The Aurseize

Part Seven: Aughnanure Castle

Jade opened her eyes, finding it sensitive to the light, which felt like a glare. Her head felt heavy and her hearing was still muffled and she found it difficult to move around. As she slowly opened her eyes and accepted the light, she looked around herself, seeing her arms and legs shackled in chains that were bolted against the walls. Jade groaned and rolled her head to the other side, seeing Sage lying on a small cot, her arms and legs in chains as well.

"Oh my god. Sage." Jade croaked trying to get up. Her entire body was feeling heavy and still very much drugged. She wanted to go towards Sage but heard Seamus chuckling. She looked up to see Harry smiling at her, wearing a black shirt, black pants and black boots.

"Hello Sleeping Beauty." He said, trailing his finger down her cheek. Jade moved her face away from him, trying not to cry.

"I know yer…you're mad love…but I had to get you back from Malfoy. He's been my enemy since day one but you keep prancin' around with him, making babies and what not. Well guess what? I'm here now and we can be the family we've always wanted to be." He said, touching her belly.

"You're not Harry and my children aren't yours!" Jade screamed.

Seamus frowned and placed a finger over his lips.

"No need to scream. You'll upset everyone watching us honey!" he said, pointing to a small video camera clipped on a wall in front of them. They were in a small room with a single light above them.

"Who's watching us?" Jade asked, seeing Seamus move his hand to her chest. Jade moved violently away from him, seeing him give her a look of annoyance.

"Malfoy! I want him to see us happy. We're like a family he can't touch or ever be." Seamus said.

Jade stared at him in horror and he got up. He walked over to Sage, checking her temperature.

"I gave her a few antibiotics. She's recovering quite well. My little girl." Seamus said, smoothing Sage's hair. He turned around, looking at Jade and grinned.

"Are you hungry?" he asked.

"Fuck you Finnigan." Jade said slowly.

Seamus narrowed his eyes at Jade and threw a metal scalpel against the wall.

"I'm Harry Potter! The Boy Who Lived! I defeated You-Know-Who!" Seamus roared.

Jade smirked, seeing his face grow red.

"Say his name if you're the real Harry Potter then." Jade said. Seamus swallowed in fear, looking slightly unstable.

"Afraid of a name? I thought Harry Potter wasn't afraid of anything." Jade taunted.

"Vol…Vold…V-V…there are some things that shouldn't be said." Seamus said quickly. He left just as quickly and Jade rested her head against the wall, thinking about her current situation. If she kept pestering him and getting him angry which she wanted to do more than anything else in the world, he would end up shooting her in the head like he did with Seraphine. There was no way she could guarantee a safe and easy freedom with her patronizing his manhood and identity. She needed to play along with him. If this was his fantasy, there was nothing more he would like than for her to act along and let him believe that she loved him.

Jade looked at Sage who was still sleeping peacefully in her cot, still unconscious and oblivious to her situation.

Draco sat in his living room with the rest of the Ministry and Harry Potter, watching the television. It had been 10 hours since Jade and Sage were abducted but Draco felt ready as ever to spring up and murder Seamus if he only had an idea where they were. Harry looked just as murderous, eyeing the television like a hawk and never once moving from his spot. They were untraceable and Seamus had most likely taken a Portkey to an undisclosed area. Draco and Harry finished up hearing the confrontation between Jade and Seamus since she had woken up. As much as they were worried about Jade and Sage's lives, they couldn't help but smile at Jade's not very smart bravery and jabs at Seamus.

"We're checking every location of every Portkey there is but it won't guarantee an early find. During that time, it all depends on Jade." Hermione sighed.

Draco and Harry nodded, watching Jade who was thinking to herself.

"Jade's thinking…this is probably going to get a little scarier than I would have imagined." Draco said.

"Poor bastard that Seamus." Harry said.

Hermione looked at the boys and shook her head.

"I'll go check on Ginny to see if she's woken up yet." Hermione said, walking past Zane who was holding Enya, looking like he too was ready to twist the head off the person who was responsible for knocking Ginny unconscious.

"Harry? Harry? HAAAAAARYYYYYY!" Jade sang loudly.

Seamus ran into the living room, his eyes lighting up.

"Did you just call me Harry?" Seamus asked.

"That's your name isn't it?" Jade asked seeing him smile in embarrassment.

"Well yes, yes it is." He said.

"Harry I'm hungry and you've got me chained and shackled like I'm some sort of prisoner in here. I don't deserve to be treated like that! I'm your wife!" Jade said.

Seamus smiled and wagged his finger in front of Jade.

"Now, now. I know you well enough. I'm no fool you know. You're going to run as soon as I free you and I won't let that happen." He said. He leaned in to kiss her but Jade offered him her cheek.

"I'm extremely hungry!" Jade whined.

Seamus rolled his eyes and left. He came back with a couple of cheap muggle pastries and Jade picked one up, inspecting it.

"What the hell is this crap?! I don't eat this! Why are you trying to get me fat?" Jade asked Seamus who looked dumbfounded.

"I'm not trying to get you fat! I just got these for cheap!" he said.

"You give me cheap things. You don't like the way I look." Jade wailed.

"No! I love the way you look! You're just pregnant and I thought you might have liked fattening-"

"You called me fat!" Jade shrieked.

"Blimey! I didn't call you fat! Why are you doing this to me?" he asked, going to pull out his hair.

"Why are you doing this to me? I'm the one chained and locked up in here thanks to you!" Jade said.

"Fine! I'll go and find something else for you to eat." He said. Jade nodded, seeing him leave.

"I love you honey! Come back soon!" Jade said.

Seamus turned around, pausing before he left.

"I love you too." He said. He left; closing the door behind him and Jade looked at the camera, gesturing rudely to it. For all she knew, Draco and Harry were probably laughing their arses off over this.

"This is hilarious!" Albert said, laughing with Draco and Blaise.

Harry sat in front of the television, smirking.

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Zane, Aunt Muriel and Bilius were in the living room as well, watching Jade try to pull at her chains.

"Over achiever. She thinks she can break off those chains so easily doesn't she?" Aunt Muriel asked.

"Now is not the time to-"

"Shut up, under achiever." Aunt Muriel snapped.

"Sage? Sage love?" Jade asked, seeing Sage come about.

"Mummy? Daddy?" she asked softly. Sage turned her head towards Jade, seeing her chained. "Mummy what-"

"Ssh. Listen we're absolutely fine all right? I just need you to listen to Mummy very carefully. You're going to see Harry in a little while and you're going to be calm all right?" Jade asked, seeing Sage nod. Tears slipped from her eyes and Jade's own eyes started to water seeing her daughter in the same mess with her.

The door opened and Seamus walked in with a bag of carrots and tossed it to Jade.

"Happy?" he asked.

"What the fuck is this now? Carrots? Do I look like a rabbit to you? I'm pregnant you arse, not an animal! I can't believe you'd feed me-"

"SHUT UP!" Seamus thundered. "Just keep your fucking mouth closed!" he said.

"I can't, my nose is filled with bogies." Jade sniffed.

"Then breathe but don't talk! Don't talk! Don't make a sound." He said.

"What kind of sound?" Jade asked.

"Any fucking sound. Where's your off button?" he asked.

"Boy you're impatient. You were never impatient before. Maybe it's because you're getting old. You know, my Aunt Muriel-"

Seamus already left, shaking his head. Jade looked at Sage and winked at her.

"Harry!" Sage called. Seamus turned around, looking at Sage warily.

"Now what?" he asked.

"I need water." She said.

Seamus sighed and left again. He came back with a bottle of water and handed it to Sage.

"I'm craving a roasted turkey with cranberry sauce slathered all over it." Jade told Seamus who looked worn out.

"Well at least you gave me a real answer." He said putting his cloak on. He exited the room and Jade looked at Sage who wriggled out of her chains. She slid her feet and hands out of the chains and handed Jade the bottle of water.

"Now what do we do?" Sage asked. Jade took the bottle of water and opened it slightly, placing it behind her back.

"Do you think we should eat first?" Jade asked.

Sage gave her an incredulous look and Jade nodded.

"Fine…but it's covered with cranberry sauce!" Jade whispered.

"Typical Jade." Draco said, shaking his head.

"I'm on it!" Bilius said, jumping up and running towards Draco's kitchen.

"Typical Bilius." Aunt Muriel said.

Harry's computer made a small 'beep' and everyone turned towards him, seeing him type something aggressively on the keyboard.

"They're in Ireland." Harry said.

"What a surprise." Hermione said, sitting next to Harry.

"Zane, tell the fifth floor search team to give me a list of Finnigan's addresses prior to moving to England. Run a check on Portkeys there and places where he was fond of visiting there." Harry said.

Zane nodded and left, leaving everyone to watch Sage squirm back into her chains.

"I don't understand; why can't she just go and look for help?" Ron asked.

"Jade's not going to take the risk of getting caught. It's too dangerous to set Sage out." Harry explained.

"But she's definitely planning something. I just hope that bottle of water isn't used to throw that in his face…he'll never let her go." Draco said.

Jade heard Seamus coming back and she immediately knocked down the bottle of water behind her. Water poured all over the floor and Jade let out a panicked scream, seeing Seamus drop the turkey with cranberry sauce.

"My water broke! My water broke! My babies!" Jade screeched.

Seamus ran over to Jade, trying to comfort her as Sage quietly slipped out of her chains.

"Hold on, let me see what's going on." He said.

He went to look under her nightgown but Jade ended up pumping her heel right into his nose. Seamus collapsed on the floor and Jade wrapped her legs around his neck, choking him tightly.

"Get it now Sage!" Jade screamed.

Everyone in Draco's living room jumped up and cheered as if their favorite team won their final game. Harry looked at his computer, seeing that he was a few seconds to getting the exact location.

Sage ripped the keys from Seamus's belt loop and gave it to Jade who unlocked herself. Jade let Seamus go and got up, taking Sage with her. She took the gun out of his holster and left Seamus lying on the floor and ran out of the room, finding themselves in another stone corridor. Jade ran down it, looking around until she found an exit.

"They're in the Aughnanure Castle in Galway." Harry said, getting out of his seat. He left Draco's house in a flash with Zane who started to follow.

"All right I'm leaving." Draco said, taking his jacket.

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