloak and jerked her head to the examination bed.

"Come on Gin, just check me up and I'll take you girls out for lunch. There are some things we I have to tell you anyways." Jade said.

"You should be fine. You're two and a half weeks into the pregnancy but you should definitely owl me if you find anything unusual. Morning sickness is fine, that usually tends to happen in the early months of your pregnancy. If you bleed, contact me immediately because obviously, it's a dangerous sign. Other than that your next checkup is exactly a month from now!" Ginny said.

"Thanks Gin." Jade said taking the appointment card from Ginny.

"Now let's buy me a nice round of drinks and give your pregnant arse some water!" Ginny said. She took off her lime green Healer robes and they apparated to a restaurant in Hogsmeade. As they were waiting on their food, Jade told them everything about Sage and her intentions of adopting Sage with Draco.

"That's a pretty big responsibility. You're both having a baby together and you want to adopt an older child?" Hermione asked.

"I know it sounds really strange but I can't even explain to you how connected I am with that child. She means the world to me and Draco. I could see how much he cares about her and to tell you the truth, he was a better parent than I was to her. Sometimes when I'd come home from the Ministry and see him watching television with her already sleeping on his lap, I just want to stare at them all day." Jade said. She looked down at her plate and pushed her food around with her fork.

"I don't know. I've grown to love her so much. The only thing I think about is whether or not she's been fed properly, if she's had her bath, if she's wearing clean clothes, if she brushed her teeth and braided her hair before bedtime. On top of that I'm always in a state of constant worry. How is she doing? Is she all right? Is she hurt? But I can't know any of that now and I can't check on her because she's gone." Jade said.

"Sweetheart." Hermione said touching Jade's hand.

"I will do whatever it takes to bring Sage back to you and Draco. I'll write a strong recommendation, if not, I'll go barter the Minister to write the recommendation for you to get Sage back." Hermione promised.

Jade came back to the apartment to find another rose and an 'I love you' note on her door. Jade quickly took it down, wondering what was wrong with Harry. She walked into the apartment and there was a knock on the door. Opening it, Jade saw Ron standing there with sunglasses on, trying to look cool. Jade snorted and Ron frowned, taking them off.

"What? Mione said I looked sexy." Ron said.

"Yeah because she married you. In all honesty you look like a dork." Jade said.

"You…shut up, you…shit I'm not good at this." Ron said.

"Comebacks are usually hard for the intellectually challenged." Jade said poking her head.

"I came here for a little help, not try to produce comebacks to your stupid jokes." He said.

"What did you need?" Jade asked.

"I have a few apprehensions to make and I need you to come along with me." Ron said.

Jade thought about it for a moment, placing a hand on your stomach.

"If you're thinking about food, I'll feed you but I need to get these apprehensions done." Ron said.

"I sort of…I don't think it's the best idea for me to be an Aurseize anymore." Jade said seeing Ron wave his hand impatiently.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just this once, I promise and I'll hire a good Aurseize to make my apprehensions. Otherwise the muggle Ministry is going to have a fit and they'll hire a better Aurseize from some other country and I'll end up looking like an arse." Ron said grabbing Jade's hand.

They left the building and apparated to Hogsmeade and walked into a pub.

"What are we looking for?" Jade asked looking around at the older drunk men around her.

"A leprechaun." Ron answered.

"No really, who are we looking for?" Jade asked.

"Callum O' Hara?" Ron asked a little man with a green blazer and a green top hat with a giant clover embedded in the front. Callum had light blue eyes and a fiery orange beard and a smoke pipe stuck to his mouth. Callum looked at Ron and Jade and raised his eyebrows.

"Yer speakin' to Callum O' Hara lads!" he said enthusiastically.

"We're from the Ministry of Magic and you've been wanted for attacking a goblin at Gringott's Wizarding Bank." Ron said taking out his wand.

"Oh ye'v got the wrong person laddie! Those goblins wanted me pot o' gold!" Callum said.


"There he is!" Callum said pointing behind Ron.

Jade and Ron turned around to see no one there and turned back around to see Callum's seat was empty. They looked back around and saw a flash of green leave through the doors and Ron smacked his head.

"Never take your eyes off of the leprechaun! Think Ron, think!" Ron said.

Jade and Ron ran out of pub and ran down the street. Ron went to round on the corner but he slipped on a barrel of slime produced by giant slugs from a nearby store. Jade skidded to a stop and saw Callum cackling and dancing, holding up his bag of gold.

"Hey!" Jade barked. Callum stopped dancing and looked at Jade and his spirits fell.

"Why didn't you fall with him?" Callum asked, grabbing a handful of pearls from nearby.

"Don't throw them! I'm pregnant!" Jade said.

"What?" Callum and Ron asked.

"I am! I'm just about a month in and if anything happens to my baby, I'll rip your humdinger off and feed it to the slugs!" Jade warned.

"Yikes!" Callum said, trashing the pearls. "All righty then, no practical jokes but that doesn't mean I'll surrender!" Callum said.

Jade charged after him and grabbed his hat from his head.

"That's not fair!" Callum said, pointing a short finger at him.

"Too bad!" Jade said.

Draco sat in one of his favorite restaurants in Hogsmeade. His parents were in front of him, swirling a glass of wine and smiling happily at the news he just gave them.

"This is beautiful news! I'm going to be a grandmother!" Narcissa said, tearing up.

"Jade is perfect for you…just a little scary to be around." Gary said seeing Draco laugh.

"I'm scared for my life every second I'm with her…but I love her just as much." Draco said looking at his mother who held his hand.

"I love her too!" Narcissa said.

"But what do you think about us adopting Sage?" Draco asked them.

"She's a little older but I think it works well. You've spent your time with little Sage enough to care about her and love her. And from what you've told me, she's responsible and very smart for her age. She'll be a big help with the new baby that's on the way." Gary said seeing Draco nod.

"That's what I thought too. I didn't expect to act like a father without trying to prepare for it first." Draco said.

"If it helps, I'll speak to Sage's orphanage and make sure she's brought to you." Gary said.

"That would make things easier for me and Jade." Draco said.

"I'd love to meet little Sage soon. Anyways I have to pay a visit to Jade to congratulate her and see if she needs anything at all for the pregnancy. Oh I know! Baby shower!" Narcissa said.

Draco smiled and lifted his fork to finish his salmon but a butt naked leprechaun, mooning Jade, stopped him.

"Oh dear." Gary and Narcissa said, their eyes fixated on the scene.

Jade looked red and angry, and looked like she was yelling and cursing the leprechaun. They didn't hear anything that they were saying but Jade swiped the bag of gold from his hand. She lifted it above his head, seeing him trying to jump and catch it.

"Give me me pot o' gold!" Callum shrieked, trying to reach for his bag.

"Let me lock your arms first!" Jade said.

"No!" Callum yelled.

Ron locked Callum's arms together from behind him and Callum turned around, kicking Ron's shin.

"Mother…fuck me." Ron said, clutching his leg.

Jade dropped Callum's bag and went over to Ron who motioned for her to catch Callum who caught his bag with his teeth and started running away from them.

"Cripes!" Jade said running after him.

"Ah, shit." Draco said throwing his napkin on his plate. He got up and ran out of the restaurant, after Jade and the leprechaun.

"Stop! Stop running!" Jade said.

"Your mother!" the leprechaun screeched.

"I don't have one!" Jade yelled back.

"Why? Are you making all this up so I could feel sorry for you?" he asked.

Jade went to respond but she saw Draco flying out of nowhere, jumping on the leprechaun.

"You try anything nasty with her and I'll shove that pot of gold where the rainbow won't meet it." Draco threatened.

"I didn't do anything to get ambushed by loony goons!" the leprechaun said. Draco lifted him up and looked at Jade who was resting against a wall.

"Are you okay?" he asked seeing her nod.

"Peachy." Jade said. He kissed her forehead and shook his head.

"I can't believe myself sometimes." He said.

After sending Callum O' Hara back to the Ministry and Ron to the nearest St. Mungos to get his shin and head fixed, Jade and Draco met with Gary and Narcissa who congratulated Jade about the pregnancy.

"I'm going to plan a huge baby shower and invite everyone in England! You can't imagine how happy I am to be a grandmother! I've been dreaming about this for years!" Narcissa said hugging Jade tightly. Jade laughed and looked at Draco who shrugged, smiling.

"Draco's also told us about Sage's adoption and we're supporting you all through the way. I'm going to speak to the adoption agency and the orphanage where Sage is currently in." Gary said seeing Jade nod.

"That's great! I also spoke to Hermione about it as well and she told me she just might get the Minister of Magic to speak to Sage's orphanage for me and Draco." Jade said.

"That's impressive! Getting the Minister of Magic. See Draco, she has better contacts than you do." Gary winked.

"Kingsley Shacklebolt is a friend of the Weasley family, that's all." Jade said. Gary chuckled and hugged Jade.

"It's quite all right, but this way you'll get your Sage in a matter of days." He said.

With that, Narcissa and Gary left from Jade and Draco's apartment to go home.

"Hungry?" Draco asked seeing Jade shake her head.

"I think my hormones are flying out of my arse because I am so hot for you." Jade said, pushing Draco to the bedroom.

"Usually I'd love this type of behavior from you but you're a little scary right now." He said. Jade pushed him on the bed and smiled.

"And when I'm about a hundred pounds overweight? That wouldn't be scary?" Jade asked seeing him smile warmly at her.

"I don't think that would make a difference anymore. I love you." he said, kissing her.

"I love you too." Jade said kissing him back. Draco went to move towards the bed but the rose that Jade earlier tossed on the bed today pricked his arm.

"What the fuck is this doing here?" Draco asked, looking at the fresh rose.

"I dunno." Jade said unconvincingly. Draco narrowed his eyes and looked at the note nearby.

"Either these came back from the ashes I burned yesterday or Potter couldn't hold his desperate heart again." Draco said.

"I'm telling you, this isn't like him." Jade said.

"I'll bet. He probably shoots little puppies with his manly muggle gun and line them up to tell you how much you mean to him." Draco said.

"He's supposed to be in Romania and we both know that. Why would a man like him take his time off from his mission to stick a rose and a note every day on my door? It's got to be someone else." Jade said.

"Great…just what I need…another psychopathic romantic at your doorstep." Draco said.

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