The Aurseize

Part Seven: Neighborhood Sex Offender

The next few days, Draco, Jade and Sage spent their time, redecorating the house. Jade and Draco picked out furniture, wall colors, carpet, wood or tiles for every room of their home. They left Sage to decorate her own room and when she would sometimes get stuck or need help; they were there for her to pull her ideas through the way. She added a couple of her own touches to their home and added more framed pictures of her, Draco, Sage and their loved ones.

It took nearly two weeks for their house to be completely set up and they were all satisfied with their newly adorned house. Jade finally ended her lease with her old apartment and moved the television that Harry had bought when he used her place to hide from the Ministry and some of her personal things into Draco's house. She threw away her Snitch dressing table and her Firebolt bed that Harry broke, with a heavy heart. As much as she hated it, there were memories that she made in them. They all reminded her of Harry. Draco never asked once about her relationship with Harry and Jade never told while they threw out the furniture.

"Do you think we should wait to find out the baby's gender so we can start decorating the nursery?" Jade asked, looking at the baby's soon to be nursery. Draco's hands slid around her protruded stomach as he crept up behind her.

"We should…and we should talk to Ginny about the amount of food you're feeding to him." He said rubbing her belly.

"What's wrong with what I'm eating? I'm eating for two." Jade said.

"More like Dumbledore's Army. We're going to have a child the size of Hagrid's head in our arms." He said.

"Shut up…it's normal for it to look like that at two months…right?" Jade asked.

"You look more like five. When is your next appointment?" Draco asked, pulling her out of the nursery.

"Tomorrow morning. You're coming tomorrow right?" Jade asked as they walked down the stairs, hand in hand.

"Of course. I want to know if the baby's doing all right and what you both need. Who else is going to speak to Ginny about that weight gain of yours?" He asked.

Jade punched his arm and saw Sage feeding Jerry.

"Let Jerry swim around in his tank love and come outside with us." Jade said.

"Be a good boy!" Sage said to Jerry. She set down the empty bag of fish and walked outside the house with Jade and Draco.

"The weather's so nice." Jade said as Draco sat down on the steps. The neighborhood kids were out, running around and playing games. Sage stood by herself, watching them with a small dose of longing and sadness.

"Why don't you go and play with them?" Jade asked, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. Sage shook her head shyly and Jade encouraged her to go on. Draco got up and picked Sage up, lifting her over his shoulder.

"You can help us fight vampires but you can't make friends?" Draco asked as Sage screamed. "Uh oh, I feel like I'm losing balance!" Draco said.

"No! No! Don't lose balance!" Sage screeched.

Draco ran into the front yard with Sage still on his shoulder, screaming her head off. Jade grinned watching Draco soar Sage around. When he started to get tired, he set Sage down whose face was bright pink. She smiled and jumped around, clapping her hands.

"That was so much fun!" she screamed.

The ice cream truck passed by slowly, it's jingle playing loudly to attract all of the kids. Draco reached into his pockets and handed Sage a few Galleons, seeing her run off with the rest of the kids. Draco turned around and walked back towards Jade who took a seat on the top of the stairs.

"Massage my head." He said sitting a step below her. Jade hugged him close as he brought her legs to his sides and rested his arms on the top of her thighs. Jade raked her fingers through his hair, feeling like she had everything she could have asked for.

"This is perfect." Draco said as Jade kissed his temple.

"That was just what I was thinking." Jade said.

"Really?" Draco asked turning his head. "There isn't one little thing that's missing?" Draco asked.

Jade gave him a puzzled look and he reached into his pocket, taking out a small black velvet box.

"What about this?" he asked opening it. Inside of the velvet box was an elegant princess cut diamond ring with a diamond studded band, glinting at her.

"Draco." Jade said as Draco slipped it on her ring finger.

"I bet Potter never gave you an engagement ring." Draco said kissing her knuckles.

"Stop comparing yourself to him!" Jade said.

"What if I don't?" he asked.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Jade asked, going to take off the engagement ring.

"Of course not." he grinned, taking her hand and placing it over his heart.

Jade lightly knocked his head with hers and they both rocked side to side, watching Sage come back with an ice cream in her hand and talking to a boy her age. He had an ice cream in one hand and pushed his bicycle with another.

"Who the hell is that kid?" Draco asked, tensing up but Jade held him back.

"A little boy, he must be the neighborhood sex offender!" Jade gasped.

"I'm serious…he can grow up to be a bad influence on her. He can grow up to be those bastard jerks who would get into her pants and break her heart by leaving her out in the cold." Draco said.

"Takes one to know one." Jade said.

"That was a long time ago…I'm a changed man." Draco said.

"But you can't say that about that little boy. He's just a kid." Jade said.

"Just a kid? He is all over her!" Draco said watching Sage and the boy.

A couple of kids ran past them, innocently knocking over Sage's ice cream. Sage looked deeply disappointed and Draco went to get up but Jade grabbed his arm, watching the boy hand her his ice cream. At first Sage declined but he said something to her that made her smile and take his ice cream.

"Ice cream…you bastard." Draco muttered.

"Shut up! Not every boy is a creep like you!" Jade said.

"I'm not a creep! He's luring her with his ice cream!" he said.

"You're unbelievable." Jade said.

"Sage! Get back in, dinnertime!" Draco called out.

Sage turned around and Jade pushed Draco away, shaking her hand.

"Don't listen to him! Go on and play but come back in an hour all right?" Jade asked.

"Yes Mum!" Sage yelled back. Jade smiled and waved at them, seeing them go back to their conversation.


"Don't say a word and I'll-" Jade whispered the rest of the things in his ear, making him jump to his feet and sweep her off her feet, into his arms.

"Sage can handle an hour with that pervert." He said running into the house as Jade broke into fits of laughter.

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