The Aurseize

Part Seven: Me Lovely Wife

"To be honest, I'm a little scared." Jade said, sitting outside with Draco the next day.

Draco held her hand tightly and they watched Sage running around with a group of girls, laughing wildly and throwing a water balloon at the boys.

"I don't care what he does with me; I just don't want him to hurt you and Sage in the process." Jade said.

"I can protect Sage. I could protect you too but you're nutters. You're carrying our babies and if you would stay at home for a couple of days until Finnigan is caught, we won't have to worry about anything." Draco said.

"I hate staying inside like a victim. If anyone should be holed up, it should be Seamus! He should be very scared." Jade said.

"Don't get any funny ideas." Draco said.

After an hour, Draco and Jade called Sage back who was trembling from the cold water. Jade wrapped a towel around her and Draco carried her back in.

"Are you feeling all right Sage?" Jade asked Sage who kept wiping her nose.

"No." she said, sounding congested.

"Damn it, I knew we shouldn't have sent her out." Jade said, taking out the saucepan to make hot chocolate. Draco wrapped her around in a blanket and took out a few potions for fevers.

Jade and Draco couldn't sleep throughout the entire night. Sage groaned quietly, her skin burning from high fever.

"Draco, the fever potions aren't working." Jade said, wiping Sage's face with a cool cloth. Draco got up, touching Sage's forehead.

"We need to call a Healer. Call Ginny." Draco said. Jade flipped open her phone and called Ginny, looking at the clock.

"Hmm? What?" Ginny murmured, obviously in the middle of her sleep.

"Gin, I'm really sorry to call this late but Sage has got a terrible fever and there's nothing we can do to help her." Jade said.

"Hmm…what's her temperature like?" Ginny asked.

Jade looked at Draco who read Sage's temperature aloud.

"104 degree temperature. Gin, just get here as fast as you can." Jade said.

"Holy crap. 104 degree temperature? I'll be there in two seconds!" Ginny said. Jade closed the phone and looked over Sage with Draco.

After ten minutes passed, Jade and Draco were still waiting for Ginny who hadn't showed up.

"This is ridiculous. How long are we going to have to wait for her?" Draco asked, looking at his watch.

"She should have been here five minutes ago. Maybe she's bringing Enya with her." Jade said.

"Well you can wait for her here; I'm taking my daughter to St. Mungo's." Draco said.

Before he left to take Sage, the doorbell rang and Jade flew out of the room and down the stairs to answer the door. Jade opened the door to see Ginny standing at her doorway with Enya in her arms. Enya cried hysterically, her face beet red from crying.

"Aw, give her to me." Jade said but Ginny rushed past her.

"Come, we'll go see what's wrong with Sage." Ginny said.

Draco appeared on the steps and Ginny shoved Enya in his arms.

"See what you can do with her." Ginny said.

Draco stared at Ginny, bewildered, seeing her grab Jade's arm and enter the bedroom. Enya bawled, wailed and squirmed in Draco's arms as he tried to console her. He bounced her lightly in his arms, he tried to swing her lightly from side to side but nothing appeased her.

"Why don't you look over Sage and I'll take Enya from Draco and-"

"Stay right here. We have to change Sage, that's why I asked you." Ginny muttered, looking over Sage.

Jade nodded, still hearing Enya screaming from the hallway.

"Let me get Enya a bottle and-"

Jade instantly stopped when Ginny turned around, swiftly stabbing Jade in the jugular with a syringe to sedate her. Jade felt the effects of the drug work quickly through her entire body. Jade fell on her knees, feeling Ginny help her lie on the ground. A hazy outline of Ginny smiled at her and before Jade sunk into unconsciousness Ginny said the last few words.

"Yer not goin' anywhere me lovely wife." She cooed.

Draco had finally gotten to calm Enya down. He took out one of the many bottles that Jade had gotten in her baby shower and washed it out. He poured warm milk into it and stuck it in Enya's mouth, seeing her immediately stop crying and hungrily suck out of the bottle. Draco smoothed her hair out, feeling his panic recede dramatically. Every second Enya spent, crying in his arms, he was convinced that he wasn't set out to be a good father. Now that she was calm and staring at him with her large blue eyes, Draco felt a certain peace take over him. He sat for a while, trying to listen for Jade or Ginny's voice but heard nothing. He couldn't even hear anyone moving upstairs.

"Jade?" Draco asked loudly. He got up with Enya still in his arms and walked up the stairs towards his bedroom.

"Jade?" Draco asked again, knocking on the door.

When there wasn't an answer, he turned the doorknob and looked in, hearing and seeing nothing. There was no one in the room and the bed was empty. The only thing Draco could focus on was the open window and the breeze passing through the curtains.

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