The Aurseize

Part Seven: Aurseize Supervisor

The next day, Jade looked out of her window after getting ready for work. Seraphine's car was still outside and hadn't moved an inch since last night. Jade kissed Draco goodbye and dropped Sage off to her father's house. She apparated to the Ministry and met with Parvati and Lavender who gasped seeing her.

"I haven't seen you since forever!" Parvati said, hugging Jade.

"Are you fucking pregnant?" Lavender screeched.

"Oh my God, Lav, a little louder please." Jade said quietly.

Ron walked out of his office and looked at Jade.

"You didn't look like that when we caught that leprechaun!" Ron said.

"You didn't look like that two months ago! Did you swallow Malfoy or something?" Parvati asked.

"I'm pregnant with triplets!" Jade said. Parvati and Lavender stared at Jade for a few seconds and burst out laughing.

"That's a funny story…now tell us what you really ate." Lavender said.

"She's saying the truth, she's pregnant with triplets." Ron said, sitting on the black couches arm.

"Draco and I found out just yesterday. We had no idea." Jade said shaking her head.

"Two months and you look like that? Sweetheart…with your appetite, these babies are going to be a bitch to pop out from your va-"

"So guess what?!" Ron barked, seeing everyone turn their heads toward him. "As much as I love hearing three babies come out of your fanny, I'm being promoted." Ron said.

"From dork to Super Dork to the rescue!" Lavender said. Ron scowled at her and continued.

"I'm being promoted to the Magical Law Enforcement Squad." Ron said.

"You're becoming an Auror?" Jade asked.

"No, I'll be Senior Supervisor. So that means good bye to you all!" Ron said.

"So who's taking over your job now?" Jade asked.

"Oh…I forgot to tell you that you were being promoted too." He said seeing Jade's eyes widen. "Congratulations, you'll be Head of the Aurseize Department but I wouldn't be too happy about it since your secretary and her best friend do nothing but gossip about everyone in the bloody Wizarding world." Ron said, shooting Lavender and Parvati dirty looks.

"I hope you get a secretary who'll fart in your coffee." Parvati said.

"I won't because she won't you! Ta!" Ron said dramatically. He left into his office and came back out with a box full of his things.

"You can shift your things in here Jade and I'll explain your job to you…but here's the catch. You're going to need a new Aurseize."

"That's pretty nice, now that I get a steady job with a steady pay." Jade said, watching Colin Creevey walk in with his enormous camera hanging from his neck.

"Ello everyone!" Colin said.

Lavender grunted, filing her nails and Parvati nodded.

"Hey Colin, thanks for coming in today." Jade said, seeing him smile widely.

"It's not a problem! Thank you for having me! I understand you wanted an ad for an Aurseize?" Colin asked.

"Yes I did." Jade said, showing him to his seat.

"But you better write that we don't want any crazies to show up." Lavender said.

"I can't just write that in my article." Colin said.

"Then what good are you?" Lavender asked.

Jade handed Colin a piece of paper to qualify as an Aurseize.

"These are the criteria we're looking for. Just add these in. Hey, I have to go to the Three Broomsticks to check on the girls. I'll see you all later?" Jade asked, picking up her bag.

"Bye Jade! Take care of the babies!" Lavender said.

"Congratulations on your pregnancy!" Colin said.

"Thank you!" Jade said. She walked out of the Aurseize Office and into the Department, meeting with Blaise and Albert.

"Heard you had a little bun in the oven?" Blaise asked, swinging an arm around Jade.

"Not bun…buns. Three to be exact." Jade said.

"Three?! Do the Gods above hate you?" Albert asked, looking upwards.

"Is there a method to that? Because whatever Draco did, I certainly wouldn't like to do that." Blaise said nudging Jade.

"However you'll name your kids, we'll call them the triple D's or triple J's." Albert said.

"That is one bra size that I'd like to meet." Blaise winked.

"You two blow my mind." Jade said.

"And you blow ours love." Blaise winked. Jade rolled her eyes and Albert held her back.

"On a more serious note, congratulations. We're really excited we get to be uncles for your kids!" Albert said.

"And if one of them is a boy, Saturday nights are booze and dirty movie nights at Uncle Blaise's!" Blaise said.

"With my charm and Blaise's sexual experiences, your kids-"

"Yeah I'm not so sure about that. Not too thrilled about the sexual part." Jade said as they knocked their shoulders against hers.

"What's going on here?" Draco asked, a few feet away from them.

"We were just congratulating Jade about the kids and the wedding." Albert said. Blaise turned sharply towards Jade and looked grave.

"Seriously, Draco's asked us to be his groomsmen so you need to choose some really hot and single bridesmaids." Blaise said.

"Hermione, Ginny, the ones that are married, engaged to be married, have children, or have screwed us are not to be paired with us." Albert said.

"And to make your life easier, here is the list of women we've slept with." Blaise said, taking out a long roll of parchment out.

"Double sided eh?" Jade asked, looking at the lists of women.

"And sometimes we don't remember their names so we drew them out for you." Albert said.

Blaise and Albert giggled like little girls as Jade and Draco squinted at the drawings.

"Well what a surprise, they all have either really big breasts or arses." Jade said.

"Or both." Draco said.

"What's this one? She's missing a leg." Jade said.

"Oh that? She's an amputee." Blaise said, looking solemn.

"You guys! What is wrong with the two of you? You both need to join a sex addict group or need some counseling." Jade said, folding the list up.

"Where do you think the rest of the women came from?" Draco asked.

"Of course we went there, what better and faster way can you pick up women who are already addicted to it?" Blaise asked.

"Well I'm going to have to find you girls from another continent since you've shagged all of them in this one." Jade said seeing them grin and wag their eyebrows.

"We owe you one…owl me." Blaise winked. Jade laughed, looking at them strangely and turned towards Draco who hugged her.

"I'm going to the Three Broomsticks, so I might pick Sage up from Dad's house and oh; guess what?" Jade asked excitedly.

"We're having one baby, not three?" Draco asked.

"I got promoted! Ron's going to be Senior Supervisor to the Magical Law Enforcement Squad and I'm Supervising the Aurseize Office." Jade said.

"So this means you won't be chasing down any criminally insane people?" he asked.

"Aren't you happy?" Jade asked seeing him grin.

"Everything's working out for me. I'm going to marry a woman with a normal job and kids." He said. He smiled and brushed away her bangs, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I kind of miss all the commotion of trying to capture fugitives. But I guess it's for the better, I have my hands full now." Jade said. Draco nodded and with one final kiss and a wave to Blaise and Albert, Jade left the Ministry to The Three Broomsticks.

"Hey Rita, how's everything going around here?" Jade asked seeing Rita beam.

"It's going wonderfully! How have you-oh my goodness, what's that?" Rita asked, looking at Jade's stomach.

"I'm pretty much knocked up." Jade said seeing Rita gasp again. Rita set down her platter of drinks and called all of the waitresses' attentions.

"Jade's pregnant! She's going to have a baby!" Rita said. Jade blushed as everyone crowded around her, staring in awe.

"You're so big! How could you not have told us earlier?" Clarissa asked.

"And you're halfway there! How many months do you have? Four, five?" Mary, another waitress asked.

"I'm actually two months in." Jade said seeing them look confused. "But you shouldn't look so pregnant at two months sweetheart." Said another waitress named Emily.

"I really am two months along…I'm pregnant with triplets." Jade squealed. The women all gasped and let out cries of jubilation.

"Triplets! You're having triplets! Those are a lot of babies!" Rita said, hugging Jade tightly.

"I know! I-are you peeing?" Jade asked, seeing a gush of water seep through Rita's skirt to the floor.

Everyone took a step back and Rita clutched her stomach.

"Are you that excited?" Jade asked.

"I'm having a baby! Oh! This is a beautiful day!" Rita said calmly.

Jade held on to Rita, her eyebrows touching her hairline. Either pregnancy felt like Heaven serving hot fudge sundaes and fully naked Draco Malfoy's or Rita was probably the happiest and strangest woman Jade had ever come across. Rita smiled, rubbing her stomach as Jade tapped her wand for Seamus.

"Breathe. Breathe…in and out." Jade breathing as she said it.

"What's going on?" one of the customers asked.

"She's having a baby. Clarissa can you close down the pub? We'll open back tomorrow." Jade said seeing Clarissa nod.

"Everyone get up! The party's over!" she yelled.

"Excuse me, sorry, coming through." Seamus said coming through the crowd with a casual green shirt and white pants.

"What is it this time? Pregnant women or a bullet graze?" he asked lightheartedly.

"Pregnant woman." Jade said, looking pale.

"Take it easy love, step back." He said.

Jade took a few steps back and Seamus smiled at Rita.

"I'm Seamus, what's your name love?" he asked Rita who giggled.

"I'm Rita-aaah." She said what was in the middle of a groan and laughter. Seamus furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Jade.

"Well look at that. It's the first time I've ever seen a delivering mother to look so happy." He said, tapping his wand.

"We're so happy." Rita said peacefully. Jade started to see black spots floating in her vision and before she fell, Seamus caught her by the arm and sat her down.

"Breathe with me." Seamus said. Jade breathed in deeply and Rita propped her head up.

"Jade? Are you all right? Don't worry! You just have to breathe! Let your babies breathe with you!" she said, breathing along with Jade. Jade nodded, placing a hand on her stomach and breathed in deeply.

"You're having more than one baby?" Seamus asked Jade who looked up.

"Three." She answered.

Seamus cracked a smile and Jade fell back on her seat, breathing as deeply as she could.

"Remember Jade! Breathe in, and breathe out! Breathe in and breathe out." Rita said, gesturing broadly with her arms as other Healers came by and placed her on a stretcher. Jade watched her being taken away by the rest of the Healers and she kept breathing in and out deeply. Everyone else exited the pub and the waitresses started to clean everything up.

"Are you going to be all right?" Seamus asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll be fine." Jade said, placing her head in her arms.

Seamus winced and took a seat next to her, watching her recover.

"I just…having babies…and that all that water. This is the second time I've seen a woman's water break right in front of me." Jade said as Seamus laughed.

"Don't you get even a little scared when you see fetal fluids, placentas and fetuses?" Jade asked. Seamus made a face and shook his head.

"No…I'm not scared of anything." He said.

"Oh come on…you have got to be scared of something." Jade said getting up. She brushed off her clothes and looked up at Seamus who had his lips tightly pressed together.

"What is it?" Jade asked.

His lips quivered and he softened his gaze, sliding his eyes to a rose and a note on the bar table.

"Looks like a love note. Anyways love, I have to go back home." He said, hopping off his chair.

"Was today your day off?" Jade asked seeing Seamus nod sheepishly.

"Don't worry; I'm glad to help you. I'll see you again." He said.

As if he had done it a million times, Seamus reached over and hugged an arm around Jade's waist. He stepped as close as he could and kissed her cheek tenderly. All sorts of alarms went off in her head and Jade stepped back immediately, thinking about Draco and Harry.

"I'm sorry…I didn't think you'd be uncomfortable." Seamus said his ears and cheeks turning into a horrible shade of red.

"I'm engaged, pregnant and with a child Seamus…of course I'd be uncomfortable." Jade said.

Seamus nodded, rubbing his neck and Clarissa called Jade from the back of the pub.

"I have to go; I'll see you around Seamus." Jade said. She left quickly towards Clarissa, attending to her needs.

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