The Aurseize

The Last Part: Ginny and Zane's Wedding

A Month Later

"Ready Draco?" Jade asked, wearing her earrings. Draco worked on his tie and pulled it up, straightening it.

"Where's my jacket?" Draco asked.

"You left it in the bathroom love." Jade said. Draco circled his arms around Jade and kissed the nape of her neck.

"Want to help me look for it?" he asked, nibbling her earlobe.

"Draco…again?" Jade asked hearing him chuckle.

"When exactly are we getting married?" Draco asked, smoothing out her deep green gown.

"October…13th." Jade suggested.

"October 13th? That's 5 months from now, why that day?" he asked unzipping the back of her dress.

"Because that's when you and I first got together in the bathroom stall in Hogwarts. Quit undressing me, we're going to miss Ginny's wedding!" Jade said, slapping his hand.

"You want to get married the first time I shagged you? Wait, that was the worst day of your life." He said. Jade turned around smiling and kissed him.

"That's why I want to get married on that day. Getting married to you on that day will make up for my worst day because it'll be our best day. I'm going to marry you…" Jade whispered softly, holding Draco's face. Draco touched his nose with hers and placed a small kiss on her mouth.

"I never knew 11 years ago that I'd be this mad about you." he said.

There was a knock on the door and Sage peeked in.

"When are we leaving?" she asked impatiently.

"Right now love." Draco said.

He gave a final kiss to Jade and left to take Sage downstairs. Jade, Draco and Sage apparated to a beautiful Abbey decorated with white and red flowers and tea lights following into the main hall.

"This is so beautiful." Jade squeaked, fanning her face so she wouldn't cry. Draco chuckled and put an arm around her as they met their family and friends.

"Meet my date, Lola. Lola this is Draco and Jade." Blaise said, introducing a very gorgeous in red Lola Arizona in his arms.

"Jade! You're so fat!" Lola said, hugging Jade tightly. Jade frowned, being called fat and hugged Lola back.

"Um…nice to see you too." Jade said.

"Hey!" Albert said walking towards them, holding Mona's hand. "You guys." Albert giggled insanely.

"Oh look, it's Jade, Draco and little Sagey Wagey." Mona said, pinching Sage's cheeks.

Sage looked like she didn't approve of her new nickname so much.

"So the Arizona Sisters have Blaise and Albert? The world must be shaking." Draco said seeing them nod.

"One month together…the longest I've ever been in a relationship." Blaise said.

"Mummy, I see Rose and Victoire! Goodbye!" Sage said quickly.

"Jade! Sweetheart you look beautiful! Come, we were waiting for you." Molly said, taking Jade's arm.

"I'll see you after the wedding!" Jade said seeing Draco nod. She kissed him and walked off with Molly, chatting about how excited they were about the wedding. Jade walked into the bride's suite, seeing Ginny standing in front of the mirror with a long white dress with Hermione standing next to her, wearing the same green bridesmaid dress that Ginny assigned them.

"Jade! Dear Merlin, I'm nervous. I'm never going to be single again!" Ginny said, running up to Jade.

"You don't want to be single. You have a wonderful partner and a beautiful baby. You're probably going to have more on the way!" Jade said seeing Ginny smile brightly.

"I'm getting married…I…I can't breathe." She said, looking dazed.

"She's hyperventilating…here's a brown bag." Luna appeared, handing Ginny a brown paper bag. Luna had her hair pinned up in shiny green beetles, wearing the same green dress. Her stomach was swollen to her 7th month pregnancy with her second child with Neville. She had a pleasant dreamlike smile on her face as Ginny calmed down. The wedding planner walked in and took Ginny away as Jade was positioned in her spot.

"Where's the best man?" Jade asked Hermione who shrugged.

"I haven't seen him at all today. I don't even know if he came." Hermione said.

Jade frowned as Hermione was called by the wedding planner. Jade felt a kiss under her ear and she turned around to see Harry standing before her, wearing a black tuxedo.

"I haven't seen you in ages!" Jade said as he straightened his jacket. "Had to go to Russia for a few days." He said, taking her arm.

"Saving the world again." Jade said seeing him give her a small nod.

"You're beautiful." He said seeing her grin.

"You took a hell of a long time getting here Harry!" Hermione appeared behind them. She looped her arm with Ryker who looked awkward and highly uncomfortable in his tuxedo. The music started and the doors opened as they walked out.

"This feels a little awkward." Jade whispered to Harry who didn't smile.

"Does it? Maybe because I've always pictured you in a white gown." Harry said.

Jade's heart skipped a beat and she gave Harry a look of astonishment.

"Too bad Malfoy beat me to it." Harry said as they passed by Draco who sat next to his parents. Sage waved, sitting next to Victoire, Teddy and Rose. Harry kissed Jade's cheek and released her arm to separate.

"Zane…I'm insane about you." Ginny said holding Zane's hands. "You…you…I'm going to be okay." Ginny said, wiping her eyes. Everyone chuckled softly and she continued. "Thank you so much for being what I wanted since I was a little girl and much more. You are everything I want for me and our child. I love you and I cannot tell you how excited I am to spend the rest of my years with you. My love, my soul, my heart…my Zee Zee." She said.

Zane reddened and Jade smiled, seeing how different he looked wearing a tuxedo. His features were softened, especially watching Ginny in her white gown and he actually smiled.

"I love you Ginny. I love every little thing about you just because there is no one else I love more than you or Enya. After a little common sense talk, I knew that this was what I wanted…I wanted us." He said.

Harry looked at Jade who blushed and looked away from his stare. After exchanging vows and rings, they were declared husband and wife and Zane picked Ginny up, carrying her out of the chapel.

Jade went back into the changing room and slipped into her own dress. It was a short strapless white dress with a velvet black design splayed across it. She met with Draco, Narcissa, Gary, her father, Aunt Molly and Uncle Arthur. She spoke to them for a while until Ginny called everyone for the bouquet catch.

"Don't you want to be a part of it dear?" Narcissa asked Jade who shook her head, placing her hand on her pregnant stomach.

"We all know who's getting married next. I'll just let one of those single women to catch their bouquet. Right Draco?" Jade asked seeing him smirk.

"You both set a date for the wedding? Oh my goodness!" Narcissa clapped.

"When is it?" Gary asked.

"October 13th." Draco told them.

"That's five months from now! Why October 13th?" Narcissa asked.

Draco and Jade exchanged glances but they heard an animalistic screech from the crowd of single women going to catch the bouquet. Everyone jumped away as they saw Aunt Muriel emerge from the group, baring her dentures at anyone who dare try to take the bouquet from her.

"Why'd you let her take the bouquet?!" Parvati screeched at Lavender.

"I didn't want to be bit by those big fake sharp teeth!" Lavender yelled back.

Aunt Muriel came by Jade, waving the bouquet at her.

"Looks like your Aunt Muriel's going to find her Uncle Muriel." She sang.

"Who's the unfortunate soul?" Draco asked.

"I'll kick your ball sack in so hard you'll be making sperm from your mouth!" Aunt Muriel warned.

Draco stood behind Jade and Aunt Muriel walked away, waving the bouquet at anyone who would care.

"I'll call the best of the best wedding planners, Andres Cherry." Narcissa said, leaving.

The reception was the most fun for Jade who got to eat more cake slices than she ever ate in her life.

"Maybe we should ask Andres to order a really big wedding cake and a normal size for our guests." Draco said, seeing Jade work on her umpteenth slice of cake. Narcissa giggled and everyone watched the newlyweds dance.

"May I?" Gary asked, getting up and holding his hand out. Narcissa gave Jade and Draco a grin, wrinkling her nose and got up to share a dance with him.

"May I? If you're ever finished eating." Draco said.

Jade smiled at Draco, seeing him get up and help her up. He guided her to the ballroom floor. He gently pushed her and twirled her back into his arms, hugging her waist close to him.

"I've got the world on a string…" Draco started singing.

Jade giggled and lightly hit his cheek. Draco took her hand, kissing her wrist. He smiled down at her and kissed her gently, still swaying to the music. Jade kissed Draco back, caressing his hair.

"UNCLE BILIUS!" Ginny screamed.

Jade and Draco broke off their kiss, seeing Uncle Bilius pull out a string of flowers from his robe. Fred, George and the rest laughed uproariously as Uncle Bilius ran away from Ginny, still pulling flowers out. Jade and Draco burst into laughter, knocking their heads together. Jade rested her head on Draco's shoulder and saw Harry standing against the wall with a champagne glass in his hand.

He watched her and lifted up his glass to down his drink.

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