The Aurseize

Part Seven: Allen's Memory

"This is absolutely insane. I still don't understand why he would do that to Seraphine. Why was she so important to him?" Jade asked when she was in the car with Harry. Harry was silent, obviously seething in his own anger.

"We're going to pay Finnigan a little visit." Harry said. He stopped his car in a dark corner under a tree, in front of a commercial apartment building.

"Stay here." He said.

"No way. I'm coming with you." Jade said, seeing him reloading his gun.

"You're pregnant, I'm not risking it." He said.

"And you're alive, I'm not risking you." Jade said.

Harry glared at her and got out of his car. Jade got out and followed him, seeing him tuck his gun behind his back, covering his jacket over it. They took the elevators up a few floors and got off into a long hallway. Jade followed Harry in front of a door. Harry knocked lightly and after a few seconds, he stepped back, lifted his foot and kicked the door open. He pointed his gun into the dark apartment and stepped in, turning on the lights.

After searching the apartment and seeing that it was clear, he signaled Jade to walk in. Jade saw that the apartment was half cleared of furniture and personal belongings. All kinds of guns were laid out and candid pictures of Harry and Jade were shown. Jade blushed, seeing pictures of her and Harry kissing, exchanging a joke, giving each other a warm glance or arguing. Her mouth dropped and she was stunned further seeing personal pictures of her stolen from her very own home.

"I wondered where all my pictures were going." Jade said.

"Looks like he broke into your apartment and stole these things." Harry said, looking around. He stopped across two files.

"I can see why he's obsessed with me…but I'm beginning to see why he married Seraphine in the first place." Harry said.

Jade walked over to Harry after pulling herself out of the embarrassing pictures of her and Harry, seeing that he had a stack of pictures in his hands.

"Pictures of you…lots of them." Harry said, going through them.

Jade saw a couple of pictures of herself and saw a couple of Seraphine's pictures glued next to her. Seraphine was posing naked on her bed and her naked body was duplicated and Jade's head replaced Seraphine's. After seeing a couple of pictures like that, Harry shut the file and threw it back on the floor.

"He wants to be you…he wants to take over your life and the people you're involved with." Jade said. She saw a line of pictures on the wall, of her, Hermione and Ron.

"Wife, Best friends. Is that why he married Seraphine? To…prepare for us?" Jade asked.

Harry put an arm around her and took her out. They exited the building and walked back to their car.

"He won't be doing this for long. I didn't go through 26 years of my life for Finnigan of all people to take it away and live it for me." Harry said in a quiet and angry voice. Harry stopped a block away from Jade's home and escorted Jade back to her house.

"Thanks…I'll see you whenever I can." Jade said as Harry pressed a kiss on her forehead and took a few steps back, seeing her get into the house.

"Wait!" Jade paused. Harry watched her as she quickly opened the door.

"Draco has a Pensieve!" Jade said.

"There are a lot of other Pensieves to look at the memory in and Malfoy's Pensieve isn't an option." Harry said.

"Why not? Please see it with me." Jade pleaded.

"I'm going back to my car. When you've finished watching it, come back out and I'll get it back." He said. He turned around and left but Jade called him back.

"I need you to take the Pensieve down for me though." Jade said.

"Why would you need me to do that?" Harry asked.

"Because Draco always puts it in the highest cupboard and if I try to get it, I might fall and I can't risk that when I'll be having three children." Jade said.

"Accio Pensieve." Harry said effortlessly.

The Pensieve flew into his hands and he held it out for Jade who smiled in embarrassment.

"Harry! Mummy!" they heard Sage screech excitedly.

Jade and Harry turned around to see Sage running towards them and behind her, Draco.

"Isn't this a pleasant surprise?" Draco sneered.

"Behave yourself. I have an important memory." Jade said. She took the Pensieve from Harry and placed it on the table. It swirled, exuding it's translucent glow of memories.

"Gather around." Jade said to Draco and Harry.

"What is that Mum?" Sage asked.

"Love, watch some television." Draco said to Sage. He turned back to Harry and Jade, nodding at the memory in Jade's hand.

"What's that for?" Draco asked.

"We went down to Seraphine's home and spoke to her parents. Seraphine's brother, Allen, gave us this important memory which confirms that it wasn't Harry who he saw." Jade said.

Draco looked at Harry and went to ask another question but Jade placed her finger against her lips. She poured the memory into the Pensieve, seeing it swirl and the three of them lowered their heads into the Pensieve, feeling their bodies dip into the memory, immersing them.

Jade felt herself in an extremely dark room and realized that it was nighttime. Allen's room was dark blue, and posted on the walls were posters of Chudley Cannons and the Weird Sisters. His room was kept fairly neat, except for the small corner that was kept with sketching tools and a pad. She heard a faint clutter from the hallway and she looked towards it, seeing that the door was closed. Allen got up from his bed and walked over to the door, opening it a fraction of an inch. Jade stood behind him, looking into the hallway, seeing that across the hall was a narrow door slightly ajar.

Allen opened the door wider and crept towards the bathroom. Jade, Harry and Draco followed Allen who stopped, squinting at the person in the bathroom. Jade saw Seamus wiping his face and staring at the mirror.

Jade gasped sharply, seeing Seamus look up.

For a second, she thought that she had gotten Allen in trouble but the truth was, Allen had gasped as well. Seamus quickly gulped the Polyjuice potion down and staggered back, transforming into Harry. Allen looked horrified and started to go back to his room. Instead, Seamus opened the bathroom door and caught up behind Allen before Allen could shut the door.

"Listen and listen well lad. If yeh open yer trap, yer entire family is finished. Understood?" he asked.

Allen quickly nodded and Seamus let him go into his room and shut the door. Jade watched Allen panic, breaking into tears. He crawled into a corner, crying silently.

Jade felt her body start to recede back into reality as the memory came to a close. She was sucked out of the Pensieve and stared at it, pale faced. Harry was silent and so was Draco, who was trying to think things over.

"Why was he doing this in the first place?" Draco asked.

Jade looked at Harry, who had his eyes on the Pensieve. Before they could tell Draco the entire story, Sage caught their attention by pointing out the window.

"Harry your car!" she screamed.

Jade, Draco and Harry looked out to see it go up in flames and a dark haired man that oddly resembled Harry get into the black car behind Harry's burning one and speed off. Harry's car licked up in flames and the tires popped with a piercing hiss. Everyone watched from their houses at the live fireball until the Fire Brigade came through.

"He's crossed all lines. I really liked that car." Harry said.

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