The Aurseize

Part Seven: Potter Is Dead

Jade left the Aurseize Office to the Three Broomsticks with Sage and Aunt Muriel. Going back to the Three Broomsticks brought back flares of fear back to her chest as she thought of Harry trying to rape her all over again. She met with Clarissa, asking her how the service was going and if they had any problems with anyone in particular or any burglary.

"Not at all. We never had anything suspicious. Do you think we're being robbed?" Clarissa asked, gasping.

"No…no I don't. I'm just trying to tell you to be careful, that's all. Just check upstairs in Madame Rosemerta's room and come back down here before you lock up and make sure you place spells around the area before you leave. Don't leave the pub by yourself. I want at least five women exiting the pub. Those are my new rules." Jade said. Clarissa nodded.

"Whatever you say boss!" she said.

"I need a drink badly." Aunt Muriel said.

After buying Aunt Muriel drinks and buying Sage and herself a few sweets, Jade dropped Aunt Muriel back to Bilius's home and apparated back to Draco's house. She went to walk in but Sage tugged Jade's shirt, looking towards Seraphine's car. There was a gaping hole on the windshield and a couple of the neighborhood children were staring at what they did. Jade walked towards the car, seeing a couple of parents get out and try to inspect the damage but scoured back, waving their arms around as if they've smelled something disgusting.

"Oh my God." Jade said, running towards the car. She moved everyone aside and looked through the hole, seeing blood everywhere inside.

"Seraphine?! Seraphine can you hear me?" Jade asked, trying not to breathe in the hole. She couldn't hear anything but the smell definitely hit her nose and sent Jade vomiting on the side of the street.

After one of the parents contacted the Aurors, Jade met with Draco who inspected and identified Seraphine's body.

"A couple of neighborhood kids were playing cricket and the ball ended up crashing into her windshield." Draco said.

"Is that how she died?" Jade asked, feeling him rub her back.

"No…her neck's been slit open. Potter left her to bleed out and it's a mess in there." Draco said.

"How do you know it's him?" Jade asked tightly.

"How do you know it's not?" he asked. Jade trembled and Draco hugged her close, kissing her cheek.

"She's as good as dead." Seamus said, taking off his gloves.

"I guess more paperwork for me." Draco sighed. He looked at Jade who looked green and softly patted her face. "Jade, you need to lie down." Draco said.

Seamus squatted down to level his face with Jade's and gently pushed her head down, between her knees.

"Breathe love." He said.

Jade breathed deeply and after a few seconds, Seamus let go, seeing the color back on her face.

"There's our pretty little face." He said.

"Thanks Finnigan. Come on Jade, we're going to have to take you back home." Draco said. He got up and picked Jade up into his arms. "I'll play Healer this time." He whispered in her ear, making her smile.

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