The Aurseize

Part Seven: Seraphine Potter

Draco, Jade and Sage apparated to St. Mungo's the next morning for Jade's checkup.

"Well that's strange…you're big." Ginny said seeing Jade wince.

"I told you." Draco said, taking a seat.

"How did you get a bump so fast in two weeks?" Ginny asked, putting on her gloves.

"I don't know! Is this not good for the baby?" Jade asked.

"Let's look at the sonogram. Are you feeling any pain at all?" Ginny asked.

"The only pain there is, is on my arse and his name is Draco." Jade said.

Ginny snorted in laughter, seeing Draco roll his eyes. Draco and Sage looked at the sonogram machine as Ginny squirted a clear blue-green gel on Jade's enlarged stomach. She took the probe and Draco turned off the lights as she got a clear picture.

"Is that the baby's heartbeat?" Sage asked, looking at the black and white fuzzy picture.

"Those are heartbeats." Ginny said, her eyes widening.

"You mean the mother and the baby." Draco said slowly.

They all saw Ginny gape at the screen and they immediately looked at it, trying to see what the hell she was seeing.

"What do you see? What do you see?" Jade asked.

"Oh my goodness." Ginny whispered.

"What?" Draco asked.

"I'm getting two…no, holy Merlin, I'm getting three pictures." Ginny said.

"Three…three of what?" Draco asked. Ginny turned around and face Jade and Draco.

"Congratulations…you three are having triplets." Ginny said.

Jade stared at Ginny, unable to let this piece of news seep into her brain. They only felt like meaningless words until Jade saw the sonogram again and mental pictures of her handling three kids at once and growing so big started to scare her. She didn't know what she would do, there wasn't much she can do anyway…except for one thing.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGHHHHHH!" Jade screamed from the top of her lungs.

Draco covered his face with his hands and Sage gasped, looking at the screen.

"You knocked her up pretty well." Ginny said, her eyes still glued to the screen.

"You did this to me! This is your fault! We're having triplets! Oh my God…three babies! Oh my God, I can't breathe!" Jade wheezed.

"Take all the oxygen you want love." Ginny said, pulling off the oxygen mask hanging on the wall. She put it over Jade's face, seeing her get the air back into her lungs.

Draco was rooted to his spot, still reeling from his shock. He couldn't imagine how insane it was going to be to take care of three children.

Jade was still lying on the bed, breathing deeply. There were three lives inside of her, waiting to meet her and the entire family. There was nothing she could really do and even if she could, the horror of taking them away from each other and her was something she was never going to stand for. She looked at Draco who was pale and dazed and she sighed, throwing back her head.

"Draco." Jade said, taking off the mask.

"Huh?" he asked, turning his head slightly towards her, his eyes stuck to the screen.

"Come here." Jade said.

"It's not my fault; you have your eggs to blame for this." He said. Jade took his hand and brought him close.

"This is exactly what we wanted Draco. We made a commitment to our children and we're not backing down from this. Not a lot of people go through experiences like this but we're lucky enough to have this. I know it'll take a lot of work and effort but it'll be worth it, 11 years from now when you're waving goodbye to them at Platform 9 ¾." Jade said.

Draco's features softened and he took another look at the screen.

"Look at me." Jade said, holding his cheek. "We're going to be all right ok?" Jade asked.

Draco nodded and kissed her forehead, holding her hand.

"We're going to be fine." He said, holding tightly to her hand.

Ginny had Sage on her lap, hugging her tightly with one arm and the probe in the other.

"And big sister Sage is going to help Mummy and Daddy with my three nephews or nieces." Ginny said.

"It's too early to tell their genders right?" Jade asked seeing Ginny nod.

"We'd be able to determine that when you're 5 months into the pregnancy, but that's nothing. You're having triplets so there are a lot of things you're going to need to know. This is absolutely different from just having one baby so you need to prepare for a lot of information and make frequent checkups with me." Ginny said.

After having an hour long talk with Ginny, Ginny made another appointment with Jade to check up on the health of the babies.

"Congratulations sweetheart and remember, when after 20 weeks, you need to stay in bed, so I'll come and visit you for check up. I love you." Ginny said hugging Jade.

"Thanks Gin, I love you too! I owe you." Jade said.

"Ah, I'll be delivering three babies from your privates; the least you can do is take me out for lunch." Ginny said.

"I'm hungry." Jade said as soon as they left St. Mungo's.

"Do you want me to go home and cook you a nice dinner or do you want to eat out?" Draco asked.

"Eat out!" Sage and Jade said unanimously.

"Well let's not all adore my cooking abilities all at once." Draco scowled.

"It's not that, I'm just extremely hungry, you have no idea." Jade said.

"You just had a mountain of food for breakfast!" Draco said.

"Excuse me? I'm carrying three of your children. Don't get me started about-"

"Fine! Fine! Stop yelling! Women!" he growled.

"What?" Jade asked.

"Break it up you two! It's embarrassing to be seen like this." Sage said, looking at other people who were gawking.

"What are you looking at?" Draco asked.

Everyone moved on, all except a woman with vibrant red hair and pale skin who Jade could almost pinpoint her as a vampire. She was leaning against the brick wall of Purge and Dowse Ltd, staring hard at Jade with her lip curling slightly in disgust. Jade felt slightly uncomfortable, wondering why this woman was staring at her that way. She looked very familiar and Jade tried to think of where she knew her from but couldn't. It could have been possible that she was in one of the many apprehensions she made over the past few years but right now, she couldn't tell.

Jade felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around to see Draco glancing at the woman on the wall.

"Do you know her?" he asked. Jade looked away and shook her head.

"I don't think so." She said. Draco put an arm around her and turned her around, grabbing Sage's hand. Together, they apparated to Hogsmeade and settled for a nice restaurant with a table outside for an afternoon lunch.

"May I go to use the loo?" Sage asked, hopping out of her seat.

"You want Mummy to come with you?" Jade asked, going to get up.

"No, I'll go with her. You sit down. Remember what Ginny told us, you have to keep off your feet to avoid early labor." He said, getting up.

"I'm only two months in." Jade said, rubbing her stomach. Draco kissed her and took Sage's hand, taking her to the bathroom. The waiter came by and smiled at Jade.

"You have a beautiful family and that husband of yours is…" the waiter said, fanning himself. Jade laughed and nodded, agreeing with the waiter.

"So how far along are you love?" he asked.

"I'm actually two months in." Jade said seeing him gasp.

"Two months? That can't be, you look more like five!" he said seeing her nod and giggle.

"That's because I'm having triplets." Jade said.

"Sweet stone of Nicolas Flamel! Triplets? Well bless you and your beautiful family." He said taking out his note pad.

"Thanks." Jade laughed.

"You know what? Dessert's on the house, just because you're having triplets. You must have been doing something right to have three children with that gorgeous man. And your daughter is so beautiful as well." He said.

"They have a beautiful family don't they?" a voice asked.

The waiter and Jade turned their heads to see the same redhead woman walk towards them and take a seat in front of Jade.

"Is this your sister? You both look exactly alike. Well almost." He smiled.

The woman smirked, still staring at Jade.

"We're not sisters…but we do have a lot of things in common." She said.

"Excuse me do I know you?" Jade asked, shifting in her seat.

"The name is Seraphine Potter, I'm Harry Potter's wife." She said.

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